The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 129

Chapter 129

The person knocking on the door is rather persistent. Seeing that there is no reaction from the people inside, he knocks twice more while calling out, "Little brother, are you inside?"

Surprisingly, it is the voice of Fang ChenLe. You XiaoMo knows that he and Second brother were not in Earth peak these two days. He didn't expect that he would come back today. Furthermore, it seems as if he just came back not long ago.

But he also has to thank Elder brother. If not for him, he would have been peeled open and devoured by Ling Xiao. Thinking of what would have happened, You XiaoMo feels a bout of lingering fear. He flails his hands and legs pushing away Ling Xiao that is pressing down on him.

How could Ling Xiao let him run out? Not only is he now at the peak of arousal. And also his half-dressed appearance. If Fang ChenLe were to see him like this, it would be bad for him. You XiaoMo would definitely not dare to show his face to anyone ever again. He definitely doesn't want him to have a traumatic experience. Otherwise, it would be difficult to trick him into bed next time.

Just when he is about to run out, Ling Xiao seizes his wrist with a turn of his hand and pulls him back into his arms.

You XiaoMo thinks that he still wants to carry on, making him almost cry out in alarm. But he is also afraid that it would be heard by Elder brother outside.

Ling Xiao holds down his flailing limbs and sighs deeply, "Alright la, stop making a fuss. If you keep on struggling, I will really execute you on the spot."

These words are extremely threatening. You XiaoMo really doesn't dare to move anymore. Raising his head, he blinks his eyes at him, as if saying 'Really?'.

Ling Xiao's heart sways when he sees that expression. He can't help but lower his head and kiss him on his small lips, but it's just one time. When You XiaoMo's hackles rise, Ling Xiao simply pulls him up and then proceeds to help him straighten up his clothes that have been twisted into a ball. The same with his hair.

After making sure that he really isn't going to continue with the funny business You XiaoMo heaves a sigh of relief. He then allows him to help him tidy up.

A moment later, You XiaoMo walks out from behind the screen. As for Ling Xiao, he doesn't appear, not because he doesn't want to, but because You XiaoMo won't allow him.

Seeing that the sun has already set, if Elder brother knows that there is another person in his room at this time, he is afraid that Elder brother's imagination will start to go wild. Although the reality is really like that, subconsciously, he doesn't want to let other people know that his relationship with Ling Xiao has progressed to such an extent.

Fang ChenLe knows that You XiaoMo is inside the room because he already asked around. But after having knocked for so long, still no one comes to open the door. Thinking that something happened to him inside, he is just about to push open the door and go inside when the door *yi ya* opens with a creak.

You XiaoMo sees Fang ChenLe who has his hand raised and about to knock again on the door. He lets out an embarrassed laugh, "Elder brother, why are you here? Did something happen?"

Fang ChenLe looks at his sheepish expression, appearing rather guilty. He takes a look inside his room and after failing to discover anything, can't help but ask, "Little brother. Why did you take so long to open the door? Am I bothering you?"

"No, no, Elder brother came at just the right time. I was only ....... too absorbed in refining magic pills, so I didn't hear you. That's all. That's right, does Elder brother need me for something?"

You XiaoMo hastily explains. He doesn't dare to tell the truth.

Fang ChenLe doesn't realize that he is purposely changing the topic of the conversation. Thinking of the reason why he is here, he simply says, "I have something to tell you. Regarding the name list. ZiLin and I have already helped to secure an opportunity for you."


You XiaoMo exclaims in surprise.

"Yes, Master says that you are now a level two mage. If you can rise to a level three mage within these two months, he agrees to give you a spot on the list." says Fang ChenLe.

Although there is a condition attached, this condition is fair and reasonable. Because if little brother can't become a level three mage, Master would be criticized if he gives him a spot. But, this was what they wanted. It's just that what makes him surprised is that the opening of the paradise realm is three months away. Yet, Master insists that Little brother must become a level three mage in two months.

He tried to persuade Master, feeling that two months is too exacting but Master's attitude was very firm, so he could only let it go in the end.

He feels a little guilty towards Little brother. Before, he already promised that he would help him get a spot. But now, there is a condition attached. In the end, if he fails to get a spot, it would be somewhat hard to face him.

You XiaoMo is a little stunned, remembering that he is already a level three mage. But he can't tell Elder brother that now. If he improves too fast, it would arouse suspicion.

As for the two month time limit, he feels that it isn't too big of a deal. He already expected that it wouldn't go so smoothly. If Master were to agree to it right away, that would be strange.

Thinking like this, You XiaoMo says gratefully, "Elder brother. I will try my best. I definitely won't disappoint your faith in me. Thank you. And also please help me thank Second brother."

Fang ChenLe lets out a laugh and can't stop himself from patting him on the head, "There's no need to thank us. We are brothers. It's only right for older brothers to help younger brothers. Alright, it's already late. It's time for me to leave. You should also rest early. Remember not to stay up late refining magic pills. It won't be good for your health."

"I'll try my best." You XiaoMo replies with a grin.

Fang ChenLe doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. He knows that Little brother won't obediently listen to his words. But the coming days are indeed really pressing. If their positions were reversed, even he himself would probably not listen, so he doesn't try to persuade him any more, leaving after some encouraging words.

After sending him off, You XiaoMo heaves a sigh of relief.

Turning around after closing the door, he jumps in fright at Ling Xiao suddenly appearing behind him, "Why are you scaring people again?"

After saying that, he ignores him and is just about to walk past him when Ling Xiao suddenly grabs a hold of his waist. His forceful arm reins him in making him feel as if his waist is about to snap. Not waiting for him to say anything, he suddenly stretches out his hand and wreaks havoc on his hair. His neat and tidy hair is turned into a chicken coop in an instant.

You XiaoMo's expression shows that he is furious but doesn't dare to say anything, having no idea why Ling Xiao has lost his mind. He clearly just helped him tidy his hair and not long after, he actually acts like this. Flipping over faster than flipping the pages of a book. Does he regret it? This is the first time that You XiaoMo feels that men can also be fickle creatures.

In the end, that certain lunatic stops wreaking havoc on his hair. And just as crazily, he starts to help him comb out his hair. Needless to say, his actions are very smooth, tying his hair back neatly in no time at all.

Ah pei, now is not the time to praise him.

You XiaoMo rolls his eyes, "Elder brother Ling, what are you trying to do?"

Ling Xiao uses the red string in his hand to tie up his hair and looks at his masterpiece with satisfaction. Hearing his words, he beams while saying, "Little brother. Next time, don't let other people pat your head as they wish, understand?"

You XiaoMo is a little lost for words. He got into a tizzy because Elder brother patted his head so this big shot, in order to defend his 'territorial rights', wreaked havoc on his hair?

But, You XiaoMo looks here and there and then asks cautiously while looking at Ling Xiao, "You mean no one is allowed to?"

Ling Xiao smiles back at him, "Of course, it doesn't include me."

Qie! You XiaoMo rolls his eyes at him. He feels that besides territorial rights, even absolute rights belongs to him. As if he has turned into his property. But whatever. After all, this is not the first time he finds out about Ling Xiao's overbearing nature.

"The name list that Fang ChenLe mentioned, is it the list for the paradise realm?"

Feeling in a good mood after declaring his absolute rights over him, he recalls the contents of the conversation he just heard from inside.

"Yes ah, what about it?"

You XiaoMo turns around and glances at him, not knowing why he is asking about it.

Ling Xiao lets him go and walks to the table, lifting up and arranging his clothes as he sits down, "Kong Wen wants you to become a level three mage in two months. No matter what, this requires at least a year. How could it be possible to improve in such a short time?"

So Kong Wen's intention is as clear as day. He just doesn't want to give the spot to You XiaoMo so he comes up with this condition. More likely than not, Kong Wen doesn't want to estrange his two favorite disciples so this promise was made more for the sake of Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin.

"En. Even I can make the connection."

You XiaoMo says without the least bit of surprise.

Ever since he told him that Kong Wen doesn't like him, he feels that no matter what kind of decision or condition Kong Wen makes, he won't be surprised. In fact, Elder brother's answer is also something he expected.

Ling Xiao sees that there is not much reaction on his face and thinks that he may be still be holding on to some hope for Kong Wen. Getting closer to him, staring at his fair and delicate face, he suddenly smiles, saying, "Little brother, if you really want to go, I have a way of getting you a spot."

Zhou Peng's strength is not bad. He has a share of this trip to the paradise realm. Furthermore, the name list is pretty much determined. He only has to say it and Zhou Peng wouldn't mind giving up his spot. When the time comes, he only has to find a volume of techniques that is better than the one he is practicing now from the paradise realm and give it to him as compensation.

Hearing his words, You XiaoMo is a little surprised. He then grins while shaking his head, "There's no need. I already have a spot."

This time, it is Ling Xiao's turn to be surprised.