The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 147

Chapter 147
Won't let go.

Although TianXin sect has a lot of disciples, it's not as if a huge group of people will go down the mountain every day. So there aren't many people at the winged bird public square.

But the manager of the winged bird public square is a very business-minded person. He divided the winged bird public square into two. On the right side, he reserves twenty of the biggest winged birds to be ordered about by TianXin sect disciples. On the other hand, the winged birds on the left side are for the other mystics of HePing town. But there is a charge, determined by the length of the journey.

When Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo arrive, the left side of the public square is neither crowded nor deserted. Some people are in the process of leaving HePing town on the winged birds. Others are still negotiating because each trip is at least one gold coin regardless of distance. But if the distance exceeds a certain limit, there is an additional charge. Some people feel that it is unfair.

You XiaoMo only gives them a curious glance before heading to the right side of the public square with Ling Xiao. Unexpectedly they actually run into a familiar person that can't be any more familiar. Not only that, there is also bad blood between them. That person is not Bill, it's the one he hasn't met for a long time, Tang YunQi. Besides her, there are ten or so fellow disciples. Unfortunately, among them, there are quite a few that You XiaoMo recognizes.

Xiao Long is Lei Ju's Master. He is the Elder that is leading them for this trip.

When You XiaoMo sees him, he unconsciously shrinks because he suddenly remembers one thing. Seems like he also has bad blood with this Elder Xiao, albeit indirectly. Seeing him, he immediately remembers the two incidents that happened in the library. Elder Xiao's two disciples, Li Jun and Wang YuFei are already his enemies.

But what really makes his balls ache is that Li Jun and Wang YuFei are also in this group of people. Two pairs of piercing eyes seem to shoot out sharp knives, flying over *xiu xiu*, aiming straight at his forehead.

"Elder Xiao? I didn't expect to meet you here. Clearly it's fated ah"

Contrary to expectations, the first one to open his mouth is Ling Xiao. But in You XiaoMo's ears, his words seem to be somewhat mocking.

Ling Xiao doesn't conceal the joy he feels, his handsome face smiling like always. It's just that it is nothing but a complete sham. However, You XiaoMo is the only one who can detect it.

When Tang YunQi sees him, a pleasantly surprised happy smile immediately blooms on her pretty face. But when she catches sight of You XiaoMo, her face falls in an instant, not concealing her hatred for You XiaoMo in the least.

Elder Xiao is after all an Elder, having a whole lot of experience with his many years. Of course he won't lose his cool in front of a junior. As for his current dislike towards Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo, he still has to suppress it in the end. Smiling on the surface, he says, "How could your Uncle Xiao be as idle as Young Lin? Running here and there with a junior mage all day? If your Master finds out about this, he just might give you another talking to."

When he mentions the junior mage, Elder Xiao's gaze looks to the side and strikes You XiaoMo. A gaze that is filled with disdain and contempt.

You XiaoMo rubs his nose and turns away, ignoring him.

Ling Xiao laughs as he speaks, "Elder Xiao need not take the trouble to worry about this matter."

Xiao Long snorts *hmph*, and says coldly, "Recently the actions of the demons are getting bolder. Young Lin should not simply go out as you please to avoid not being around when needed."

Ling Xiao laughs but doesn't reply.

The group with Xiao Long also came down to buy things in preparation for the trip to the Paradise realm. They had just finished everything fifteen minutes before. Unexpectedly, they bumped into each other on the way back.

But they have already chosen two large winged birds. Two winged birds can seat twelve. There are only eleven of them so there is an empty seat. However, Xiao Long doesn't invite Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao also does not intend to take the same winged birds as them. He pulls You XiaoMo along to a nearby winged bird.

The person in charge of the public square is very familiar with Ling Xiao. When he saw him bring someone over, he already told his underling to bring over a winged bird that can seat four.

Ling Xiao lets You XiaoMo get on first before getting on himself.

But just as he was about to step up, Tang YunQi's voice comes from behind.

"Brother Xiao, wait for me. I also want to go with you."

Before the others could react, Tang YunQi simply jumps down from the winged bird and runs up to Ling Xiao. Not waiting for Ling Xiao's answer, she says to Xiao Long and company, "Uncle Xiao, you all can leave first ba. I want to go back with Brother Xiao."

Because TianXin sect reserves the larger winged birds for their own use, the smallest one can seat four. Therefore, Ling Xiao's winged bird can still seat two more. It's because of this that Tang YunQi dares to say what she said. But she simply didn't think that Ling Xiao would not agree.

Although Xiao Long is a rough person, his nerves are definitely not rough. He can think of what Tang YunQi fails to grasp. Hearing her words, he immediately thinks of calling her back. Suddenly, he seems to think of something, causing a barely detectable sliver of delight to flash in his eyes. It's gone in an instant. Then he says to Ling Xiao who has his eyebrows raised, "Since it's like this, then we'll have to trouble Young Lin to take care of Sister YunQi. We'll leave first."

After saying these words, he leaves immediately with the others.

Two gigantic winged birds flap their wings and rise up, stirring up a sizable gust of wind. Then they simply fly further away, slowly disappearing from their line of sight.

On the other side, Tang YunQi extends her hand happily towards Ling Xiao, "Brother Xiao, give me a hand."

Ling Xiao suddenly narrows his eyes. They are so sure that he wouldn't just leave her there so they dared to make a one-sided decision? It seems as if he doesn't even to guess to figure out what they are thinking.

If he just leaves Tang YunQi behind, Tang YunQi and Xiao Long would definitely go tell Tang Fan. Looking horizontally and vertically, there is no way to explain himself so the outcome would probably be him angering Tang Fan, causing him to be punished. It may even implicate You XiaoMo.

But ....... until now, no one has ever dared to threaten him like this!

"Elder brother Ling, let her come up ba."

Right at this moment, You XiaoMo who is sitting on the winged bird suddenly grabs his arm, speaking softly.

Ling Xiao inclines his head and looks at the earnest look in You XiaoMo's eyes. Reining in the dark storms that were just swirling in his eyes, he looks back at Tang YunQi and throws these words at her indifferently, "Come up by yourself."

Saying that, he steps onto the back of the winged bird and sits down next to You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo looks at Tang YunQi as she slowly clambers up. Although this junior sister has his ideal outward appearance of a delicate maiden, her character leaves much to be desired. He also wouldn't choose this kind of target to display his gentleman-like manner. So he puts on a thick skin and ignores her, just like what Ling Xiao is doing.

The two front seats are occupied by the two of them so Tang YunQi can only sit on the back seats.

You XiaoMo thought that she would choose to sit behind Ling Xiao. Unexpectedly, Tang YunQi actually chooses to sit behind him .......

The moment Tang YunQi sits down, You XiaoMo immediately feels a burst of cold air. There is no need for him to turn around to know that Tang YunQi's glare is locked on him. He can already feel her eyes filled with intense hatred, boring into his body.

Just when he is thinking all sorts of crazy things, the winged bird takes off.

In a moment of inattentiveness, You XiaoMo's body topples backwards. But in an instant, Ling Xiao, at his side, with quick eyes and deft hands, encircles his waist and pulls him into his embrace.

Because of this unexpected episode, You XiaoMo is pressed onto Ling Xiao's thigh. After he regains his balance, Ling Xiao still has no plans to return him to his seat. With one arm wrapped around his waist, he imprisons him tightly.

You XiaoMo is scared stiff. Especially since Ling Xiao's ardent admirer is sitting behind him.

It must be said that jealous women are very terrifying. Especially this Junior sister Tang. Furthermore, he is rather thin-skinned. He doesn't like to flirt with Ling Xiao in front of others. So ....... this kind of flirtatious behavior ....... is better done in private.

But, even after exerting all his strength, he fails to break free from Ling Xiao's arm. Much like walls of copper and iron, there is no way to shake it even a little bit. Instead, You XiaoMo becomes breathless.

"Behave a little."

Ling Xiao exhales softly next to his ear.

You XiaoMo's ears immediately turn bright red. He mutters softly, "Let go of me first."

Ling Xiao tightens his hold, laughing *ha ha* while saying, "You are so stupid. You can even fall while sitting down. I feel like this way is best."

My dear, that is not the important point. The most important point is that there is a jealous woman behind them.

Behaving so intimately in front of her? You XiaoMo thinks to himself. He feels that if the person he likes were to act so intimately in front of him with someone he hates, he would definitely beg Buddha for his blessing to stab this 'dog couple' to death. Not to mention, in his previous life, he followed his mother and believed in Buddhism.

Then, contrary to expectations, aside from a momentary change in mood in the beginning, Tang YunQi doesn't behave any differently, staying quiet the whole way, not uttering a single word. In under an hour, they arrive back at TianXin sect.

When they part ways at the fork in the road, Tang YunQi suddenly turns around and says one sentence to Ling Xiao, "Brother Xiao, I definitely won't let you go."

Saying that, she doesn't wait for Ling Xiao to answer before walking away.

Leaving You XiaoMo by himself to face the unreadable Ling Xiao, feeling rather terrified.

Bill - not sure why Bill is used. Maybe it means Tom, Dick and Harry?
ball ache - slang that probably means in this context
dog couple - couple having an illicit affair