The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 155

Chapter 155
Ten thousand python demon plain.

Although the Paradise realm is called the Paradise realm, the place where it is located is a hundred percent dangerous.

Because the Paradise realm is located in the Ten thousand python demon plain. It is said that other than the Doomsday Forest, it is the second most dangerous place. Inside, there is the old nest of pythons. The whole demon plain is occupied by thousands and ten thousands of evil heavenly pythons. The strongest ones are level nine, equivalent to Celestial level fighters.

Because it is so, every time the Paradise realm opens, Tang Fan will lead the way, just like fifty years ago. QingCheng sect and XingLuo group are also like that. Unless there is a Emperor level and above practitioner present, only then will that level nine evil heavenly python of the Ten thousand python demon plain not dare to appear.

You XiaoMo stands on top of the winged bird. He looks into the distance at the Ten thousand python demon plain, and gets a huge shock.

The whole Ten thousand python demon plain's terrain is like an exceptional in heaven and earth colossal python. Its serpentine form is entrenched in the middle, from East to West, cutting of mankind from the Ten thousand python demon plain. In the middle of the majestic mountain range, bursts of grey smoke rise up continuously, much like the grey smoke that fills the air before a volcano erupts.

Behind this mountain range is the territory of the evil heavenly python, and that's the only magic beast found there. All other magic beasts don't dare to step into there because they will be poisoned to death by the grey smoke without the need for the evil heavenly python to make an appearance.

But the strange thing is that the grey smoke that rises up from the mountain range has never spread out of the Ten thousand python demon plain. That is to say, as long as practitioners don't enter into the demon plain on their own, even if they stand on the edge of the Ten thousand python demon plain, they would not be poisoned by the grey smoke.

So, when You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao arrive, they see a group of people assembled at the edge of the Ten thousand python demon plain.

Among the group of people, there is a group of people that You XiaoMo is familiar with. They are those that came over earlier, Tang Fan and his group of people.

With this glance, You XiaoMo realizes that the number of spots TianXin sect has is forty to fifty people. Subtracting the ten or so mages, there are thirty over from the Warrior division. A huge group of people standing there, extremely eye-catching, especially Tang Fan.

He is the Emperor level practitioner who attracts the gazes of ten thousand eyes. The moment he appears, he would attract everyone's attention. Quite a few people go up to him one after another to give their greetings and make small talk.

Other than TianXin sect, there are also the two big forces QingCheng sect and XingLuo group.

Of the people from QingCheng sect, You XiaoMo only recognizes one of them. The one wearing a resplendent fluttering blue robe with silvery white silk thread embroidery glittering like crystals on the robe. Dazzling rays restraining the shadows. Setting off the man, making him appear like a cool and crisp spring. Add to that his handsome features. Just by standing, he creates a beautiful scene no matter where he is, attracting the gazes of all the women, making them linger on his body as two pink dots slowly rise up their cheeks.

This man is none other than QingCheng sect's Luo ShuHe, the talented man of the hour.

Even though Luo ShuHe is very outstanding, the middle aged man standing next to him is by no means inferior.

You XiaoMo guesses that this middle aged man should be Luo ChengYuan. The one that stole TianXin sect's level nine magic pill formula, QingCheng sect's Grand Master. Although he looks like an outstanding man, it's a pity that he's also a treacherous and deceitful man.

As for the QingCheng sect disciples and Elders he leads, they are about the same number as those from TianXin sect. This battle array is not something that can be discounted.

But when compared to these two major sects, XingLuo group clearly lacks presence.

The small number of disciples who are not wearing grey cloaks all have somewhat pale faces, most probably a result of the techniques they practice. The others are all covered top to bottom, wrapped up in grey cloaks, as if they are trying to look mysterious.

Although it was the same thing the last time, this time, the most important one leading the way is missing, the Emperor level group leader of XingLuo group, ShenTu Dao. Rumor is that he is in seclusion, unable to come out for the moment. Therefore two Elders are taking his place, one of which is coincidentally someone You XiaoMo recognizes.

It's the one who participated in the auction at the Pavilion of ten thousand treasures, XingLuo group's representative, Ding Shi, with a Seven star Celestial level cultivation. This strength level is clearly insufficient to make an impression so XingLuo group also sent another Elder, Xiang PengTian, with a Six star Spiritual level cultivation.

Although it's not an Imperial level practitioner, a Six Star Spiritual level cultivation is enough to become an overlord. So no one dares to look down on XingLuo group, especially XiaoYao group, JiLe tower, and Xue Sha clan.

What surprises You XiaoMo is that these three forces also make an appearance.

But as they are second class forces, the number of slots they get is not much. Other than them, there are also independent practitioners.

Independent practitioners are those that are not part of any force. Although they have freedom to do as they wish, they can only depend on themselves on this road of cultivation. Things such as cultivation techniques, level promoting magic pills, magic herbs, they have to rely on themselves to procure all these.

Because it is like this, murder and robbery is a very common occurrence. Furthermore, without the protection of a group, if they accidentally offend some force, they would most probably end up dead.

However, the number of independent practitioners cannot be discounted.

The number of practitioners in Long Xiao continent is in the thousands of ten thousands. Not every one of them are part of some force. For one, those forces are unlikely to accept just anyone. Second, the threshold for entry is high, only accepting the ones with good innate talent. But this doesn't mean that there aren't any independent practitioners with good innate talent. There are some with good innate talent who are not willing to enter into the major sects.

So, in order to prevent the independent practitioners from rioting resentfully, TianXin sect and the other two major sects will give the independent practitioners ten slots every time the Paradise realm opens. Who those slots belong to, is up to themselves to decide.

Ling Xiao pats the dazed You XiaoMo, signaling to him that the winged bird is about to descend.

You XiaoMo immediately clutches one of Ling Xiao's arms. He doesn't want a tragic scene to occur when the winged bird descends. Not only would he lose face in front of his fellow disciples, it would be in front of all the practitioners.

The winged bird lets out a delighted and shrill call at Ling Xiao's signal. The shrill cry of the winged bird immediately attracts the attention of everyone below. Just when everyone raises their heads, the winged bird is already diving straight down. A burst of strong wind rises causing a few people to close their eyes. By the time they open their eyes again, a four to five meter high winged bird is in front of their eyes, with two people standing on its back.

Taking a clearer look, one of them is surprisingly the genius who shares the same level of fame with Luo ShuHe, 'Lin Xiao'.

He's different from the cool and crisp Luo ShuHe. Ling Xiao is dressed in a set of snow white gold silk robes, fluttering in the wind. His ink black long hair dances elegantly looking rather otherworldly. Like before, a slight gentle smile hangs on the corner of his lips making him appear even more scholarly and refined. The sculpted contours of his handsome face also gives people a sense of security.

Maybe because the momentum of his appearance is too strong, everyone looks over expectantly. Ling Xiao takes a step with his silver brocade boots and then he simply picks up the one by his side, You XiaoMo, and jumps down.

His actions are swift and smooth. Only after they are firmly on the ground does everyone's attention shift to the one being carried by Ling Xiao in his arms, stunning each and every one of them.

Which person can actually be carried down by TianXin sect's most outstanding talent 'Lin Xiao'? This isn't an honor that is granted easily. It must be said that the number of women who wish to be carried in Lin Xiao's arms may be enough to wind a few rounds around the Ten thousand python demon plain.

But when they take a clearer look, they find out that the one he is carrying is actually a babyish youth. The youth's face is bright red. When they land on the ground, he anxiously jumps out from 'Lin Xiao's' body. Maybe because he was too hurried, when he jumped down, he twists one of his ankles. Luckily 'Lin Xiao' pulls him up in time.

'Lin Xiao' has a doting look in his eyes as he smiles gently while saying, "Little brother, are you OK?"

You XiaoMo glares at him angrily. This fellow is definitely doing it on purpose. But ....... under everyone's attention, he doesn't dare to do anything out of the ordinary so he can only reply in a soft voice, "I'm fine."

Silence all around .......

As everyone is speculating over their relationship, TianXin sect is unimaginably quiet.

Earlier, when the winged bird made its appearance, the people from TianXin sect already noticed that it is one of theirs. So they instantly guessed that the ones on top would be 'Lin Xiao' and Zhou Peng.

Just as Tang YunQi and company walk over happily to greet them, the one at Ling Xiao's side who should have been Zhou Peng turns out to be the one they dislike the most, You XiaoMo. Tang YunQi and company are so stunned that they can't say a word.

Tang Fan also realizes it. His unreadable expression darkens. This is the first time he is showing a displeased expression in front of others. But who would not be displeased when they discover that they have been tricked by their own disciple. There is no way someone as shrewd as him won't be able to guess why this Grand disciple of his wanted them to leave first. Looks like this is the reason.

Truthfully speaking, Tang Fan is more and more disappointed with the performance of this Grand disciple.

At first, he only thought that he was fascinated with something novel, so he was getting close to You XiaoMo. But with how the actions he takes on behalf of You XiaoMo getting more and more over the top, Tang Fan realizes that something is not right.

If it's just for the sake of novelty, why would he go against his wishes again and again, actually becoming enemies with the other Elders for his sake? Furthermore, ever since the huge change in his character, his actions and conduct are becoming more and more brazen. If it wasn't because he is absolutely sure that he is undeniably his Grand disciple, he would have suspected that he was sent by the demons to be a secret agent.

But, now his actions are becoming more and more outrageous. For the sake of a puny little mage, he actually dares to deceive his own Master. This is already a serious blow to his bottom line.

A thunderstorm brews in Tang Fan's eyes. But it is only for a moment. Now is definitely not the time to pursue this matter. Furthermore, if he were to say it out, TianXin sect will be the subject of ridicule. Also, 'Lin Xiao' is really a rare genius. If they were to lose him, it would not be a light blow to TianXin sect.

Tang YunQi walks over to her father and hugs his arm while saying in an aggrieved tone, "Father, Brother Xiao brought that slut again. This time you must definitely reprimand Brother Xiao."

Tang Fan says in a deep voice, "Young Qi, you are my, Tang Fan's, daughter. You shouldn't say slut so easily. If others hear it, they would think that I, Tang Fan, is someone that doesn't know how to teach his daughter properly, an unrefined person."

Tang YunQi seems to be frightened by his displeased tone. She lowers her head and says hesitantly, "Yes, daughter understands."

When she says these words, a look of resentment flashes past her eyes as she looks at You XiaoMo with eyes full of hate.

On that side, Ling Xiao also brings You XiaoMo over.

Ling Xiao still has his smiling face on. Even though he can see that Tang Fan's old face is showing an unhappy expression, he maintains his composure as he walks over and says, "Master, I'm here."

Hearing these words, Tang Fan's face turns one shade darker, "You're not planning on giving me an explanation?"

Ling Xiao freezes, as if he just realizes what he is talking about. He puts on an act and slaps himself on the forehead, laughing as he says, "I apologize to Master. Because of the excitement of seeing everyone, I almost forgot."

Saying this, he simply pulls You XiaoMo to the front.

You XiaoMo glances at Tang Fan awkwardly. His expression causes his heart to shiver. He firmly suppresses the urge to hide behind Ling Xiao's body. Speaking reverently, he says "Greetings to Grand Master!"

"Master, this is Junior brother You whom you've met before at WuShuang mountain. Originally, I was preparing to bring Junior brother Zhou together with me but unexpectedly, when we were about to set out, Junior brother Zhou experienced some trouble so he couldn't leave. Coincidentally, Disciple came across Junior brother You. In order to avoid being late, Junior brother Zhou also agreed to give his slot to Junior brother You. So Disciple could only bring him along to make up the numbers."

The corner of Ling Xiao's mouth holds a slight smile as he speaks. His tone is casual,at a moderate pace, as if he is talking about something unimportant.

His smug expression causes Tang Fan's face to tighten but as the Grand Master of TianXin sect, he has long ago learned to control his expressions, bringing it to the point of perfection. Those standing nearby definitely can't tell what he is thinking.

After a while, a slight smile barely appears on Tang Fan's serious face, "Since your Younger brother Zhou also agrees, Master won't say anything more. But since you are the one who brought him here, you will have to take good care of him. Alright, his Master is also here. Bring him over there ba."

"Yes Master!"

Ling Xiao smiles as he cups his hands.

Looking at the back of Ling Xiao bringing that person over to Kong Wen, Tang Fan narrows his eyes slightly. It is unclear what kind of emotions are brewing in those black eyes, on the brink of spilling over.

Seeing that her father is actually letting off You XiaoMo so easily, Tang YunQi feels even more resentment in her heart. She clenches her fists tightly, not even aware that her fingernails are sinking into her palms.

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