The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 136

Chapter 136
The insect is here.

You XiaoMo doesn't really understand the things concerning the Paradise realm. Very quickly his thoughts shift to another matter. Immediately he speaks excitedly to Ling Xiao, "Elder brother Ling, let me tell you some good news. That level eight magic beast has hatched."

"That's very good."

Ling Xiao smiles as he speaks, not the least bit surprised. Left in a space filled with spiritual energy, it would be strange if it didn't hatch early.

You XiaoMo beams as he speaks, "I also gave him a nickname. Guess what it is?"

Guess the nickname? Ling Xiao's lips start to curve upwards as he looks at him thoughtfully.

You XiaoMo looks at his expression and knows that he is going to guess. He can't help feeling excited, sparkling rays shooting out from his eyes as he stares at him.

Ling Xiao suddenly reveals a very meaningful smile at him, "Little brother."

En? You XiaoMo immediately nods his head.

Ling Xiao says, "Do you think that Elder brother me, with my high IQ can be compared to you?"

You XiaoMo's forehead immediately sends out a few question mark lightbulbs. What does he mean ah? Although the difference is a very big issue, but it doesn't seem to have anything to do with guessing ba?

Ling Xiao sees that he still doesn't understand so he simply says, "Do you think that those with high IQ and those with low IQ will have the same tastes?"

You XiaoMo, " ....... "

Thanks for taking so much time to insult my low IQ. Picking a name for the little magic beast is beneath your high IQ?

You XiaoMo shoots him a few glares. So what if my IQ is low. Are you looking down on my low IQ? Haven't you head the saying that ten common cobblers can surpass Zhuge Liang?

The reality is he really has never heard of it.

"So let's hear it. What name did you give it?"

Ling Xiao feels very smug receiving his glares. Feeling extremely pleased, he finally stops teasing him. Actually, he is also a little curious. What nickname did he give the Blue-blooded wolf? Clearly it is enough to call it Blue-blooded wolf. What need is there for a nickname?

"Little rubber ball ....... "

You XiaoMo glances at him and says in a small voice.

Ling Xiao can't stop himself from snorting *pu chi*, laughing, "This name ....... does it mean anything?"

You XiaoMo immediately nods his head, "Of course it does. It is very mischievous. If you don't watch it for a moment, it would roll here and there just like a little rubber ball."

But the little boy You XiaoMo doesn't realize that little rubber balls is something that is only found in modern times. The great Ling Xiao is a through and through person of the ancient times. Furthermore, he is the most ancient of the ancients. He simply does not understand what is a little rubber ball. But since it can run and jump around wildly, it should be a very restless fellow.

The the two of them continue chatting for while. Because Ling Xiao can't stay for too long, he is the first to leave. You XiaoMo stays behind in the library by himself for almost two hours before leaving.

When he returns, he enters the dimension to check up on Little rubber ball. Little rubber ball is very obedient but it's also not that obedient, jumping here and there inside the small wooden hut. Luckily he locked his things up in the cupboard. Otherwise they would have been damaged by him.

You XiaoMo also doesn't want to keep it always locked up in the small wooden hut. On top of that, upon seeing him, Little rubber ball latched on to his lower hem, refusing to let go. He has no choice but to bring him out of the dimension for now.

"Little rubber ball ah little rubber ball. You must remember to never run outside. Also you can't simply bark. If you get discovered, you will be taken away. Do you understand?"

You XiaoMo picks up Little rubber ball with two hands and warns him face to face.

Little rubber ball blinks his red gem-like eyes, and then sticks out his tongue like a dog.

You XiaoMo pats its head, "Little rubber ball, you are not a dog. You can't stick out your tongue, you must nod your head. Understand?"

"Ao ....... "

Little rubber ball howls right away but before it could finishing howling, its mouth is blocked by You XiaoMo.

"Shh Shh Shh!"

You XiaoMo hastily silences it. If he really lets it howl, the neighbors on the left and right would probably hear it. If that happens, how is he going to explain the howls coming from his room? He quickly warns it, "Little rubber ball. I'm not asking you to howl. I'm asking you to nod your head. Nod your head, you understand?"

He even gives a little demonstration after saying that.

Little rubber ball responds by moving it's little head away and starts to check out its master's room.

You XiaoMo shakes his head helplessly. Looks like he is wishing the heavens would open. Little rubber ball hatched less than two days ago so it's only to be expected that it doesn't understand his words. He locks the door and windows of the room before putting Little rubber ball down on the floor.

Gaining its freedom, Little rubber ball immediately takes to its heels, doing what it loves best, running around in circles. This time, it runs around the table. After a few rounds, it runs around something else. After it finishes running circles around everything, it continues running in circles on the spot.

Seeing that it is no longer howling, You XiaoMo takes out a toy from the dimension and gives it to Little rubber ball to play with. The toy is made out of bamboo strips woven into a ball. At that time in HunJi city he bought it while strolling the streets. Little rubber ball is very happy with this bamboo ball, moving it around occasionally with its paws.

Really fits its name Little rubber ball, taking such a liking to balls.

After letting it play on one side, You XiaoMo doesn't dare to refine magic pills. Because once he starts to refine magic pills, he would be very absorbed. He definitely wouldn't be able to watch Little rubber ball. If he were to get into some disaster, attracting the attention of others, it would really be the death of him.

Picking up an atlas from the bookshelf, You XiaoMo starts to study the map of Long Xiao continent.

He borrows a lot of books from the library. Each time, it's more than ten books. Usually he will finish them in a month but it's mostly thanks to his ability.

A few days later, Ling Xiao comes to find him again.

This time he brings another piece of news. That is that the male Seven star hidden fragrance insect is now in his hand.

Before this, Ling Xiao tied up the female one at another place and then set up a barrier around it. When the male one appeared, he immediately sensed it. So he caught the male one on the spot and on top of that, he caught something else, the people that were tracking them.

As luck would have it, he recognizes the leader. It's the manager of the Magic pill central workshop. The old man that sold them the magic herbs. As for the master of the city, Tang Hui, he didn't appear. Lucky for him to escape all this.

Ling Xiao doesn't let them say anything, simply putting them straight into his dimension. After a few days, he finds some free time to come look for You XiaoMo, bringing along the pair of Seven star hidden fragrance insects.

"This is the one male and one female pair of Seven star hidden fragrance insect? Which one is male?"

You XiaoMo sprawls on the table looking at the Seven star hidden fragrance insects lying as if dead in the jade box. On the outside, they look completely alike. Which is male and which is female, there is absolutely no way to tell.

Ling Xiao points at the one on the left, "This is the male one."

You XiaoMo can't help but think gentlemen to the left, ladies to the right, looks like there is logic behind it. But he is also very curious, stretching his finger to poke the two unmoving insects, "Why are they not moving?"

Ling Xiao glances vaguely at the Seven star hidden fragrance insects inside the jade box and then says lightly, "Probably scared to death ba."

Scared to death? Scared of what?

You XiaoMo is puzzled. But looking closer, he sees that the male and female insects are actually trembling. Only now does he realize that they were actually playing dead. Isn't this too much like humans? You XiaoMo immediately thinks about his Little rubber ball. Ever since Little rubber ball was born, it still hasn't formally met Ling Xiao. Since it is his bonded magic beast, shouldn't it get to know the ....... head of the family?

Disappearing for an instant, You XiaoMo reappears very quickly with a soft and fluffy Little rubber ball in his arms.

It has already four to five days since Little rubber ball was born. The fur on its body is very dense and thick. Furthermore, it's white and sparkling, extremely beautiful to look at. You XiaoMo likes this body of fur the most.

As a result, instead of its normal lively behavior, its body is curled into a ball, all four paws tightly drawn in. So much so that it really looks like it's name, Little rubber ball. But it is also shivering in fear.

You XiaoMo is stunned for a moment. What is going on? Hugging it back into his arms, Little rubber ball immediately tries desperately like an electric drill, to burrow inside his clothes, its paws scrambling *ba la ba la*.

Not waiting for You XiaoMo to make sense of it, Ling Xiao suddenly stretches out his hand and grasps Little rubber ball's ear and then lifts it up. The magic beast even though it is still young, its body is still very sturdy, but even though it is being held up by its ear, it doesn't even make a sound. It curls back into a ball and trembles pitifully.

You XiaoMo is dumbstruck. Can it be afraid of Ling Xiao? But why on earth for ah?

"Ao wu ....... "

Little rubber ball howls pitifully at You XiaoMo, its eyes brimming with tears, immediately hitting the softest spot in You XiaoMo's heart.

"Elder brother Ling, he seems to be very afraid of you. How about you give it to me first?"

You XiaoMo glances at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao glances at him and then takes another look at the curled up Little rubber ball. Immediately he tosses it back into You XiaoMo's arms in disgust. Really useless. He hasn't done anything and yet it is so afraid to such an extent.

Although it is back in You XiaoMo's arms, Little rubber ball is still shivering endlessly.

You XiaoMo has no choice but to put it back into the dimension. Returning back to the dimension, Little rubber ball immediately runs off. You XiaoMo suddenly feels depressed.

When he goes out again, Ling Xiao tells him that he wants to bring him somewhere. He takes his hand and the two of them immediately disappear.

ten common cobblers can surpass Zhuge Liang - Zhuge Liang was a person of great wisdom, the main hero of the Romance of Three Kingdoms
gentlemen to the left, ladies to the right - seems to be a common Chinese practice, such as placement of public toilets, wedding rings, positions during ceremonial photos etc.