The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 130

Chapter 130

Ling Xiao is at first a little surprised. Then as if thinking of something, he looks him up and down, his lips suddenly curving up playfully, he guesses, "Can it be that you are already a level three mage?"

These words makes You XiaoMo lose all sense of accomplishment in an instant. From just his one sentence, he actually reached the conclusion that he is already a level three mage. It makes him deeply aware that their IQs are really not of the same level. Too huge of a blow.

You XiaoMo's tone is one of absolute depression, completely devoid of joy, "This morning, I refined eleven level three magic pills so I'm officially a level three mage."

Saying that, he takes out the jar of magic pills from his dimension. Thinking of the magic pills that he wanted to give him before, he also takes them out of his magic bag and gives them all to him.

"Elder brother Ling, the blue bottle is the level three magic pills I refined. The rest are level two magic pills but they are all low quality magic pills using the magic herbs that I got a few days ago from the Hall of Enchanted Herbs. All for you."

You XiaoMo puts the jars in front of him.

"All for me? Are you sure?"

Ling Xiao picks up the blue bottle and sniffs it. The fragrance of the magic pills are really much stronger than the level one and level two magic pills he ate before. He can actually feel that the magic pills are brimming with medicinal power, making him feel restless.

But he didn't expect that You XiaoMo would actually voluntarily give him so many magic pills. Before, every time he asks for magic pills, he would show a very unwilling expression.

Seeing his doubting expression, You XiaoMo pouts and stretches out his hand, attempting to snatch back the magic pills, "It's fine if you don't want it."

When I give them to you, you doubt me. When I don't give them to you, you threaten and snatch them. Really impossible to please!

How could Ling Xiao let him take them back? Dodging his hand, he simply opens the stopper and pours out a few emerald green magic pills. Throwing a handful into his mouth and munching *ka chi ka chi*, they are swallowed into his tummy in an instant.

You XiaoMo can't stop feeling a flash of bodily pain. Every time he sees him eating this way, recklessly wasting God's gifts, he can't help but mourn for his magic pills.

Actually, he is very curious about Ling Xiao's real identity. He definitely isn't anyone ordinary. Otherwise, he wouldn't dare to eat magic pills in such a reckless manner. He knows that other martial artists don't dare to simply eat magic pills because they are worried that they might not be able to withstand the medicinal power of the magic pills.

But he doesn't ask because he knows that everyone has a few things they don't want others to know.

"Are you very curious?"

Ling Xiao sees his expression and knows that he is very curious in his heart but doesn't dare to ask. After finishing the magic pills, he puts the bottle on the table and smiles at him.

You XiaoMo lights up and immediately nods his head. Is he ready to tell him?

Ling Xiao narrows his eyes slightly and beckons him with his finger to get closer. That look, no matter how you look at it, it's like a big bad wolf luring a small lamb into a pit.

You XiaoMo hesitates for a moment but can't overcome the curiosity in his heart. Cautiously, he gets a little closer.

Ling Xiao lowers his head and glances at his slowly reddening ears. His lips curving into a smile, he gets a little closer and lets out a scorching hot breath, "The truth is ....... I am a big bad wolf that specializes in eating little lambs."

The crown of You XiaoMo's head is suddenly full of spiderwebs. This person really can't go a single day without tricking him. Otherwise his heart won't feel at ease. After getting tricked many times, he slowly starts to realize this fact.

After hesitating a moment, You XiaoMo opens his mouth and asks, "Elder brother Ling, are you eating magic pills to increase your power?"

Ling Xiao's actions come to a stop but there is no trace of anger on his face that is a result of being pried into. Instead he is surprised that he could come up with this. In reality, it is not really something that can't be said, so he simply says, "That's about right, but the level of these magic pills are too low. Magic pills that are effective for my level, right now you are unable to refine."

Isn't that obvious!

You XiaoMo curses inwardly. He of course knows that much.

Although he can't tell Ling Xiao's exact strength, he knows that it definitely can't be too bad. He's afraid that it is probably Spiritual level and above. As for magic pills that are effective for Spiritual level martial artists, it must be at least level eight magic pills.

Level eight magic pills for him now is certainly only something he can look up to. Furthermore, based on his innate talent, he most probably would never be able to reach that level so there is nothing he can do about it. He can only try his best to refine some low level magic pills.

Thinking of that, he suddenly feels sadness coming from out of nowhere.

After that, the two of them talk about a few things, mostly related to the paradise realm. They also talked about the reason why the Grand Master wouldn't let Ling Xiao come over.

Only then does You XiaoMo realize that the reason why Ling Xiao didn't come over to see him these few days is because he was ordered not to by the Grand Master. But it is not completely due to the Grand Master feeling that their relationship is too close. That is only one of the reasons.

After discovering the theft at the library, the Grand Master, Tang Fan, and the Elders are taking it very seriously. Even more seriously than the paradise realm.

Actually, based on Ling Xiao's standing in the warrior division, he still has no right to know what was stolen. But the stolen thing is extremely valuable. After some discussion between Tang Fan and a few Elders, they realize that they have no choice but to tell Ling Xiao in order to secure his cooperation.

Even though Tang Fan told him over and over that he can't tell this to anyone, when You XiaoMo mentions it, he seemingly doesn't even hesitate before telling him.

The thing that was stolen from the library is actually a formula for a level nine magic pill.

What is the significance of a level nine magic pill formula? That is something you don't even have to think about. You may not even be able to find five of these magic pill formulas in the whole Long Xiao continent.

Because the higher the level, the more valuable the magic pill formula, level seven and level eight magic pill formulas are already regarded as treasures by mystics. What more level nine magic pill formulas. Therefore, no matter which major sect, a level nine magic pill formula is definitely something that is revered by the whole sect.

To TianXin sect, that piece of magic pill formula is their life. It is their future. Because although TianXin sect appears to have three level nine mages on the surface, the reality is not like that.

The rumor is that the three leaders of the three major peaks can already refine level nine magic pills albeit with a very high rate of failure. Still, the rumors outside say that the three leaders of the three major peaks are in fact level nine mages. However, the reality is not so.

Level eight mages are already as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns. What more level nine mages. All the rumors are actually just exaggerations. The three of them are, in reality, not true level nine mages. More accurately, they should be described as having half a foot inside the realm of level nine mages.

As for why the rumors were spread that they are all level nine mages, it is not difficult to guess.

So, the rumored level nine mage is actually a result of the combined forces of the three leaders of the major peaks. Furthermore, based on their strengths, the rate of failure is still higher than ninety percent. Clearly it is very hard to gain a foothold in the domain of a level nine mage.

But ever since QingCheng sect let it out that they have a level eight mage that has risen to a bona fide level nine mage, TianXin sect finally started to get anxious.

Half a step inside the domain of a level nine mage is after all no match for a real level nine mage. Furthermore, the factor of uncertainty is too high because if something were to happen to one of the leaders of the three major peaks, the remaining two will have no way of refining level nine magic pills.

If TianXin sect, who has monopolized the number one position for a few hundred years were to allow QingCheng sect to continue gaining power and prestige, TianXin sect would inevitably lose one half of their superiority to QingCheng sect. This is something that the higher ups of TianXin sect are unwilling to accept. So after some deliberation, Tang Fan and all the Elders decided to let the leaders of the three major peaks work together to refine a level nine magic pill, in order to raise another strong leader for TianXin sect.

It's because of this that Tang Fan took that magic pill formula out from the fifth level of the library.

Unexpectedly, this matter was leaked out. Not long after they moved the magic pill formula out, it was stolen. Furthermore, the thief is someone with considerable strength. After Tang Fan found out, the two of them faced off and Tang Fan was shocked to discover that the thief's power is similar to his. In the end, that person managed to escape with serious injuries.

This is clearly a premeditated action. Otherwise, it wouldn't be so coincidental that he only made a move after they took out the magic pill formula. So, that day, in the secret room, one of the ten people at the discussion must be a traitor.

The traitor must be found. Also the magic pill formula must be retrieved. It absolutely must be retrieved.

Although that magic pill formula is only a low level level nine magic pill formula, its appeal to each major sect is not less than that of a Spiritual level martial artist. That's because it can help a peak Seven star Spiritual level martial artist achieve a breakthrough and consolidate his domain as a bona fide Imperial level martial artist.

Right now, TianXin sect only has one Imperial level martial artist. That is Tang Fan. And QingCheng sect is the same with only one.

Their original plan was to use that magic pill formula to raise an Imperial level fighter. This way, even if QingCheng sect has a level nine mage, they still can't refine magic pills without a magic pill formula. In the end, they will still be one step lower than TianXin sect.

But all the plans were ruined by the thief.

TianXin sect's first suspect is QingCheng sect. QingCheng sect is also the most probable suspect.

The reasons are many. One, QingCheng sect has a level nine mage but lack a level nine magic pill formula. Two, the Grand Master of QingCheng sect, Luo ChengYuan, is an Imperial level fighter. Three, the enmity between the two sects run deep.

So adding up all the reasons, the thief is very likely to be Luo ChengYuan.

It's actually proven that it really is Luo ChengYuan because not long after, that traitor was discovered. He is Tang Fan's most trusted disciple, Pu Chan, a shrewd and mean man.

At that time, because of the matter with the half demons, he received Tang Fan's order to lead a group of people down the mountain to guard HePing town. Then at HePing town, when Pu Chan was uncovered, he admitted that he really did notify Luo ChengYuan secretly and helped him steal that level nine magic pill formula. After that, Tang Fan stripped him of all his powers in a rage and threw him into the dungeon.

The matter of Pu Chan betraying Tang Fan shocked many disciples. That's because before this, they always thought that Uncle Pu Chan would be the last one to betray the Grand Master, the last one to betray TianXin sect. But things are hard to predict. Uncle Pu Chan actually harbored resentment towards the Grand Master all this time.

As for the reason for the resentment, because it is a matter from a hundred years ago, and because the Grand Master ordered it sealed, there is not one among the disciples that knows.