The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 14

Chapter 14
A Long Way to Go.

After asking around, You XiaoMo finally understands what the merit points are all about. One stalk of level two magic herbs is worth 5 merit points. Cleaning the canteen or Hall of Enchanted Herbs will earn you 20 points a day. Not a lot, but also not too little. But since not everyone will have the chance to do these housekeeping chores, it is decided on a rotating basis. The number of Earth peak disciples are definitely not few. Other than a few wealthy disciples, most of them are of humble origins. So they are all vying for these few slots, especially for the task of helping the elder disciples guard the medicine gardens. That's because this task is relatively easy but the number of merit points gained is comparatively more. Therefore the number of people scrambling over these assignments are not just a few.

But winning a spot is not guaranteed even if you fight for it. That's because connections is a very important factor. If a connected person recommends you, then the probability of success is about 80%. Without connections, don't even dream of being chosen, even just appearing in front of the elder disciples is a problem. Thinking through this critical point, You XiaoMo now understands why some people are so eager to butter up to the other disciples. Be that as it may, You XiaoMo doesn't just go ahead and start to butter up to his superiors. He is not so egoistic to think that the elders would take a liking to him if he goes up to rub shoulders with them eagerly. As for Fang ChenLe, it never even crossed his mind. Even though they have spoken a few times, who knows what kind of person the Elder brother is. If by chance he finds it distasteful, then it would not be worth it. But luckily, a level two mage is still a long way for him. You XiaoMo decides to go with the flow and not worry about this problem for now. Casting aside that vexing problem, his whole person suddenly feels much lighter. It just happens to be lunch time, so You XiaoMo follows the others to the canteen from behind.

The three persons walking in front of him are older than him, so they can be considered as his elder brothers. These three people are swarming around Big brother Zhao. Big brother Zhao and Elder brother are both Master Kong's disciples. Big brother Zhao is disciple number 5, a level two mage. But it's said that he is on the verge of breaking through to level three. Compared to them, he is more senior and more knowledgable. In order to ensure a better future in Earth peak, a few disciples will go up to him from time to time to gather some information. Of course they are very respectful.

"Big brother Zhao, we have just been here a few days. Still clueless over a lot of things. Would you be kind enough to tell us a thing or two?"

"You'd like to know?" Seems like they might have success, Big brother Zhao seems quite pleased.

"We'd like to know how the competition is for the task of taking care of the medicine gardens." one of them asks cautiously.

Big brother Zhao huffs *chi*, saying "Don't even think about it. There are not many medicine gardens in Earth peak. Even by taking turns it would never reach you. If the Elder disciples need someone, they would look for their own disciples. As for the medicine gardens of the Master, Elder brother, and 2nd brother, they all already have fixed guardians."

This is a disappointment but not unexpected. They are after all newly minted probationary disciples. Plump assignments is not something they can expect.

"Big brother Zhao, you just said that Elder brother and 2nd brother have their own medicine gardens. Don't tell me they are already level 4 mages?"

It is common knowledge that only level 4 mages and up are allowed to have their own medicine gardens. This point was already covered by Elder brother yesterday.

"Or course. Elder brother and 2nd brother have outstanding talent. Early last year they became level 4 mages. They can be considered the most outstanding disciples in Earth peak." Saying this, he glances at their anxious faces. Laughing, he adds, "There's no need to lose heart. Although the highest for all of you in this lifetime is level 3, if you're willing to work hard, you may also achieve success in this field." With this, a look of superiority surfaces on his face. Because his aura is teal, although words of consolation fall from his lips, there is not a shred of sympathy in his eyes.

The three of them look at each other in dismay, smiling wryly. Indeed, their inborn talent have already dictated that they could only be low level mages. Level 4 is only something they can look up at from below, nothing more. When they enter the canteen, You XiaoMo was still rooted at the same spot staring blankly. After a long time, he starts to feel a little ashamed. Just a while ago he was rejoicing that he does not need to worry about level 2 at this time. This is while the other disciples are already planning so far into the future. Indeed, if one were to start looking for chores now, saving up the merit points bit by bit, these can then be used once level 2 is reached. He actually didn't think of that. Thinking like this, You XiaoMo suddenly feels that he has a long way to go.

After lunch, You XiaoMo spends the whole afternoon completing the assignment given by Elder brother. That is to consolidate the force of his soul and to learn the good and bad magical properties of various magic herbs and so on. This is for them to build a strong foundation to avoid complications while refining magic pills. Only when the sun is almost setting, does You XiaoMo return to his room.

Wanting to take a bath, You XiaoMo suddenly remembers the Earth peak rule that left him speechless. He never knew that Earth peak was so poor that even water is restricted. He only found out yesterday. Each disciple can only take one bath every three days. But there are those take only take one every ten days or every half a month. But for You XiaoMo, whose body starts to itch if he misses one day, this is pure torture. But then, there's that place connected to the blue teardrop. Even though it is unclear what that dimension is, it just so happens to have a lake .......