The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 123

Chapter 123
The second option.

Fang ChenLe doesn't notice You XiaoMo's strange condition. Neither does Fu ZiLin. Because they strongly wish to have a powerful magic beast, especially Fu ZiLin. His eyes are already gleaming. He has always disliked the fact that he doesn't have the power to protect himself.

Although mages and martial artists have a interdependent relationship, in reality, this is not the only road for mages. They are also not required to take this road because they have a better option.

Magic beasts are a better option for them. It is the best option. Most of the famous mages will choose a magic beast, not a martial artist, to be their protector. There is a good saying: human hearts are unpredictable.

Sometimes, even the person who shares a pillow with you would betray you, what more a person that is by your side only for some benefit. Rather than being worried and anxious every day, it would be better to choose to tame a magic beast.

Taming magic beasts is the second ability of mages. This ability is something only mages have because they have soul forces. That's why martial artists don't have the ability.

The most crucial key to taming magic beasts is the soul force. The more gentle and powerful the soul force, the higher the success rate. But this success rate is only applicable to relatively weaker magic beasts. Those stronger higher level magic beasts, most of them would have awakened, making it harder.

So, the best way is to take advantage of the time before they awaken. That is the time before they grow into high level magic beasts. Only this way will it be able to tame high level magic beasts.

When the magic beasts are tamed, the imprint of the mage's soul force will be left inside the magic beast's body. This type of imprint can restrict the magic beast, not allowing them to turn against the mage. Therefore, it is much better than taking a martial artist as a partner. The mages can almost not need to worry about being betrayed.

But it's not as if you can get it just because you want it. Because only high level mages can tame high level magic beasts. That's why the majority of those that have high level magic beasts in Long Xiao continent are high level mages.

Also, not all high level mages can have a high level magic beast. Due to issues with the bloodline, high level magic beasts have a difficult time producing progeny, unlike the flood of low level magic beasts.

But You XiaoMo doesn't know these things because the manuals and things relating to mages taming magic beasts are located on the third floor of the library. And he still doesn't have the authority to go to the third level of the library.

The only time he went there, he only had two hours. Basically no time for him to look at other books. Furthermore, there are so many books in there so even if he wants to look for it, there is no guarantee that he would be able to find them within the stipulated time.

After calming down, You XiaoMo continues with his questions, "Elder brother, what about those techniques and weapons? Can it be that the Paradise realm can produce techniques and weapons on its own?"

"Of course not."

Fang ChenLe laughs in amusement at his words. Techniques and weapons are made by men. Of course they can't just appear, "The Paradise realm is actually a small world. Legend has it, in ancient times, a powerful person with divine power opened up this dimension. He groomed a lot of mages and martial artists in there. Then something must have happened that caused them to die. That powerful person also seems to have suffered a downfall. But these are all guesses. Until now, no one knows what really happened."

Speaking of dimensions, You XiaoMo unconsciously thinks of Ling Xiao's dimension.

Speaking truthfully, that day when they left HunJi city, Ling Xiao really gave him a shock. He had no idea that Ling Xiao actually has a dimension. On top of that, the dimension is much bigger than his, simply no end in sight.

Talking about the differences, it has to do with the lake and magical creatures. His dimension has a lake with magic water. Ling Xiao's dimension doesn't have it but it has magical creatures. Also the concentration of spiritual energy is very high, definitely a precious place for training and growing magic herbs.

Only then does You XiaoMo understand why Ling Xiao is not interested in his dimension. Because his dimension is bigger than his by who knows how many times. So before, he was only worrying for nothing. As for why Ling Xiao has a dimension, this idiot when it comes to martial artists also has no idea. He only assumes that Ling Xiao is just lucky like him for having a personal dimension.

"Elder brother, when will that Paradise realm open up?"

You XiaoMo asks full of hope.

"According to the information, the Paradise realm will open up in three months time. If little brother wants to go, you have to seize the time to train."

Fang ChenLe knows that he is interested so he doesn't hide the truth from him. After all, this matter is known by everyone in TianXin sect. It's only this Little brother that loves to go into seclusion that doesn't know.

Three months is actually a very long time ya. You XiaoMo thought it would be half a month or one month.

But Fang ChenLe's last words makes him very anxious, so he asks, "Elder brother, why do I have to intensify my training? Can it be that I can't go?"

Fang ChenLe sees that he is very anxious and agitated so he consoles him, "You don't have to be anxious, Little brother. Actually, it's not as if you have absolutely no chance of going. According to the long standing rules of TianXin sect, only level three mages have the right to advance. That is to say, if you want to go, you have to become a level three mage in these three months."

You XiaoMo immediately heaves a sigh of relief in his heart. Thank goodness. Although he is not a level three mage now, three months is enough time. He is certain that he will have a breakthrough in this short time.

"Little brother, you don't have to be disheartened. You still have three months. Although it is a little tight, but if you try your best, Elder brother is confident that you will succeed. When the time comes, Elder brother will help you convince Master to give you a spot ....... "

Fang ChenLe sees that he is neither happy nor sad so he thinks that he must be upset. So he simply promises a spot for him. There is something that he doesn't reveal to him. That is, even if he becomes a level three mage, it doesn't mean that he would definitely get to go because there are too many people that want to go. Therefore, Earth peak only has six spots.

He and ZiLin will definitely take two spots because they are the hope of Master, so Master would definitely give two of the spots to them. But it's not the same for Little brother. He can feel that Master doesn't really like Little brother. The remaining four spots are so precious, Master will definitely not give it to Little brother.

"I'll help you get it."

Right at this moment, the one that is silent all along, Fu ZiLin cuts off Fang ChenLe's words.

The two of them look at him in surprise only to see Fu ZiLin speaking seriously to You XiaoMo, "I owe you a favor for the matter with Yun Shui peak. I will help you get this spot from Master as a repayment of that favor."

"ZiLin, lets ask Master together ba."

Fang ChenLe shakes his head helplessly. He knows that ZiLin takes this favor he owes to Little brother very seriously, so he doesn't argue with him. But it's still safer if they both ask together. After all, the spots for the Paradise realm are very important. The other two Uncles also have a lot of disciples under them.

Fu ZiLin doesn't object, clearly tacitly agreeing to his words. He probably thinks the same way as Fang ChenLe.

The person concerned, You XiaoMo feels ashamed upon hearing this. He thought that he only had to become a level three mage. Looks like there is a name list. But he suddenly thanks his lucky stars. Luckily Second brother owes him a favor.

You XiaoMo feels a little guilty .......

You XiaoMo leaves the two brothers at Earth peak's square and hurries back to his room.

Although he regrets not being able to see Ling Xiao, but after getting such important information, he doesn't have the mood to think about other things. Thinking that in this short period of time no one should be looking for him, he simply goes into his dimension.

The magic herbs in the dimension were only planted two days ago but they have already sprouted.

You XiaoMo takes one look and then heads straight for the small wooden hut by the lake. The first thing he sees upon entering is that level eight magic beast egg he put on the table.

You XiaoMo walks over and holds the magic beast egg in his hands. Looking it over, he suddenly cries out in surprise.

Not sure if it's his imagination but he feels that the outer shell of this magic beast egg seems to be brighter. At that time, the shell of the magic beast egg was ash gray in color. Appearing as if it is shrouded with a heavy lifeless air, as if the egg is already dead. Now, separated by a layer of shell, he can actually feel the heartbeat coming from inside the egg. Strong and powerful, as if it is growing pretty well.

The presence of a heartbeat, does it mean that the small magic beast will soon hatch?

You XiaoMo who doesn't have much knowledge of magic beasts is puzzled. Looks like he has to increase his knowledge on magic beasts. Speaking of that, he has already read quite a lot of books from the second level of East pavilion. Yet he still hasn't found any books on magic beasts. Could they be in the West pavilion ba?

Action is better than words. You XiaoMo immediately puts down the egg in his hand and leaves the dimension.

Because of the theft that happened a few days ago, when You XiaoMo arrives at the library, he sees a group of silver-armored guards patrolling all over the library.

When he gets close, the silver armored guard on the side stops him. Luckily he didn't send him away. Knowing that he is Earth peak master's disciple, and that he wants to go to the second level of the library, he allows him through.

Walking into the library, that old man is sitting upright at the table. Seeing him, he doesn't just throw the tablet at him like before. Instead he first warns him not to stay too long in the library before giving him the tablet.

You XiaoMo knows what he means so he nods before taking the tablet and heads for the West pavilion.