The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 141

Chapter 141
Ding Shi gets angered to death.

One Miraculous lamb, when you remove the horns, fur, skeleton, and other inedible things, will leave about two hundred pounds of meat.

But according to Manager Qi's information, there will be not be just one Miraculous sheep appearing in this auction. Instead there will a total of three. Three sheep added together will be six hundred pounds. If auctioned in one lot, the bidding would definitely reach a sky high price.

But because there are many forces that rushed here for the Miraculous sheep, quite a few of them with the determined to win attitude, so in order to avoid chaos, the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures decided to divide the three Miraculous sheep into three lots.

After the green-robed man announces the minimum bid, everyone starts to put in their bids.

A pound of Miraculous sheep meat is twenty thousand gold coins. Two hundred pounds is four million. This minimum price is actually not low. Twenty thousand for one pound is the regular market price.

But everyone who comes to the auction knows that usually things that are auctioned off won't have a low final price. Especially a hot item like Miraculous sheep.

Soon after the green-robed man finishes his announcement, the number of people rushing to place their bids are not less than twenty. But with the rising prices, the number of bidders get less and less. In the end, as expected, only the forces in the first row remain in the bidding.

Some people have money but choose to give up rather willingly because there are still two more chances after this.

Right now, everyone has quite a lot of gold coins so the prices they call out are a little extravagant. But it won't be the same later. Everyone's purses will be rather empty. The fierceness of bidding may be a little less than how it is now. So some of them choose to let go while hoping for that.

At this time, a red faced old man suddenly stands up in the first row. This person is not wearing a black cloak so everyone can clearly see his appearance. With this action, the noisy atmosphere in the main hall quiets down all at once.

The red-faced old man seems to have expected this. A slight gentle smile hangs on his face. He casts a glance at those few people who were just bidding against him, and then says, "This old me bids six million. This is old me's final price. If my dear sirs and madams can bid higher, this old me will secede this round."

After speaking, the red-faced old man sits back down.

The people that he targeted suddenly start to look uncertain.

You XiaoMo sees that the atmosphere is strangely quiet so he leans close to Ling Xiao and whispers curiously, "Elder brother Ling, what is going on? What is with that old man?"

Ling Xiao explains, "He is Ding Shi. An elder from XingLuo group. His strength is Celestial level, seven stars, still can barely be considered someone of strength over here ba."

Speaking of XingLuo group, their name recognition can be said to be lower than TianXin sect and QingCheng sect. But they are indeed a first class sect. A major force that is on par with TianXin sect and QingCheng sect. It's just that the people of XingLuo group have always been rather low-key and reserved so most people have only heard of their name but rumors about them are very few and far between.

But in spite of their low profile, there a quite a few that are known to all, like Ding Shi. Don't be fooled by his amiable manner. In reality this person's tricks are more ruthless than anyone. His strength is actually not as famous as his deviousness.

So that's why when he stood up, a few faces immediately darkened because they recognized that the red-faced old man is XingLuo group's Ding Shi. Although his words are not explicit, everyone can hear the threat it carries. He is clearly using his position to threaten others. Him saying these words shows that he is certain that others would not dare to go against XingLuo group.

Those few people, even though they don't feel good inside, it can't be denied that it's definitely not worth it to offend a first class power just for two hundred pounds of Miraculous sheep meat.

After a few moments of internal struggle, those few people have no choice but to give up.

Seeing this, a satisfied smile appears on the old face of Ding Shi, as if he totally expected this. Then he looks at the green-robed old man of the auction house, lifting up his chin while saying, "You can declare it already ba?"

The green-robed old man wrinkles his brow rather imperceptibly. This sum is still two million under the estimate of the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures. Although they had somewhat expected it, but experiencing it now still leaves him a little displeased. Just when he is about raise the gavel in his hand to strike it down, a languid voice suddenly calls out from the back.

"Seven million!"

The moment he calls out, everyone turns and looks to the back, looking in shock at the person who called out the bid.

It's a person wearing a black cloak. The face can't be clearly seen but the voice indeed came from him. The most surprising thing is he dared to go against XingLuo group right in front of everyone. That's why everyone is so curious.

When Ding Shi hears this voice, his face darkens. His piercing stare falls on Ling Xiao like a knife. He totally didn't expect someone would actually dare to slight XingLuo group in public.

But this is the domain of QingCheng sect. No matter how unhappy he is, he can't break the rules. Otherwise, he would be giving QingCheng sect an excuse to launch a preemptive strike.

Thinking like this, Ding Shi shifts his gaze to Ling Xiao at the back row. He says, appearing rather politely, "My friend. Old me is XingLuo group's Ding Shi. Would it be possible to give old me some face and cede the item to old me?"

Hearing these words, Ling Xiao's lips curve up suddenly under the cloak, slowly spitting out the words, "Not possible!"

Ding Shi's face immediately darkens. In his eyes, he is already doing him a great favor by adopting a humble attitude and speaking in a friendly manner. But this person, not only does he not know what's good for him, he also doesn't abide by his words. On top of that, he made such a frank rejection. Clearly he doesn't think much of XingLuo group. Since it's like this, he won't hold back any longer.

Ding Shi huffs loudly and sits back down and bids again.

Unexpectedly, Ling Xiao is not lacking in gold coins at the moment. He is not hesitant like Ding Shi. He calls out his bid without any hesitation, driving the price up to nine million in a blink of an eye.

Ding Shi is so furious that his old face is completely red. In the end, he has to give up. This price has surpassed the value of the Miraculous sheep. Any more would be a loss. Also, there are still quite a few treasures to come. He still has to reserve some gold coins for later.

In the end, the two hundred pounds of Miraculous sheep meat was won by Ling Xiao at the high price of nine million.

The first item was sold at such a high price. So the coming treasures can only be worth more, not less. Immediately it stokes everyone's expectation. The displeasure they felt before vanishes in an instant. In order to win what they each want, everyone seems to be flushed red with excitement.

But there is one thing worth mentioning. Although the things on auction can be considered premium goods, they also can't be called really premium goods because the real premium goods have already been taken away by QingCheng sect long ago.

That's because the backing of the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures is QingCheng sect. Actually, some people suspect that the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures was started by QingCheng sect. But because there is no proof, it only remains a speculation.

With item after item being auctioned off, Ding Shi doesn't raise his hand a single time. Right until the appearance of the second Miraculous sheep. This old man's partially closed eyes suddenly open wide, rays of determination to win exploding out of his eyes. Now he wants to see who else dares to compete with him.

But he is destined to come up empty. Just when the price gets up to seven million, Ling Xiao makes his move. And again it's like a cry that shocks everyone, jumping straight to ten million. In light of this competitive situation, the price is bound to get higher and higher in the end.

This one move instantly makes those few people who wanted to add a hundred or two hundred thousand spit a mouthful of blood. Including Ding Shi. His whole face seems to turn a grayish green with raging flames of fury in his eyes, as if he can't wait to burn a hole right through Ling Xiao.

Although You XiaoMo knows that everyone is eyeing Ling Xiao as if wanting him to suffer death by a thousand cuts, and feeling especially uncomfortable under those glares, he still doesn't want to let go of this opportunity. He feels that it is best if they win all six hundred pounds of the Miraculous sheep meat. This way, he won't have to worry about what to do in the future when Xiao Piqiu's rations run out.

"My friend, sometimes it is better not to reach for a yard after getting an inch."

Ding Shi gnashes his teeth as he speaks to Ling Xiao. If looks could kill, he would have killed this person a thousand or ten thousand times over a long time ago.

"How is reaching for a yard after getting an inch applicable during a fair competition?"

Ling Xiao laughs in amusement at his words. Ding Shi's anger at his words turns his face one shade darker.

Ling Xiao's words already makes it clear to them that he won't let go of this Miraculous sheep. Ding Shi increases his bid one more time after that but is still outbid by Ling Xiao. In the end, the second Miraculous sheep lands in Ling Xiao's hand with a price of eleven million.

For the last Miraculous sheep, the competition is much fiercer than for the previous two. The powers that didn't act before all make their move this time. The price jumps higher and higher, right up to the sky high price of fifteen million.

This price already exceeds what most of the people can bear. Furthermore, the meat of one Miraculous sheep is not worth that much. The ones bidding until now are not just in it because they must have it. Some are just hell-bent on saving face, like Ding Shi.

XingLuo group definitely didn't expect this outcome. At that time, they thought that no one would dare to fight with them, given their reputation. So they only gave Ding Shi the estimated number of gold coins and nothing more. Fifteen million is precisely the most he can come up with.

Looking at Ding Shi's eyes that are red with fury, a few people stop bidding on their own, to avoid incurring the wrath of XingLuo group for real.

But there are still a few people excitedly anticipating an increasingly tense atmosphere. So they all look towards Ling Xiao hoping that he would make another bid. Ding Shi clearly can also sense this, making his face grow so gloomy that it can almost drip water.