The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 134

Chapter 134
It's finally his turn.

You XiaoMo, "......."

Although he knows that the magic water is precious, he still can't drink his own bath water. Especially since he can tell from one glance that is very clearly dirty magic water.

You XiaoMo feels that it is necessary to teach it to be a clean and tidy little magic beast.

But the Blue-blooded wolf has an extremely strong ability to adapt. Not even one hour after being born, the little magic beast is already capable of running and jumping on its own. What is likes to do is to run around in circles around You XiaoMo, as if it is trying to mark its territory. It's just that this territory follows You XiaoMo wherever he goes.

It's fine when You XiaoMo has nothing to do. But when he wants to do something, the little magic beast would bite his pants with a death grip, not allowing him to go. But because it hasn't been a day since its birth, the little magic beast doesn't have enough strength to move You XiaoMo. Instead, it gets dragged along by You XiaoMo.

This happens quite a few times until You XiaoMo can't take it anymore. He picks it up and ties it up with a rope and ties it on his back, like carrying a baby while doing his work .......

A few hours later, You XiaoMo leaves the dimension and heaves a huge sigh of relief. He never expected that the little magic beast would be so clingy. It's too bad he can't bring it out. It would be disastrous if it is discovered by others.

But You XiaoMo is also worried that it would run and jump around wildly in the dimension, trampling on the magic herb fields. So he could only lock him up in the small wooden hut. He also warned him sternly not to touch the things inside. Not caring if it understands what he is saying, he leaves the dimension after saying that.

The birth of the little magic beast, You XiaoMo really wants to find someone to share the good news, but other than Ling Xiao, there is no one else, so he can only wait for Ling Xiao to come find him.

Today, he doesn't shut himself up in his room refining magic pills as usual. Instead, he heads to the Hall of enchanted herbs.

It has been more than a month since the last time he went to get level two magic herbs. Although he doesn't need level two magic herbs anymore, he still has to keep up appearances. As for the fact that he is now a level three mage, for the time being, he doesn't plan to tell anyone.

Reaching the Hall of enchanted herbs, You XiaoMo doesn't see Zhao DaZhou. The person watching the Hall of enchanted herbs has reverted back to Uncle Zhao. He is sitting like a meditating old monk behind the counter. Looking at their characters, this father and son pair are not too much alike.

Zhao Zhen sees You XiaoMo the moment he opens the door. A faint smile flashes across his indifferent eyes.

Speaking of that, Zhao Zhen usually has an ambivalent manner towards You XiaoMo. However, he is not like those that look down on You XiaoMo. At the least, he has never shown any attitude to You XiaoMo. In fact, he sometimes even turns a blind eye towards him.

Zhao Zhen is probably not the first person to show a kind face to You XiaoMo but he is one of the few people that gives You XiaoMo a good feeling.

Maybe because he heard from Zhao DaZhou about the matter between the two of them, Zhao Zhen actually starts talking to him of his own accord.

"It's good that you're here. I heard from Zhou-r that you usually depend on selling magic pills in order to buy magic herbs. Do you have enough?"

You XiaoMo hesitates for a moment before nodding his head repeatedly. After that, he rubs his head in embarrassment. He can't tell him the truth so he can only let it be.

Zhao Zhen doesn't ask him how much he wants. Instead he simply gives him two months worth. This is against the rules he told You XiaoMo before. So when You XiaoMo sees the amount, he can't hide the surprise in his eyes.

"Uncle Zhao, did you write down the wrong amount? It's one month, not two months?"

You XiaoMo looks in surprise at the amount of magic herbs on the form. A full two months worth of one thousand and eight hundred stalks. This amount is really not small.

"It's not wrong. I still have to thank you for the matter with Zhou-r. Ever since he listened to your pointers, he has successfully completed the assignments I give him in a more and more outstanding manner. I believe that it is not long before he will become a level four mage."

Speaking of his own son, the lines on Zhao Zhen's face gets much softer.

You XiaoMo roughly guessed that that would be the reason. But he doesn't dare accept, "Uncle, actually that is due to Fifth brother's own hard work and understanding. It doesn't really have much to do with me. But two months worth is really too much and not in line with the rules of the Hall of enchanted herbs. If you make an exception for me, it would be hard to convince the others. The other disciples also won't be happy."

He doesn't want Uncle Zhao to be punished because of him. Furthermore, he simply doesn't need this the way he is now.

"As long as you don't say anything, no one would know. You also don't have to worry about the inventory check at the end of the month."

Zhao Zhen shakes his head as he speaks resolutely. He clearly discussed this before with Zhao DaZhou.

You XiaoMo has no choice but to accept his good intentions. He accepts the one thousand and eight hundred stalks of magic herbs and puts them into his magic bag. Now he feels that he is the one owing them a favor. Looks like it is finally his turn to return favors.

After thanking Zhao Zhen, You XiaoMo takes the magic bag and leaves the Hall of enchanted herbs.

He doesn't go straight back to his room. Instead he heads towards the library. His three day 'punishment' is already over. He can now enter library again.

Because of the punishment, he only managed to read one book on high level magic beasts the last time. There are still a few scrolls on mid-level magic beasts that he has yet to read. This time, he decides to finish reading them all.

When he reaches the library, the silver armored guards are no longer there. Maybe it's because the traitor has been caught, so there is no longer a need to keep a close watch.

Elder Sun that is guarding the library immediately gives him a look that seems to say 'Why are you only here now?'. Most probably because it is already more than three days since that incident. Elder Sun had thought that he would immediately come to the library once the three days have passed.

You XiaoMo rubs his nose awkwardly. He can't tell Elder Sun that these days he was always preoccupied with the little magic beast so he had forgotten all about it.

Elder Sun also won't really ask him these things. He simply gives him the tablet and doesn't give him a second glance, returning to his usual indifferent manner. However, You XiaoMo can sense that this old man is actually one of the few people that treats him well.

Holding the tablet, You XiaoMo walks into the second floor of the West pavilion. He sees that there are quite a few people standing inside.

With the approaching opening of the paradise realm, more and more people are running to the library. Although the library is supposed to be quiet place, not everyone is silent. There are some people squeezed in the corners speaking in hushed tones.

You XiaoMo walks by bookshelf after bookshelf. He sees that the bookshelf containing the scrolls on magic beasts are packed to the brim. The calm expression in his eyes is replaced by unconcealed excitement. Looks like that frenzied period is already over so not many people are looking for magic beast scrolls.

Thinking like this, he quickly walks over. Casting a loving eye over the second shelf of the bookshelf, he finds the scrolls he is looking for. There are more scrolls than that for low level magic beasts. Six scrolls altogether although he has already read one of them.

You XiaoMo stretches his hand out wanting to take the other five scrolls when a hand suddenly appears next to him, taking the whole set that he was aiming for just before he could.

You XiaoMo lifts his head to look at the owner of that hand. It's a man that he doesn't know.

The man is dressed in a taoist robe. A disciple from the Warrior division. Seeing his look, the man starts to smile. The smile is not a friendly one. Instead it is unmistakably one of hostility and disgust.

You XiaoMo's head is filled with fog. He doesn't seem to know this person.

The reality is, this man has not actually met You XiaoMo before. But he knows who You XiaoMo is. That's because he is Li Jun's best friend.

Seeing You XiaoMo's puzzled expression, the smile on the man's face fades a little as he says rather harshly, "You XiaoMo. Because of you, Li Jun is unable to enter the library for a year. You're really something. Not only does Elder brother side with you, even Elder Sun gives you special treatment."

Because he can't enter the library, and because the materials on magic beasts cannot be brought out, unless someone retells it to Li Jun, he can only dream of getting any data on magic beasts for a year. But because the paradise realm is going to open soon, this matter is a huge blow to Li Jun.

Hearing him say those avenging words on behalf of his friend, You XiaoMo smiles helplessly.

The man sees his smiling face and the smile on his face immediately disappears, "What are you smiling for?"

You XiaoMo raises his brow as he says, "You seem to be mistaken. Li Jun was punished because he broke the rules of the library. If he didn't break the rules of the library, he wouldn't be in that position."

Although he doesn't like to quarrel with people, he dislikes it even more when others put the blame on him when it is not his fault. That makes him feel as if he is shouldering other people's black pot. He had more than enough of shouldering this type of black pot for his younger brother in his past life.

The man's face turns green and then white listening to his words but still his words are not wrong.

You XiaoMo sees that he doesn't reply so he doesn't say anything more. He takes another set from the bookshelf and turns around only to run into a wall of flesh. There is nothing fleshy about this wall of flesh. The hard collision almost makes his nose crooked. Without time to think about the pain, he hastily apologizes, "I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose ....... "

"He he!"

A delighted chuckle is heard from above his head.

This laughter is too too too familiar!

You XiaoMo immediately raises his head. Seeing the handsome face of the wall of flesh, he exclaims, "Elder brother Ling? Why are you here?"

Luckily he still remembers that this is the library so he immediately lowers his voice when he blurts that out.

shoulder black pot - be a scapegoat