The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 151

Chapter 151
Jiang Liu advances.

In the end, You XiaoMo's hundred percent rate of success refining magic pills doesn't get spread around. Although it is a huge shock to those people, most of them don't believe it. They think that You XiaoMo just got lucky this one time. Furthermore, the success rate for refining low level magic pills is higher than that for mid-level and high level magic pills. So, this kind of thing is not impossible. Still, most of them are jealous of You XiaoMo. Because none of them have ever had this kind of 'luck', it is basically just their own selfish justifications.

But what they don't know is that these selfish reasons fit just right with You XiaoMo's wishes. He really wishes that they not spread it around.

On the other side, after You XiaoMo drags Zhao DaZhou out, he tells him about the matter with the magic herbs. Hearing that he almost caused trouble for his father, Zhao DaZhou jumps in fright, and immediately promises not to shoot his mouth off again.

But after receiving such a scare, he remembers another matter.

Zhao DaZhou looks disapprovingly at You XiaoMo as he says, "Seventh brother, I already heard about that matter. I already talked to you about it long ago. At that time, if you had agreed to let me help you, you wouldn't get laughed at like this. Now, as it is, even I can't help you. Master already decided on the five people."

You XiaoMo only realizes what he is talking about when he hears the last part.

He remembers that when he came out this morning, Brother Yang from next door told him that Zhao DaZhou came to look for him yesterday morning. But at that time, he was locked in his room refining magic pills so he didn't know that he came to look for him.

Looks like Fifth brother was looking for him because of this matter. But this kind of disgruntled talk is already something he is used to listening to, so he already knows how to deal with him now.

You XiaoMo shrugs his shoulders indifferently, "Fifth brother, I already found another way regarding this matter. You no longer have to be anxious for me."

Hearing these words, Zhao DaZhou frowns, "Seventh brother, the way you are talking about can't be related to the Warrior division prodigy, Lin Xiao ba?"

He also has heard about the relationship between Seventh brother and Ling Xiao.

How sharp!

Although You XiaoMo is surprised at how sharp he is, it is not surprising. After all, the people he has a good relationship with in TianXin sect is only these few. Furthermore, those that are capable of helping him is so easy to figure out that one can do it using one's toes.

Zhao DaZhou knows that his guess is right when he sees that You XiaoMo is only smiling without saying anything. He can't help from frowning deeper. He is someone that can't hold back his words so in the end he can't stop himself from saying, "Seventh brother, there are some words that I know you might not like to hear. But as your Brother, I feel that I should tell you."

"Tell me."

You XiaoMo sees that he is serious so he doesn't brush him off.

Zhao DaZhou says, "Seventh brother, I know that you have a very good relationship with Lin Xiao. But I feel that that Lin Xiao is a little strange, not someone that is worthy of a deep friendship."

He has always felt that an outstanding prodigy like Lin Xiao has no reason to take a liking to someone as ordinary as Seventh brother. So, he is worried that Lin Xiao is getting close to Seventh brother with some ulterior motive. Also, he can never figure out what exactly it is on You XiaoMo's body that can attract him.

You XiaoMo smiles at him while saying, "Fifth brother, you don't have to worry. I know my limits."

There are many people that want him to stay away from Ling Xiao but Zhao DaZhou is the first one that wants him to stay away because he is worried about him. This kind of feeling is pretty good but unfortunately, he can't tell him about the situation between them so he can only mislead him.

In Zhao DaZhou's eyes, these words are a little perfunctory but he doesn't lose hope. He also didn't think that the relationship between those two would crumble just from his words.

In fact, there is something that he doesn't dare to tell You XiaoMo.

That matter is related to Master. Because of his dad, he knows that the five spots were already decided upon a long time ago. A month ago, in fact. Master never planned on giving him a spot. From the start, he never expected that he would be able to become a level three mage.

Zhao DaZhou feels that Master is acting without integrity in this matter. Although Seventh brother really can't meet his demand, he also shouldn't act this way. No matter what, he is still his disciple. Although he knows that Master can't possibly treat all his disciples equally, he also shouldn't be so biased.

After chatting for a while, You XiaoMo takes his leave. On the way back, he stops by the library to return a few books and borrow a few more before returning to his room.

The few days after that, You XiaoMo's daily life pass by with gentle winds and calm waves. Every day, other than refining magic pills and taking care of magic herbs, he listens to the gossip from his neighbor, Brother Yang. To him, listening to gossip has now become the only cure for his monotonous life of cultivation.

As the proverb says, no enemies are forever.

In the beginning, the next door Brother Yang was also a little prejudiced against him. But after living together for so long, their relationship finally eased up considerably. These days, the Brother Yang next door will even sometimes come over on his own accord to tell him some gossip.

It's also thanks to him that You XiaoMo is up to date with a lot of news. Otherwise, with his antisocial behavior, by the time the news gets to him, the matter would have been over a long time ago.

You XiaoMo is a devoted listener. Brother Yang is able to get his satisfaction every time. As time goes by, whenever Brother Yang gets hold of some gossip, he would come over to tempt him. But in the end, he would still tell it to him.

Just like today -------

After coming back from his trip, You XiaoMo doesn't get the chance to return to his room before he gets waylaid by Brother Yang. Brother Yang seems to be purposely waiting for him outside.

"Brother Yang, did you get some good information today?"

You XiaoMo looks at Yang Yi who is pulling him to a nearby pavilion. There are a few other disciples already sitting in the pavilion. They are all disciples who live in the same place as him. It could be said that they are on friendly terms.

Seeing them come over, a few disciples call them over eagerly, as if they are all waiting for Yang Yi's gossip. It is indeed so. Among all of them, the one who is most well informed is Brother Yang.

Yang Yi picks up the cup of tea that one of the brothers had poured for him and takes a leisurely sip.

Besides You XiaoMo, the other people are all staring wide-eyed at him. It's the same move every time.

When Yang Yi feels that everyone is suitably excited, he puts down his tea cup with satisfaction, and starts to speak, "Today I got a huge piece of gossip. You all know that the Paradise realm is about to open. Our TianXin sect, as a major sect, has obtained quite a few spots. Each of the three major Mage divisions also have spots ....... "

Speaking of the spots for the three major peaks, resentment bubbles up among some of the disciples because Heaven peak has two more spots than Earth peak. But it is expected because the strength of Heaven peak disciples are on the whole, higher than Earth peak. He who has wealth speaks louder than others. They also have considerable resources so they are able to foster outstanding disciples.

But this is not what Yang Yi wants to talk about. This matter is no secret. Even if it wasn't announced two months ago, they can also make the guess because it was also the same thing fifty years ago.

What Yang Yi wants to talk about is regarding the younger generation disciples, the third generation. Those like You XiaoMo, having entered the sect for less than ten years, are all designated as third generation disciples.

"Yang Yi. We already know about the designated spots a long time ago. Why are you talking about it?"

One of the disciples can't help cutting off his torrent of words.

"Don't be impatient ah. This is only the appetizer. I haven't reached the main dish ne. Keep listening and you will know what I'm talking about."

As an avid gossiper, of course he knows how to build up the suspense. Otherwise, telling a story too blandly is just too boring.

You XiaoMo looks at them in amusement. In reality, this Brother also knows that Yang Yi likes to be like this when telling stories but he still can't help interrupting every time. It's clear how good Yang Yi is at building up the anticipation.

Yang Yi continues speaking, "Do you all still remember the assessment at the Hall of Mages two months ago?"

That Brother immediately says, "Of course. I still remember that so called genius from Heaven peak, Jiang Liu losing to our Junior brother You in front of the three major sects. You guys don't know how black the faces of the Heaven peak disciples were at that time. Yang Yi, it can't be that you want to tell us about that ba?"

You XiaoMo frowns imperceptibly. After that assessment, he went down the mountain with Ling Xiao soon after. So he also doesn't know what the effects were from that assessment. He also didn't seem to hear anything about it after coming back so he also didn't bother about it.

"Nope, nope!"

Yang Yi beams as he wags his finger.

"What I want to talk about is what happened after. That day, after the disciples of Heaven peak went back, according to my source, the most outstanding third generation disciple of Heaven peak, Jiang Liu, from that day onwards would be like Younger brother You, going in and out of seclusion. Rumor is that he seems to have received some sort of incitement."

Speaking of seclusion, Yang Yi glances questioningly at You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo feels a little awkward. In his past life, he was also a nerd, frequently holed-up in his apartment. So he didn't think that being in seclusion would be a strange thing. He didn't expect that in the eyes of his brothers, he has turned into a workaholic.

Hearing the last words of Yang Yi, the other disciples also start to laugh in their hearts.

Received what incitement? One doesn't even need to think to figure it out. That assessment can be said to be the only time in countless years when Earth peak could feel proud and elated in the face of Heaven peak. Thinking about it now, they can still feel how unbelievably good it felt.

Yang Yi smiles as he says, "Heaven peak also seems to have felt that their image was ruined. From that time onwards, they went all out to train their third generation disciples. Actually, it's mostly focused on Jiang Liu because Jiang Liu is the Heaven peak master's direct disciple. In order to let him become even stronger, the peak's master ordered that he would have access to unlimited magic herbs. Not like us, limited to thirty stalks of magic herbs each day."

Speaking about the last bit, Yang Yi can't keep the sour tone out of his words.

The smiles on the faces of a few disciples also disappear slightly, their jealousy showing clearly on their faces.

The only one not jealous is You XiaoMo. He already knew a long time ago that someone with Jiang Liu's innate talent would definitely be given special treatment. A disciple with good innate talent would not be treated miserly by the Mage division when it comes to magic herbs. This bit, he can already tell from the way Kong Wen treats Elder brother and Second brother.

"Brother Yang, it can't be that what you want to say is related to Jiang Liu? It can't be that he has advanced?"

You XiaoMo thinks about Yang Yi's words and can't help speculating. Even Heaven peak's master treats Jiang Liu with so much importance. Becoming a level three mage in two months is not impossible.

Yang Yi's expression changes slightly. He smiles wryly saying, "You only got it half right but it's close. Two days ago, I heard that Jiang Liu is going to advance very soon. Rumor is that the day is near, so he also managed to get one of the spots."

The disciples can't help but gasp.

Becoming a level three mage in a little over two months. This speed can really break the hundred years old record of the Mage division. Even Elder brother and Second brother weren't so freakish.

If Jiang Liu really succeeds in advancing, Heaven peak will again have the upper hand. Earth peak, as the deadly enemy of Heaven peak, will definitely be looked down upon again until they can't raise their heads. Although Jiang Liu's success cannot be separated from the ability of Heaven peak to support his training, it still can't be denied.

Once the story is told, everyone's interest disappears and they soon disperse.

You XiaoMo also bids goodbye to a few brothers before returning to his room. As for Jiang Liu, if Brother Yang didn't bring it up this time, he would have forgotten all about him. If Jiang Liu is really going to the Paradise realm, there is a chance they would bump into each other when the time comes.

Towards this fellow villager, You XiaoMo has very complex feelings.

At the start, he really did have the mindset to get along well with his fellow villager. But after a few interactions, he felt that, the differences between peaks do exist. Although he and Jiang Liu are fellow villagers, there is not much there between them. Also, they live in different circles so sooner or later, they would grow to be more like those around them. So after going through that episode in the library, You XiaoMo decided to not get close to Jiang Liu to avoid being caught in difficult situations.

As for Jiang Liu's speed in advancement, comparing it with his own speed makes him feel secretly delighted.

Although Jiang Liu will soon become a level three mage, he has already been a level three mage for a few months. Now he is working to become a level four mage. As for him having a Master that treats him especially well, he is not the least bit jealous. Because he has someone that treats him even better than the way Jiang Liu's master treats him ....... Ling Xiao.

Having this name jump out suddenly in his mind, You XiaoMo is immediately shocked, his eyes full of surprise.

He seems to already be more and more accepting of Ling Xiao's existence. Furthermore, every time something crops up or every time he thinks of something, every thought would lead to him. Looks like the one that really changed is himself .......