The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 142

Chapter 142

"Fifteen million ....... one hundred thousand!"

Just at this moment, a timid voice suddenly calls out.

Everyone is shocked to discover that the one that opened his mouth is someone in a black cloak next to that man. He is so small that they seem to have completely overlooked him. From his voice, he seems to be a rather young youth. After speaking, this youth seems to be so uncomfortable from the stares that he rubs himself close to the man beside him.

This person is none other than You XiaoMo.

Actually he doesn't mind letting Ling Xiao do the bidding. But after the previous two times, he is already completely clear that this fellow is a super spendthrift. In less than an hour, he already spent over twenty million.

That's why this time he doesn't let him open his mouth, because Ling Xiao always simply shouts out an amount. Clearly one can just add a little bit more but he insists on going up by one or two million, vexing him to the point of death. He really won't complain that there is too much gold coins. Really!

So this time he would rather open his own mouth and not allow Ling Xiao to do it.

The minimum increase in bid for the Miraculous sheep meat is one hundred thousand so You XiaoMo just goes for the minimum amount.

After being thwarted time and again, Ding Shi couldn't suppress it anymore. He even has the impulse to kill. A terrifying momentum explodes out, like a sudden peal of thunder that leaves one no time to cover ones ears. The sudden powerful attack streaks towards Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo.

Being able to provoke Ding Shi to the point of losing his reason, actually launching an attack on guests of the same level as him, Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo, these two people can be said to be quite capable. At least this is how it seems in the eyes of others.

Ling Xiao had long ago noticed the unstable air around Ding Shi. Seeing him launch a sudden attack at them, he is not surprised. A sweeping spiritual energy immediately surges fiercely from his body. Purple flames surge terrifyingly and howls, forming raging waves and mountainous flames. In an instant, as if being set free, they boom forward attacking the oncoming assault.

The two forces crash into each other, exploding with terrifying force. Much like ripples spreading out on the surface of a lake, ripples of energy spread out from the point the impact .......

But the matter doesn't end just like that. That fiercely surging purple flame that came from Ling Xiao's body doesn't dissipate just like that. Instead it just seems to pause momentarily in midair before shooting violently towards the wide-eyed Ding Shi.


A deep voice suddenly shouts out in the main hall. A figure appears suddenly next to Ding Shi. Looking at the fiercely approaching purple flames, his expression changes drastically. He quickly grabs Ding Shi by the shoulder and moves aside.

That streak of purple flames loses its target and strikes Ding Shi's chair. The solid white sandstone chair immediately dissolves from the purple flames .......

Looking at this scene, many of the people gasp in shock. If this attack were to hit someone, it would be certain death. But even more of the people reacted like the person who saved Ding Shi, showing a drastic change in their expression. Someone even cried out in shock.

"Imperial, imperial level?"

This exclamation is like a stone that brings about a wave of a thousand stories high. The whole main hall is filled with countless gasps.

If it was a Spiritual level fighter, they would already be fearful. They never expected that this person would actually be an Imperial level fighter. As everyone knows, the Southern region of Long Xiao continent only has three Imperial level fighters. They are TianXin sect's Tang Fan, QingCheng sect's Luo ChengYuan, and XingLuo group's ShenTu Dao.

But each one of them are feared leaders. The reputation of their three forces is not something to be laughed at. The reason why these forces can stand like a tripod of great strengths is because they have an Imperial level fighter.

No one expected that an Imperial level fighter would actually appear today in this trifling Pavilion of ten thousand treasures. Does this mean that there would a change of winds in the Southern region of Long Xiao continent?

Ever since Ling Xiao's explosive attack, Ding Shi's face can no longer be described as deathly pale. It is even paler than that.

The pressure that he felt from the purple flame dragon is the same as the pressure he feels from his group leader, shaking him to the core in an instant. That's why he couldn't move when the purple flame dragon started to move towards him again. Later, when he heard that cry of astonishment, Ding Shi's face crumbles leaving only these words in his heart 'I'm done for'.

If the group leader finds out that he offended an Imperial level fighter, he wouldn't be able to make up for it even if he dies a thousand times over.

"My friend, please do not be angry. It's better to talk it over. Humble me will definitely give you an explanation."

That man that saved Ding Shi recovers very quickly. The shock on his face already disappeared, replaced with a rather dignified demeanor that doesn't in any way diminish his smart and good looks. This is undoubtedly an impressive man. He cups his hands respectfully as he speaks to Ling Xiao.

Looking at this person, Ling Xiao suddenly smiles jokingly, "I'll trust you this time."

At this time, the crowd recovers, finally noticing the man. Looking at his face, someone cries out, "Luo ShuHe?"

Everyone else also start to react. Luo ShuHe is the person who achieved great fame during the campaign against the demons not long ago. Someone who is as famous as the younger generation disciple of TianXin sect, Lin Xiao.

But what is most shocking is that Luo ShuHe actually came out from behind the auction platform. Clearly the rumors that the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures is supported by QingCheng sect is true. Also, there is a ninety five percent probability that the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures belongs to QingCheng sect.

Although it couldn't be confirmed before, the appearance of Luo ShuHe makes it ninety percent certain. Some people even firmly believe that the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures belongs to QingCheng sect. Probably, it won't take too long before this information is spread throughout the Southern region.

Luo ShuHe is surprised at how straightforward Ling Xiao is. But he still heaves a sigh of relief.

Because the stronger the fighter, the more unpredictable they are. As it is, Ding Shi made the first move, so even if Ling Xiao kills him or wounds him severely, this would still not be his fault. Even if XingLuo group finds out, they probably won't offend an Imperial level fighter for the sake of a Celestial level Elder.

But this is not the reason why he heaved a sigh of relief. Actually, he already realized it when Ding Shi had the intent to kill. He deliberately didn't put a stop to it immediately.

After all, Ding Shi is an Elder of XingLuo group. It's just that he never expected that the other party would actually be an Imperial level fighter. Fighters of this strength can only be treated nicely, not to be offended.

Thinking like this, Luo ShuHe looks at Ding Shi and says gravely, "Elder Ding. You can be considered a regular of the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures so you must know the rules. Seeing that you were the first to break the rules, humble me can only ask you to leave. Please leave ba!"

Hearing these words, Ding Shi's face turns from green to white.

After this incident, XingLuo group will probably find it very hard to hold their heads up high in Qing city, and even the whole Southern region. Such a grand first class force actually got chased out from an auction hall. Simply too funny!

If Ling Xiao was only a Celestial level or Spiritual level fighter, Ding Shi wouldn't have to fear him. Unfortunately this incident today will probably come back to bite him. He clearly kicked a steel plate that should not be offended. Ding Shi regrets it ten thousand times over but he still doesn't dare to act rashly so he can only leave in disgrace.

After Ding Shi leaves, Luo ShuHe announces the continuation of the auction.

Ling Xiao already won three Miraculous sheep. He is not interested in the remaining items up for auction so he leads the rather dazed You XiaoMo out of the main hall.

The moment they leave, the atmosphere in the main hall immediately becomes agitated. Not many people have the mood to fight over the remaining items. Most of them are discussing what just happened while some people actually just got up and left. They want to tell others about this news. An Imperial level fighter has come into the world. This information is equivalent to a level twelve earthquake.

"Elder brother Ling, where are we going now?"

You XiaoMo finally recovers after some difficulty. Ding Shi's sudden attack made him jump in fright. He thought that auction halls are places where disputes involve words not deeds. Today, if Ling Xiao was not by his side, he would probably be dead. But after thinking it over, he doesn't feel that fearful. After all, he has already gone through quite a few deadly incidents so he has ample experience.

"Go to get the Miraculous sheep meat."

Ling Xiao turns around and helps him the adjust the cloak on his body.

The two of them walk through the rear door of the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures. Luo ShuHe was already waiting for them.

You XiaoMo doesn't know much about this Luo ShuHe. But from his performance in the auction hall, Luo ShuHe is undoubtedly a smart person. He avoided making enemies out of XingLuo group and at the same time managed to flatter an Imperial level fighter. No wonder he is regarded as a talent that is on par with Lin Xiao.

Seeing them come over, Luo ShuHe smiles politely while saying, "My two friends are here so quickly. Here are six hundred pounds of Miraculous sheep meat. Please have a look."

You XiaoMo is a little surprised. Luo ShuHe isn't overly polite with them. Furthermore, he looks every bit the noble gentleman, without seeming fake. Completely different from Ling Xiao, this 'fake gentleman'. Thinking like this, he purposely steals a glance at Ling Xiao before withdrawing his gaze when the latter doesn't notice.

Receiving the magic bag that he hands over, there is indeed that quantity inside. The capacity of the magic bag is not big. Six hundred pounds almost takes up all the space but the quality of the meat is very fresh, as if it has just been carved from the body of the Miraculous sheep not too long ago.

You XiaoMo ties the magic bag at his waist and takes out the gold coins that Ling Xiao gave him, along with his own gold coins. Using his soul force, he easily counts out thirty five million and one hundred thousand gold coins, and puts them into his own magic bag before handing it over to Luo ShuHe.

Luo ShuHe doesn't count them in front of them. This can be considered as a form of trust but it is more of trying to win them over.

After that, both sides engage in polite conversation but it's actually just a few words before Ling Xiao takes You XiaoMo away with him.

Right after they leave, a person walks in from outside at a steady pace. Seeing Luo ShuHe, his furrowed brows finally relax a little as he calls out, "ShuHe, that strong man already left?"

Luo ShuHe nods at him, "Yes, father!"

This person is actually Luo ChengYuan, Luo ShuHe's father. When he received his son's message, he immediately rushed over but he is still one step behind. However, it's not that big of a loss.

"Do you know where they came from?"

Luo ChengYuan walks over and sits down on a chair, speaking with a serious expression.

"They were very careful."

Luo ShuHe shakes his head.

Hearing this, a look of uncertainty flashes across Luo ChengYuan's face. He can only say, "Hopefully they have no connection with TianXin sect."

His greatest fear is that that person will get involved. After all, he stole TianXin sect's level nine magic pill formula not long ago. Although there is no movement from TianXin sect on the surface, he knows that TianXin sect already guessed that he did it. It's just that they don't have proof. That's why everything can be so calm right now.

Luo ShuHe walks to his side and lightly strokes his back while saying in a gentle voice, "Father, how is your injury? Is it still a great hindrance?"

"It's already fifty to sixty percent better. You don't have to be worried for father." says Luo ChengYuan.

Right at this moment, the appearance of an Imperial level fighter spreads throughout the Southern region of Long Xiao continent like a level twelve tornado. Many forces receive this information one after another, such as TianXin sect, XingLuo group, XiaoYao tower, and so on. But the one most strongly affected is XingLuo group. Who asked them to have an Elder that just offended this strong fighter? Quite a few people are delighting in their misfortune.

Going back to Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo, they are tailed the moment they leave the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures. The ones following them are mostly from the time they left the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures. But Ling Xiao doesn't bother with them. He also doesn't immediately shake them off because he is not in a hurry.

You XiaoMo has no idea that they are being tailed. Seeing that they still have time, he pulls Ling Xiao along, strolling the streets of Qing city.

Qing city is not quite the same as HunJi city. The facades of all the shops appear very luxurious. Clearly they are all owned by rich people. After strolling through a few shops, You XiaoMo is no longer interested. Not because he can't find what he wants but because the magic herbs and the magic pills inside are more expensive than in HunJi city. But there is one thing that is the same. High level magic herbs are not common. There also doesn't seem to be any magic herb seeds. It only goes to show how rare high level magic herbs are.

Not finding what he is looking for, You XiaoMo doesn't want to spend the night in Qing city, so he leaves together with Ling Xiao.

The moment they leave Qing city, all the spies from the various forces immediately follow them. As a result, just as they step out of Qing city, they lose all signs of those two people .......