The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 154

Chapter 154
Set out.

Although Earth peak only has five designated spots, everyone in Earth peak, top and bottom, are all very happy.

You XiaoMo only hears about the five chosen people yesterday from Brother Yang. Elder brother and Second brother were decided a long time ago. So there are only three remaining spots. Two of them are disciples from Earth peak's other Elders. The person chosen for the last spot is someone You XiaoMo did not expect. It's Sixth brother, Mao Can.

After that, after asking around, he finds out why it is.

At first, to appear fair, Kong Wen only gave each Elder one spot. Because if he gives an extra spot to either of them, the other one won't be happy. So Kong Wen simply gives that spot to Zhao Zhen.

Zhao Zhen has been in charge of the Hall of Enchanted Herbs for many years. His contribution to Earth peak is also quite significant. Giving him the spot is only right. After hearing this, the two Elders no longer make a fuss.

But this was only decided by Kong Wen and company the day before. Zhao DaZhou also only found out about it yesterday.

As for why You XiaoMo knows that Zhao DaZhou doesn't know, it's because last night Zhao DaZhou came looking for him. Knowing that his dad has a spot, the first one he thinks of is him. He indicated that he can ask his dad to give the spot to him.

Regarding this, You XiaoMo doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. He really doesn't understand why Zhao DaZhou is so eager to give the spot to him. But he really can't accept it. Put aside that Ling Xiao already secured a spot for him. If Uncle Zhao really gives the spot to him, Kong Wen is bound to get offended. He can't be part of that.

You XiaoMo can't help asking, "Fifth brother, why do you insist on giving me the spot?"

Zhao DaZhou is momentarily taken aback. Without any warning, his face turns red. It's a while before he mumbles softly, "Isn't there a saying that one should not let one's own fertile waters flow into the fields of others? That ....... actually I also have my reasons."

You XiaoMo is stunned. He simply never thought that this could be the reason. But hearing the words he adds on at the end, he knows that this Fifth brother is being awkward again. Can it be that he is afraid that he would object?

"Fine ba, what is your reason?"

He relents and asks.

Zhao DaZhou rolls his eyes here and there while saying, "You also know that my dad has always been worried about my safety. If I can form a bond with a magic beast, the old man would be able to stop worrying. So, I was thinking, if you chance upon a magic beast in the Paradise realm, maybe you can help me get one to the best of your ability bei. Whatever level is not important to me."

As he finishes speaking, his eyes start to be evasive.

At first, this wasn't his intention. He purely had a stroke of inspiration making up an excuse for You XiaoMo. But what he said is not entirely an excuse. In reality, he really does want a magic beast.

It's just that once he finishes speaking, he himself starts to feel embarrassed so he added that the level doesn't matter. What he doesn't know is that his words sparks an idea in You XiaoMo.

In the end, You XiaoMo still doesn't accept his good intentions. He doesn't want to make it difficult for Uncle Zhao. Seeing his resolve, Zhao DaZhou doesn't say anything anymore.

That night, after sending off Zhao DaZhou, You XiaoMo starts to pack his things.

Although Ling Xiao said that he would move in with him a few days ago, he didn't carry it out immediately. You XiaoMo can also roughly guess the reason why. He must be too busy. But this suits him just fine.

But not long after Zhao DaZhou leaves, Ling Xiao also came to see him. The reason is precisely to talk about the opening of the Paradise realm. He told him that he already made the necessary preparations. He asked him to pack up his things and then go to the foot of Earth peak this afternoon and wait for him. When the time comes, he would go pick him up.

Because the opening of the Paradise realm is close at hand, in order to arrive beforehand, TianXin sect and the other sects would set out two days before. So the date to set out is set for this afternoon. They would most probably arrive the morning after tomorrow, if nothing unexpected happens.

When You XiaoMo is making his preparations, other people are also making theirs.

You XiaoMo hears that the one leading the Earth peak disciples this time is Kong Wen. But because Kong Wen is a level eight mage with half a foot inside the level nine domain, he is also subject to the restrictions, like for martial artists.

Speaking about Paradise realm's restrictions for mages, You XiaoMo only found out about it after asking Ling Xiao. Before, he only knows that the Paradise realm has entry restrictions for martial artists. The universal restriction is Star level and below. So Celestial level and above are all banned from entering. But the restriction is also similarly effective against mages.

Mages are the same as martial artists. Divided into twelve levels. Star level corresponds to a level six mage. Kong Wen is a level eight mage so he can't enter. Hence, he can only bring the disciples until outside Paradise realm.

This is undoubtedly good news to You XiaoMo. Because he doesn't want to bump into Kong Wen inside the Paradise realm. If that happens, it would be very awkward for him.

After that, You XiaoMo calmly waits for the time to set out. But he is worried that he would miss it so he doesn't dare to refine magic pills. Because once he starts to refine magic pills, he would easily lose sense of time. He doesn't want most of the group to have left before he realizes that he himself has been left behind.

But he clearly forgot one thing. If he can't find him, Ling Xiao would certainly come up to look for him.

There is still half an hour to go. It's time for the people to assemble.

You XiaoMo opens the room door. It's very quiet all around. After making sure there is no one around, he tiptoes away quietly.

Not long before, Brother Yang came to find him. At that time he wanted to ask him to go together to join in the fun. But he was refused by You XiaoMo because he wants to go to the foot of the mountain to wait for Ling Xiao. But he doesn't want others to know so he can only do it in secret. Yang Yi also doesn't think much about it. Seeing that he doesn't want to go, he leaves with the other disciples.

The foot of Earth peak is not far away, approximately a five minute walk.

You XiaoMo has only been waiting for two minutes before Ling Xiao appears behind him. He almost punched him in shock. Actually, he really wants to do it but after considering the consequences, he restrains himself.

"Little brother, you're so punctual."

Ling Xiao hugs his waist from behind and buries his head in his neck. He rubs his face on him as his voice is rather languid.

You XiaoMo rolls his eyes at him. I'm not you. Do you think everyone is like you?

"Elder brother Ling, are we going straight or are we going to join everyone else?"

You XiaoMo asks. The everyone else he is talking about is obviously the Warrior division and the mage division. The combat ability of mages is very weak. So they would definitely set out together with the Warrior division.

"No need. I made an excuse to let them go set out without waiting for me. After that, 'Junior brother Zhou' and I will make our way there."

Ling Xiao says. This is what he told You XiaoMo he would do beforehand. As long as you strike first to gain the advantage, when the time comes, even if Tang Fan objects to him bringing You XiaoMo in with him, it would be too late.

You XiaoMo knows that the "Junior brother Zhou' he speaks of is himself. Although it has all been arranged, he still feels that it is not quite right. He can't help from feeling troubled, saying, "Is it fine to do it like this?"

Ling Xiao knows what he is referring to. He laughs, "Don't worry. Zhou Peng himself agreed. Furthermore I already agreed to find a magic beast with high combat ability for him."

Zhou Peng is actually quite a good person. No matter what he says, he would agree without hesitation although he is curious as to why he wants to treat You XiaoMo so well. But, the moment he hears that he wants to bring You XiaoMo to the Paradise realm, he immediately gave him his spot. Although his loyalty is to Lin Xiao, and not him, but because he is loyal to Lin Xiao, he doesn't mind helping him increase his strength.

"As for Tang Fan, I've already figured out how to deal with it."

Ling Xiao's lips curve up in a gentle smile mixed with a hint of evil. That hint of evil wipes away the assuring look from his face, leaving him looking even more dangerous.

He knows that Tang Fan would definitely object to him bringing You XiaoMo into the Paradise realm. It may even cause him to dislike him. But so what. He has already found the person he wants to find. By the time the matter with Paradise realm is over, he may have already brought You XiaoMo away with him.

Ling Xiao speaks as if he has a well thought out plan so You XiaoMo pouts a few times wordlessly.

A while later, the both of them reach the foot of TianXin sect. Tang Fan already set out with the whole group of people.

All the larger winged birds were already taken away by them. Only the smaller ones are left. Most of them can only seat three. Ling Xiao asks Steward Li to give them a winged bird that can seat three. In no time, the winged bird carrying them soars up to the skies.

Steward Li on the ground shows a puzzled look. The Grand Master clearly told him that it would be the third generation disciples Lin Xiao and Zhou Peng. How did it change to Lin Xiao and Earth peak's You XiaoMo?

Steward Li can't make any sense of it after thinking it over a hundred times. Too bad no one gives him the answer.

The speed of the winged bird is very fast. The swift figure weaves through the clouds. Only a vast expanse of whiteness lies in front of them as the wind whistles past their ears.

Luckily it's not winter. Otherwise, the ice cold wind whipping past his face would be very painful. But You XiaoMo is still not too used to the speed of the winged birds. Every time he takes one, he has to cover his face. With his half-closed eyes he looks over at Ling Xiao beside him with jealousy, envy, and hate.

Ling Xiao is elegantly yet languidly leaning back on the chair with his long and slender legs hanging over the front seat. His laidback appearance really makes a certain person jealous.

You XiaoMo finally understands why he chose a winged bird that can seat three. Looks like this is the reason. How hateful. He also wants to do that!

As if sensing the resentment coming from a certain someone, Ling Xiao tilts his head to look at You XiaoMo. He points to the empty space in his arms, raising the corner of lips while saying, "Little brother, do you want to sit here?"

You XiaoMo imagines for a moment how it would look like if he sits there. His face immediately turns red. Wouldn't that mean he would be straddling Ling Xiao? He glares at him in anger and shame, tearing his head open, "Don't want!"

"Really don't want? My arms are very comfortable oh."

Ling Xiao persists, getting up halfway to lean towards his ear. His ambiguous breath teasing his sensitive earlobe. Then he looks with satisfaction as his ears turn bright red and spreads to his cheeks and neck.

"I said I don't want means I don't want."

You XiaoMo is shamed to anger, pushing him away.

After being pushed away, Ling Xiao doesn't insist. Instead he smiles like a cat that caught a fish and leans back on the chair. He says leisurely, "Little brother, I know you are very shy. It's alright. My arms are forever open wide for you. You can throw yourselves in my arms any time you want."

You XiaoMo bares his teeth with lips drawn. He won't ever throw himself in his arms of his own accord.

Ling Xiao seems to be able to understand the look in his eyes. But he only smiles without saying anything. There is nothing absolute in this word. As the saying goes, where there's a will, there's a way ah!

As a result, the minute night falls, You XiaoMo shrinks into Ling Xiao's arms of his own accord. It can't be helped, this person is rather afraid of the cold. Although there are clothes in his magic bag, the thin flimsy things are simply unable to ward off the cold air of the night. It's not as effective as Ling Xiao, this magnificent wall of flesh.

As for Ling Xiao, this is his long awaited moment. He confidently hugs the person as if it is his right. Saying that it's to keep him warm, he rubs him once over all over his body, not forgetting his little brother. Or it should be said, paying most attention to the little brother. As a result, You XiaoMo passes the night feeling hot and bothered, seriously overheated.

The next day, he wakes up in Ling Xiao's arms. His first reaction is to hit him. When he covers his chest, he uses the opportunity to run into his dimension to take a bath.

Ling Xiao didn't take off his clothes when he played with him last night because he was afraid that he would catch a cold from the cold air. As a result, he released inside his clothes. When he woke up this morning, his whole body was feeling uncomfortable.

The second night, Ling Xiao is still planning on using the same old trick. But You XiaoMo doesn't give him the chance because he realizes that what he did last night was stupid. Clearly he can hide inside his dimension and not subject himself to this kind of torture. He only has to make sure he doesn't use his soul to move his dimension and he would be able to come back out on the winged bird.

So, Ling Xiao spends a very desolate night all alone with the *se se* rustling wind.

The next day, You XiaoMo comes out to see Ling Xiao beaming at him. That handsome face shows no sign of resentment from being left in the cold. Instead, there is an unfathomable hint of excitement. Rays of light are coming out of the eyes looking at him making his scalp feel numb. He thinks of a ravenous wolf that has caught sight of its prey. Why is it so terrifying!

Then, as his heart is seized with terror and trembling in fear, the winged bird reaches its destination.