The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 133

Chapter 133

The growth cycle of mid-level magic herbs is much longer than that of low level magic herbs. You XiaoMo uses up the magic water that he had diluted and then dilutes a little more. But he only dilutes the magic water for the level four magic herbs. He doesn't plan on using diluted magic water for level five and level six magic herbs.

After finishing his work with the magic herb fields, You XiaoMo walks over to the magic herbs he dug out that time from the ice cave. After steeping in magic water for so many days, the ten or so stalks of magic herbs are thriving. Some of them have even begun to produce seeds.

Talking about seeds, You XiaoMo thinks about another batch of seeds. Those seeds were not bought. They are seeds that were produced during the growth of the magic herbs. Each stalk of magic herb can produce three to four seeds. Some good, some bad. But when you sum it all up, the bad ones are few.

Because he bought a lot of seeds before, he didn't use the seeds that were produced. They were all collected by him and placed in the cupboard. He examined them before. Every seed is much more plump and shiny than the ones he bought from outside.

But, because he knows that the magic herbs will produce seeds, he doesn't worry about how many seeds there are.

As for why he bought so many seeds in HunJi city, that is because if he were to buy just a few of each type, he was worried that the old man from the Magic pill central workshop wouldn't sell him any because if the quantity is too low, he wouldn't be able to earn much gold coins.

But the most important thing is he would have to wait for the magic herb to produce seeds before he can replant them. That would mean wasting time. Of course, this is when he is not short of money.

Returning back into the small wooden hut, You XiaoMo catches sight of that level eight magic beast egg. The level eight magic beast, Blue-blooded wolf is a mid-level magic beast. The last time he went to the library, he read about it in the scrolls. The Blue-blooded wolf is a strength and speed type magic beast. Its fur is silvery white and very soft. If you overlook the Blue-blooded wolf's fierce and violent characteristics, it is undoubtedly a very beautiful magic beast.

This type of magic beast that is adept at combat, is a really good candidate for bonding.

But there is one thing that caught You XiaoMo's attention. It is recorded on the scrolls that very long ago, the Blue-blooded wolf's bloodline was not only not limited to level eight. It is said that there were level eleven and level twelve Wolf gods.

But by now, pure-blood Blue-blooded wolves have become rarer and rarer. There haven't been any Blue-blooded wolves above level eight. It must be said that Blue-blooded wolves that are above level eight are capable of shapeshifting.

You XiaoMo lifts up the magic beast egg with both hands while indulging in his wildest fantasies. Could this be a pure-blood magic beast egg? If it is, wouldn't that mean he would have a legendary Wolf god?

If it is so, he would even wake up from laughing while dreaming. Too bad it's only what if.

You XiaoMo lowers his head and looks at the magic beast egg. Elder brother said that the best time to establish a bond is before the magic beast hatches, or while it is still young. This way, during the bonding process, there won't be too much resistance from the magic beast. That's because if the resistance from the magic beast is too strong, it would be hard to control it. One could even end up suffering from a backlash.

Seeing that this magic beast egg can hatch at any time, he must take advantage of this time to form the bond. But ....... You XiaoMo remembers something else that Elder brother said.

The number of magic beasts that a mage can bond with depends on their own soul force. A stronger soul force can bond more magic beasts. Actually, it also depends on the level of the soul.

For example, a level three mage usually can bond about three magic beasts. The level of the magic beast depends on their own ability to form the bond. Later, with every rise in level, one more magic beast can be added. But because there is a limit, most mages won't bond just any magic beast.

You XiaoMo is now a level three mage. According to principle, he can bond three magic beasts. However, he doesn't know if his current strength is enough to bond a level eight magic beast.

After hesitating for a bit, he decides to try it.

Opportunity is always accompanied by danger. If one doesn't have the guts to try, how will there be any progress?

Thinking like this, You XiaoMo resolutely places his right hand on top of the magic beast egg. A surge of soul force flows steadily from the palm of his hand into the magic beast egg.

The life force inside is evidently very healthy and strong. The heartbeat is very powerful, beating strongly. While still inside the shell, he can still feel the faint pressure emitted by the bloodline of the Blue-blooded wolf.

The gentle soul force flows through the egg shell and wraps around the tiny life force inside. Very smoothly, without evoking any resistance from the small life force. He can even feel the life force in the egg giving out a comfortable moan, as if it is trying to say something.

You XiaoMo immediately decides to pour his soul force into the space between the eyebrows of the Blue-blooded wolf. Unexpectedly and without any difficulty, he succeeds. Very quickly, he senses the bond established between a man and a beast. It is like an invisible restraint.

You XiaoMo keeps the surging happiness in his heart in check. Carefully, he withdraws his soul force. Then he picks up the egg and looks at it full of joy. This is his first bonded magic beast. And it's a level eight Blue-blooded wolf. Compared to other mages, he is extremely fortunate!

But what surprises him is that the whole process seems extremely smooth. It definitely wasn't as difficult as Elder brother said it would be. No matter how he racks his brain, he still doesn't understand it.

Since he established the bond with the Blue-blooded wolf, he can now feel the life force coming from inside the egg. That life force is telling him that it will hatch three days later.

This speed is actually really fast. Before, when he got the egg, although he could sense the life force inside the egg, it was clearly quite far away from hatching. Unexpectedly after bringing it back for a few days, it is soon about to hatch. But he is very much looking forward to it. What would a newly born Blue-blooded wolf look like?

While holding on to this excited feeling, You XiaoMo continues refining magic pills for three days. Finally, it is the day to welcome the Blue-blooded wolf.

Because Ling Xiao didn't come to look for him for three days, and because he has no way of contacting him, he didn't tell Ling Xiao about the Blue-blooded wolf hatching. That day, after finishing the things he has to do early in the day, You XiaoMo enters the dimension.

That magic beast egg was placed by him in the courtyard, on the stone platform, inside the depression that is meant for the cauldron. In order to prepare for its birth, the Blue-blooded wolf went all out absorbing the spiritual energy in the dimension. But when it senses the presence of You XiaoMo, the round egg suddenly jumps up in joy, swaying a few times, as if it is very happy to see him.

You XiaoMo is not surprised. These three days, he is already used to witnessing all the lively antics of the magic beast egg. Putting it plainly, it is really too energetic.

One of the days before this, in order to get his attention, that magic beast egg rolled from inside the wooden hut to the magic herb field, jumping cheerfully and light-heartedly, actually jumping around in front of him. It really scared him to death. What if the shell cracks? Wouldn't that mean it won't be able to hatch normally?

In his mind, a small magic beast that can't hatch normally is equivalent to a premature baby.

From that moment on, You XiaoMo forbade it from jumping up and down, only allowing it to sway from side to side.

The small magic beast is extremely intelligent. From that moment on, it no longer jumped up and down. Every time it sees him, it would sway side to side to convey its happiness.

You XiaoMo walks over and picks it up in his arms, rubbing its head. The little magic beast, separated by a layer of shell, rubs itself in his arms very affectionately. The affectionate interaction is not like one between master and servant, instead it is more like genuine happiness.

After cuddling for a bit, You XiaoMo puts down the magic beast egg. Today is the day the small magic beast will hatch. He watched Animal Planet before. He knows that most animals will get attached to the first thing they see when they are born. So he wants to see the birth of the little magic beast with his own eyes. He also wants to be the first thing it sees.

The small magic beast that was placed back on the stone platform rolls *gu lu lu* back into the hole.

When it stops moving, the surface of the egg shell suddenly sends out an intense beam of white light. The white light starts to flash fiercely. Then the spiritual energy in the dimension starts to surge, pouring into the magic beast egg.

This phenomenon continues for a while, only stopping when the egg shell is almost bursting. Then *ka ca* rings out causing You XiaoMo to jump in fright. Looking closely, he finds that the egg has cracked.

The crack continues to expand. A moment later, the whole egg is full of cracks. Then a tiny downy paw stretches out from the broken shell. The small paw quivers before pressing down on the platform. Then a damp head appears with eyes half closed. Front paws, hind legs, crawl out from the egg shell one after another.

The tiny Blue-blooded wolf sprawls on the top of the stone platform and whimpers at the dazed You XiaoMo. Newborn magic beasts don't have much strength.

You XiaoMo places his hand on his heart, his face filled with surprise and happiness.

This completely silvery white and extremely beautiful little Blue-blooded wolf is his companion. He always thought that the Blue-blooded wolf would be a very ferocious magic beast. He never expected that a newborn magic beast would actually be so cute.