The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 127

Chapter 127
Yet another favor.

You XiaoMo hesitates for a bit before walking over while feeling very surprised.

His impression is that Fifth brother has always been indifferent towards him. Their relationship is definitely not at the stage where they would eat together or shoot the breeze together. And yet it is Fifth brother who personally calls him over.

When he walks over, Zhao DaZhou asks the disciple that is eating at the same table with him to go find another table. And he says it in front of You XiaoMo. That disciple looks oddly at him. Before leaving, he also glances at You XiaoMo seemingly not too happy.

You XiaoMo is depressed as he realizes that he is again hated through no fault of his own. This person is also his brother.

"Fifth brother, do you need me for something?"

You XiaoMo sits down in front of him and asks.

Hearing his words, Zhao DaZhou looks at him strangely, "Didn't you come to the canteen to eat?"

You XiaoMo is stunned for a moment. What kind of question is this ah? But he still nods, "Yes, I'm here to eat."

What has this got to do with you calling me over?

Zhao DaZhou seems to be able to hear his thoughts, explaining a little awkwardly, "Now is the peak time for the canteen. You won't be able to find a seat. It so happens that there is a seat here. After all, you're only one person."

By the time he finishes saying this, his ears have already turned red.

You XiaoMo stares at him in surprise. He only comes back to his senses when he realizes that he is about to be shamed into anger. So this Fifth brother saw that he couldn't find a seat so he called him over. He really is the number one most awkward young man in his heart. Clearly he wants to befriend him yet he comes up with an awkward excuse. Inside his heart, he is secretly delighted!

"Then, thank you Fifth brother. I'll go get food now."

You XiaoMo beams as he speaks, standing up under the shamed to anger glance from him.

After queueing for quite some time, he brings his food back and finds that Fifth brother is still sitting at the table. He didn't seem to have made much progress with the food in front of him. He thought that he would have already finished eating and left.

Zhao DaZhou takes a glance at the food in his hands. There is an even distribution between meat and vegetables. It's just that the quantity is somewhat little. Also, there is only one bowl of rice so he can't help but ask, "Do you usually eat so little?"

You XiaoMo nods while sitting down, "Yes ah!"

No wonder he looks so thin. Zhao DaZhou hesitates a bit but can't stop himself from saying, "I urge you to eat a little more next time. Eating so little, you won't have enough energy when you refine magic pills later. Don't cry your eyes out when you fail."

You XiaoMo is stunned for a moment before realizing that he is concerned about him. He then simply gives him a dazzling smile, "Don't worry Fifth brother. I will eat when I'm hungry. I won't let myself starve."

Zhao DaZhou says, "The canteen doesn't serve food at night."

You XiaoMo laughs, "I know ya. The last time I went down the mountain I bought some ordinary magic fruits and snacks. It's all in my magic bag so I can have them at any time."

Actually, it's all in his dimension.

Zhao DaZhou looks at him with his mouth open for quite a while. Turns, turns out that the person he is concerned about is actually quite an eater? Thinking like this, he immediately keeps his mouth shut. He would be a fool to continue worrying about him not having enough to eat.

Seeing that he doesn't speak, You XiaoMo also keeps quiet and starts eating quietly with his head down.

After just a few bites, Zhao DaZhou suddenly says in a thin mosquito-like voice, "Seventh brother, about, about the matter last time, thank you!"

You XiaoMo looks up in surprise, "What?"

Thank him? Could it be that he did something good unintentionally?

Zhao DaZhou turns red in embarrassment. Thinking that he didn't hear what he said, he repeats it awkwardly, "I said, thank you for the matter last time. If you didn't give me those pointers, I wouldn't have improved so much. So, thank you!"

After that day, Zhao DaZhou went back and actually decided to try the method that You XiaoMo told him. At first, he failed. But after trying a few times, he discovered the secret key points. From that day on, his success rate for refining magic pills increased considerably. Now he can already distill magic herbs twice with ease.

For him, this is a glorious thing. When his dad found out, he actually praised him. That was the first time he received praise from his dad.

After hearing him bring it up, You XiaoMo remembers that there really was such a thing.

But, that was just him casually mentioning his own experience. He absolutely didn't expect that Big brother Zhao would take it seriously. Unexpectedly, he actually tried it out. But it is good that it was helpful. After all, he doesn't mind helping out his own brothers.

You XiaoMo laughs lightly, "Fifth brother doesn't have to thank me. I only said what I knew. The key thing lies in your own grasp on the matter. Talking about that, this is the result of your own efforts."

"No matter how it is, I still want to thank you."

Zhao DaZhou knows that he is being polite.

Seeing that he insists, You XiaoMo doesn't pursue the matter.

After a while, Zhao DaZhou suddenly grits his teeth and says in a low voice, "Seventh brother. If you already finished using the one month's worth of magic herbs from before, I can make an exception and give you half a month's worth of magic herbs."

You XiaoMo looks at him in surprise. It is a while before he shakes his head saying cautiously, "How can that be? After all, Earth peak has its own rules. If someone finds out, you will receive a huge punishment. I can't let you take the risk."

He definitely doesn't want Fifth brother to take this kind of risk just to pay him back.

"As long as you don't say anything, no one would find out."

Zhao DaZhou frowns as he speaks.

You XiaoMo shakes his head firmly, "No, maybe it won't be discovered immediately but I remember that the Hall of Enchanted Herbs conducts an inventory check every month. At that time, it will be discovered."

Zhao DaZhou says, "You don't have to worry about that. When the time comes, I have my ways."

Seeing that he has his heart set on it, You XiaoMo feels a little helpless. He can only choose to tell a white lie, "Fifth brother. I know you mean well. But I don't want to hide it from you. Actually other than the magic herbs I took the last time, I still have quite a bit of level two magic herbs in my magic bag. Didn't I just go down the mountain? I sold the magic pills I refined before and then bought some level two magic herbs. I still haven't used them yet."

Zhao DaZhou's eyes open wide. No wonder he never sees him taking on chores. Looks like he has been selling magic pills.

But that little bit of magic pills, how much can they fetch? But seeing his serious look, Zhao DaZhou doesn't doubt him. Actually there are quite a few disciples of the mage division that would chose this method when they are short of money. Even he himself would occasionally go down and sell magic pills to buy magic herbs.

"You're ....... really not lying to me?"

Zhao DaZhou asks.

"Really, I'm not lying!"

You XiaoMo says dripping in cold sweat. Please don't make him swear it ah!

"That's fine then. But if you really want it next time, I can help you."

Zhao DaZhou's tone seems a little unsatisfied. After all, this is the first time he helps someone else voluntarily. Also, this 'someone else' didn't ask for any repayment for his help. Because of his status, when other people are nice to him, they all have ulterior motives.

You XiaoMo gives out an embarrassed laugh. He really admires this Fifth brother. In order to thank him, he would rather go violate the rules of Earth peak. Although he means well, but if it really gets discovered, even he would have to bear the consequences.

Strictly speaking, even though he is not the main offender, in the eyes of others, he is definitely an accomplice or he might even be labeled as the instigator.

"That's right. Fifth brother. Three months from now is the day the Paradise realm opens. Are you also thinking of going?"

You XiaoMo is afraid that he would keep on talking about this so he quickly changes the topic of the conversation.

Unexpectedly, Zhao DaZhou becomes quiet.

When You XiaoMo is thinking that he must have said something wrong, Zhao DaZhou suddenly opens his mouth.

"My father doesn't want to let me go."

Zhao DaZhou says.

Actually he really wants to go. Everyone knows that going to the Paradise realm is a good opportunity. If he is lucky, he might be able to bond a capable magic beast to himself. Or maybe he will find some mid level or high level magic herbs. Even low level magic herbs would make him very happy. But what can be done? His father is dead set on not letting him go.


You XiaoMo asks in surprise.

Zhao DaZhou pouts while saying, "Of course it's because he's worried that I will meet with danger. Because great opportunity is accompanied by risk. Lands of treasure like the Paradise realm must be rife with hidden dangers. My dad only has me as his only son and heir. So he is worried."

If his dad is willing to let him go, based on his dad's status, Master would definitely give him a spot on the list.

"That's really a pity!"

You XiaoMo sighs. But he really understands why Uncle Zhao thinks that way. If he has a son, he also won't be willing to let him meet with danger.

"Seventh brother, you want to go?"

After looking at him for some time, Zhao DaZhou suddenly asks.

"Ah? Of course I want to go ah!"

You XiaoMo reacts after being stunned momentarily.

"How about this ba? I'll go ask my father to help you get a spot from Master. But you have to become a level three mage quickly within these three months. Only then will you have the chance. Take it as me repaying your favor."

Zhao DaZhou says earnestly.

You XiaoMo doesn't know whether he should laugh or cry. Why are there so many people owing him favors? So many people wanting to pay him back? But hearing him say it like that, he is still very moved. Fifth brother is actually a pretty good guy.

"Fifth brother, you don't have to. Elder brother already said that he will help me."

You XiaoMo says.

Zhao DaZhou stares at him with his eyes open wide for quite a while before saying with a hint of jealousy, "Elder brother is too good to you."

You XiaoMo laughs *hei hei*. Yes ah. He also thinks so. Although Master doesn't value him, it is enough that he has an Elder brother that treats him well. Furthermore, he has another 'Elder brother' that is actually also very good to him. It's just that he has never said so.

Quarter of an hour later, the two of them finish eating and go back their separate ways.

After this interaction, their brotherly relationship gets quite a bit closer.

you must take with you what you can't finish eating - bear all the consequences