The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 158

Chapter 158
Exchange and transfer.

You XiaoMo turns his head and sees Tang Fan and Luo ChengYuan coming out from the Ten thousand python demon plain together.

The moment they come out, the onlookers immediately surround them, a few of them stretching their necks to look into the distance, wanting to know if the hole in barrier has been stabilized. After all, things concerning the Paradise realm is something everyone is concerned about.

The one to speak is Tang Fan. He motions for everyone to quiet down.

As for Luo ChengYuan, his face is rather abnormally pale. It's not clear if it is because he ran into some trouble inside or if he was already injured to begin with. Luo ShuHe who was standing at the side quickly goes over to help him to the side. Because everyone's attention is concentrated on Tang Fan, very few people noticed their actions.

Tang Fan glances surreptitiously at Luo ChengYuan's back with a rather profound expression. Others do not know, but he sees it as clear as day. But this is not the right time to lay his cards on the table.

"Everyone quiet down. The barrier has been stabilized but only ten people can be transported at one time. Now take out your life saving stone and follow me and Grand Master Luo into the Ten thousand python demon plain. Remember not to mess around or you would have to suffer the consequences of your own actions."

When he says this, a few forces start to form groups of people, ten people to one life saving stone.

The so called life saving stone is a type of stone made from white crystal. This type of stone can form a protective radius of different sizes depending on the size of the stone. It can be used to repel the poisonous gas. It's not some rare thing but because it can only be used once, and because they are usually only the size of a fist, it is only effective for half an hour. Because of that, it is definitely not cheap.

You XiaoMo doesn't have a life saving stone, but Ling Xiao has one.

Ling Xiao already asked around about it a long time ago but his life saving stone was given to him by Tang Fan. It was given much earlier on.

There are only eight people from Earth peak. If they were to add You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao, it would be just nice. But Kong Wen doesn't call You XiaoMo over. Instead he calls Fang ChenLe and the others and then takes the life saving stone with him and follows behind Tang Fan's group into the Ten thousand python demon plain.

You XiaoMo also didn't expect Kong Wen to include him.

After they left, Ling Xiao bumps into his shoulder and beams while saying, "Little brother, let's go too ba."

One of his hands is still holding onto the life saving stone.

The life saving stone in his hand is not small. It can last for about an hour. At that time, Tang Fan chose it specifically for him. If Tang Fan had known that it would turn out like this, he probably wouldn't have given him such a big life saving stone.

That is what's called Man proposes but God disposes!

Two people using such a big life-saving stone appears very wasteful. Hence it attracts quite a lot of attention.

There are ten independent practitioners but the life saving stone they use is half the size of Ling Xiao's. It's probably effective for not even half an hour. Furthermore, because they didn't put in any effort from beginning to end, they would probably be the very last batch to enter.

Coincidentally, they walk next to You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao. They look at the two of them using one stone with endless jealousy and envy.

You XiaoMo assesses the surroundings and happens to see them. Seeing ten grown man crowding around one stone, with some of them looking at him resentfully, he suddenly feels embarrassed.

Ling Xiao sees this scene and the corner of his lips rises up as he speaks to the independent practitioner holding the life saving stone, "I can exchange the life saving stone with you kind sir if you tell us about the situation inside the Paradise realm. How about it?"

The moment he finishes talking, that person immediately exchanges looks with the others, as if they are very surprised that he would say these words.

You XiaoMo is also very surprised, so much so that he raises his head and looks at Ling Xiao in surprise. The latter lowers his head and winks at him.

Although people that show goodwill for no rhyme or reason may have ulterior motives, Ling Xiao explained it explicitly. If you want to come over, you have to provide information. This dispels half of the suspicions in their hearts. Furthermore, Ling Xiao is someone from TianXin sect. He probably won't play tricks on them in front of that many people.

Thinking like this, that man seeks agreement from the others and then exchanges life saving stones with Ling Xiao. Holding the life saving stone, that independent practitioner can feel the vast energy within it. Now they no longer have to worry that the energy from the life saving stone won't be enough.

Although a few of them are of Spiritual level, so they don't have to worry that they would be poisoned once the energy runs out, it may affect their strength, making it more dangerous when they enter the Paradise realm. Therefore, they are willing to exchange some information for a piece of life saving stone.

After that, that independent practitioner starts to list all the information he has. Some are the personal experiences of others. Some are information obtained from asking around. Adding them up, Ling Xiao actually acquired quite a lot of useful information.

You XiaoMo didn't expect that it would be like this. He feels like prostrating himself before Ling Xiao in admiration. He looks at Ling Xiao with worship shining in his eyes.

Very quickly, they reach the place with the breach in the barrier.

It is situated in a dark ravine. The ravine is filled with a dense negative air. Bursts of ice cold air penetrates directly through the skin. Those of weaker cultivation can't help but shiver. The figures of several Evil heavenly pythons that have yet to awaken their spiritual consciousness can be seen circling in the forest. Seeing them, some people feel their hearts stir. This is what's called a level nine magic beast. But no matter how tempted, no one goes over to catch them.

The barrier is above the entrance to the ravine. A small scale teleportation formation is laid out below using crystals. This teleportation formation was laid down by the combined efforts of Tang Fan and Luo ChengYuan. Because there is insufficient time to lay down a teleportation formation for fifty people, they simply put down a simple small scale one.

There are regular patterns drawn inside the teleportation formation making up an area that can hold about ten people. Five fist sized energy stones are placed at regular intervals around the pattern.

Tang Fan stands in front of the teleportation formation. He turns around and speaks to everyone in a serious tone, "Before starting the teleportation, there is something I want to make clear. The opening in the barrier of the Paradise realm will only stay open for a maximum of one month. A month later, it will close by itself. If you don't want to stay in there forever, you must get back to the teleportation point within one month's time. Now we will start the teleportation."

Even if Tang Fan doesn't say it, every one already knows this. It's just a matter of formality, nothing more.

Because the ones that put in the effort is Tang Fan and Luo ChengYuan, the first ones to be transferred are the disciples from these two sects. The first batch are from TianXin sect and Qing Cheng sect, five each.

Everyone thought that Tang Fan would send Ling Xiao first but unexpectedly, he called over Xiao Long's disciple, Lei Ju and two others along with Tang YunQi and another mage. Because mages don't have combat power, they must go together with martial artists.

A few shrewd people see this scene and a look of surprise flashes across their eyes, as if they figured out something.

There is no surprise on the side of Qing Cheng sect with Luo ShuHe taking the lead. He also brings along two young mages. To be able to be in his group, they must be mages of some talent.

The people going first can choose to wait there or go off to hunt treasure. But those from the same sect will mostly choose to head out first because the ones that go in first can be the first to find wondrous treasure. It's a pretty good opportunity so usually the ones transferred first are those of formidable strength.

Lei Ju's strength is acceptable but it is quite lacking when compared to Ling Xiao. A lot of people thought it would be Ling Xiao.

Tang YunQi also thought that way. After hearing that her dad actually didn't call out Brother Xiao's name, her pretty eyes pop open. Grinding her teeth, she still doesn't say anything in the end because she knows that her dad wouldn't agree.

Lei Ju stands inside the teleportation formation looking arrogantly at Ling Xiao. His eyes are filled with provocation.

However, Ling Xiao is simply not looking at them. He tilts his head as if he is having a good chat with a few independent practitioners. He doesn't show the least bit dissatisfaction at not being in the first group, as if it doesn't matter when he gets transferred.

Lei Ju reins in the fury that is about to erupt from his eyes. Clenching his fists tightly, he swears in his heart that there will be a day when he will embarrass 'Lin Xiao', letting him know that he is the one that is the most outstanding disciple of TianXin sect.

Tang Fan and Luo ChengYuan take turns activating the teleportation formation. Very quickly, Lei Ju, Luo ShuHe and the rest are sent over.

It's finally Ling Xiao's turn with the second batch. Most probably because it's not good to be so obvious so Tang Fan calls out Ling Xiao's name. However, he doesn't call out You XiaoMo's name.

Ling Xiao is not surprised. He just pulls You XiaoMo over with him.

"Master, let little brother go together with me ba. After all, I was the one who brought him along. Uncle Kong also said that I will be responsible for his safety."

Ling Xiao stands in front of Tang Fan, smiling widely while speaking, as if he is not the least bit concerned that Tang Fan would disagree.

Tang Fan lowers his eyelids slightly and glances at them with an unreadable look. He says lightly, "Since it is your Uncle Kong's words, just go in ba."

"Thank you Master!"

Ling Xiao appears oblivious to his displeased expression. He nods and answers him, then brings You XiaoMo along into the teleportation formation.

During the teleportation, You XiaoMo catches sight of Kong Wen's dark expression.

Being used as an excuse by Ling Xiao, this Master is probably even more displeased.

But if he didn't say it like that, Tang Fan wouldn't agree so readily. He might even flare up and simply forbid them to enter. It's not as if this kind of thing has not happened before. He heard Brother Yang Yi talk about it. It is said that it happened once a long time ago.

A burst of white light flashes and the people being transferred disappears in an instant. The barrier above their heads shakes one more time.