The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 131

Chapter 131
Tragic 'life story'

After hearing this, You XiaoMo's first reaction is to sigh loudly. It's unexpected that just one case of theft is actually a result of such a complicated matter.

Although it has been a long time, You XiaoMo still has an impression of this Pu Chan because he is the first one to antagonize Ling Xiao ever since he first met Ling Xiao. Furthermore, he was very aggressive. But, when he was at WuShuang mountain, he heard that Uncle Pu Chan's relationship with the Grand Master is as close as brothers.

"Little brother, not everything is as it seems on the surface."

One look, and Ling Xiao can tell what he is thinking, laughing out loud.

"What kind of deep seated hatred do they have between them?"

You XiaoMo asks curiously. He feels that Ling Xiao appears to know everything so he can't help asking.

"How would I know!"

Ling Xiao shrugs and reclines slightly on the bedpost. He narrows his eyes, adopting a languid posture. He is not a know it all. Also he has no interest in the grudges between Tang Fan and Pu Chan so he didn't bother to investigate.

For now, the matter with the traitor is settled but the stolen magic pill formula can't be retrieved immediately.

TianXin sect can't drag Pu Chan out to accuse Luo ChengYuan. Firstly, they can't wash their dirty laundry in public. Secondly, Luo ChengYuan, that wily old fox also wouldn't admit it. He might even turn the tables on them, claiming that they are putting on a show, trying to frame QingCheng sect. Furthermore, TianXin sect never made public that they have that magic pill formula so this puts them at a disadvantage.

But the magic pill formula must be retrieved. Otherwise, if QingCheng sect manages to refine the level nine magic pill from that magic pill formula, TianXin sect will really become QingCheng sect's stepping stone and sacrificial victim.

Luckily it is not easy to find the magic herbs required for level nine magic pills. Even if QingCheng sect has the magic pill formula, they can't immediately refine a magic pill. But the paradise realm is about to open, and there are countless magic herbs inside. QingCheng sect will definitely send people inside to look and maybe they will find them.

So Tang Fan and the Elders decided that they will take advantage of this trip to the paradise realm to not only cut off all chances of them getting level nine magic herbs, but also to deliver a huge blow to QingCheng sect.

But because the people that are allowed to enter the paradise realm are restricted by their power, Tang Fan decided to take advantage of these remaining three months to let Ling Xiao and Zhou Peng increase their power as fast as possible. When the time comes, he will give them an assignment.

"Elder brother Ling, that assignment can't be to kill off QingCheng disciples ba?"

When You XiaoMo hears of the assignment, he can't stop his expression from changing slightly. He feels that that is most probably the case.

Ling Xiao says indifferently, "That is part of it. The most important purpose is to not let them cobble together the few important magic herbs for that magic pill formula."

You XiaoMo raises his eyebrows as he says, "You mean once we enter the paradise realm we have to follow them all the time?"

Hearing his words, Ling Xiao can't help but burst out laughing. He looks at him teasingly and says, "Little brother, you can't really think that I will actually do what Tang Fan says ba?"

"Uh ....... "

He really forgot that Ling Xiao is not a disciple of TianXin sect. This fellow is just an impostor, "But, if you don't carry out his orders, won't he find out later?"

He feels that, since Tang Fan is so shrewd, he will definitely take defensive measures. Like sticking in a trusted aide among them who can then report all that happened in the paradise realm.

"You think that it is so easy to find level nine magic herbs? Let's not talk about whether they can manage to find the magic herbs they want in the paradise realm, it's still not easy to deal with the magic beasts guarding the magic herbs."

Ling Xiao speaks languidly, not the least bit worried about his difficult situation.

You XiaoMo ponders over it for a bit. The magic beast guarding a level nine magic herb would be at the least a level nine magic beast. Equivalent to an Imperial level fighter. No matter how you look at it, it seems like an impossible task unless the Grand Master of QingCheng sect himself does it. But because there is a strength level restriction, Luo ChengYuan has no way of entering the paradise realm.

Ling Xiao stares at You XiaoMo's pensive face and suddenly thinks of something, saying, "Little brother. You are also a mage. Are you interested in that magic pill formula?"

You XiaoMo jumps in fright. Hearing his words, he knows what he is planning because the Heavenly Soul Scroll that he is practicing now is also something that he mentioned on the spur of the moment, resulting in its miraculous appearance.

"You can't be thinking of going to steal it from QingCheng sect ba? You can't! You can't!"

You XiaoMo shakes his head again and again.

"Why not?"

Ling Xiao narrows his eyes as he questions him in reply.

"Now I'm only a level three mage, a long way from that. Furthermore, my innate talent is below average so I won't be able to reach that stage in the future. And also that Luo ChengYuan is an Imperial level fighter. If it is discovered, what would happen? No. It's too dangerous!"

You XiaoMo believes that Ling Xiao's strength is Spiritual level or at most Imperial level. So if he were to face Luo ChengYuan, his chance of success must be very low. Such risky action, he definitely won't agree.

A slight smile appears on Ling Xiao's lips. Although his words seem to underestimate his ability, he still can tell that he is concerned about him. But hearing him belittle himself in front of him, he can't help but frown.

Below average innate talent?

Ling Xiao raises his eyebrows as he looks him up and down. Looking at the speed of his improvement, becoming a level three mage in under a year, although he doesn't know what kind of speed others have, but from what he can tell according to Lin Xiao's memory, this speed is certainly defying the laws of heaven.

He knows that most of it can be attributed to the Heavenly Soul Scroll. But if his innate talent is that poor, how could he have grasped the Heavenly Soul Scroll so quickly, actually breaking through the first level in under three months?

But looking at his earnest expression, it doesn't look as if he is lying. Also there is no need for him to lie. But from his seemingly zero failure rate when refining magic pills and his performance when practicing alchemical techniques, it is totally out of line with below average innate talent.

Ling Xiao suddenly feels that there is something very fishy with You XiaoMo's innate talent. Of course, he never imagined that the You XiaoMo standing in front of him has a completely changed soul under that shell.

You XiaoMo himself also is not very clear about the exact evaluation process. On top of that, he encountered a whole series of terrifying events after that so he simply forgot about this matter, thoroughly believing that his aura is green.

"Little brother, during the aura evaluation, did your soul really show a green color?"

Ling Xiao fixes his gaze on him as he asks.


You XiaoMo is somewhat slow to understand what he is getting at. It takes a moment before he realizes what he is saying, making him feel guilty all of a sudden.

Only heaven knows what color his aura is. By the time he crossed over, the evaluation of the soul was already over. Furthermore, the genuine You XiaoMo must have been a boy with an extremely fragile heart. Otherwise, how could he have had the opportunity to take over his body?

But ------- these words he must never tell Ling Xiao. There is only this secret left on his person. If he really tells him, he wouldn't have any secrets left.

But after being reminded by him, he finally starts to think about this issue. If the innate quality of a mage is related to the soul, wouldn't it mean that the him who had been changed on the inside be no longer the same?

"Little brother?"

Seeing that he is suddenly in a daze, Ling Xiao stretches out his hand and waves it in front of his face.

You XiaoMo reacts with a start, laughing *ha ha* while saying, "Of ... of course it's green ah. If you don't believe me, you can ask the people that underwent the evaluation with me at that time."

Ling Xiao stares at the guilty look on his face, and laughs suddenly, saying sweetly, "Little brother, do you think I will believe your words?"

" ....... no."

The fake smile on You XiaoMo's face crumbles in an instant as he speaks in a disheartened tone. One look at the expression on Ling Xiao's face and the tone of his voice, he knows that he will definitely not believe his words.

Ling Xiao beams as he grips his shoulder and rubs his head gently while saying in a soft voice, "Little brother is very obedient. Now is the time for truthful words. You must have heard of the saying 'Leniency to those who confess, severity to those who resist'. Don't make me use my special ways."

The word 'special' is said with added emphasis.

You XiaoMo is dripping with sweat on the inside. Not only has he heard these words before, they are words that are extremely familiar to him. In his past life, they were uttered by his older and younger brothers. In this life, they are from Ling Xiao. Indeed there is no escaping this fate even after changing worlds.

So, his very last secret must be revealed?

No. As a member of the younger generation of the 21st century, he inherited an 'exemplary' trait, that is ------- telling lies!

What is the ultimate art of lying? Slipping in one false word among nine truthful words. Although this is a worn out trick in the 21st century, known by almost everyone, but don't forget, this is Long Xiao continent, a different world, a totally unscientific world!

So, You XiaoMo weaves an extremely tragic 'life story'. He turns himself into 'You XiaoMo's' twin brother whose body died before birth. In the end, he ended up sharing the same body as his twin brother. His brother didn't know of his existence but he was aware of his brother's existence. But because his brother is the main host, he as the weaker host is unable to manifest himself. Right up to the time when his brother received a huge blow, causing him to drop dead. Only then did he manage to assume control of his brother's body.

That is pretty much the story he weaves. In fact, all ten words are lies.