The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 157

Chapter 157
Excretion spot.

The bloody event ten thousand years ago and the strengthening of magic beasts have deterred the practitioners from wantonly launching a massacre on them again.

This is also why practitioners extremely covet the powers of the magic beasts. However, very few practitioners are able to bond strong magic beasts. The higher the level of the magic beast, the stronger their communal bond with their own kind. They are no longer targets that can be casually hunted down and killed by practitioners.

However, the appearance of the Master of magic beasts didn't affect the process of natural selection. The way of this world has always been - the weak are meat, the strong do eat.

The Master of magic beasts only gave them the ability to get stronger but that didn't change the antagonistic stand between the practitioners and the magic beasts, so the killing continued. However, it's no longer a one-sided affair like ten thousand years ago.

But from that moment on, the Master of the magic beasts disappeared. He appeared again five thousand years ago and hasn't appeared since. Some people say that the Master of magic beasts left Long Xiao continent. Some people say that he is in deep sleep. Other people say that he is in some corner of Long Xiao continent .......

But whatever the case, to the magic beasts, the Master of magic beasts is their savior, their master, simply a legend among the magic beast population.

You XiaoMo is stunned to learn that there is this kind of history between magic beasts and practitioners ten thousand years ago.

No wonder he hasn't seen those bonded magic beasts in TianXin sect. If it's ordinary magic beasts, neither martial artists nor mages are willing to waste their limited slots on them. As for high level magic beasts, it is not easy to come across them. Being choosy here and there, there are very few who can actually bond with a magic beast.

As for the Ten thousand python demon plain, admittedly the threat of the Master of magic beasts is still felt. However, the Master of magic beasts has not appeared for a few thousand years. Who knows if he has already left Long Xiao continent. So the threat is much less than before.

However, there are other reasons why those sects have not moved against the Ten thousand python demon plain.

The Ten thousand python demon plain is enveloped year round in a layer of gray poisonous gas. This layer of poisonous gas is excreted by over ten thousand Evil heavenly pythons. It can easily cut through the defenses of practitioners who are Celestial level and below.

So, unless those sects are willing to sacrifice a large number of their disciples, they won't make a move against the Ten thousand python demon plain. Furthermore, the overlord of the Ten thousand python demon plain is already a level nine Evil heavenly python that can shapeshift into a human with eight senior generals under his command. This level of power is sufficient for them to stand at the same level as sects like TianXin sect.

On top of that, there is the advantageous terrain of the Ten thousand python demon plain. Probably, even before an Evil heavenly python is found, many of the practitioners be wounded or dead.

You XiaoMo motions secretly to Ling Xiao. Taking advantage of the time when the two Brothers are talking with each other, he whispers to Ling Xiao, "Elder brother Ling, since that Master of magic beasts is so awesome, do you think he could be the owner of the Paradise realm? If we go in like this, will we infuriate him?"

Ling Xiao, who was looking at the scenery with a satisfied expression shifts his gaze subtly to the expectant You XiaoMo. An enigmatic smile escapes from the corner of his mouth, "Probably not."

"Why not?"

You XiaoMo asks in reply.

Ling Xiao's eyes shine as he gazes at him, beaming while he says, "That Master of magic beasts actually frightened all the practitioners of Long Xiao continent. Clearly no one is a match for him. Naturally, there isn't a practitioner who can injure him, so he should still be alive. As for the owner of the Paradise realm, he is a powerful person from ten thousand years ago or even earlier. He is now long dead that even the remnants of his soul is no longer here. How could it be him?"

You XiaoMo ponders for a bit and feels that Ling Xiao is right. No matter how you look at it, that Master of magic beasts appeared suddenly. Most probably not someone from Long Xiao continent. Therefore the timeline doesn't match.

"Little brother, actually the existence of the Ten thousand python demon plain is more complicated than what you imagine."

Ling Xiao suddenly bends over and says this sentence next to his ear.

You XiaoMo raises his head and catches sight of the smile that is still on his face. However, it is no longer the casual smile from before. Instead it is clearly one of despise and contempt. The look in his eyes is like one looking at fleas. All of a sudden, You XiaoMo is puzzled.

In reality, the reason why the three forces didn't make a move is because of the balance in power. TianXin sect, Qing Cheng sect, and XingLuo group, form a balance of power in the Southern part of Long Xiao continent. If anyone of them drops in strength, it would be gobbled up by one of the other two powers.

Let's say TianXin sect and Qing Cheng sect have a strong interest in the Ten thousand python demon plain. They can join hands against that Evil heavenly python. But, as everyone knows, the defense of a high level Evil heavenly python is extraordinary. If you want to kill it off, you must pay an enormous price. This way, they would definitely be injured. Without the threat of an Imperial level fighter, the balance of power would be broken. XingLuo group would very likely make a move on them.

So, as long as one of the three powers is reluctant to make a move, the other two would also definitely not make a move. They can only stare wide-eyed at that piece of fatty meat, the Ten thousand python demon plain, as it gets fatter and fatter while they are unable to make a move.

"Elder brother Ling, so do you think that the Master of magic beasts is still around?"

The relationships between these forces are extremely complicated. You XiaoMo is not interested in figuring it out. What interests him is that Master of magic beasts.

Ling Xiao lowers his head and looks at him, laughing lightly while saying, "Of course he's still around."

You XiaoMo's eyeballs roll round and round as he asks in delight, "Then do you know where he is now?"

"He ah ....... "

Ling Xiao strokes his chin and glances at his shining eyes. He suddenly asks, "Why are you asking?"

"I ....... I'm just asking."

You XiaoMo laughs soundlessly, as if it is really like he said, that he is just asking.

Normal people wouldn't ask further but Ling Xiao is no ordinary person. Furthermore, that person is right in front of him so it's impossible that he won't ask further. He smacks him on the head and asks smilingly, "Tell the truth."

You XiaoMo's mouth twitches. This fellow is really hateful, always wanting to expose him each and every time.

You XiaoMo arranges his words, saying, "The truth is I was thinking that since that person is so awesome, the treasure he guards must be something extraordinary. So, if we know the places he has been to, maybe we would be able to find a stalk of level ten and above magic herb. What do you say?"

Ling Xiao feels that he has really underestimated this little mage. He actually dares to covet his things. But ....... after looking him up and down he feels that there really is a treasure. En, this point he actually very much agrees with.

"Elder brother Ling, what do you think of my idea?"

Seeing him not saying anything, You XiaoMo asks excitedly. He really can't wait to know his answer.

"Of course it's a good idea ah."

Ling Xiao beams and nods his head.

Actually, where there are high level magic herbs, there will definitely be magic beasts. But where there are magic beasts, it does not necessarily mean there will be magic herbs. You XiaoMo clearly forgot this point. Hearing Ling Xiao confirm his way of thinking, he is delighted, secretly thinking to himself that he is really smart.

Seeing that he is full of joy, a playful look flashes in Ling Xiao's eyes as he adds, "Little brother. After thinking it over, I feel that although your idea is good, it is a little improbable."

You XiaoMo reins in the happiness on his face and asks doubtfully, "Where is it improbable?"

Ling Xiao says in all seriousness, "Think about it. You want to find places where that Master of Magic beasts guarded before. But there's definitely a lot of places. If there are too many, don't tell me we have to go to each location and search once over?"

"Oh that's true!"

You XiaoMo also feels that he has a point.

"Then how about we only look at places where the spiritual energy is dense. Those places with scarce spiritual energy is unlikely to be where high level magic herbs are. What do you think?"

"If that's the case, I actually know where that Master of magic beasts would have definitely gone. The spiritual energy there is definitely dense."

Ling Xiao's smile is rather treacherous as he voluntarily gives him a clue.

"Really, then you know where it is?"

You XiaoMo's eyes light up immediately.

"It is ....... " Ling Xiao says.

The following words were spoken rather softly. You XiaoMo immediately moves his ear closer.

Ling Xiao lowers his head and sees his rather red ears. He laughs inwardly and then says, "It is ....... where he goes to do his business."

You XiaoMo, " ....... "

The look of delight on his pretty face instantly turns into one of constipation.

What the hell ah, what rubbish. Where he does his business is the place with the strongest spiritual energy?

You XiaoMo really feels that he has been duped. He only knows that the shit dump is the most foul place in the world.

He finally realizes that Ling Xiao never had faith in his idea. He was just playing with him from the beginning to the end and he actually fell for it .......

"Ha ha ha!!!"

Ling Xiao sees his face changing color nonstop from red to orange to amaranth to green to blue to purple and he finally can't stop himself from laughing out loud. His laughter is not the least bit restrained. Once heard it is clear that it is a hearty laughter coming from inside.

You XiaoMo flushes red and pushes him away. Then he kicks towards his right leg.

Ling Xiao is not a masochist so he simply raises his right leg and takes a step backwards.

You XiaoMo chases after him while pointing at him angrily while saying, "If you have the guts, stand there and don't run."

Of course Ling Xiao won't stand there obediently. Although getting kicked by him is nothing really, he doesn't want to let him to have his way. So, one chasing and one running, they go round and round Fang ChenLe and the others.

When did Ling Xiao ever laugh so freely in front of others? Everyone only knows of 'Lin Xiao' who is someone refined and courteous, an elegant gentleman. No one has ever seen him laugh so happily before.

But what makes everyone's monocles pop out is that 'Lin Xiao' while being chased and berated by a puny mage is actually showing such a delighted expression, as if he is enjoying himself.

This scene really shocked a lot of people. Looks like 'Lin Xiao' is actually this kind of person in private. But it must be said that the ones that are most shocked are probably the disciples and Elders of TianXin sect. They are even more shocked than the people of Qing Cheng sect and the like because they are his brothers from the same sect. Therefore, they are rather clear on what kind of person 'Lin Xiao' is. He speaks what he wishes but he has never acted so intimately with any fellow disciple. Although he is especially good to You XiaoMo and defends him preferentially, they never knew that this is how they act when he is together with You XiaoMo in private.

Let alone the Bruce Lees of the Warrior division, even Fang ChenLe, who is being circled by the two of them, forgets himself and has his mouth hanging slightly open. Seeing is believing. He finally realizes that the relationship between Little brother and 'Lin Xiao' is even better than what he imagined.

Not far away, Tang YunQi looks at them furiously as if wanting to tear them apart, her eyes dead set on the two of them.

The brothers and sisters by her side don't dare to look at her but they can sense the Junior sister's fury and hate coming from her body. Looks like the one most affected by this scene is her.

But not one of them goes over to console her. No one wants to court misfortune at this time.

"That's enough. Making so much noise in front of everyone, whatever next!"

Kong Wen finally couldn't stand it any longer and shouts at them. His expression is rather stern as he gives a warning look to You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo is frightened by the look in his eyes. His mouth twitches awkwardly and he then runs to Ling Xiao's side like an ostrich, not daring to make any more noise.

Ling Xiao also doesn't dodge away anymore, and looks at him teasingly.

You XiaoMo pats his cheeks and then while everyone is looking towards the Ten thousand python demon plain, he raises his foot and stamps on Ling Xiao's foot. Once is not enough so he does it again. It's all this guy's fault, making him do something embarrassing once again.

Ling Xiao's smiling face doesn't change, as if the one being stepped on is not him. He follows everyone, looking towards the barrier with a satisfied expression.

You XiaoMo stamps on for quite a bit but after seeing him actually not showing any sign of pain, he takes back his foot while panting with rage. But when he sees that the exquisite white boot on Ling Xiao's right foot is now a grey boot, he immediately giggles in satisfaction.

Ling Xiao hears him giggle and follows his line of vision to see his own boots, now filthy from all the stamping. He raises the corner of his lips in a smile while saying, "Little brother, are you happy now?"

You XiaoMo puffs up his cheeks and nods in satisfaction.

Ling Xiao simply stretches out his hand and flicks him on his forehead. Just when You XiaoMo is about to flip out again, he quickly points at the two men coming towards them, Tang Fan and Luo ChengYuan, while saying, "Quick, look. The barrier is open."

You XiaoMo doesn't believe it, thinking that Ling Xiao is just bluffing him again. A second later, he hears the sound of everyone cheering.