The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 124

Chapter 124

The West pavilion is usually frequented by disciples from the Warrior division. Usually, you won't see many mages there.

This time, You XiaoMo is surprised because his soul can perceive that there are quite a few mages inside. Although the levels are not very high, they are about level three. As for why he can perceive their level, he himself still hasn't realized it.

Walking in, You XiaoMo doesn't attract a lot of attention. Everyone seems to be absorbed in looking at the book or scroll in their hands. The whole second level of the West pavilion is very quiet.

You XiaoMo also doesn't dare to disrupt them. He starts looking from the first bookshelf. Not long after, he finds the bookshelf that has the materials on magic beasts. What surprises him is that the bookshelf is empty for the most part.

Turning around, he glances at the disciples who are reading. You XiaoMo is surprised to find that the books in their hands are exactly what he is looking for. He didn't expect that there would actually be so many people looking up materials on magic beasts. Looks like the people that are looking forward to the Paradise realm is not just him.

Luckily TianXin sect considered this situation, so there are quite a lot of materials on magic beasts. It's too bad that because of the extraordinary circumstances, there are many people that want to check up on things regarding magic beasts, so they are not allowing the removal of books from the library.

You XiaoMo picks a scroll from the bookshelf. Then he sits at an unoccupied desk and slowly unrolls the scroll. What enters his eyes is a panther with an ominous glint in its eyes in a ferocious posture. The medium grade panther known as the Strong golden black panther. It's a level seven magic beast. Looking further down, they are mostly mid level magic beasts.

You XiaoMo raises his head and glances at the other people. Seeing that no one is looking at him, he quietly covers both his hands with his soul force and starts recording the information on the scroll.

This is a shortcut only available to mages. He already used it the last time he went to the third level. But now he knows that using the soul force to memorize things is like using the soul to take all the contents of the scroll and imprint them deeply in his mind. No matter how much time passes, it would never be forgotten.

But this method of memorizing also has its limits for mages. That is, it consumes a lot of soul force. For normal people, most probably even before they can memorize one book or scroll, their soul force would be completely used up. Luckily You XiaoMo is no ordinary person.

After recording the first scroll, You XiaoMo goes looking for the second scroll. This time, he finds the one on low level magic beasts. There are relatively more types of low level magic beasts, divided into five scrolls altogether, based on their type. Because the people looking up low level magic beasts are fewer, so there is just nice a complete set available.

But five scrolls is still a lot of information. You XiaoMo divides it into two for memorization. He also wanted to find the scrolls for high level magic beasts but he couldn't find them. After looking all around, he finds that scroll in the hands of another disciple. Although he took it first, he still hasn't looked at it, just sitting there to one side.

You XiaoMo looks furtively at that white-clothed disciple sitting diagonally across from him. He sees that he is absorbed in reading the book in his hand. His eyes can't help but slide towards the scrolls next to his hand. Slowly, he slides his buttocks over. A little at a time, right until the two of them are now sitting face to face .......

This disciple seems to be very focused, not noticing his presence.

You XiaoMo carefully lowers his voice, clears his throat and then speaks softly to him, "This brother, I'm sorry to disturb you."

Li Jun hears someone speaking to him from the opposite side and raises his head in surprise. What enters his eyes is You XiaoMo's grinning face. He can't help frowning and saying brusquely, "What do you want?"

Unsure if it is his imagination, You XiaoMo feels that this disciple doesn't seem to be too happy to see him. But he is certain that this is the first time he has seen this disciple.

"Could you please let me have a look at the scroll by your side?"


Li Jun immediately refuses. At the same time, he puts down the book in his hands and picks up the scroll, as if he is afraid that he would snatch it.

You XiaoMo sees him pick up the scroll and then simply closes the book that he was just looking at. Then he unfurls the scroll and says smugly, "I'm looking at it now. I can't lend it to you."

You XiaoMo simply gifts him one word: Shameless! But he sends it in his heart.

Seeing this act, this disciple clearly doesn't want to lend him the scroll. If he can't fathom that, he should just go back to the forge to get recast. It's just that he doesn't quite understand, since he doesn't seem to have offended this disciple before ba?

But not being able to borrow that scroll, he feels a little down inside. Looks like he can only come again tomorrow.

Just when he picks up the scroll on the desk and is about to leave, a delighted and surprised voice comes from behind him. It's not very loud but it is heard very clearly inside the quiet library.

"Big brother You?"

You XiaoMo feels that the voice is rather familiar. He turns around to find that the one calling him is the person he hasn't seen again ever since the assessment, Jiang Liu. He is dressed in a dark blue robe that is only worn by Heaven peak disciples. The same robe as Earth peak, except that Earth peak robes are green in color.

Seeing him turn around, Jiang Liu immediately runs up to him in delight. His pretty face is very eye-catching. Furthermore, as Heaven peak's most outstanding new disciple, most people there recognize him.

"Younger brother Jiang. You're also here to read books?"

You XiaoMo is very happy to see him.

But just as he finished saying those words, he feels numerous looks of disdain falling on him. Presumably they are all thinking, coming to a library, what else is there to do besides reading books? But he doesn't feel that there's anything wrong with that.

Jiang Liu seems to not realize anything, only sitting down at his side. His gaze skims over the few scrolls by his hand. He then says, "Yes ah. The Paradise realm will be opening in three months. So, Master let me come to the library to read up on magic beasts. Otherwise, if I can't identify the magic beasts when I get to the Paradise realm, that would be mortifying."

You XiaoMo is happy for him so he shows him the scrolls in his hand, "These are on low level magic beasts. You can have them if you want."

Unexpectedly, Jiang Liu refuses. He looks sheepish as he says, "No need. I've already seen these. I'm looking for information on high level magic beasts."

If You XiaoMo listens carefully, he would hear the slight arrogance in his tone. And the way he speaks, coming off as an amiable person, as if he can get along with anyone, but the reality is, there is an elitist self-important vibe.

You XiaoMo glances at him in surprise. He has already read them. Then why did he say that he won't be able to identify magic beasts, those kind of words? But thinking it over, he presumes that Jiang Liu was referring to high level magic beasts, so he lets it slide.

You XiaoMo informs him with regret, "Younger brother Jiang, you're one step late. The materials on high level magic beasts have been taken by others."

"Is it ah!"

Jiang Liu's pretty brows frowns slightly. Suddenly he sees that Li Jun on the other side is looking at a scroll on high level magic beasts. His eyes light up as he asks him, "Big brother, can you let me see the scroll in your hand?"

Li Jun noticed his arrival long ago. Of course he knows that he is Heaven peak's Jiang Liu. Hearing his words, he reveals a rather obvious ingratiating smile while handing the scroll in his hands over to him, "Of course."

You XiaoMo's eyes immediately widen. He says to him in disbelief, "Big brother, I just asked you to lend it to me and you said you wanted to read it yourself?"

Li Jun immediately looks displeased and glares at him coldly, saying unhappily, "The scroll is mine. I can lend it to whomever I want. Are you telling me that I have to get your approval?"

"This scroll ....... doesn't it belong to TianXin sect? When did it become yours?"

You XiaoMo mutters unhappily. He realizes that this person is basically targeting him.

"What did you say? How can there be someone like you speaking to a big brother like that?"

Li Jun is immediately shamed to anger. He slaps the desk. *Peng* a loud sound rings out, alarming the others. Displeased looks start to fall on them.

Jiang Liu immediately jumps up to be the peacemaker, smiling while saying, "Two brothers, don't start fighting. This is the library. We're not allowed to make noise or we'll be chased out. How about we each take a step back?"

Saying that, he turns to You XiaoMo and says, "Big brother You, quickly apologize to Big brother ba."

Without waiting for You XiaoMo to speak, Li Jun snorts coldly, "I wouldn't dare to let Younger brother You humble himself by apologizing."

The two of them echoing each other rather clearly implies that You XiaoMo is in the wrong. What each take a step back? That last sentence is clearly putting the fault on You XiaoMo. Those that don't know what actually happened are immediately tricked by the two of them. Accusing stares start to fall on You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo is angered by Li Jun's words. He is clearly not in the wrong. Why does he have to apologize? Don't think that he doesn't have a temper and is easily bullied. As the proverb says, desperate dogs will jump over walls.

"Why do I have to apologize to him? Clearly he is the one in the wrong."

No one knows that upon hearing these words, Jiang Liu's mouth starts to smile in satisfaction. It's just that everyone's attention is focused on You XiaoMo, so no one notices it.

Li Jun is furious yet laughs. Just that it is a cold laugh. Then he shouts loudly, "Great, you who thinks that everyone is beneath you, You XiaoMo. Today I will teach you a lesson in place of your master, you who are so disrespectful towards your seniors."

Saying that, he adopts a stance as if preparing to give You XiaoMo a harsh beating.

To everyone's surprise, someone suddenly walks in from the entrance of the library. That person's face is extremely stern, looking at the group of people making a racket. He berates them, "What is this? Don't you know that you can't yell and shout in the library?"