The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 15

Chapter 15
Discovering the dimension.

After fetching a fresh set of clothes, You XiaoMo touches the teardrop. When he opens his eyes, he is already in the other dimension. This time, his landing site is not in the water, but by the lake. This is a result of his experiments last night. It is enough just to wish it so in his heart. After a relaxing bath in the lake, You XiaoMo proceeds to wash his clothes in the lake. Because he plans to take a bath here often, You XiaoMo already brought a bamboo rack here this morning. He simply puts the washed clothes on the rack. This way, he wouldn't have to bring a set of clothes tomorrow.

Since time is not tight, after taking care of things, You XiaoMo decides to finally explore this dimension. Up till now, he only found one use for this dimension, that is to take a bath. But that's because this place is really quite simple. One glance and it is clear, it's just a lake and grass, nothing else. He originally thought that this might be a magical place, but he finds nothing after walking all around. One lake and the surrounding land, what can be done with this? You XiaoMo looks up at the clear bright sky, and then down at the thriving weeds under his feet. He suddenly cries out *ah*.

"That's it, that's it, looks like there's one more use for this place, why didn't I think of it before?"

You XiaoMo paces back and forth excitedly. He taps his head happily while thinking that he seems to have forgotten something important. He concentrates on the grass under his feet. He finally remembers. During lunch, Big brother Zhao had brought it up. The rules of the Mage division stipulates that each level four mage is granted a piece of land. That land can be used to grow magic herbs. Even though it is not a huge piece, but it remains a dream of every disciple. After all, with a piece of land, there is no need to do chores or go down the mountain to buy magic herbs. It must be said, level two magic herbs, even though not expensive, if needed daily, even somewhat wealthy people may not be able to bear the costs. Not to mention level three magic herbs. That's why it's still most satisfying to have one's own piece of land.

You XiaoMo looks over the ground covered in weeds. Isn't this a convenient piece of land? To think that I was agonizing over how to find chores to earn merit points for the past two days. At this time, he is already certain that this dimension belongs to that blue teardrop on his chest. Although he doesn't know why there is a dimension in the blue teardrop, but since it is on his body, as long as nothing happens to it, this dimension should not disappear. This way, if he is to plant magic herbs in this space, it presumably wouldn't be discovered by anyone else.

Immediately putting his thoughts into action, You XiaoMo rolls up his sleeves and gets ready to start weeding. Even though weeding is very tiring, but thinking that he would soon have a big piece of usable land, You XiaoMo is full of excitement. This sense of excitement is transformed into motivation. When he finally completes a ten meter square plot, he is so tired that he can no longer move his fingers. No pain no gain! That's just how it is!

You XiaoMo puts the weeds in a pile. He takes off his filthy clothes and takes another bath in the lake before returning to the outside world. Lying on the bed, You XiaoMo feels that his whole body feels amazingly fresh. Nothing left of the dead tired feeling he felt after weeding. Once again he sighs in wonder at the magical properties of the lake water. After a few baths in the lake, he made a discovery. The lake's water has the ability to restore the body and mind. Like this time, he was obviously so dead tired, but after a bath, he feels an unprecedented sense of refreshment. As if he has unlimited energy reserves. Thinking of it, You XiaoMo can't help giggling in delight, hugging his pillow tightly to his chest. He feels as if he has picked up a treasure, getting happier the more he thinks about it before finally falling asleep.

The next day, he is awake before first light. Taking advantage of the fact that it's still not time for morning class, You XiaoMo flips through the books he borrowed from the library once more. Confirming that he has a firm grasp of the contents, he picks up the books and heads to the library. This trip, his first aim is to return the four books he borrowed before. The second aim is to borrow more books. He is afraid that the old man guarding the library would object to him borrowing too many books so he decides to return the ones he has.

Joy puts heart into a man, You XiaoMo is no exception. But excessive walking on air may result in tragedy just around the corner. So when he hears two people talking on the other side of the wall, he suddenly feels like stabbing both his ears. He had always thought that those schemes and intrigues on TV is very far from his reality. So much so that he would never have any contact with them. For the first time, he finds out that they are actually quite close to him.

"Elder brother, since Junior sister likes you, why do you still keep her at arm's length?"