The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 140

Chapter 140
Qing city's Pavilion of Ten thousand treasures.

After leaving HePing town, You XiaoMo was immediately confined by Ling Xiao and disciplined. Simply believing in strangers. What if that person has some other motive? After getting sold off, are you going to help count the money?

So Ling Xiao makes use of this opportunity to teach You XiaoMo a lesson. The contents of the lesson is not to trust anyone who is good to you for no reason. That's because they are bound to have an ulterior motive.

You XiaoMo is still a little unconvinced. But he knows that this is probably because the two worlds are different. But what he doesn't understand is, why does he have to be on guard when people are being nice to him. In his mind, not everyone is necessarily bad. So he throws this question at Ling Xiao.

"Little brother, mystics can have the power to blot out the sky with one hand and have extraordinary powers because they are going against the laws of heaven. Because defying the laws of heaven is a very dangerous road, the best method is to continuously increase ones power. Power is not something that can be increased just because you want it to increase. Each mystic's ability is a little different. Those with poor talent or poor condition, they can only rely on continuously looting all kinds of resources. Do you understand?"

Ling Xiao doesn't like to resort to preaching because in his eyes, the fist is clearer. But if he can get You XiaoMo to understand, he doesn't mind saying it once.

With these words, You XiaoMo more of less understands. Briefly, when the means of survival differs, the rules of the world will also be different.

The world that he lived in before is a very ordinary world. Mankind only sought to dress warmly and eat their fill. There are probably those that value power and money but because of the limitations of that world, these people can only climb to the highest point of the human pyramid, nothing more.

If we use an example, if the pyramid for Earth is only one meter high, the pyramid for Long Xiao continent would be a thousand meters or ten thousand meters high. The both of them are fundamentally different.

So, the desires of the people are also not on the same scale. The world would also become more complex, causing the erosion of humanity.

But .......

"Elder brother Ling Xiao. Speaking of that is one thing, but can you not put your hands in my clothes?"

You XiaoMo grits his teeth as he speaks.

They are clearly discussing the great truths of the world. Such a serious atmosphere and this fellow actually is so brazen as to reach his hands in and rub his chest. Actually, he really wants to mourn the death of his view of the world at this moment but Ling Xiao simply doesn't give him the chance. It's clearly the most fitting time to be filled with sorrow.

"No can do."

Ling Xiao lowers his head and looks at him, a smile on his lips. No matter how You XiaoMo struggle and push, that hand under his clothes refuses to come out. Instead, it even gives him a few wicked strokes, while giving those protruding little red beans a few pinches.

You XiaoMo takes a deep breath in anger and glares hatefully at him. Feeling that it's not enough to relieve his anger, he raises his foot and kicks him in the leg. What happens next is 'ai yo', a miserable shriek. You XiaoMo hugs his own foot, his face distorted with pain. A little more and two crocodile tears would fly out of his eyes.

"You you you ....... what are your legs made of?"

He actually feels as if he is kicking a copper or iron wall. This bastard. Not only are his lips and hands bullying him, even the leg is bullying him.

Ling Xiao is so amused that he almost has difficulty breathing from laughing too hard. Hugging his body, he says with unbridled joy, "It's actually made out of flesh."

You XiaoMo glares at him, as if saying 'I don't believe you'.

"Then let Elder brother help you rub it."

Ling Xiao grins as he speaks.

"You bastard. Clearly it is my foot that is hurt. Why are you rubbing my chest? My chest is not hurt."

Ling Xiao immediately acts as if he has a sudden realization. He apologizes sincerely, "I'm sorry. I forgot. I definitely won't do that the next time."

There will be a next time? I won't give you the chance! Looking at his wicked smile, it's hateful no matter how you look at it. You XiaoMo resolves to never trust anything he says ever again.

Accompanied by bursts of whispered curses, the horse carriage rushes along in a lively manner towards Qing city. You XiaoMo doesn't realize at all that he is no longer suffering from motion sickness this time.

Qing city is big city that the leader of QingCheng sect wants to develop. It can be ranked in the top three in the Southern region.

The carriage jolts around for half a day before You XiaoMo finally can't take it any more. Ling Xiao also doesn't plan to take the Raging fire horse all the way there. Halfway there, he sends away the Raging fire horse and summons the Winged bird to bring them to Qing city.

The speed of the Winged bird is much faster than the Raging fire horse. They reach Qing city less than half a day later. Looking from afar, the area of Qing city is larger than HunJi city. The imposing and grand outline of the city is extremely shocking. Looking from up high, one still can't see the end of Qing city. No wonder QingCheng sect can stand shoulder to shoulder with TianXin sect. This display of power is actually very impressive.

Because they are short of time, they don't have time to take a stroll in the city. Ling Xiao lets the Winged bird put them down in a forest outside the city. He then carries a limping You XiaoMo into the city. But before entering the city, Ling Xiao changes both their faces.

It may not have been necessary to change their appearance when they went to HunJi city because HunJi city is really very far from TianXin sect. Information may not necessarily travel to TianXin sect. But it's not the same for Qing city.

Qing city is the territory of QingCheng sect. There are many QingCheng disciples defending inside the city. There are guards patrolling everyday. The security can not be described as lax but this is the place where people come and go. If news gets out, it would easily get to the ears of TianXin sect. So they have no choice but to be careful when doing things.

Qing city is most famous for its Pavilion of ten thousand treasures. The Pavilion of ten thousand treasures holds an auction every month. But usually the premium items will be auctioned off once every three months.

This month's auction is coincidentally the once in three months auction of premium items.

But it's not quite the same as the Seven star auction house. Seven star auction house is a regular auction house. It's usually open to the public. Anyone can go in. The Pavilion of ten thousand treasures is a private auction house. Entry is not permitted without a special invitation from QingCheng sect.

"Elder brother Ling, how are we going to get in without invitations?"

You XiaoMo hastily asks Ling Xiao when he hears that invitations are required. What he forgets is, why would Ling Xiao bring him here if he doesn't have an invitation? Also, even if he doesn't have one, he would just get one.

Ling Xiao says, "Although Tang Hun's faction is not considered first class, it can still be considered a second class power. Also, he has a wide range of businesses that have considerable influence. Most importantly, he has money. So QingCheng sect would definitely send him an invitation."

After finding out that Ling Xiao wants to take part in the auction at the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures, Manager Qi looked up the information and handed him the invitation right away. Ling Xiao is very pleased with his direct and efficient manner.

Although they have changed their appearances, they are still quite striking. That is because Ling Xiao is carrying You XiaoMo. If he was carrying a woman, it may not attract so much attention. But the thing is, the one he is carrying is a man.

You XiaoMo doesn't have such a thick skin. After being stared at continuously, he can't take it anymore, struggling to get down. Actually, his foot is already not that painful.

Ling Xiao knows that he is thin-skinned so he doesn't insist. After putting him down, he wants to pull him towards the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures but You XiaoMo is rooted on the spot. Ling Xiao turns his head to see him looking excitedly at a shop. That shop is a magic pill shop.

"Elder brother Ling, I want to go inside to sell some magic pills. How about you wait for me here?"

You XiaoMo turns his head and speaks to Ling Xiao. If he didn't catch sight of this magic pill shop, he would have forgotten the other thing he had to do. Otherwise, it would be a wasted trip if the auctions starts with him not having enough money.

Ling Xiao raises his brows, roughly guessing what's on his mind. He simply drags him away while saying, "No need to sell magic pills. I have gold coins."

You XiaoMo is stunned, asking, "How did you get them?"

In his mind, Ling Xiao is poor pauper who is poorer than him. So every time they come across a place where they have to spend gold coins, he never counted upon Ling Xiao to settle the amount. So he is very conscious of the how much he has in his pocket.

"Tang Hun."

Ling Xiao doesn't even turn around as he flippantly tosses those words at him.

Hearing that name, You XiaoMo feels deeply jealous. Some people only have to act once and they get such a huge gold mine (Tang Hun's possessions). As for him, every time he sells magic pills, it's only a few ten thousand gold pieces. At most, it's only close to two million at one time. And even then, he would spend close to a million after that. Comparing the both of them really angers him to death!

But, in the end, You XiaoMo exchanges the magic pills he planned to sell for Ling Xiao's gold coins. A magic bag that's not too large, but it is filled with gold coins. He makes a rough count. It's quite a few times more than his .......

Looking at this pile of gold coins, only three words remain in You XiaoMo's mind - envy, jealousy, hate!

Half an hour later, they finally reach the door of the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures.

Contrary to expectations, the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures is not as conspicuous as the Seven star auction house. Its entrance is rather concealed. People that are unfamiliar with it would most probably walk right by without noticing it. But then there aren't many people walking around here.

There are no guards at the entrance of the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures. There's only a black curtain hanging motionlessly. Ling Xiao doesn't hesitate, bringing You XiaoMo along as he walks right in.

Inside, it is not as dark as You XiaoMo imagined. Instead, it is very bright. Also, they finally see the guards. They are guarding the mouth of the passageway. When they walk over, one of the guards asks them for their invitation.

Ling Xiao takes out the invitation and hands it to him.

The guard takes one look at it before handing it back to Ling Xiao. He then asks them if they want cloaks.

Ling Xiao asks for two black cloaks. Then he takes one of them and wraps it around You XiaoMo because everyone that is taking part in the auction at the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures will be gathered inside a big hall. So it seems that everyone will be able to see everything that is happening inside that big hall. At that time, if you don't want to let others see your true face, the cloak is a necessary item.

After putting on the cloaks, Ling Xiao leads You XiaoMo into the auction hall.

Because they arrive rather late, at this time, the big hall is already filled with people. But because QingCheng sect is behind the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures, no one dares to act out of hand. The atmosphere is less chaotic than the Seven star auction house. Most of the people are seating composedly in their seats painting a scene of cordial conversation.

When the both of them step inside, Ling Xiao immediately feels a few probing mental sweeps over them. The mental probes are coming from a few directions in the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures. Those directions coincide with the positions of the guards of the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures. There is one more probe coming from behind the auction platform. This mental probe is a little stronger then the rest of them.

But Ling Xiao doesn't even wrinkle his brow. Even a stronger person would still only be a flea in his eyes. It's impossible to penetrate him and the barrier he put up around You XiaoMo.

Usually, stronger people would choose to sit at the front. But Ling Xiao doesn't choose to sit in front. He chooses an empty seat at the back and sits down with You XiaoMo sitting at his side.

Because he already took part in an auction before, this time You XiaoMo doesn't act like he did last time, a complete newbie. Actually, he has no choice because the cloak on him seems to cover his whole head. Even walking is a little difficult.

The two of seem to have come right on time. Not long after they sit down, the auction begins.

The main hall that was already rather quiet becomes even quieter. Everyone turns to look at the auction platform.

An old man in green robes walks out from behind the auction platform. Without saying many unnecessary words, he very quickly gets to the main event. The first auction item is precisely the meat of the Miraculous sheep that everyone is waiting for. But it's not like the information that Ling Xiao received. It seems that there is only meat from one sheep.

There is no need for anyone to get worried. The revised appearance will definitely be amended later.