The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 121

Chapter 121
Greatest fortune.

Because he apologizes very earnestly with a good attitude, Brother Yang and company feel that they shouldn't say any more. After all, his backing is not any ordinary person. They can only drop the matter. They leave after saying a few sentences asking him to be more careful.

After sending them off, You XiaoMo heaves a sigh of relief. He didn't expect that he would attract so many people's attention the very first time he trains. Looks like he has to be more careful from now on. Once would probably not cause too much suspicion. But if it keeps happening, it would be a problem.

Although he doesn't know what it's like to practice TianXin sect's alchemical technique, the difference between the two volumes of alchemical techniques is very large. The result must also be very different. Therefore, things like what happened today, it's best if it never happens again.

But he underestimated the nosiness of the disciples. Not long after, him causing the upheaval of the spiritual energy, moving heaven and earth from his training, spreads throughout Earth peak.

It seems as if everyone is talking about this matter. The moment people start to gather, the gossiping would begin.

Quite a lot of people start to compare You XiaoMo to Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin. Because when they practiced that volume of alchemical technique, they definitely did not cause such an exaggerated phenomenon. It must be known that being able to move the spiritual energy of heaven and earth while training is the greatest fortune.

That's why everyone is having a deep discussion whether You XiaoMo did some other thing. Otherwise, something that even Elder brother and Second brother can't accomplish, how is it that he can?

But there are no lack of people that think that You XiaoMo is just lucky.

As a result, that very afternoon, You XiaoMo is summoned by Kong Wen.

At first, he doesn't know that his matter has already spread. He only realizes when Kong Wen tells him. Looks like the matter this morning already spread so rampantly.

But he doesn't panic. After that happened in the morning, he already prepared an excuse to deal with his brothers. He didn't expect that the first one he would be using the excuse on is his Master.

The so-called excuse is actually acting stupid.

No matter what Kong Wen asks, he acts clueless. As a result, nothing definite comes from his questions.

Kong Wen sees that he seems to really not know anything, so he can only chalk it up to good fortune because he indeed has heard of these kind of things happening. It's possible for some people with good luck to stir up the spiritual energy of heaven and earth while training. It's just that he didn't expect this greatest of fortunes to actually happen to this disciple who he never thought much of.

It's too bad that it's too late for him to say anything now. Kong Wen sighs while attributing it to a twist of fate.

After leaving Kong Wen, You XiaoMo doesn't go anywhere else, heading straight back to his room.

On the way, he comes across a few disciples, male and female. The female are still ok. But their gazes are full of curiosity and questions. On the outside, they appear like dainty and delicate demure maidens but the reality is they are nothing like that at all.

You XiaoMo realized that only after ten days of becoming a disciple of Earth peak.

There have always been fewer female disciples than male disciples. It's the same for the Warrior and Mage divisions. Among ten, there would only be two. Sometimes, only one. It's because of this that TianXin sect has an excess of yang and a shortage of yin.

Due to imbalance of yin and yang, the female disciples are very much sought after. On top of that, the male disciples will unconsciously take care and give in to those relatively weaker female disciples. So a few of the female disciples have been pampered such that are now all rather coy and spoiled.

You XiaoMo witnessed it before. A few brothers coming to blows over a rather pretty sister.

But what shocks him is, that sister not only does she not stop them, she pours oil on the flames from the side. And then there are those that can't differentiate between green, red, black or white before beating people up. After beating people up, they still feel that they are in the right, their pampered and willful character in full display.

This type of character, is not something he as a puny little mage can stomach. So, seeing their gentle, delicate and bashful appearance, he feels like his teeth are aching. Those that don't know the reality would never imagine that they are all, each and every one of them, female tigers that are ready to bite.

This kind of situation, he has seen many times before. From then on, he gave up on the demure maidens of TianXin sect.

After returning to his room, You XiaoMo rests for a bit. When his essence, energy and spirit reaches the peak, he takes out that inferior cauldron.

He put the enlightened golden cauldron in his dimension. If he can't guarantee the he would definitely not be discovered by others, he won't bring out that cauldron for now. Otherwise, he doesn't know how he would be able to explain away other people's suspicions.

Also, this time, he no longer dares to lock the windows and door tightly. This is to prevent the neighboring disciples from thinking that he is up to something again. If that gets out, he would have to explain himself to Kong Wen again.

This time, he simply puts the cauldron on the floor and sits down cross-legged, getting ready to refine magic pills on the floor.

You XiaoMo takes out the magic herbs that he got from the Hall of Enchanted Herbs half a month ago from his magic bag. Four hundred and fifty stalks altogether. He takes them all out and arranges them one by one at the side.

Although low quality magic herbs are not good, they are actually very good for practice. Because there are a lot of impurities, the number of distillations can only be more, not less. It's just right to practice his distillation skill.

Speaking of distillation, You XiaoMo remembers one thing. Now he can at most distill the magic herbs four times. But a few months ago, he did manage to distill the magic herbs with a record of five times. But that time, it caused his soul force to be on the point of depletion. If Ling Xiao hadn't come over at just the right time, who knows what frightful things would have happened.

After Ling Xiao warned him, he actually didn't try to risk it again.

But at that time, it was not long after he just entered TianXin sect. His soul force wasn't very abundant. Also, that was before he practiced Heavenly Soul Scroll. Now it's different. He is already a level two mage. His soul force is also much stronger than it was then. So if he doesn't do it now, then when!

Thinking like this, You XiaoMo decides to give it a try.

You XiaoMo selects three stalks out of all the magic herbs. They are soul herb, white spiritual herb, and feathered kale. These three magic herbs can be used to refine a magic pill known as Ice magic pill. Taking this type of magic pill will allow one to increase one's power. But the increase is not much, so each time, the quantity taken must be more, not less.

But the Ice magic pill is only effective on Earth level martial artists. Once they breakthrough the Earth level, the Ice magic pill will no longer have an effect on them.

Even though it's like that, the number of martial artists in Long Xiao continent are as many as the hairs on a cow. So there is no need to worry that there won't be a market for Ice magic pill because low level martial artists can be found everywhere.

After transferring his soul force into the cauldron, You XiaoMo throws the three magic herb stalks inside.

Under his skillful actions, the three stalks of magic herbs transforms into three pools of green liquid. Then he starts to remove the impurities bit by bit from the green liquid. After four times, the green liquid starts to get purer and purer. But You XiaoMo can detect that the green liquid still contains impurities. Taking a deep breath, he starts to perform the fifth round of distillation.

Time seems to pass very slowly. By the time he finishes the fifth round of distillation, he actually doesn't feel the least bit tired. The amount of soul force consumed was also just a little?

The fifth time is already a qualitative leap because the remaining impurities in the green liquid is down to two to three percent. For a low quality magic herb, this percentage is already inconceivable. Many people won't be able to achieve that even if they spent their whole lives trying.

Although You XiaoMo wants to try distilling the sixth time, his soul force tells him that this is already the limit. Not the limit for him, but the limit for the magic herb. He won't be able to remove the remaining impurities no matter what he tries.

But he doesn't feel disheartened. Being able to distill five times easily, he feels that this is already very good. So he starts to blend the magic pill .......

The wholly absorbed You XiaoMo doesn't realize that when he starts to blend the magic pill, a black shadow suddenly appears outside his window. A pair of jet black bottomless eyes takes in the situation inside the room from a crack at the window. The black shadow only vanishes when he finishes blending the magic pill and looks up beaming.

The whole afternoon, You XiaoMo tries out all sorts of level two magic pills.

Maybe because he practiced the Heavenly Soul Scroll in the morning, he actually only took a few sips of magic water before finishing refining several hundred stalks of magic herbs. But because the number of distillation rounds increased, by the time he finishes one hundred and fifty magic pills, it is already the next morning.

Feeling tired, You XiaoMo doesn't drink magic water. He hastily tidies up his things before taking a few magic pills to stave off the little bit of hunger. Then he stands up and gets on his bed to catch up on sleep.

Right before falling into dreamland, the last thought You XiaoMo has is that these magic pills should be enough to last Ling Xiao a few days ba?

This one sleep lasts for almost three hours, right up to Shen period, that is to say he only wakes up when it is three o'clock in the afternoon.

If it was during his previous life, when he was living as a student in the twenty first century, he definitely wouldn't have imagined that there would be a day when he lived with inverted nights and days. For a good student like him, he would normally be asleep on the bed by ten at night.

But now, he feels that he is slowly breaking away from the habits of humankind.

After half an hour, You XiaoMo prepares to go find Ling Xiao while holding several bottles of magic pills.

After coming back for two days, Ling Xiao still hasn't come to find him. So he decides to go look for him himself and give him the magic pills that he refined. Of course, he would never admit that he is going to look for him because he misses him a little .......

If Ling Xiao finds about this thought, he would definitely be very happy because the plan he put in motion is a success.

one question, three I don't knows - clueless
the God of destiny makes fools of people - twist of fate
can't differentiate between green, red, black or white - no distinction between right and wrong
Shen period - 15:00-17:00