The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 145

Chapter 145
The one he's looking for.

It's rare that he can actually make out that this point surprised Ling Xiao.

But Ling Xiao doesn't give a direct answer. Instead he says meaningfully, "Do you know why souls of transcendent level mages are described as multicolored?"

You XiaoMo ponders for a bit, "Can it be that the souls of transcendent level mages are made up of seven colors?"

But that's not right ah. He just saw the colors that appeared on top of the evaluation stone. Clearly it wasn't seven colors. Although the colors were a little strange, such that he is unable to describe it, but it still should not be seven colors. He is not color blind such that he can't make that out.

"You only got it half right."

Ling Xiao stretches out his hand and strokes the evaluation stone while speaking with a smile.

"What do you mean?"

You XiaoMo asks curiously.

"The souls of transcendent level mages are indeed multicolored. But multicolored souls are also divided into different levels. The people of Long Xiao continent only know that the souls of transcendent level mages have seven colors, but they don't know that the seven colors also have high and low grades. But the level of Long Xiao continent is rather low, so it is not surprising that they don't know." Ling Xiao explains.

You XiaoMo is suddenly confused. It's really getting more and more complex, leaving him incapable of understanding.

Ling Xiao can almost see spirals like mosquito coils appearing inside his eyes so he rubs his head while saying dotingly, "It's alright if you don't understand. Right now, you still haven't come in contact with higher planes but you will have the opportunity in the future."

You XiaoMo looks at the slight smile on his face. He feels that the Ling Xiao now is almost not the same as the usual Ling Xiao. Suddenly, with a stroke of genius, he can't help guessing, "Elder brother Ling, the even higher plane that you speak of, is it the place you lived before?"

Ever since he sort of figured out Ling Xiao's strength, he feels that Ling Xiao doesn't seem to be from Long Xiao continent because his power is high, and there are times when his understanding of martial artists and mages are not quite the same, different from what he sees in books. Therefore, hearing his words, he feels that the "even higher plane" he speaks of, is someplace he has been before.

Ling Xiao smirks, making out the concern and cautiousness in the tone of his words. A smile escapes from his lips, "Of course, it can't be that you think Long Xiao continent, this tiny place, can actually produce someone as awesome as me?"

Narcissistic, absolutely narcissistic!

You XiaoMo can't stop himself from rolling his eyes. Such a good atmosphere was ruined by him again.

"Elder brother Ling, since it's like this, why did you leave that place to come to Long Xiao continent, this tiny place?"

You XiaoMo suddenly blinks at him mischievously, fluttering his eyelashes, seeming somewhat like a crafty little fox.

Hearing this jab, the smile on Ling Xiao's handsome face gets even brighter. Looking at the smile on his face, he suddenly feels his hands start to itch. He stretches his hand out wanting to give him a flick on his forehead but You XiaoMo already sensed it, covering his head one step before him.

After taking the necessary precautions, You XiaoMo sticks his tongue out at him, you can't flick me, you can't flick me.

Ling Xiao laughs and simply pulls him into his arms. Then he goes all out and ravages his head. Rookie, don't think that I can't punish you just because you're on guard. You still have much to learn ne.

You XiaoMo's cheeks are puffed up in anger as he glares at him, sporting a chicken coop hairstyle, absolutely adorable and comical.

Ling Xiao who does not feel the least bit guilty unties the red string that is holding his hair together and then starts to straighten out his hair again. Ten fingers running through the soft and silky hair, making him feel extremely content such that he can't help letting out a sigh while continuing with the topic.

"Me? Of course there is a reason why I'm here." Ling Xiao says.

"What is it?"

You XiaoMo blurts out, only realizing after the fact that this question is somewhat infringing on his privacy.

Ever since Ling Xiao replaced Lin Xiao as the Master disciple of the warrior division of TianXin sect, this question has always been hidden in You XiaoMo's heart. Especially after he found out that he is such a powerful person. He is even more curious as to what it is that drew him to TianXin sect. Today, he finally pops the question.

But -------

This is definitely not intentional. Who asked Ling Xiao to say those words that made it so natural for him to ask. Anyone who heard those words would also blurt out 'what is it' so you can't blame him.

After saying this, You XiaoMo lowers his head, not daring to look at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao doesn't seem to sense his embarrassment. Raising his head, the look in his eyes deepens much deeper than it ever had before. A long time later, he says in a deep and quiet voice, "I'm looking for someone."

Hearing these words, You XiaoMo can't stop himself from raising his head and looking at him, just in time to see the unconcealed turbulence in his eyes. As if this person is the enemy that killed his father. A moment later, he can't stop himself from asking, "The enemy that killed your father?"

He can't hold back the excitement in his voice. He is already making up a tragic life story in his mind.

He feels that the reason why Ling Xiao ran over to Long Xiao continent is because he is chasing after the enemy that killed his father. But that enemy that killed his father is just as powerful as him so Ling Xiao has no way of finding him immediately. That's why he is staying in Long Xiao continent, waiting until the day when he finally finds the enemy that killed his father. Then he would take his revenge, and then leave this place .......

The result is right after he says those words, *dong* rings out on his head. Our friend You XiaoMo finally reached a record today, getting hit on his head by Ling Xiao four times in a day.

So, a certain hapless brat leans on Ling Xiao's chest, two streams of tears almost bursting out of his eyes. Why does he have to use so much force every time? His head is not made out of steel. Can't he be a little gentler?

The instigator gently rubs the spot on the head that he just hit, saying in a soft and gentle voice, "What crazy thoughts are you having ne? Aren't you just looking to get hit!"

What enemy that killed my father? How did this melon seed head come about?

You XiaoMo tears up as he curses in his heart ------- You #[email protected]%&!

Returning to the topic, You XiaoMo persists in asking, "Since it's not that, then who are you looking for? What has that person got to do with you entering TianXin sect?"

"Of course there is a connection."

Ling Xiao nods in answer, not keeping him in suspense.

"Then what is the reason?" You XiaoMo continues asking.

"Because ....... there are many people in TianXin sect ah!" Ling Xiao beams while speaking.

" ....... " You XiaoMo is speechless.

What kind of answer is this? It can't be that you can find the person you are looking for just because there are a lot of people? Then why don't you go to Qing city or HunJi city where there are even more people? A hundred thousand questions float through You XiaoMo's mind along with a hundred thousand curses.

His nosy self can't be stopped ah! You XiaoMo thinks that since he already brought it up, he should pry to the end. Otherwise, it would eat at him until his curious heart explodes.

So, he asks anxiously, "What kind of person are you actually looking for? What has it got to do with TianXin sect having many people?"

Ling Xiao glances at him ambiguously.

You XiaoMo gets the message and finally realizes that he was too hasty. He rubs his nose guiltily. Then he silently covers his head. The question is already out there. Quickly answer it ba. At the worst, cough cough, even if he is hit on the head again, if that is exchanged for Ling Xiao's secret, our friend You XiaoMo feels that it is absolutely worth it.

Ling Xiao figured out his character a long time ago. Simply speaking, it's softhearted but fearful. Just like at SiFang town. What not taking petty advantages? Clearly it was because he empathized with that mother and son pair so he willingly bought it at the original price. It's too bad that he can only deal with these types of people. With those that a little stronger, he is no longer able to hold his own. But ....... luckily the first one he came across is himself.

"Me? I'm looking for a mage. TianXin sect is a major sect, with countless mages. And they have connections so it's easy for me to search. As for why I'm looking for this person, I can't tell you for now because the time is not right. When the time is right, I will tell you myself." Ling Xiao says.

You XiaoMo finally understands why Ling Xiao wants to enter TianXin sect. Looks like this is the reason. Pitiful Lin Xiao. You XiaoMo can't help offering a handful of tears of sympathy for him. What kind of bad luck did you have to meet with Ling Xiao?

"The person you're looking for is a high level mage? Have you found him?" You XiaoMo asks.

"Not a high level mage but I've already found him."

There is an enigmatic smile in Ling Xiao's eyes as he beams while looking at him.

"Who is it?" You XiaoMo's eyes are sparkling.

Although he is somewhat surprised that it is not a high level mage, the last part of his words stokes his nosy self, fanning the flames of his nosiness. He has already found him. How unexpected. Then since he already found him, why is still staying in TianXin sect?

Accompanying this thought is a flash of disappointment but before he could take a closer look, it already disappears.

"That person ah ....... "

Ling Xiao pauses, deliberately keeping him in suspense. Only after he is hanging at the highest point does he get close to him while saying, "He is actually a puny mage who is so stupid that he angers both men and gods. Every time I bully him, he gets angry but doesn't dare to say anything. When his hackles are raised, he's like a hedgehog but his spines are soft. When they prick me, it feels ticklish. He also does things stupidly, not uttering a sound when bullied. Tell me, isn't he extremely stupid?"

You XiaoMo, " ....... "

Why the hell, why the hell does the person he describes sound so much like himself?

No way, no way. He shouldn't be talking about him right? How is he that pathetic? Right right right?

Damn it, the person Ling Xiao is talking about is basically him!

The puny mage Ling Xiao spoke about already has his hackles raised. After thinking up scenarios for half a day, the 'enemy that killed his father' in his scenarios is actually himself. Too much of a joke!

But but, why is Ling Xiao looking for him?

The hedgehog with raised hackles softens by himself without waiting for Ling Xiao to calm him down. Compared to the words Ling Xiao uses to describe him, he takes more notice of the fact that he is the person Ling Xiao is looking for. Why is he the one he's looking for? Can it be that before he crossed over, Ling Xiao and 'You XiaoMo' already knew each other?

In reality, they were already lovers. Then 'You XiaoMo' was unhappy with Ling Xiao treating him overbearingly and dictatorially so after a huge argument, he left home. Then, fortunately, he caught the attention of TianXin sect and smoothly entered TianXin sect. Then, Ling Xiao, as his lover, thinks that his loved one most probably entered TianXin sect so he came running after. The result is, the both of them never imagined that You XiaoMo is no longer the original 'You XiaoMo', separated by life and death .......

One hundred thousand alpacas again appear in his mind .......

But before the one hundred thousand alpacas can gallop across his mind, they were throttled to death, because Ling Xiao's hands are currently wrapped around his neck, his foreboding smiling face magnified in front of his face.

"Little brother, what were you just thinking of?" Ling Xiao asks.

You XiaoMo struggles to stick his tongue out, "Nothing ....... not thinking of anything ....... "

Ling Xiao's stare at him gets darker and darker, then he moves forward and captures his tongue with his mouth .......

You XiaoMo, " ....... "

Such a serious atmosphere and he actually does such an inappropriate thing. You XiaoMo erupts a bright red. Hateful. He can't breathe. His neck was already being throttled and now the air in his mouth is being sucked away. How much does he hate him?

After a long while .......

Ling Xiao finally lets go of his tongue and asks while laughing *ha ha*, "Really not thinking of anything?"

You XiaoMo takes a big gulp of air and quickly raises his hand while saying, "There is, there is, there is. Actually I was thinking of why you were looking for me but I can't figure it out."

He is afraid that Ling Xiao would ask him what he thinks the reason is, so he quickly adds the last part.

Ling Xiao finally releases his hold. His eyes seem to be saying he'll let him off for now.

Regaining his freedom, You XiaoMo heaves a sigh of relief. This world is actually quite good so it's better if he remains alive.

After the commercial break, You XiaoMo finally remembers the original issue.

Just when he was about to loosen his grip on Ling Xiao's clothes, You XiaoMo suddenly reacts, quickly tightening his grip once again, "That's not right ah. I don't seem to have crossed paths with you before. Why are you looking for me for no reason?"

Although he doesn't have the memories of the original body, he feels that the original body and Ling Xiao are people from two different worlds, with simply no chance of coming across each other.

"Don't get worked up. I also only found out today that you are the person I'm looking for."

Ling Xiao grips his hand, as if knowing what he is worried about, speaking in a gentle and soft voice.

"It can't be ....... that it's the evaluation stone?"

You XiaoMo gapes. He can only think of this reason. This world is too much of a fantasy, although it already is quite simply a land of fantasy.

when good fortune comes, the mind works well - stroke of genius
first person to bury funerary dolls - originator of an evil practice
alpaca - in Chinese () is a homophone of a common curse