The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 122

Chapter 122
Two major things.

Three bottles of level two low grade magic pills can be sold for several tens of thousands of gold coins.

If it was a few days ago, You XiaoMo would absolutely not be so generous giving all one hundred and fifty magic pills to Ling Xiao. But now he no longer needs to sell magic pills to earn money. Also, there is no lack of these low grade magic pills. If he really wants to depend on selling magic pills to earn money, high grade magic pills are more worthwhile.

But his plan is that in a few days, he will try refining level three magic pills.

During this period of time, he feels that his soul force is very abundant. Refining level two magic pills is already very smooth, as if it is something he can do with not much effort. The feeling is much like how he felt before he had a breakthrough to level two.

While thinking about this, You XiaoMo already descended from Earth peak. But what he never expected is that he would be stopped before he could set foot into the Warrior division.

The ones that stop him are two serious looking men dressed in silver armor. He saw this silver armor before, the last time he went to WuShuang mountain. The guards who were patrolling the area were wearing this exact armor.

The silver armor looks like it would feel ice cold but it is very powerful. These people are not disciples of the warrior division. Instead, they belong to the group that guards the Grand Master. Each and every one of them is of Sun level and above, only loyal to the Grand Master. Unless it is by the decree of the Grand Master, no one else can move them.

From this bit, it is obvious that the one in control of TianXin sect is actually the Grand Master Tang Fan. Although the Elders have the authority to speak, they have no real power.

After stopping You XiaoMo, one of the silver armored men uses a strictly business-like tone to say, "No one is allowed to go in without the order of the Grand Master or Elders."

"But ....... I only want to go see Elder brother Ling."

You XiaoMo looks at the two stern looking men, their expressions appearing as if there is not the least bit room for discussion. He is a little depressed and also a little doubtful. TianXin sect didn't seem to be so strict before. Why is it that after leaving for a few days, it has now become like this? He remembers that there wasn't this kind of rule between the Warrior division and Mage division before.


The silver armored man is not the least bit convinced.

Although the other one doesn't say anything, his stern expression conveys that he probably feels the same way.

You XiaoMo can only give up on going to find Ling Xiao. He turns around and returns to Earth peak while feeling down.

While walking, he ponders if something happened in TianXin sect. If not, why would the security be so tight? He thinks back to two days ago, when he and Ling Xiao came across the two disciples from the Warrior division. At that time, they seem to have said that some things happened, so they asked Ling Xiao to go see the Grand Master as soon as possible.

But at that time he didn't take it to heart. On top of that, he didn't hear any news after that. Earth peak disciples also acted like normal so You XiaoMo didn't notice anything. He only assumed that Ling Xiao was busy with some chores so he couldn't find the time.

Now it looks like something big must have happened. Otherwise, they wouldn't have set guards on the road to WuShuang mountain.

"Yi? Isn't it little brother?"

Just when he is lost in his thoughts, a questioning yet unmistakably delighted voice suddenly cries out from behind him.

You XiaoMo jumps in fright and then realizes that the voice is very familiar. He turns around and sees that it is Elder brother Fang ChenLe and also Second brother Fu ZiLin. The two of them just came down from Yun Shui peak, meeting him here by chance.

You XiaoMo immediately walks up to them, saying happily, "Elder brother, Second brother. You have finally come down. I have waited for the both of you for two days already."

Hearing that he has been back for two days, Fang ChenLe laughs while saying, "It can't be helped. It's been rather busy these few days. We were summoned by Uncle Ye six days ago. We were busy right up to now, finally getting to take a breather. But we have to go back to Yun Shui peak tomorrow."

"Why is it so busy? Wasn't it all good before?"

You XiaoMo asks in surprise.

"Little brother. From the time you came back until now, you still haven't heard about it?"

Fang ChenLe raises his brow in surprise listening to his words. But after thinking it over, that thing happened six days ago. At that time, Younger brother You was no longer at TianXin sect. And by the time he returned, everyone else is busy with their own preparations, unaware that he is unaware.

"Elder brother, so what actually happened?"

You XiaoMo didn't expect that in the few days he was away, something really happened.

Fang ChenLe pats him on the shoulder and says, "Let's talk while we walk."

As a nerd, You XiaoMo is not just a little bit attracted to these types of nosy things. Without the least bit of resistance. So he is very curious about what Elder brother is talking about. Hearing his words, he immediately follows them on the way.

"During the time that you weren't here, two major things happened. The first one has to do with TianXin sect. Six days ago, that is the second night after you and Lin Xiao left TianXin sect, something was stolen from the library. Supposedly something very important was stolen. Grand Master flipped out and ordered that the disciples are no longer allowed to walk about as they please starting from that very night. Guards were sent to every strategic entrance. But the thief should most probably be a martial artist so the Mage division is not too involved."

After a bit, Fang ChenLe starts explaining.

No wonder it appears as if nothing happened in Earth peak. But a theft actually occurred in the library. Really quite surprising.

As far as he knows, the library is even more dangerous than a dragon's pool or a tiger's den. Not only are there force fields inside, there are also aces from TianXin sect. And a theft occurred even with all these. In the end, is it that the thief is so awesome or is it that the library's force fields and aces are actually just for show?

"Elder brother, do you know what was stolen from the library?"

You XiaoMo asks full or curiosity. Causing the Grand Master to get furious, the stolen thing must not be something ordinary.

Fang ChenLe smiles as he shakes his head, "That is confidential. I only heard Master mention that supposedly the stolen thing is something from the fifth floor of the library. Only the Grand Master and the Elders are privy to the information. But it definitely is very important to TianXin sect. I have never seen the Grand Master so furious."

Unexpectedly, even Elder brother doesn't know. You XiaoMo doesn't ask further, continuing, "Then the other thing ne?"

Fang ChenLe says, "The other thing has to do with everyone in TianXin sect. Talking about that, has Little brother heard of the Paradise realm?"

Hearing the words, You XiaoMo can't help pouting. Of course he has heard of 'paradise'. But this can't be that paradise. But why does this place have such a strange name, actually called a paradise .......

"No ....... "

Hearing his answer, Fang ChenLe is not surprised, saying, "Paradise realm is one of the ten greatest magical realms in Long Xiao continent. It only opens once every fifty years. Inside are countless heavenly treasures, such as magic herbs. Everything from level one to level ten. But the higher the level, the less there is. Also it's harder to get because every stalk of high level magic herbs is guarded by a powerful magic beast at its side.

You XiaoMo nods reflexively, and suddenly thinks of something, "Elder brother. Then level eleven and level twelve magic herbs ne?"

Fang ChenLe shakes his head, "I have never heard of the existence of these. Level eleven and level twelve are legendary peak level magic herbs. Even rarer than high level magic herbs. It is said that peak level magic herbs have not been seen in Long Xiao continent for over ten million years. But even if someone finds it, it's still of no use since only the legendary mages with seven colored souls can transform these two peak level magic herbs. Why do you ask? Little brother is very interested in them?"

Hearing these somewhat teasing words, You XiaoMo laughs *hei hei*, "No, I'm only curious, that's all."

"Ever since the paradise realm was discovered, level ten magic herbs have only appeared three times. On top of that, it is not possible to defeat the guardian magic beast each time. Only once was it successful."

Fang ChenLe sighs softly. It's a pity that that single level ten magic herb that was plucked did not go to TianXin sect. The person who picked it is the only high level mage that can refine level ten magic pills in Long Xiao continent, Qiu Ran.

Although at that time there were many sects and forces that were strongly coveting that level ten magic herb, they didn't dare to take action. Offending a high level mage that can refine level ten magic pills is definitely asking for death. If he needs to, he only has to issue a reward and many powerful fighters would be willing to go all out for him.

"Elder brother, do you mean that martial artists can also go?"

You XiaoMo doesn't know what he is thinking on the inside, only asking things that interest himself.

Hearing these words, Fang ChenLe starts to laugh, "Of course martial artists can also go. Didn't I just say that the paradise realm has all sorts of heavenly treasures? Other than magic herbs, there are also a few things of interest to martial artists."

"Such as?"

You XiaoMo asks.

"Such as magic beasts, techniques and weapons."

Speaking of these, Fang ChenLe can't help revealing a hopeful look, "Magic beasts are attractive to both mages and martial artists. But the ones that thirst for it the most are mages because mages don't have combat ability. So if they can get a powerful magic beast, they will have a way to protect themselves."

Hearing this, You XiaoMo's breathing quickens.

He actually didn't think of this. At the same time, he thinks of that level eight magic beast egg he put in his dimension. If he can tame it, wouldn't that mean he would have a Spiritual level magic beast in the future?

Thinking of this, he feels that all the blood in his body is starting to boil.