The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 153

Chapter 153

This fellow is really just trying to trick him ba?

You XiaoMo seriously doubts his words. But he has no way of explaining how he showed up in his bed with no rhyme or reason. Yesterday, he heard that Ling Xiao is busy and today he's here in front of him. He doesn't look the least bit like what he heard, so busy until his feet don't touch the ground.

You XiaoMo who has been fooled by him so many times finds himself not believing him ninety nine percent.

Flower thief and what not. Does he really think he is a three year old child? This is TianXin sect. Even though Earth peak's security may not be as tight as the library, what flower thief would purposely run to TianXin sect to pick flowers?

Unless he is complaining that his life is too long, before making up lies, he should first make a preliminary draft.

You XiaoMo criticizes him in his heart, looking at Ling Xiao with an expression that clearly says 'I don't believe your words'.

Ling Xiao pretends not to see it and beams while saying, "Seeing that flower thieves are showing up here, I have decided. I will find a time to move here to sleep together with you. That's how it is."

From head to tail, the person in question, You XiaoMo, has not uttered a single word and Ling Xiao already decided everything. This is clearly an affront to basic human rights as well as outright tyranny!

"No way!"

You XiaoMo can't restrain his anger. It's bad enough that Ling Xiao is always bullying him. Now he has to see him everyday? Wouldn't that mean he won't have any personal space? There is no way he wants that!

"As a considerate man, I value your opinion. Say which part is not alright? We can discuss it further."

Ling Xiao smiles as he speaks amiably, as if it is just as he says, that he is a considerate man.

Hearing his words, You XiaoMo feels that he is like a woman. Fine ba. Before even starting the 'negotiations' he is already at a disadvantage. This is definitely not good for the 'negotiations' so he has to find a way to turn the tables.

You XiaoMo thinks deeply for a bit and then says with a serious expression, "Since you value my opinion, I'll say it. I feel it won't do. Your status now is the Grand disciple of TianXin sect. If people find out that you are running here to sleep in the middle of the night, what would they think of us? Wouldn't my reputation be ruined by you?"

Ling Xiao looks at him curiously, "Little brother, you have a reputation that can be ruined?"

You XiaoMo pouts. In reality, he doubts is he has any reputation left to ruin. After all, with so many things happening, the people of TianXin sect have long ago considered him as Ling Xiao's. Even the Yellow River cannot wash away the filth on his body.

But he ultimately believes that 'what is clear will be cleared, what is muddy will remain muddy', so he doesn't want his reputation to be ruined any further. He still wants to wash it white ne!

"Little brother ah!"

Ling Xiao suddenly heaves an exaggerated emotional sigh. When he looks over, he uses an aggrieved tone to say, "Do you not believe my words?"

"It would be strange if I do."

You XiaoMo sees he is changing the topic so he doesn't laugh *ha ha* along with him.

Ling Xiao immediately gives him a 'I knew it would be like this' expression, "Don't tell me that in your heart, I am that kind of person that would run over here to sleep with you with no rhyme or reason?"

The corner of You XiaoMo's eye twitches suddenly. These words ....... why do they sound so suggestive? But he still nods his head, "Yes!"

Ling Xiao is silent for a bit, "I admit, there are special circumstances sometimes, but you also know that I have been very busy recently. Otherwise, I wouldn't have not come to see you for over a month. In this situation, why would I come running over for no reason? Even if I want to come over, I would choose to come when you haven't gone to sleep, right?"

You XiaoMo freezes for a moment. Seems like, there is really some truth to that.

He thinks back for a bit. Ling Xiao doesn't seem to have ever appeared when he is sleeping. Most of the time, he seems to know before hand, always skipping over the times when he is asleep. It must be said that he sometimes sleeps during the day.

But, to convince him that there really is a flower thief is impossible!

Seeing that he still doesn't believe, he simply uses his killer mace, "Little brother, if you still don't believe, go take a look at the side of the window. Do you not see a hole the size of an index finger?"

You XiaoMo glances at him doubtfully, walking over while feeling uncertain. Sure enough he finds a hole at the window. The hole is about the size of an index finger. But the hole is not in the paper of the window but rather on the window frame.

Although a part of his memory from last night is gone, he still remembers that the hole was not there last night when he closed the window. Furthermore, only a cultivator can create such an even hole. That is to say, there is a possibility that someone broke into his room last night.

Thinking like this, You XiaoMo believes Ling Xiao seventy percent. But what he doesn't know is that the flower thief is currently right in front of him.

Ling Xiao can tell from a glance what he is thinking, so he immediately presses on, "Little brother, do you still remember that I left a barrier outside your room ba? Last night, I felt that someone touched it so I rushed here as fast as I could. Otherwise ....... "

Saying the last bit, he purposely concentrates his gaze on his body.

You XiaoMo instantly feels his hairs stand on end, his face turning deathly pale, "But ....... isn't this TianXin sect ah?"

He already believes Ling Xiao's words. It's just that his heart is unwilling to believe that this kind of thing can happen. What more, happen to his body. A man's chastity can also be in danger?

The corner of Ling Xiao's lips lifts up as he smiles, "How do you know that the flower thief isn't someone from TianXin sect?"

You XiaoMo immediately stutters, unable to form any words.

In the end, You XiaoMo is fooled by Ling Xiao successfully. Although it is not a flower thief, that person really has his eyes on him. Furthermore, that person is most probably someone from TianXin sect.

Ling Xiao doesn't tell him because he has other plans. But he warns him not to place valuable things or things that should not be seen by others in his magic bag.

You XiaoMo doesn't realize anything. He only tells him not to worry. He himself knows that he must be careful. After all, there are too many secrets on his body. So, all along, he has only put magic herbs he got from the Hall of Enchanted Herbs or the magic pills refined from those magic herbs inside his magic bag. They are all very ordinary things. Even if the magic bag gets lost, it's not that big of a deal.

After listening to his words, Ling Xiao is more and more convinced of his intuition.

Because Ling Xiao came over secretly, he doesn't stay too long. A while later, he goes back to WuShuang mountain.

As soon as he leaves, You XiaoMo starts to feel out of sorts. He feels that the things that happened today and last night were very bizarre. Although he knows that Ling Xiao is very capable of convincing someone that what is black is white, he still chooses to believe him.

There is a saying in his hometown. It goes 'better to believe the worst, and be pleasantly surprised, than to be optimistic and learn the worst'!

After that strange night, You XiaoMo's daily life returns back to normal.

With the opening of the Paradise realm drawing near, all over TianXin sect, there is more and more tension in the air. Earth peak is no exception. But after not too long, something happens that breaks this atmosphere.

That is the day when Heaven peak master's disciple, Jiang Liu, has a breakthrough.

In the very short span of under a year, Jiang Liu leaps from a level one mage to a level three mage. Although he is still a low level mage, but throughout the whole TianXin sect, and even QingCheng sect and other major sects, where can you find such a genius that can advance two consecutive levels within a year?

The answer is nowhere!

Furthermore, Jiang Liu took a little over four months to go from level one mage to level two mage. And then from level two to level three, he also only took a little over four months.

As everyone knows, the higher the mage level, the harder it is to advance.

Therefore, since he is able to become a level three mage within the same timeframe, this is undeniably Heaven peak's record and glory!

As soon as this news spreads, the whole TianXin sect, top and bottom, are all shocked.

Becoming a level three mage in three months, is undeniably a genius of geniuses. Even those who were praised as geniuses before from the three major peaks were never this amazing.

Jiang Liu becomes unbelievably famous. His fame surpasses the number one dark position on the billboard charts, You XiaoMo. For a time, there is no longer talk of You XiaoMo. Instead, more and more people are talking about Jiang Liu.

You XiaoMo hears the neighboring Brother Yang Yi say that Jiang Liu is now very cocky since everyone in TianXin sect is treating him as precious treasure. He is even acclaimed as TianXin sect's most outstanding and most excellent disciple in a hundred years. His fame is unequalled.

When Yang Yi says these words, his tone is so sour that You XiaoMo's teeth turns soft just from listening to him. But in reaction to this information, his only response is to laugh *he he*, with no further comments.

Yang Yi assumes that he is speechless because he is jealous, because he himself is feeling jealousy, envy, and hate.

Ever since the news about Jiang Liu got out, every time Heaven peak disciples come across Earth peak disciples, the attitude would be so exaggerated that it would flip the heavens. With toes lifted high and haughty manners, it gives them an itchy feeling in their teeth from hate.

If not for their heads telling them they can't be rash, they would have definitely punched their front teeth to a pulp.

Just three days after the news broke, You XiaoMo only has to step outside and his ears would receive news about Jiang Liu. This person who used to give him the feeling of the boy next door now has an even higher status than Tang YunQi in Heaven peak.

Thinking of this, he can't help remembering that time in WuShuang mountain when Jiang Liu was threatened by Tang YunQi. Now that he is favored by the Master of the Peak, it won't be easy for Tang YunQi to bully him anymore.

After a few more days, the winds of public discussion finally change direction again.

Because the news about the exact opening of the Paradise realm is out.