The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 138

Chapter 138
Miraculous sheep.

Everyone is dumbstruck by his words.

Without needing them to say anything, You XiaoMo feels the impulse to give himself a tight slap across the mouth.

It's just that he feels that the atmosphere just now was too fitting. Furthermore, he can roughly guess Ling Xiao's intention. That's why he blurted out those words.

The first to recover is Ling Xiao. He can't stop himself from bursting into laughter. Although he is already used to You XiaoMo blurting out peculiar words on and off, it still amuses him every time.

'Break yourselves free from slavery and sing songs of freedom', this phrase is very unique indeed. It pretty much carries the same meaning as what he wants to say.

"I will give you all some time to think it over. Let me know your answer when you're done."

Ling Xiao pulls You XiaoMo back to his side, straightening his sleeves as he speaks. He doesn't give them any further explanation but he knows that the five of them understand what he means. If they don't understand, he would have no need for these people.

"I am willing to be loyal to great lord forever."

After being momentarily stunned, the manager reveals an elated expression, making his decision without the least bit hesitation. Only a fool would not accept the meat pie that fell from heaven.

"We are also willing to pledge our lives to great lord."

The three black-clothed men and the other black-clothed man crawling up from the ground chime in. Just like the manager, the three of them are elated. This piece of meat pie is not of ordinary size.

Then, the five of them start to swear an oath but is stopped by Ling Xiao.

He feels that playthings like oaths are not strong enough. He has more faith in himself. So what he means is that if the five people truly want to follow him, they would let him do something to their souls. As long as they stay true to him forever, nothing would happen to them.

The five people look at each other but they soon agree not long after because if they don't, they are only left with death.

But that is only one of the reasons. In their eyes, Tang Hun is only a Spiritual level martial artist. There is no way he can be compared to an Imperial level fighter. In their eyes, an Imperial level fighter is equivalent to TianXin sect and QingCheng sect, these first class powers, because the reason why they are so big and powerful is because they have an Imperial level fighter at the helm.

So rather than following Tang Hun that only treat them as underlings, it would be better to follow this man here. Maybe they can even carve out a territory for themselves together with him. Thinking that the Master they follow might very possibly establish a force like TianXin sect and QingCheng sect, the five men immediately get very excited.

What they don't know is that Ling Xiao simply has no intention of establishing a strong power like TianXin sect. Someone as indifferent as him is bound to have no sense of responsibility. The reason why he lets them replace Tang Hun in HunJi city is actually for another reason.

After finishing discussing the matter, Ling Xiao lets the five of them go.

Returning back to the real world, You XiaoMo looks at Ling Xiao with uncertainty, "Elder brother Ling, are you going to HunJi city again?"

Ling Xiao looks at him who finished speaking but still looks as if he has more to say. He can't help stretching out his hand and giving his cheek a pinch, saying softly, "What's the matter? Can it be that my little brother cannot bear to see me go?"

"Who can't bear to see you go ah!"

You XiaoMo rolls his eyes at him as he mutters softly.

Of course Ling Xiao hears him but because he's not saying what he really means, Ling Xiao only pauses before saying, "I don't have much interest in setting up a force, but it would good to get some connections. This would make it more convenient for any discreet inquiries we need. Also, when you become a mid-level or high level mage, you can let them help you find where the magic herbs or magic herb seeds are. This way it's much easier than you running here and there."

You XiaoMo is stunned. He didn't think that Ling Xiao would actually include that into consideration. Suddenly, he feels very touched but Ling Xiao suddenly finishes what he is saying.

He says, "When that time comes, you can refine magic pills for me."

You XiaoMo, " ....... "

He decides to take back his feelings of being touched.

"Elder brother Ling, when do you plan to set out? Didn't the Grand Master forbid you from going out as you wish?"

You XiaoMo is silent for a while before asking.

Although his understanding of Ling Xiao is not as deep as he imagines it to be, he can guess that based on Ling Xiao's free and easy and unprincipled nature, this type of person won't take the pains to set up a force. This kind of feeling is similar to the just for fun nature of those in the 21st century. Most probably, it's only a passing interest.

Ling Xiao says, "The traitor Pu Chan has already been caught. Tang Fan no longer restricts my freedom. I can leave TianXin sect at any time."

You XiaoMo exclaims 'oh', yet his eyes dart around.

One look at his expression and Ling Xiao understands what he is thinking. He smiles while saying, "Little brother, are you thinking that you want to come with me?"

You XiaoMo doesn't feel awkward at being discovered, "Actually, I don't have to go. It's just that if you have some free time and if it's convenient, you can buy some rabbit meat, mutton or the like and bring it back for me."

He knows his own weight. If he goes, he would give Ling Xiao more trouble.

"Xiao Piqiu?"

The corner of Ling Xiao's mouth twitches as amusement flashes across his eyes, as if he is thinking of something funny.

He didn't expect that he would guess it so easily. You XiaoMo doesn't hide it any more, laughing *hei hei* while speaking, "Xiao Piqiu is a carnivore. These few days it polished off all the meat I kept in the dimension. So I was thinking of going down the mountain to buy some more."

The dimension is able to preserve the freshness of food. So You XiaoMo bought quite a lot the last time he went down the mountain. But because he prefers vegetarian food, he doesn't eat too much meat. So he also didn't buy a lot of it.

"Little brother ah ....... "

Ling Xiao looks at him jokingly, unable to keep a straight face.

"What is it?"

You XiaoMo shrinks into himself. He feels that this smile is somewhat unusual. Also, it seems as if he rarely smiles like this.

"Do you know what magic beasts usually like to eat?"

Ling Xiao grins as he asks.

"It can't be that they don't eat meat?"

You XiaoMo asks, feeling all embarrassed.

Ling Xiao draws out his words, "Of course they eat meat. But it's not the same as what you said ....... "

Rabbit meat and mutton, these are food for normal people. These can not be considered as magic beasts, they can only be regarded as normal animals. Pigs, dogs, cows, and sheep, the biggest difference between these and magic beasts is that they don't have mystical abilities. One can only get full by eating them. So for mid-level magic beasts like the level eight Blue-blooded wolf, what they eat is not normal meat.

Magic beasts also have natural enemies. And, their enemies are also their food source. The natural enemy of the Blue-blooded wolf is the Miraculous sheep.

The Miraculous sheep are also level eight magic beasts, just like the Blue-blooded wolf. But there is a major difference between them and the Blue-blooded wolf. That is, the Miraculous sheep are herbivores. They eat magic herbs. So wherever they are found is also where magic herbs are. This is something that all mystics know!

"So ....... you mean that we have to catch a few Miraculous sheep for Xiao Piqiu to eat?"

You XiaoMo swallows as he speaks with difficulty.

He has read about the Miraculous sheep in the scrolls. It's a type of herd animal. Their nature is gentle but that is on the premise that no one provokes them. If they are provoked, the eyes of the Miraculous sheep would turn bright red and the horns on their head would also glow red. Then they will start to go crazy and attack any outsiders no matter if they are mystics or magic beasts.

The exception to this is the Blue-blooded wolf. Because like what was just described, magic beasts are very sensitive to their own natural enemies. Miraculous sheep are no exception. As soon as they come across Blue-blooded wolves, they would automatically transform into rage mode and launch attacks on the Blue-blooded wolves.

But this type of action has a huge drawback. That is, they don't distinguish between friend and foe.

The rage blurs their awareness, making them attack friend and foe indiscriminately. That's why very few mystics would choose them to be their bonded magic beast. So, most of them would treat them as something edible. A special food that can increase their power.

"The meat of the Miraculous sheep is not only very nutritious for Xiao Piqiu. It can also accelerate its growth to maturity, especially the mature Miraculous sheep. Because they grow up by eating magic herbs, their meat is very delicious and full of spiritual energy. So, even mystics love to eat it."

Ling Xiao says as he suddenly appears to be savoring the aftertaste. In fact, this is his real motive.

You XiaoMo pouts. One look at his expression and he knows that he has eaten it before. But is it really that delicious? He knows that this Ling Xiao is very picky in many aspects, so something that is praised by him should be very good.

As a modern person who has eaten lamb hot pot, he doesn't have any qualms over eating sheep. But if you ask him to eat wolf meat, that would be absolutely impossible.

"Elder brother Ling, I heard that the Miraculous sheep are only found in the Doomsday forest. But that Doomsday forest seems to be very far from TianXin sect. Does that mean we have to make a special trip all the way there?"

You XiaoMo asks after thinking about it.

"No need. When the time comes, we can just get them to inquire about auctions selling the meat of the Miraculous sheep." says Ling Xiao.

Because the whole body of the Miraculous sheep is precious, many martial artists will gang up to enter the Doomsday forest to hunt the Miraculous sheep. Just a little bit of asking is enough to find out where they can be found.

Ling Xiao is a man of his word. Five days later, he takes a trip down the mountain.

But because their every action is now under the watch of others, in order not to attract attention, he doesn't bring You XiaoMo along.

A few days later, he sends word bearing good news.

mouth says yes while heart says no - not saying what one really means
weight - burden
Xiao Piqiu - little rubber ball (I think it's easier and sounds better to leave it in Chinese)