The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 132

Chapter 132
Golden winged insect.

You XiaoMo's expression is one that says that regardless of whether you believe it or not, he himself believes it.

Of course Ling Xiao doesn't believe his words. But he lets him go because even after being threatened to tell the truth, he actually risks death to make up a story to deceive him. What courage!

Seeing that this is the first time the school boy You XiaoMo is lying to him, he decides not to press him this time.

"Little brother, find an opportunity to buy a testing stone and test the color of your soul once again. A testing stone would not cost you much gold coins. But if you want, I can also help you buy one."

Ling Xiao beams as he pats his shoulder.

Although his face is gentle and smiling, You XiaoMo can hear that this matter is not up for discussion. He can only toughen his scalp, saying, " ....... it's better if I buy it myself ba."

Seeing his stricken expression, Ling Xiao was just about to raise the corner of his lips when his expression suddenly darkens. He casts a sharp look towards the window, his expression slowly getting serious.

You XiaoMo feels the change in his mood. He raises his head and sees him looking forward with an unreadable expression. There is clearly nothing there but he is staring fixedly at the nearby window.

Just when he wants to ask what is going on, Ling Xiao suddenly raises his hand. A disturbance appears in his palm, as if something is sucked into his hand.

You XiaoMo stares at his hand. Clearly there is nothing there but the next second, a shocking scene unfolds. A completely snowy white insect that seems to be able to become invisible appears in Ling Xiao's palm. It's about the size of his fist. Its eight legs are struggling endlessly in Ling Xiao's palm.

"This is?"

You XiaoMo looks at the insect in shock.

"This is a level six magic beast, the Seven star hidden fragrance insect. They don't have combat ability but they have a huge special characteristic. That is to track. And it is also not easily discovered. Usually there is one male and one female. The female one can emit a type of hidden fragrance that can only be detected by the male one."

Ling Xiao speaks with narrowed eyes.

"This ....... can't be to track you and me ba?"

You XiaoMo swallows again and again.

"What say you ne?"

Ling Xiao beams as he returns the question.

Is there even a need to say it? Appearing in his room, if it is not to track him, then it must be to track Ling Xiao. However, who would purposely let go of a Seven star hidden fragrance insect to track them? They don't seem to have offended anybody. It's more likely to be someone that offended them instead.

You XiaoMo can't help but think of what happened previously in HunJi city and WuFeng town. Speaking of people that have grudges against them, that would most probably be Wolf fang gang. But based on Wolf fang gang's strength, they simply won't have the guts.

"Elder brother Ling, what are we going to do now?"

You XiaoMo asks.

Ling Xiao looks at him with a sparkle in his eyes, saying, "Although the Seven star hidden fragrance insect is only a level six magic beast, after they go through three rounds of metamorphosis, they will transform into Golden winged insects. The tracking ability of the golden winged insect is even better than before the transformation. Furthermore, they can occasionally produce a strand of gold silk. Ten strands of gold silk can me made into soft armor. A soft armor that is impenetrable by the five elements, unyielding to wind and thunder. It's the ultimate precious armor to protect the body. But, most importantly, Golden winged insects can chew through ten thousand things."

"So amazing!"

You XiaoMo exclaims.

"It is amazing but not all Seven star hidden fragrance insects can transform successfully. As far as I know, only one out of ten million pairs of Seven star hidden fragrance insects can transform successfully. But ....... "

Ling Xiao sighs regretfully.

You XiaoMo gasps. This rate is way too low but hearing the last but at the end, he quickly asks, "But what?"

An amused look flashes in Ling Xiao's eyes as he laughs while saying, "Seven star hidden fragrance insects are very special magic beasts. They only eat the Seven star herb because only the Seven star herb is able to help them transform successfully.

"What is the Seven star herb?"

You XiaoMo asks in astonishment with shining eyes.

He has read quite a lot of ancient records on magic herbs. He has read about those from level one to level six but he has not seen anything on the Seven star herb.

Ling Xiao shoots him a glance, saying, "The Seven star herb is a level six magic herb. But it has no medicinal value so it can't be used to refine magic pills. But it is the food of the Seven star hidden fragrance insect ....... "

Speaking of the Seven Star hidden fragrance insect, it is not very well known in the Long Xiao continent. But the Golden winged insect is very famous, known to everyone. It's just that a lot of people don't know that the Golden winged insect is actually a transformed Seven star hidden fragrance insect.

Although there are oh so many people that covet the Golden winged insect, but no matter if it is the Seven star hidden fragrance insect, or the Golden winged insect, they both can't be raised by just anybody. Even a major sect like TianXin sect can't do it.

First is the Seven star hidden fragrance insect. They need to eat the Seven star herb for every transformation round. The first round requires one hundred stalks of Seven star herb. Furthermore, it is better if the quality is high so that the probability of successful transformation would be higher. The second transformation requires four hundred stalks of Seven star herb. The third round requires one thousand stalks of Seven star herb.

This amount is not much when compared to other magic herbs but it must be known that because the Seven star herb doesn't have medicinal value, and cannot be used to refine magic pills, it hasn't been seen for a very long time. Furthermore, the Seven star herb is not very common to begin with so the treasured Golden winged insect also seems to be almost extinct.

But even if the Golden winged insect is not extinct, it is not possible for people to afford to raise one. That's because the Golden winged insect needs to eat one hundred stalks of high quality Seven star herb to produce one strand of silk. Furthermore, the feeding can't be interrupted. Otherwise, the quality of the produced silk would drop. It can be said to be the ultimate delicate and costly magic beast that could dissipate a family fortune.

"Little brother, others may not have the means to raise them, but you have. How about you try to raise a pair of Seven star hidden fragrance insects?"

Ling Xiao tells him the science behind it and then smiles as he puts the Seven star hidden fragrance insect on his hand.

You XiaoMo feels his scalp go numb. That Seven star hidden fragrance insect wriggles in his hand. He is definitely not scared but after listening to Ling Xiao's words, he is indeed a little moved but he doesn't have any Seven star herb.

Ling Xiao seems to know what he is thinking, saying, "You don't have to worry about the matter with Seven star herb. There is none in Long Xiao continent but there may be some in the paradise realm. When the time comes, look for it inside. There should be some."

You XiaoMo thinks it over and also feels that it makes sense, "Then what about the other Seven star hidden fragrance insect?"

Ling Xiao suddenly reveals a teasing smile, saying while looking at him meaningfully, "The female one is already in your hand. Can the male one still escape?"

You XiaoMo ponders for a bit before reacting, glaring at him in anger. Ivory won't come from a dog's mouth. You are the female one. Your whole family are all female.

At night, Ling Xiao doesn't insist on staying the night like before, leaving before the Hai period.

You XiaoMo heaves a huge sigh of relief. But he knows the reason why Ling Xiao doesn't stay over. The Grand Master already warned him so he can't disappear from the sight of others for too long lest it incurs the suspicion of certain people.

The next day, You XiaoMo goes to the canteen for breakfast as usual. Then he spends the whole morning refining magic pills in his room, not coming out again until noon.

Going to the canteen for lunch, You XiaoMo runs into Zhao DaZhou again. However, there is no sign of Elder brother and Second brother.

Zhao DaZhou's attitude towards You XiaoMo has already undergone a 180 degree change. Seeing him, he no longer ignores like him before. After calling him over to sit down, he brings up the matter of Kong Wen's condition for him to become a level three mage in two months.

He speaks about it in such a way that You XiaoMo thinks that this matter has again been spread all over. Only after a long while does he realize that this information is exclusive to Zhao DaZhou. Because his dad has a high position in Earth peak, he basically knows all the things that are not known to others.

After hearing about this matter, Zhao DaZhou kept thinking about going to see You XiaoMo. He also doesn't think that You XiaoMo will be able to fulfill Master's condition in two months. It's not that he doesn't have faith in You XiaoMo. But to jump from a level two mage to a level three mage in two months is basically something that is inconceivable. He is the most clear on this.

Zhao DaZhou lingered between level two and level three for over a year. He knows how difficult it is in between. It's practically impossible in two months. So he suggests to let his father help. As long as his father makes the request, Master would definitely give him face. But You XiaoMo refuses.

Just like Ling Xiao said, Kong Wen is making things difficult for him because he doesn't want to give him a spot. If Uncle Zhao were to speak up on his behalf to Kong Wen, he believes that Kong Wen's dislike for him would grow even deeper. No one likes to have people continually opposing them. Especially if those people are their close and trusted ones. So, he definitely can't accept Zhao DaZhou's good intention. But he is very touched. Fifth brother is the typical 'A drop of water in need, shall be returned with a spring in deed' kind of person. A person that distinguishes clearly between friends and enemies.

You XiaoMo is worried that Fifth brother would really ask Uncle Zhao to speak up for him so he urges him again and again, only feeling at ease when he nods his head and swears not to tell his father.

After bidding farewell to Fifth brother, he goes straight back to his room. But he doesn't continue refining magic pills. Instead, he enters his dimension. The level two magic herbs that he planted a few days ago are already mature. This is the last batch of level two magic herbs. After harvesting these, he doesn't plan to plant anymore level two magic herbs. He is already a level three mage so he will give priority to level three magic herbs.

Firstly, You XiaoMo harvests ten plots of level two magic herbs. Then he sprinkles some level three magic herb seeds. After watering them, he walks into the small wooden hut. Not long after, he emerges carrying a wooden basin.

The wooden basin is filled with magic water. Soaking in the magic water are numerous seeds. These seeds are all mid level magic herb seeds. Because the level is different, these seeds need to be soaked in water. But this is only one of the reasons. After You XiaoMo returned, he did take a look at these seeds. These seeds were definitely not plump and round. Some of them were already shriveled up, full of uneven bumps. If they were planted directly, it would have a huge effect on the magic herbs, making them more difficult to look after.

So he soaked them in magic water for a few days. After being soaked in magic water, every seed sucked it up beautifully. After scooping up the seeds, he walks to the magic herb fields.

ivory won't come from a dog's mouth - don't expect decent words from a filthy mouth
Hai period - 21:00-23:00