The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 146

Chapter 146

"The person I'm looking for is someone that has a multicolored soul. It's just that I never expected ....... "

Hearing his guess, Ling Xiao doesn't deny it. Instead he beams gently while looking at him. Although he doesn't finish the sentence, his gaze is definitely one of doubt.

The one being doubted, You XiaoMo, immediately turns into a prickly hedgehog. Doubting his soul is tantamount to doubting his human worth. Unforgivable!

"You you you ....... what do you mean? How am I not like someone who has a multicolored soul? If you don't give a clear answer today, I won't bird you from now on."

The meek You XiaoMo suddenly gives a little show of fierceness.

Ling Xiao laughs out loud *ha ha* in amusement. He pulls him into his arms and molests him one more time. What is the meaning of this ridiculous 'bird you'? Why does the way he speaks seem more and more amusing?

"You still haven't answered my question."

You XiaoMo, who is confined in his arms shouts while feeling depressed and resentful.

It was very difficult for him to give a show of force in front of Ling Xiao and the result ....... ai, naturally fighting strength is an extremely important factor. Before he could adopt an imposing manner for just a bit, he is already overpowered.

"Actually I should have thought of you a long time ago."

Ling Xiao suddenly sighs softly.

Although You XiaoMo is only a level three mage right now, his rate of advancement is definitely unprecedented. Even if it could be attributed to his practicing of the Heavenly Soul Scroll, if he doesn't have an exceptional and extraordinary innate talent, there is no way he could have risen from an ordinary person to a level three mage in under a year. Even in the plane he was before, there has never been someone who defies heaven in this way.

All these things clearly show that You XiaoMo's innate talent definitely can't be the green soul during the previous evaluation. He actually only started to have doubts not too long ago but it's still not too late now.

You XiaoMo raises his head, not understanding why he suddenly sighed.

After thinking it through, Ling Xiao suddenly lowers his head and looks at him, saying in a serious tone, "Little brother, looks like for Kong Wen's request, you can only pretend to fail to meet it."


You XiaoMo asks resentfully, although he knows that Ling Xiao wouldn't say these words for no reason.

"Your innate talent is not the same as it was before. According to principle, those with below average innate talent can't advance two levels within a year. It may be possible from level one to level two but, you as a mage should also know that the difficulty increases with each level. If you advance to a level three mage in a mere two months, when the time comes, can you imagine what other people would think?"

Ling Xiao doesn't want to scare him but he definitely doesn't wish for You XiaoMo to come to any harm, so it's better to take precautions when it comes to certain things.

What would other people think?

When that happens, they would definitely think that something is not quite right. Someone with such low innate talent can actually advance faster than those prodigies with high innate talent? If it was him, he would also think that there is something wrong with this person.

So the worst result would be that he would be caught by Kong Wen to be experimented on. Then they would discover that his soul is no longer the same. They would then suspect that his soul has evolved causing them to do further experiments. Then maybe they would suspect that he is not the same person leading to even more experiments. In the end, he would have turned into a white lab mouse that is only allowed to stay inside the lab.

Thinking of this outcome, You XiaoMo suddenly shivers. Too terrifying!

You XiaoMo tightens his lips and hangs down his head somewhat resentfully, "I guess so."

According to his original intention, he actually wanted to piss off Kong Wen. Although Kong Wen is his Master, Master doesn't like him. He also doesn't like Master. So he wants to let Kong Wen feel regret. I'm such a good disciple and you insist on neglecting me. Regret it ba!

It's too much of a pity for this beautiful wish. If he lets go of this chance, which year, which month would he be able to see it come true ah?

"Little brother."

Suddenly the sound of someone who can't help himself from laughing is heard above his head.

You XiaoMo instantly raises his head and sees Ling Xiao holding back his laughter, with mirth in his eyes, looking at him teasingly. He blinks his eyes, what is this?

Ling Xiao laughs as he says, "It's easy to anger Kong Wen to death. When the time comes, you only have to appear among the ranks and Kong Wen would definitely be furious."

You XiaoMo, " ....... "

So he accidentally voiced out his true intentions?

But after thinking it over, what Ling Xiao says also makes sense.

Since Kong Wen detests him so much, he definitely wouldn't agree to let him go. Otherwise, he wouldn't purposely make it difficult for him. If he pretends that he has no way of becoming a level three mage in a little over two months, he would certainly be very happy. But if he were to suddenly appear at the scene on that day, the look on his old face would definitely be quite the sight.

You don't want to let me go. I insist on going. Without you, there are still other people that can help me!

Thinking of this plan, You XiaoMo adds in the details in his head and suddenly feels very happy. He can't stop himself from letting out a giggle. He already can't wait for that day to arrive.

Ling Xiao sees his smirking expression and feels his heart start itching. He also can't help himself from stretching out his hand and rubbing his fingers suggestively on his lower jaw. He laughs while saying, "What I said is right ba?"

You XiaoMo smiles slightly as he nods. Because he came up with such a good plan, he would overlook the fact that that thing is currently molesting his lower jaw with his hand, "We'll go with that."

Although he feels a little bad because Elder brother and Second brother fought to get him this opportunity, in order to safeguard his path as a mage, he can't take this risk so he can only let them down.

As a result, the important matter has already run off course. Ling Xiao skillfully shifted the focus, leaving no trace.

You XiaoMo is immersed in his own fantasies. It is much much later before he remembers that there are still many questions that he wants to ask. But by that time, that most opportune moment is already gone.

After finding out that his innate talent is actually not below average, You XiaoMo even wants to giggle in his dreams. This means that he won't be limited to a mid-level mage in the future. His achievements can even be more awesome than that high level mage who can refine level ten magic pills, QiuRan.

But after finding out his innate talent, he is also left with another big problem. That is, to amass high level magic herb seeds.

Before, he thought that he would at best become a level six mage. That's why he didn't ask around much about high level magic herb seeds. Now that he knows the real situation, he has to start amassing high level magic herb seeds. If not, by the time he becomes a level seven mage, he can only hug Buddha's feet in the hour of need, looking everywhere for seeds.

Thinking of this, You XiaoMo's thoughts turn to YunShui peak. He remembers that YunShui peak is the place where they nurture mid-level and high level magic herbs. Since there are high level magic herbs over there, there certainly will be seeds. Thinking of seeds, his thoughts turn to Uncle Ye Han. He wonders ....... does he still remember him?

Damn it. That time, when he gave the opportunity to Elder brother and Second brother, Uncle Ye Han didn't seem to be too happy .......

But these things are all for later. You XiaoMo can only put them to one side for now. Later, he would find an opportunity to make a trip to YunShui peak. Right now, it should be time to return to TianXin sect.

As for the twelve jade carvings, Ling Xiao doesn't say much about them, only asking him to keep them properly.

You XiaoMo treats the twelve jade carvings as just decorative items. As for the twelve magic beasts depicted by the jade carvings, regrettably, he has not seen even one of them depicted on the scrolls on high level magic beasts. But he also doesn't feel that it is strange. After all, there are so many types of magic beasts. It's not possible that humankind has seen every one of them, let alone draw them out. There are probably some that have yet to be discovered by humans.

This time, Ling Xiao uses the capability of his dimension to transport them directly to HePing town.

HePing town is the same as always. The streets are bustling with people coming and going. But, maybe because the opening of the Paradise realm is drawing near, so there are more and more people buying and selling magic pills and magic herbs in preparation for the trip to the Paradise realm.

You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao enter a magic pill shop. Magic pill shops sell magic pills. But magic pills have to be kept in jade bottles in order to preserve their medicinal effect so magic pill shops usually also buy and sell jade bottles.

You XiaoMo is preparing to buy a few hundred jade bottles. The main reason is because he recently refined quite a lot of magic pills. In order to separate them by type, he used up all the jade bottles in his magic bag.

After hearing that he wants to buy jade bottles, and such a considerable amount at that, the attendant can't help casting a few more looks at him.

Usually, people that buy more than a hundred jade bottles are all not low level mages but the youth in front of him doesn't look more than seventeen or eighteen years old, and he actually buys three hundred in one go.

The attendant guesses that he is probably a disciple from some sect so he doesn't dwell on it. He takes out all kinds of jade bottles, "Honored guest, we have ten types of jade bottles. Which type would you like?"

Jade bottles have the ability to lock in the medicinal effect of magic pills. The higher the quality, the better the effect, especially for mid-level and high level magic pills. Usually, mages would choose the better kind.

However, You XiaoMo doesn't have this concern. For one, the magic pills he refines are low level magic pills. The other reason is because he places the magic pills he refines inside his dimension. The dimension is filled with spiritual energy so it's essentially an excellent storage space. He only needs to move them into his magic bag right before he needs them.

The attendant is a little disappointed when he sees that he only wants to buy jade bottles of the lowest quality. But, three hundred is not a small number. This is a minor consolation point. Very quickly, he counts the total. It's thirty gold coins altogether. One gold coin for every ten jade bottles.

After completing the transaction, You XiaoMo simply heads to the public square where the winged-birds are with Ling Xiao. That was the first place You XiaoMo arrived at the first time he came down the mountain. This is also where TianXin sect disciples would head to when they want to go back.

won't bird you - modern slang for won't bother with you, so of course Ling Xiao won't get it