The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 152

Chapter 152
Flower thief

After that day, there is a significant change in the way You XiaoMo thinks.

This is the first time he seriously thinks about the relationship between him and Ling Xiao. At first, it was because he accidentally uncovered Ling Xiao's disguise, so they were bound together. After that, because of this and that, the relationship between him and Ling Xiao is no longer purely between the one being threatened and the one doing the threatening.

To call them partners, they are not the same as usual partners because what kind of partner would help the other partner find release and those kinds of ambiguous things. What more since they are both men.

So now, thinking back on it, he actually can't figure it out. What kind of relationship does he have with Ling Xiao? A relationship that is more than just partners?

He unconsciously thinks of the wicked and crafty smile on Ling Xiao's face when he grasped his little brother. You XiaoMo immediately sprays out blood all over his face from his imagination. The imagery is too vivid. Please allow him to recover from his blood loss before he can straighten out his thoughts.

With his thinking all sixes and sevens, You XiaoMo is unable to sleep at night. But then he also frequently doesn't sleep.

This night, You XiaoMo tosses and turns on the bed. He clearly wants to sleep but his mind is unable to calm down. His bright black eyes are open wide staring at the top of his bed. His mind is all jumbled up like knotted intestines. Two characters, Ling Xiao, shine and glitter in his mind. Other than these two characters, nothing else can be made out.

You XiaoMo crosses his legs and sticks one foot in the air. If he had a blade of grass, he may even hang it from his mouth to create the slovenly image of the wealthy second generation. It's a pity that he doesn't have the assets to be a member of the wealthy second generation.

But You XiaoMo still slowly draws out a relationship diagram in his mind.

Suppose that his relationship with Ling Xiao is one between servant and master. Because at the beginning he was indeed being controlled by Ling Xiao.

Later, because Ling Xiao found out about his secret, the relationship between them slowly started to evolve, no longer one of master and servant. Ling Xiao also doesn't seem to treat him as a slave or servant or the like, frequently running over to his side. Even helping to increase his strength, bringing him a volume of alchemical techniques to increase his soul force from who knows where, although at that time, his actions seem to indicate that he is doing it for his own benefit.

Later, when they went down the mountain together, because of the physiological phenomenon of a man's morning wood, they came into particularly close contact with each other.

At that time, his heart was very against it but .......

Thinking up to here, You XiaoMo suddenly lets out a half-hearted guilty laugh. Looks like he was against it in the beginning, but now, he seems to be half willing, half unwilling.

Fine ba. He admits that he has fallen.

Mutually helping each other, this matter, really has a very awesome feeling. On top of that, Ling Xiao would guide him from time to time. Now, he already isn't very resistant to two men doing these kinds of things.

Actually, he isn't stupid. He can see clearly on certain matters. It's just that his personality is like that. Every time he comes across something troublesome, he would unconsciously push it aside or ignore it altogether. This behavior can't be separated from his family from his previous life. But he doesn't think there is anything wrong with it. He likes to adapt to circumstances. He likes to live a peaceful life. He likes to peacefully and quietly ....... wait to die.

If he looks for justice every time something unfair happens, he feels that he would be trapped in suffering whether it is this life or the last. So, instead of tormenting himself, wouldn't it be better to be a little relaxed. He goes his way while the others can go and die ba!

So his purpose in life is to treasure life, cherish being alive, and stay far away from brainless people!

But these are the principles for his past life. For this life, he added one more clause. That is ------- to love life, love being alive, love gold coins, and stay far away from brainless people!

The above, is his ultimate realization for this lifetime!

But after today, he is suddenly not so certain. In his heart, he hesitates over adding another clause to the principles of his life, 'cling desperately to Ling Xiao's thigh'?

Just as he is having all kinds of wild thoughts, Ling Xiao's detestable smiling face seems to flash before his eyes. Clearly so fake. Why is it that he is the only one that can see it? He has always wondered. Can it be that his IQ is too high?

Just at this moment, You XiaoMo smells a faint fragrance .......

In the middle of the darkness, You XiaoMo's bright and shining eyes are like two extremely bright stars inlaid in the middle of the night sky. It's just that this type of appearance quickly disappears, the two eyes seem to lose their focus, turning hollow, seemingly soulless.

After a while, the tightly locked door somehow starts to creak *yi ya* softly. The moonlight stretches into the room quietly from the crack of the door, falling brightly on the floorboards. A black figure walks in silently.

The black figure walks without making any noise, lithely gliding past the screen. Very quickly, he sees You XiaoMo who is lying motionlessly on the bed, as if sleeping. The black figure pays no attention to him, checking all corners of the room, as if looking for something. But it seems he doesn't find what he is looking for so he once again sets his sights on You XiaoMo lying on the bed.

The wandering gaze of the black figure very quickly settles on the magic bag at You XiaoMo's waist. As if assuring himself that he wouldn't realize, the black figure simply takes of the magic bag at his waist.

Just as he is about to examine the contents inside the magic bag, the sound of something cutting across the air is heard. The speed is extremely fast. In an instant, it pierces through the window on the right side of the black figure.

The black figure is shocked. Because he reacts too slowly, his left hand that is holding the magic back is struck by a stone causing his left hand to go numb, dropping the magic bag onto the floor. The black figure is in no condition to pick it up, and immediately runs away from You XiaoMo's room.

The person hidden in the shadows doesn't seem to have any plans to give chase, letting him run away just like that.

After a few breaths, a white figure walks into the room through the wide open door. Quietly, he closes the door. Walking in he sees You XiaoMo lying on the bed, safe and sound. His eyes are still wide open but they are unfocussed.

The white figure sits down at the side of the bed. His five long and slender fingers stroke his face gently. After making sure that nothing is wrong, he lets out a rather imperceptible sigh. His line of sight shifts to the magic bag on the floor. Bending down, he picks it up but he doesn't check to see what is inside the magic bag. He simply fastens it back on You XiaoMo's waist.

"Stupid egg. Already so careful and you still get targeted. Looks like Earth peak is no longer a safe place."

The white figure's lips are slightly parted, as if talking to himself. However, his gaze is fixed on You XiaoMo's childish face who has now closed his eyes. This time if not because he detected someone touching the barrier he cloaked around You XiaoMo's room in the dead of night, he wouldn't have been able to get here so quickly.

The one who can cloak You XiaoMo's room with a barrier can only be Ling Xiao. Luckily that person did not intend to hurt You XiaoMo. But to take his magic bag, clearly the fact that some secret is hidden on You XiaoMo's body has already been discovered.

But Ling Xiao understands You XiaoMo's character very well. Although he is very stupid, he knows not to let others know about his assets. Then how did that black figure find out?

It's a pity that Ling Xiao is not together with You XiaoMo every day. So even with his heavenly capabilities, he doesn't know how that person found out. In order to avoid this kind of thing from happening again, Ling Xiao makes a decision.

The next day, You XiaoMo opens his eyes under the glare of dazzling rays of light.

What enters his eyes is not the top of his bed. Instead it is a solid expanse of someone's chest. The sound of heartbeats *dong dong dong* is transmitted, strong and forceful. Raising his head he sees the familiar face that he can even dream about in his dreams .......

You XiaoMo is stunned. He thinks that he must be dreaming early in the morning. He closes his eyes again but the sound of heartbeats can be heard next to his ear, beating rhythmically and unendingly. He shakes in surprise. A certain someone finally wakes up. His first reaction is to move backwards hastily. But he forgets that his bed is not that big, and tumbles down to the ground. His wide open terrified eyes reflect Ling Xiao's beaming face.

A few seconds later, You XiaoMo is sprawled on Ling Xiao, catching his breath.

He was really terrified. Last night, he was thinking of this person. And then this morning, he wakes up to see him. Really like seeing a ghost in broad daylight. But when did he climb onto his bed? Why doesn't he have any recollection of that?

After calming down, all sorts of doubts start to surface in his heart.

Last night, he was clearly thinking over something, feeling quite alright. But he seems to have fallen asleep all of a sudden?

"How did you end up on my bed?"

You XiaoMo raises his head and glares angrily at Ling Xiao. He feels like his brain is a piece of tape. Moving along until it hits a jam. Then everything that comes after is completely erased from his memory.

"You, don't remember?"

Ling Xiao suddenly looks hurt.

You XiaoMo's lips twitches fiercely. What kind of development is this ah? Why does he feel like a man and woman shared a room and the next day the woman is asking him to take responsibility?

But ....... he still unconsciously feels below his waist. As a result .......


Ling Xiao throws back his head and laughs out loud, his chest shaking endlessly. It's quite a while before he hugs his heads and swings him a few times, "Little brother, why is your reaction so cute ne!"

You XiaoMo, " ....... "

After waiting for him to stop laughing, You XiaoMo puts on a straight face and says, "You still haven't told me how you ended up on my bed."

Hateful fellow. Actually making fun of him again. Sure enough the good feelings he had for him last night is all an illusion.

Ling Xiao suddenly stops laughing and looks at him seriously while saying, "Little brother, do you know that last night you were almost plucked by a flower thief!"

You XiaoMo looks at him while opening and closing his mouth, " ....... "

flower thief - rapist
wealthy second generation - usually refers to dissolute rich kids wasting their parents' wealth
cling to someone's thighs - ride on someone's coattails