The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 139

Chapter 139
Man in a blue shirt.

QingQiu mountain range is the domain of QingCheng sect. The whole QingQiu mountain range belongs to QingCheng sect.

The Grand Master of QingCheng sect, Luo ChengYuan is a very shrewd man. He's also very good in business. He opened up the areas in QingQiu mountain range that receive the most traffic, setting up a few towns and cities. He allows the other forces and merchants to set up shops and conduct trade as long as they pay the specified amount of rent.

These cities and towns developed very quickly. At this moment, the most famous one is Qing city.

Qing city's name is more well-known than HunJi city. Although the flow of people is probably less than HunJi city, the quantity of people is usually more. Furthermore, the treasures that can't be found in HunJi city can be found in Qing city.

This time, the information that Ling Xiao got is about Qing city. In three days, Xiao Piqiu's provisions, the Miraculous sheep will appear in Qing city. Furthermore, it's not just one sheep, causing many to head over there.

Miraculous sheep are very attractive to mystics. So, when the time comes, the competition will be very fierce.

After getting this information, You XiaoMo starts to make the preparations.

According to the information obtained by Ling Xiao, the Miraculous sheep will be sold by auction. So he has to ensure that he has enough gold coins.

In order to hasten the growth of Xiao Piqiu, You XiaoMo decides to put in enough capital this time. He decides to use up the remaining gold coins in his magic bag. After all, he already has enough magic herb seeds for now. He doesn't have to buy anymore for the time being. But he is still worried that there isn't enough gold coins, so he decides to sell a little more magic pills the next time he goes down the mountain.

Besides this matter, Ling Xiao also tells him about what's happening in HunJi city.

He already has the map of the Paradise realm in his hands. But, just like the manager said, it is really only an incomplete map. Luckily the location of the Seven star magic herb is marked on it.

As for Tang Hun, You XiaoMo doesn't even need to guess what happened to him. Based on Ling Xiao's character, that person is definitely dead. So, after Tang Hun's death, the manager smoothly assumes his position. Although his power is not enough to convince the masses, it is enough with Ling Xiao at his back. Also, the reason why he let him manage HunJi city is because this person has enough smarts and is capable of reading the times.

After that, Ling Xiao stayed in HunJi city for two days before coming back. The reason is, although Tang Hun is dead, it caused an awful mess. Some people were bound to object to him giving the position to the manager. So Ling Xiao had to stay there and beat them into submission. He only returned after they became totally subservient, not daring to have any more thoughts of rebellion.

But, by the time he returned, it is only one day away from the time the Miraculous sheep would appear.

Ling Xiao doesn't go straight to Earth peak to get him. Instead they agree to meet in the rest house in HePing town.

Because Fang ChenLe went to YunShui peak, You XiaoMo only told Zhao DaZhou before leaving. He already prepared an excuse. That is, he is going down the mountain to sell magic pills and buy magic herbs. Zhao DaZhou doesn't suspect anything, only telling You XiaoMo that he would help him notify Master. You XiaoMo thanks him and heads down the mountain.

After going down the mountain, he heads straight to HePing town. Because he is early, he doesn't see Ling Xiao inside the rest house. Unexpectedly, the manager of the rest house recognizes him, as if knowing that he is a disciple from TianXin sect, greeting him eagerly and inviting him to take a seat inside.

There are many people eating in the main hall. It's also a little noisy. But You XiaoMo doesn't allow the manager to open up a room for him. He is worried that Ling Xiao wouldn't be able to find him when he comes, so he doesn't take a room. Also, taking a room costs money. The somewhat greedy and somewhat miserly You XiaoMo doesn't want to spend this money.

Because the matter about the Paradise realm is already a huge topic of discussion, so no matter where one goes, there will be people talking about it.

But You XiaoMo already knows what the Paradise realm is all about from Ling Xiao so he is not interested in their discussion.

After drinking ten cups of tea, You XiaoMo is hesitating over whether he should go to the toilet when an outburst erupts two tables away, as if some people are having a quarrel. Just as he turns his head and looks over, a black shadow is sent flying. As it happens, it is headed straight for him.

You XiaoMo is stunned. Is this going to involve him, a bystander?

Then he feels someone pulling his arm, making him stagger to one side.

That flying black figure smashes right onto the table. The robust like an ox body immediately turns the whole table into smithereens. How much force must there be to cause this kind of outcome ah?

You XiaoMo watches this scene with bulging eyes and mouth hanging open. Mom ya! If it landed on him, wouldn't that mean even his bones would be smashed to bits? He suddenly feels very lucky, thanking his lucky stars that he escaped unharmed.

Thinking that Ling Xiao is the one that saved him, You XiaoMo turns his head and says, "Elder brother Ling, you ....... "

His voice cuts off when he sees the man's face. This fellow is not Ling Xiao. Also his looks is a long way off from Ling Xiao, his face covered in pimples .......

"Young brother, you've got the wrong person. Although my surname is indeed Lin, I don't remember having such a good younger brother. I just saw that you were soon going to be affected by that group of people so I took action. If I offended you in any way, please excuse me!"

Seeing that You XiaoMo is mistaken about his identity, the man in a blue shirt doesn't get upset. Instead, his words are rather witty and humorous. His refined and courteous manner actually makes You XiaoMo a little embarrassed.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I thought my big brother has arrived."

You XiaoMo immediately apologizes, laughing foolishly.

A sparkles flashes in the eyes of the man with a blue shirt. He smiles while saying, "There's no harm. If I had such a good-looking younger brother, I would smile for many days. That's right, young brother, is your big brother not here yet?"

"That's right ah. Is there a problem?"

You XiaoMo asks.

"No problem. Since it's like this, and since there are no more empty tables, if young brother doesn't mind, we can share a table. After all, I am also by myself. How about it?"

The man in a blue shirt hastily waves his hands, afraid that he would suspect that he has another motive. He then extends the invitation in a friendly manner.

You XiaoMo also feels that what he says is reasonable so he doesn't refuse. Just as he opens his mouth to answer him, someone suddenly walks in the door. That person is dressed very luxuriously, with an uncommon air, and a handsome face. The kind of people that would shine no matter where they go. On top of that, the energy he emits makes it clear that he is a strong fighter.

Just when everyone is still guessing who this noble looking man is, You XiaoMo suddenly stands up and waves at him while calling out excitedly, "Elder brother Ling, I'm over here."

He doesn't notice that the face of the man in a blue shirt next to him changes abruptly when he hears those words, a look of unease and irritation flashes across his face as if he is feeling like 'the duck in his hand has flown away.'

Ling Xiao walks over, his eyes sweeping past the smashed table on the floor, then shifting to You XiaoMo and the man in a blue shirt. He doesn't say a thing, his gaze finally resting rather playfully on the man in a blue shirt.

The man in a blue shirt feels uncomfortable under his stare. He feels as if this man can see right through him, from inside out. He can't help but feel his heart grow cold. This man's strength is quite a bit higher than his. Looks like this half-cooked duck has really flown away.

Thinking like this, the man in a blue shirt puts back the gentle smile on his face and says to You XiaoMo, "Young brother, since your big brother is here, I won't disturb the both of you. I also remembered that there is something I have to do so I will be going first. Goodbye."

You XiaoMo exclaims 'ei'. He had wanted to introduce him to Ling Xiao. No matter how it is, he is someone that saved his life. But he suddenly remembers one thing, quickly calling him back, "This big brother. What is your name?"

The man in a blue shirt's expression stiffens. He hastily waves his hand, while both his legs show no signs of slowing down while heading to the door. He says rather insincerely, "It's only a chance meeting, young brother doesn't need to bother."

You XiaoMo sighs with emotion, "He's really a good man that doesn't seek something in return!"

As soon as he says these words, the eavesdroppers listening in on their conversation immediately sputter. They are the ones that want to sigh. This young brother is obviously the type of idiot that would help to count the money after being sold off. There is no genuine good men in this world. Even more improbable that there would be people who don't ask for something in return. Martial artists like them who fight against heaven and men, who among them did not crawl out from grappling inside the mud, whole body covered in dirt?

No one would be good to you for no reason. Unless they are really an idiot. Or they have some ulterior motive. The man in a blue shirt clearly belongs to the second group.

"Yes ah. He's a good man ne!"

Just at this moment, Ling Xiao that had been silent along, suddenly praises him exuberantly, showing all smiles.

Everyone looks at him in shock. They had thought that this man would warn the youth to not easily accept the favors of others. Unexpectedly, he actually agrees with the youth's opinion. He clearly looks like someone who is very sharp.

The man in a blue shirt is already at the door when he almost misses a step and almost falls down head first. His face is completely shocked. Can it be that he has misjudged the situation?

Just when everyone is speculating wildly, You XiaoMo on the other hand is having doubts. Because in his mind, Ling Xiao would never praise others casually. Especially not when he is smiling so sweetly. Something is definitely going on.

The reality proves that his intuition is not wrong. The man in a blue shirt didn't manage to leave the rest house before he is pulled back by Ling Xiao, acting all 'you are the benefactor of my younger brother, so I have to repay you'. He then continuously offers him wine.

By the time they leave the rest house, the man in a blue shirt is already sprawled out, his whole body reeking of wine, and foaming at the mouth. Seeing that he is unconscious, some people take the opportunity to take away his magic bag.

After that, a new 'legend' emerged in the peaceful HePing town. There was a man that had no money to settle his bill so he was beat up badly by the manager of the rest house and stripped of his clothes. Then he was thrown out of the rest house. That man then ran one round in the streets of HePing town completely naked .......

You XiaoMo only found out about this matter a long time later. By that time, he had already been instructed by Ling Xiao with both words and deeds.

nine dead, none alive - definitely dead
meeting between drifting patches of duckweed - chance meeting