The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 149

Chapter 149
Telling lies.

By the time You XiaoMo opens his eyes again, it's already noon the next day.

Because he himself already doesn't consider Kong Wen's deadline as anything important, it doesn't occur to him that there is an important day coming up. He carries on with his usual activities, wash face, eat, enter the dimension to check up on Xiao Piqiu, oh wait, it should be Da PiQiu now, and finally start refining magic pills.

This afternoon, just as he places the Enlightened golden cauldron on the floor, a polite unhurried knock is heard at the door.

Such a courteous and patient knock. It definitely can't be that fellow Ling Xiao.

You XiaoMo unconsciously thinks of Fang ChenLe because only Elder brother is this gentle of a person, so only he can do such a polite thing. Zhao DaZhou would also come to find him sometimes but the sound of his knock is rather carefree, much like is character.

You XiaoMo quickly keeps the Enlightened golden cauldron. To others, he is now only a level two mage. No matter how rich he is, there is no way he can afford such an expensive cauldron. Furthermore, level two magic pills do not require a level six cauldron of such good quality.

Although Elder brother is very good to him, he knows that to Elder brother, Master is someone he is indebted to for providing him with support and a new lease on life. On the other hand, he is only a junior brother he met along the way. Who is important, who is not, it is clear at a glance. Therefore, he doesn't want to put a strain on their master and disciple relationship just for these things.

After making sure that there is nothing left in the room that shouldn't be there, You XiaoMo goes to open the door.

He opens the door to see that it really is Elder brother Fang ChenLe outside, beaming while looking at him, not appearing the least bit angry that is slow to come out.

"Little brother, it can't be that you stayed up the whole night again last night so you only just woke up ba?"

Fang ChenLe looks at his rosy cheeks. In his heart, he is no longer surprised to see this sight. But he also won't assume that Little brother's rosy cheeks are because he listened to his advice and went to bed right on time.

Hearing these somewhat teasing words, You XiaoMo blushes.

Last night, he really did stay up all night. But it wasn't because he was refining magic pills. The thing is, when he was practicing the Heavenly Soul Scroll in the dimension yesterday, he felt that there was a sign that he was about to have a breakthrough for the Heavenly Soul Scroll. So he wanted to seize the opportunity. He didn't expect that when he opened his eyes again, it would already by the next day. He himself felt like he had only been practicing for a little while.

You XiaoMo was worried that someone would come look for him so he quickly left the dimension the moment he awakened. Sure enough, someone really did come looking for him. And that person is Fang ChenLe.

"Elder brother, is there anything I can help you with?"

You XiaoMo scratches his head as he asks.

Fang ChenLe looks at his bewildered face and can't help from laughing, "Little brother. Can it be that you have forgotten what day it is?"

What day?

You XiaoMo stares blankly for a bit and then starts to think about it carefully.

Things that have to do with Elder brother, seems like ....... there is only that thing .......

You XiaoMo feels embarrassed all at once. Ever since he and Ling Xiao decided how to deal with this matter, he no longer gave it any thought. So these two months, he seems to have forgotten all about it.

"Elder brother, I ....... "

You XiaoMo hesitates as he lowers his head, his happy expression gone in one sweep.

Seeing his expression, the smile on Fang ChenLe's face slowly disappears. His elegant eyebrows are slightly raised. This expression, can it be that he didn't manage to succeed?

Fang ChenLe suddenly also doesn't know what to say. Of course, in his heart, he wished that Little brother would be able to meet Master's demands. This was what they agreed upon at that time. But as it is now, becoming a level three mage in two months is indeed too much to ask. At that time, he should have fought for a better chance for Little brother.

Fang ChenLe can't help heaving a sigh, "Little brother, you really can't do it?"

You XiaoMo shakes his head, not saying anything.

Fang ChenLe is silent for a long time, then sighs deeply, "So it's like this. Little brother, what do you plan to do now?"

It's not that he didn't consider asking Master again. But as Master's grand disciple, and after growing up by Master's side, his understanding of Master cannot be considered superficial. If he were to ask Master again on behalf of Little brother, Master would most probably be furious. If that's the case, it might instead add to the dislike Master has towards Little brother.

"Elder brother doesn't have to worry about me. I will find another way."

You XiaoMo hears him relent so he smiles as he speaks.

Fang ChenLe opens and closes his mouth. In his heart, he doesn't believe that there is any other way for Little brother, unless .......

Fang ChenLe can't help but think of Ling Xiao. This warrior division prodigy seems to have a closer relationship with Little brother than he has. If Little brother really has a way, he most definitely has something to do with it.

Thinking of the recent rumors, Fang ChenLe also can't seem to figure it out.

Taking into account Little brother's character, Ling Xiao that prodigy should be someone he can't get close to even if he uses eight poles. But the relationship between the two is unexpectedly very good. He has already heard more than once of the two of them going down the mountain together. Take today for instance. The moment he arrived back, he hears everyone talking about Little brother and Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao seems to be sticking out for Little brother time and again, not even hesitating to offend others. This is something that the previous Ling Xiao would never do. Although Fang ChenLe has only had superficial interactions with Ling Xiao, he has heard the rumors about Ling Xiao. Someone that is indifferent, that kind of condescending person can actually give special treatment to Little brother?

Fang ChenLe can't figure it out. Many people in TianXin sect also can't figure it out.

But their close relationship is clear to anyone who has eyes. Saying that they are just putting on an act would be too much.

"Little brother, Elder brother is the powerless one. Unable to help you out."

Fang ChenLe smiles bitterly as he pats his shoulder.

He had thought he would be able to help Little brother. As it is now, he really overestimated himself. Things that have been decided by Master, are things that he and ZiLin cannot change.

You XiaoMo shakes his head, saying, "Elder brother, don't say it like that. You have already helped me more than enough."

Fang ChenLe says, "You don't have to console me. Elder brother knows how to judge for myself. I may not be able to help you with this matter but if you have another wish, Elder brother will do everything in my power to help you achieve it."

You XiaoMo smiles as he nods before suddenly reacting. He actually thought of something that Elder brother might be able to help him with. His eyeballs roll round and round as he says, "Elder brother, I actually have something that I need your help with that might be a little difficult for you."

"Say whatever difficult or not difficult. Elder brother with definitely help. Say it ba. What is it?"

Fang ChenLe laughs as he taps him lightly on his forehead.

You XiaoMo laughs *hei hei*. He thinks it over in his heart before saying cautiously, "Elder brother, what do you usually do at Yun Shui peak? Do you and Second brother take care of the mid-level magic herbs together?"

Fang ChenLe doesn't suspect him, thinking that he is only very curious. He says, "That's not it. At first, Uncle Ye really only let me and Second brother come into contact with mid-level magic herbs. But now, he would occasionally let us take care of the high level magic herbs. But not often, about once every four or five days. Why is Little brother asking about this?"

You XiaoMo immediately says measuredly, "Elder brother has seen the seeds dropped by the high level magic herbs?"

Fang ChenLe is momentarily stunned before coming back to his senses. He was wondering what Little brother wanted to say. Turns out it's this. It's not something that can't be said so he tells him, "Of course I've seen it. But because there are not a lot of high level magic herbs, the seeds that fall are also not many. One stalk can drop two to three seeds at most. But some of these seeds can be bad.

As long as there are some, it's good enough. You XiaoMo is a little excited, "So Elder brother can get some high level magic herb seeds?"

Hearing his words, Fang ChenLe is finally surprised. He frowns as he looks at him, "Little brother's intention is to let Elder brother help you to bring out some high level magic herb seeds ba?"

You XiaoMo shifts his gaze away, feeling ill at ease. He nods, "Yes ....... "

"Little brother, can you tell me what you want to do with the high level magic herb seeds?"

Fang ChenLe definitely doesn't mind helping him but he wants to know what Little brother wants to do with these high level magic herb seeds. There's no way he can grow them. For one, Little brother doesn't have a magic herb field. Two, his innate talent is below average so he can at best become a level six mage. So high level magic herbs are of no use to him.

You XiaoMo already expected that he would ask this. He already prepared an excuse in his heart, "Elder brother, you also know that I'm only a lowly mage with nothing to my name. Earth peak also has the rule that disciples are only allowed to take magic herbs for ten magic pills each day. If I want to become a level three mage as soon as possible, that amount is simply not enough. Earning points by taking on chores is also too slow. So I was thinking, if I could get some high level magic seeds, then sell them to earn some gold coins, then use that to buy some magic herbs ....... "

Saying this, he lowers his head, not daring to look at Fang ChenLe.

He has finally lied to Elder brother. He has sinned!

In Fang ChenLe's eyes, this expression looks as if he is embarrassed. The guilt in his heart gets sharper, he actually didn't think of this before. Really, really .......

Fang ChenLe feels that he has wronged him. Hearing his words, he feels the guilt in his heart get heavier so he consents right then and there, "Little brother, don't worry. This little thing is not difficult for Elder brother. Wait a while and Elder brother will bring high level magic herb seeds for you."

This matter, to him, is really a small matter.

High level magic herb seeds are seemingly precious but they are really not so. Yun Shui peak collects a lot of magic herb seeds but they are not used because the time it takes from sprout to maturity is really too long. For example, level seven magic herbs. It takes several hundred years to mature. But who has the time to wait several hundred years?

So even major sects with deep resources like TianXin sect will also not use up large areas of land to sow magic herb seeds. At most they will sow seeds on a few patches of magic herb fields. The rest of the magic herbs are all transplanted into Yun Shui peak from outside.

Because of this, the amount of high level magic seeds that Yun Shui peak has in storage is quite a lot.

Since the seeds are of no use, Uncle Ye of course wouldn't purposely keep an inventory of them. Usually, taking care of the magic herb fields is enough to keep him busy. So, even if Fang ChenLe takes some seeds from the storage shed, he wouldn't even know.

But because it's not just Uncle Ye at Yun Shui peak, Fang ChenLe can't enter the wooden shed as he pleases. So he can only wait for the next batch of magic herbs to drop seeds before he has the chance to go in.

After sending Fang ChenLe off, You XiaoMo closes the door and can't stop himself from jumping onto the bed, rolling here and there, one second frowning, the next, giggling foolishly.

Although he feels a little bad for lying to Elder brother, he doesn't really have a choice. High level magic herbs are hard to find. He also can't always ask Ling Xiao to accompany him down the mountain so he can only look to Yun Shui peak. Since Elder brother is conveniently working there, he can only ask for his help.

After taking care of the matter with the seeds, You XiaoMo is in a very good mood.

He again takes out all the things he prepared for refining magic pills. These few days, he can faintly feel that he is about to breakthrough to the second level of the Heavenly Soul Scroll. So he wants to try and see if he can have this breakthrough before the opening of the Paradise realm.

If it was before, he would definitely be endlessly shocked by his level up speed. But after finding out his own innate talent, he is calm. Calmly accepting this type of super perverse speed.

But he doesn't slack on practicing after finding out his innate talent. Instead, he works even harder than before.

Two months ago, he by chance learned how to control the dimension. Only after the fact did he realize that Ling Xiao already told him about it earlier. Because he didn't have true control over the dimension, he couldn't make it do as he pleases.

Now that his mind is linked to the dimension, he can already move the dimension with his mind. But it is restricted by his level. He can move very short distances. Furthermore, it uses up a lot of soul force. For distances that are a little longer, the soul force will be totally depleted. He doesn't dare to take the risk so he hasn't tried it.

After putting away all the unnecessary thoughts, You XiaoMo starts to refine magic pills.

At the same time, Fang ChenLe went from his place directly to Kong Wen's place to report back.

Kong Wen doesn't show the least bit surprise at the outcome. Rather, this answer is exactly what he expected. But what makes him a little surprised is that his Grand disciple doesn't try to intercede for the Seventh disciple. Before this, he even prepared how to refuse his Grand disciple's pleas.

Although that is the case, Kong Wen doesn't let it show one bit. He chats with him for an hour before letting him go.

The next day, Fang ChenLe returns to Yun Shui peak.

He has no idea that the very same day he leaves, this matter spreads throughout Earth peak.