The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 125

Chapter 125
Complaining of favoritism.

You XiaoMo looks in disbelief at Li Jun who is actually preparing to strike. In his heart he fears that he won't be able to escape from all this today. Unexpectedly, a hoarse voice filled with anger suddenly rises by his ear. Turning around, he sees that it is the old man that guards the library.

The old man looks sullen. After walking over he shifts his gaze onto the one that just said he wanted to teach You XiaoMo a lesson, Li Jun. His face is very solemn, his serious expression is filled with anger, making others feel anxious. He then speaks coldly, "If you don't give old me a good reason, don't even think of taking half a step inside the library for a year."

Hearing these words, it's not just You XiaoMo that gets anxious. Li Jun is also anxious.

Li Jun hastily explains, "Elder Sun, it's not my fault. It's You XiaoMo's fault. He spoke insolently to me. That's why I wanted to teach him a lesson."

Then he repeats the insolent words that You XiaoMo said to him. Of course, he only does so selectively. He doesn't mention one word of what happened before. In short, whatever he can push onto You XiaoMo, he hammers onto him. In the end, he also pulls in the one watching the drama from the side, Jiang Liu.

"Elder Sun, every word of what I said is true. You can also ask Younger brother Jiang. He was there at that time."

You XiaoMo's eyes bulge open. This person is really shameless. Inverting black and white and he still doesn't feel any shame.

Jiang Liu deliberately looks at You XiaoMo. The he puts on a troubled face and hesitates before saying, "What big brother said is right. But Big brother You didn't say it that way on purpose. Elder Sun, please don't blame Big brother You. I believe he didn't mean it."

Hearing his words, You XiaoMo can't help frowning. These words seem to be begging for leniency. But he is not in the wrong, so why beg for leniency? Like this, it's basically providing irrefutable proof.

If it isn't Elder Sun standing in front of them right now, but some other person, after hearing both their words, he would most probably fix the blame on You XiaoMo.

Then, as Li Jun smiles while delighting in the misfortune of others as he waits for You XiaoMo to be condemned, the serious-faced Elder Sun, not revealing the least bit of his thoughts, suddenly speaks to You XiaoMo, "Tell me what actually happened?"

Hearing these words, everyone is stunned.

Those that come to the library often, all know that Elder Sun can be considered as the most serious person in TianXin sect. He never takes sides, not caring which disciple is the Grand Master's disciple. His thinking can be described as pedantic, because he places a huge importance on rules.

Thats why Li Jun's face changed when he saw him coming in because he broke the rules of the library.

It's also because of this that Li Jun fought to be the first to throw accusations because he knows that as long as he shifts the blame to You XiaoMo, he wouldn't have to worry about getting punished.

But he never expected that Elder Sun would actually ask You XiaoMo of his own accord. Thinking of how You XiaoMo could reveal everything that he failed to say, Li Jun immediately starts to panic.

You XiaoMo also didn't expect Elder Sun would actually ask him. He rejoices as he says, "Elder, what happened is ....... "

He doesn't have the heart of the Virgin Mary. Li Jun actually dares to frame him so don't blame him for telling the truth. Furthermore, it's someone that is hostile towards him so of course he is not going to go easy. So in a few words, he clearly explains the sequence of events.

Li Jun's face at his side turns deathly white .......

Just as expected, after listening to You XiaoMo's words, Elder Sun's piercing eyes looks threateningly at Li Jun. He says with a rather cold expression, "Old me has already said before. While in the library, you can only take one book at a time. As an senior, not only did you not serve as a role model, you also caused difficulties for your younger brother and disregarded the rules of the library. Old me would like to know when the books of the library become yours?"

Saying this, he flings down his sleeves forcefully, the anger on his face extremely terrifying.

Li Jun feels his knees go weak as his face turns pale. He says with trembling lips, "Disciple ....... knows he is wrong. Elder please issue the punishment."

Elder Sun snorts coldly, "Li Jun disregarded the rules of the library and disturbed the order of the library. The punishment is you are not allowed to enter the library for one year. If you have any objections, ask your Master to come discuss it with me."

How could Li Jun have the nerve to tell this to his Master? He says weakly, "Disciple ....... has no objection."

TianXin sect's library is very comprehensive, seemingly containing books of all kinds. Researching information, reading books as relaxation, all these are beneficial for training. So unable to enter the library for a year, for a lot of people, is worse than torture.

After punishing Li Jun, Elder Sun looks at You XiaoMo. The latter has an expression much like looking at death calmly in the face. A smile flashes across his face and then he says indifferently, "As for you, making a racket in the library, the punishment is you are not allowed to enter the library for three days."

You XiaoMo is stunned. This is too ....... lenient. This basically doesn't hurt him nor make him itch. He quickly regains his senses and cups his hands while speaking respectfully, "Yes Elder."

Everyone is stunned. If they can't tell that Elder Sun is being partial towards You XiaoMo, then their two ears would have grown in vain. Elder Sun who is famous for being stern is actually partial towards You XiaoMo. This is a really shocking thing!

You XiaoMo is already considered a minor celebrity in TianXin sect. It seems as if everyone in the Warrior and Mage divisions also know his name. Before, even if Li Jun didn't say his name, everyone would still be able to recognize him.

But this person that everyone regards as a nobody in their hearts, is actually liked by the library's Elder Sun. This is incredible news!

Darkness flashes across Jiang Liu's eyes. After waiting for Elder Sun to leave, he says with a regretful expression to You XiaoMo, "Big brother You, I'm sorry. I didn't know that Big brother Li is actually that kind of person. If I had known that he was like that to you earlier, I would have definitely not let him frame you."

You XiaoMo reveals a rather obvious forced smile, "It's alright. It's only expected that you wouldn't know."

"Big brother You, you don't blame me?"

Jiang Liu looks cautiously at his face while speaking.

"I never blamed you. I know that you didn't know what happened. That's why you said those words. Luckily the truth is out now!"

You XiaoMo shakes his head.

"That's good."

Jiang Liu immediately heaves a sigh of relief. Then he ingratiatingly hands that troublesome scroll on high level magic beasts over to him, "Big brother You. I'll let you look at this scroll first ba. Take this as my apology for my wrongdoing. You must accept it at all costs. Otherwise I will take it that you won't forgive me."

"A ....... alright, it would be impolite for me to decline."

Seeing him speak so seriously, You XiaoMo can't help but accept it.

Actually, he didn't really have to look at this particular scroll. There are still a few mid-level magic beast scrolls that he hasn't read. He wanted to read those first while waiting to see if other brothers finish reading theirs. Unexpectedly, he ran into Jiang Liu, resulting in all the stuff that followed.

After that, Jiang Liu leaves early after not being able to find one for himself.

You XiaoMo takes the scroll that he was given. He said he didn't mind but that's actually not the case.

Although his relationship with Jiang Liu is not very close, they are after all from the same place. Furthermore, it's not as if he didn't bring up the fact that Li Jun was wrong. Not only did he not help him out, he actually ganged up to accuse him, actually asking him to apologize.

And also those words that seem to be begging for leniency. Now, thinking it over, he feels that it is not quite right. That was clearly pushing him into the fire pit ah. Actually, at that time, a huge lump immediately rose inside his heart.

As for the apology after that, although he accepted it, some things are very hard to remove once they have emerged. So You XiaoMo secretly makes a decision. If he were to see him again, he must absolutely keep a distance away from him.

Jiang Liu has no idea as he leaves, that his fake ingratiating behavior didn't have the slightest effect.

Returning to Earth peak, You XiaoMo is a little depressed that he can't go to the library for three days.

Ever since Elder brother told him about the Paradise realm, he can't wait to hole up in the library for a few days. He urgently needs to get some information.

But thinking of Li Jun's punishment of one year, he no longer feels depressed, making him feel much better.

That night, You XiaoMo spends two hours digesting the information he recorded down speedily in the library. The next morning, while he is fetching water for washing up to keep up appearances, he discovers that the news of yesterday's incident has already spread.

Many people are talking about how Elder Sun punished Li Jun angrily. And also how he was partial towards You XiaoMo. Although most of them don't dare to say it openly, they still whisper about it among themselves. Most of them are saying how lucky You XiaoMo is.

But even though Elder Sun's punishments were rather partial to You XiaoMo, the punishments he gave out are reasonable. That Li Jun really did break several rules of the library so he should be punished for a year.

You XiaoMo didn't expect that the busybodies of TianXin sect would be so amazing. Every time something happens to him, it would be get around in the shortest time, making him extremely depressed.

But You XiaoMo is a little hopeful that Ling Xiao will come look for him once he hears about this. But after waiting for a day, and still no sign of Ling Xiao, he would lying if he says he isn't disappointed.

But he definitely doesn't know that the reason why Ling Xiao hasn't come looking for him is because Tang Fan ordered him to not go running to Earth peak all the time. In order to play the part of Lin Xiao, Ling Xiao has been obediently acting as a worthy 'disciple' these few days.

Two days later, after You XiaoMo refined a huge heap of level two magic pills, he finally decides to try refining level three magic pills, charging forward towards becoming a level three mage.