The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 135

Chapter 135
The owner of the Paradise realm.

"What are you guys doing?"

Ling Xiao looks at them with interest.

This is inside the West pavilion. Normally the ones that come to the West pavilion are disciplies from the Warrior division so Ling Xiao appearing here is not unexpected. After asking the question, You XiaoMo guesses that he is most probably here to look up some information.

You XiaoMo glances at the other guy, then shakes his head saying, "Nothing. Elder brother Ling, which book are you looking for? Do you want me to help you find it?"

Ling Xiao looks at the both of them without saying anything. Although he just arrived, he clearly sees what is going on. So even though You XiaoMo says it's nothing, he of course doesn't believe it. His rather sharp gaze falls on that man. Just the pressure alone makes him feel as if a huge mountain is pressing on his shoulders. The man's face stiffens.

Isn't that Elder brother Lin? When did he appear behind them? He actually didn't feel anything. But that is not the most important point. How long has Elder brother been standing there? Did he hear everything he said to You XiaoMo?

The surnamed Wang man feels very uncertain. Although he and Lin Xiao are not under the same Master, Ling Xiao's status and influence is very great in TianXin sect, especially for them, the younger generation. The impression he leaves on them is very deep.

"Isn't this Younger brother Wang? How come you have so much free time today to come to the library to bully newcomers?"

Ling Xiao doesn't mince his words, laughing *he he* while looking at Wang YuFei who is continuously wiping his sweat. Originally, he didn't have much impression of this Younger brother Wang. But because of what happened in the library a few days ago, with the punishing of Li Jun and You XiaoMo, he thoroughly investigated Li Jun after the event, including the people around him.

Li Jun is the disciple of the short-tempered Elder Xiao. Just like You XiaoMo, he is ranked Seventh. Wang YuFei is Li Jun's big brother, ranked third. The both of them are close. It is said that they were best friends even before they entered TianXin sect. That's why when Li Jun was punished, Wang YuFei always thought that it must be You Xiaomo's fault.

This time, meeting him by chance in the library, Wang YuFei couldn't resist giving You XiaoMo a piece of his mind. Who could have guessed that the latter would be unaffected, even leaving him unable to retort. The most unfortunate thing is he was overheard by Lin Xiao.

Wang YuFei turns around seeming rather pale. It takes him a while before he explains falteringly, "Elder brother Lin, I ... I wasn't bullying younger brother. You've misunderstood. I was only joking with him ....... "

The words are extremely modest but it's only like giving medicine to a dead horse. He can't admit in front of Lin Xiao that he was bullying You XiaoMo. If he tells his Master, although his Master may be partial to him, Elder brother Lin's status is not low. So in the end, he would have to dig a hole for himself to jump in.

"This type of words can be considered joking?" says Ling Xiao.

Seeing that he still wants to make more excuses, he simply waves his hand, "Ok ok, Elder brother also doesn't want to make a big deal out of this. Apologize now to Younger brother You and we will consider this matter settled."

"Yes, Elder brother Lin."

Wang YuFei's face turns green and white. Only then does he say to You XiaoMo unwillingly, "Younger brother You, I'm sorry."

He never expected that this time he would have to give his enemy a wife on top of losing his soldiers. Not only did he not manage to provoke You XiaoMo, he has to instead apologize to him in front of everybody. Although the people coming to the library are getting less and less, but under so many pairs of eyes, this matter is sure to get out. When that happens, the one that loses face is not just himself. Master would also definitely erupt. He still remembers when the matter with Li Jun got to his Master, the terrifying appearance of his irate Master.

After making a hasty apology, Wang YuFei quickly runs off, not having any face left to stick around any longer.

You XiaoMo looks at this scene unwilling to admit that he actually feels a little glad that Ling Xiao stood up for him. But it's just a little. He is more worried that Li Jun's Master would target Ling Xiao from now on.

Although the disciple is wrong, which Master is not biased? Take Kong Wen, biased to the extreme. Isn't that a very good example? Furthermore, considering what he knows about Elder Xiao, he feels that after this matter, the conflict between Ling Xiao and Elder Xiao will definitely get worse.

"Elder brother Ling, will it be fine like this?"

You XiaoMo asks anxiously.

"How is this not fine? Or are you complaining that his apology is not sincere enough. If that's the case, how about I bring him back and let him apologize to you a few more times?"

Ling Xiao beams as he speaks.

You XiaoMo wipes a handful of sweat, " ....... no need, this is good enough."

If he really goes along with what he says, the enmity between him and Li Jun and the rest won't be resolved even at the end of the year. Of course he is not refusing because he wants to reconcile with them. It's just that they are all disciples of TianXin sect so they would most probably run into each other again. It's not as if they can always be at each other's throats every time they meet.

But You XiaoMo clearly doesn't think this way. There are many people that have something against him, one more or one less wouldn't make any difference. Furthermore, these are small fry that are incapable or making much waves. On top of that, there is one more thing. There will come a day when they will leave TianXin sect. So he is actually happy to see You XiaoMo making enemies. This way, when the time comes, he won't be reluctant to leave TianXin sect.

Ling Xiao takes a scroll from the bookshelf and then sits down at the same table as You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo glances at the scroll he took. It's a map of the Southern part of Long Xiao continent. But he doesn't know that the area on the map is where the Paradise realm would soon open.

"Elder brother Ling, why are you looking at this?"

"Tang Fan asked me, Elder Du, and Elder Xiao to lead the disciples to where the Paradise realm would open. The terrain on the way there is rather complicated. Lin Xiao's memory is also not very detailed. So I'm here to look it up."

Ling Xiao replies seemingly bored.

Actually, he only needs to take a glance at the scroll and that is enough to burn the map in his memory. As long as he doesn't wish to forget it, he would never forget it.

But he didn't expect to bump into You XiaoMo here. Just nice, he has an excuse to stay with him for a while, so he picks up the scroll and puts on an act.

You XiaoMo looks at Ling Xiao for a while, hesitating before asking cautiously, "Elder brother Ling. Before you said that the Paradise realm has a restriction for those of Celestial level and above. Then what about you?"

This question is one that he always wanted to ask. Because looking at Ling Xiao's performance, it is not likely that he is below Celestial level. When the time comes, if he can't get in, wouldn't that blow his cover?

Hearing these words, the corners of Ling Xiao's mouth start to curve upwards. He puts down the scroll and says, "Little brother, do you know why the Paradise realm has a restriction on levels?"

You XiaoMo ponders for a bit and then shakes his head firmly. But it definitely has to do with the owner of the Paradise realm.

Ling Xiao smiles while saying, "The restriction on levels for the Paradise realm was set up by its owner. But that is only valid for those who are lower than him. If one's strength is higher than the owner of the Paradise realm, then that restriction is simply invalid.

You XiaoMo gapes. The meaning behind these words, can it be that his strength is even higher than the owner of the Paradise realm?

In You XiaoMo's mind, someone that is able to create the Paradise realm, a place that is covered with treasures, the owner's strength can't be that low. At the least it should be Imperial level and above.

From Ling Xiao's confident tone, his strength can't really be higher than the owner of the Paradise realm ba? Then higher to what extent? He can't imagine it.

"Then, does Elder brother Ling know the level of the owner of the Paradise realm?"

You XiaoMo asks, looking at him with eyes filled with nosiness and thirsting for information.

"Little brother, do you know that fighters of Imperial strength and above can create dimensions? Just like my mustard seed dimension."

Ling Xiao doesn't give a real answer to his question, instead choosing to give him some other bit of knowledge.

You XiaoMo doesn't even have to think before shaking his head. He had wanted to ask about this matter earlier on. It's not that he didn't think of looking it up from the books in the library. It's just that he didn't have the time. Then he was forbidden for three days, making him have even less of an opportunity to look it up.

Ling Xiao already knew that he doesn't know. He then explains it to him.

Every martial artist, once they reach Imperial level, are able to open up spatial rifts. But not everyone can do it. Most martial artists are afraid of dying, such as Tang Fan and Luo ChengYuan. Ling Xiao guesses that they won't do it unless they are a hundred percent certain because they each are responsible for their own sects. Because if they are unlucky, the outcome would affect the whole sect. Without an Imperial level fighter at the helm, it wouldn't be considered a first class sect.

AS for the Paradise realm, Ling Xiao suspects that it is not a genuine spatial crack. Probably someone powerful carved out an actual piece of land and set it up as an independent dimension. Also, maybe because too much time has passed, so the barrier around loosens once every fifty years. And that was how the Paradise realm was discovered by others.

If the Paradise realm is a genuine spatial crack, it won't appear every fifty years. What more at the same spot. That's because a spatial crack is the most unstable of things.

So Ling Xiao suspects that the owner of the Paradise realm is at Emperor level. Only an Emperor level martial artist can take such a large piece of land and make it an independent dimension. Also the highest level martial artists in the Southern region of Long Xiao continent are at Imperial level. Furthermore, if his level is even higher, he would already have the ability and certainty of opening up a spatial crack. So, it's no surprise that that person must be of Emperor level.

impervious to oil and salt - unaffected
overpower an army - checkmate
give the enemy a wife on top of losing one's soldiers - suffer double loss after trying to trick an enemy