The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 159

Chapter 159
Will get used to it.

The feeling of weightlessness is only for a short time. By the time the feet feel solid ground once again, a faint scent of green grass floods into the nose, along with dense palpable spiritual energy.

You XiaoMo opens his eyes and discovers that they are standing on a very wide circular stone platform. The stone platform is about half the size of Earth peak's public square, made of some unknown type of stone. There are peculiar patterns drawn on top, similar to that on the teleportation formation that sent them in.

Looking in all directions, there is a white mist everywhere. This white mist is just around the stone platform, encircling it, cutting off their line of vision, making them completely disoriented.

Luckily Ling Xiao was smart to exchange the life saving stone for some information on the Paradise realm from the independent practitioners. Thus they knew that this kind of thing would happen after the transfer.

You XiaoMo looks in all directions and sees no sign of the group of people who were transferred before them.

Ling Xiao finds the secret signal exclusive to TianXin sect that was left behind by Lei Ju and the rest pointing to the southwest. This means that the five of them already headed in the southwest direction.

As for Qing Cheng sect, he doesn't find any sign of a secret signal or anything of that sort. Clearly, Luo ShuHe doesn't plan on letting other people know which direction they went.

As they are scouting out the situation, the next batch of people are transferred over.

A few TianXin sect disciples catch sight of Ling Xiao so they don't leave immediately. Their faces light up as they walk of their own accord towards him. On the other hand, the Qing Cheng sect disciples discuss for a bit before choosing to go in a specific direction.

Ling Xiao notices that they head to the south, not much different from the southwest direction.

Then a few more batches of people are transferred. Other than those from the two major sects, there is also XingLuo group and the other four forces.

Because XingLuo group didn't put in any effort this time around, they are treated the same as those from the XiaoYao sect and the other three forces. These forces and the independent practitioners make up five camps altogether. Just nice, each camp can send two people over each time.

Among these people, You XiaoMo only recognizes three of them. They are XingLuo group's Ding Shi, XiaoYao sect's Mu Yao, and JiLe tower's Mu YunTian. But because he and Ling Xiao altered their appearances that time, the three people don't recognize them.

With the passing of time, the number of people transferred over increase bit by bit. However the number of people on the stone platform doesn't increase. All of the forces are worried that the magic herbs and magic beasts will be swept up by the people that were transferred over earlier so they hurry off in a particular direction after forming their groups.

Coming and going, right until all the people have been transferred over, Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo still have not left the stone platform.

On the surface, Ling Xiao's strength is Star level, Two stars. But he is not the most senior person among the people from TianXin sect. In reality, there are two Star level Seven star Elders above him. For this mission, it is up to them to deploy the people.

After the other people have left, one of them, an Elder named Shi finally speaks, "Lin Xiao, when you were transferred over, did you see which direction Luo ShuHe went?"

Ling Xiao shakes his head, replying negatively, "No."

Luo ShuHe is not stupid. Qing Cheng sect stole their level nine magic pill formula. Although it may not be prudent to tear off their masks in the open, it's not the same inside the Paradise realm. There are all sorts of dangers inside. Life and death, the fate lies in one's own hands. Even if TianXin sect were to send people to kill them off, probably no one would suspect them went they go back out.

However, since TianXin sect can think of this, there is no way that Luo ChengYuan, that wily old fox, didn't think about it. They must have prepared some countermeasures beforehand. Therefore, even if Ling Xiao did see it, they may not have really set off in that direction. After all, they can't see what is happening outside the stone platform.

Elder Shi looks at the other disciples. They also shake their heads indicating that they didn't see it.

Of course this response does not escape Ling Xiao's attention. However, the smile on the corner of his lips don't falter in the slightest. Rather, it gets even more brilliant.

The reason why Elder Shi is doing this, eight to nine out of ten chance it's because Tang Fan already warned him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have asked the other disciples after he had already said no. Clearly, he doesn't believe his words.

"Since we have no way of knowing the exact direction Luo ShuHe went, we will now break into four groups and head in four different directions. I and Elder Weng will lead six people each. Huan Jie and Tai ShiYu will lead ten people to the south and west. Lin Xiao, you will bring the rest towards the north. Is there anyone that objects?"

Elder Shi looks at everyone before his eyes finally land on Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao smiles while saying, "Elder Shi arranged it very well. Let's go with that ba."

Elder Shi nods and then starts to divide them up. Because Huan Jie's and Tai ShiYu's strengths are lower than Ling Xiao's, Elder Shi assigns the stronger disciples to the both of them. As a result, by the time he's done, with the remaining disciples going to Ling Xiao, the strengths have been divided unequally. The ones with Ling Xiao are Sun level and below with only one Moon level disciple. On top of that, the total number is less by four people when compared to Huan Jie and Tai ShiYu.

Including You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao, they are seven altogether. Five martial artists and two mages. The other mage is a level three mage, a disciple from Flying peak. As for Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin, they were taken by Elder Shi and Elder Weng respectively.

Fang ChenLe wanted to go together with You XiaoMo but since he is only a third generation disciple, there is no way he can object to Elder Shi's decision. Before leaving, he can only urge Ling Xiao to take good care of You XiaoMo.

As for the awkward Fu ZiLin, he gives Ling Xiao a warning look before tailing behind Elder Weng.

With Huan Jie and Tai ShiYu leaving with their group of people one after the other, only Ling Xiao's group remains on the stone platform. Everyone is looking at him, waiting for his instructions.

Ling Xiao ponders for a bit and then says with a serious expression, "Fellow disciples, I believe you already know that the North is the most dangerous place in the Paradise realm. We can come across very formidable magic beasts at any time. I am only one person. When that happens, I'm afraid that I won't be able to guarantee the safety of everyone."

When he finishes speaking, apart from You XiaoMo, the faces of the other five people change slightly. What Ling Xiao said is actually the truth. The season in the North is winter, covered in ice and snow. The cold air is rather heavy. Don't even talk about nurturing magic herbs. Those with rather low strengths would probably not be able to last for more than three days.

The five people do not understand why Ling Xiao says those words. They all look towards him and one of them asks him, "Elder brother, what do you think we should do?"

Hearing these words, it is clear that they already agree with Ling Xiao's point of view.

Ling Xiao says lightly, "Let me and Junior brother You head towards the north. As for you five disciples, you all can team up and go in whichever direction you choose."

"How can we do that. If the elders find out ....... "

One of the disciples immediately shakes his head. This kind of action is cowardly. If the seniors find out, they won't have any face left to remain in TianXin sect.

"As long as everyone doesn't say anything, no one would know. If someone asks, you just have to say that we got separated. Furthermore, this is the idea that I came up with. It has nothing to do with the rest of you."

Ling Xiao speaks assuredly with great composure.

The five people are very tempted by his words. In the end, they agree with his suggestion. But they are still worried about running into Elder Shi and the rest so they left in the direction of Lei Ju and his group. Elder Shi and company knew that TianXin sect disciples already headed in that direction so they didn't send any more people that way.

After they left, Ling Xiao leisurely fishes out an incomplete map from his chest.

You XiaoMo quickly goes over to him. He already knew why Ling Xiao sent the other people away. It's because of this reason. If they were to bring five people along, their hands and feet would be tied when it comes to looking for Seven Star grass.

Although the map is incomplete, the direction is shown. At the time Tang Hun obtained the map, he already made the inquiries. As luck would have it, it is the direction where Elder Shi led his people, towards the east.

"Elder brother Ling, are we going to the east now? What about the north?"

You XiaoMo frowns as he asks. If Elder Shi finds out that they didn't go north, he will definitely tell Tang Fan when they go out.

"Do you think the people from Qing Cheng sect will head north?"

The corner of Ling Xiao's mouth twitches slightly.

You XiaoMo thinks for a bit and shakes his head, "Probably not."

The climate of the Paradise realm is extremely peculiar. East, West, South, North, the four directions are in four different seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter respectively. It's very hard to imagine that a piece of land can have four different seasons, but that is exactly the case.

The north is in winter, covered in ice and snow throughout the year. Only ice class magic beasts will choose to stay in the north. Because the air is bitterly cold, it is hard to nurture magic herbs. Therefore, very few practitioners will go to the north. Of course, very few does not mean there won't be any.

Although the conditions in the north are poor, if there really are magic herbs growing there, they must be high level magic herbs because only high level magic herbs will have such a tenacious will to live.

It's just that unfortunately, the last time the Paradise realm opened up, a few people spent a month's time looking for magic herbs in the north. However, their luck was bad so they didn't find a single stalk of magic herb. On top of that, they lost quite a few people. Ever since then, many practitioners have given up on the north.

Ling Xiao keeps the incomplete map and inclines his head towards him while chuckling. He then looks towards the east and says lightly and calmly, "It's fine as long as Elder Shi doesn't find out. If in the one to ten thousand chance that he really finds out, we can only kill him off to silence him."

You XiaoMo is silent. As a modern peace-loving person of the 21st century, he rather disagrees with this kind of thinking.

Ling Xiao seems to be able to see the struggles in his heart so he says cheerfully in a carefree manner, "Little brother, this kind of thing, after you've experienced it a few times, you will slowly get used to it. If you're still not used to it, at the most, I will kill a few more people in front of you, this way, you will get used to it."

You XiaoMo, " ....... "

In his heart, a little person immediately raises up his middle finger at him. My ass!

There's no need to force other people like this. If he really does that, even if he isn't used to it, he will get used to it. And he actually thought he would say that he wouldn't kill any more people in front of him. Looks like this fellow's answers will always be contrary to his expectations.

"I feel that what you said is not quite right."

You XiaoMo suddenly speaks up.

"Where is it not right?"

Ling Xiao's brows are raised with interest as he didn't expect him to find fault with his words.

You XiaoMo immediately explains eagerly, "You said get used to it ah. How can killing people become a habit? Then, in the future, you won't feel right if you don't kill someone? I feel that you used this word wrongly. You should say adapt to."

The corner of Ling Xiao's lips get higher and higher, "I stand corrected. Then let me say it one more time. Wait until I kill a few more people in front of you. I believe you will adapt to it."

You XiaoMo looks at his seemingly glowing expression. This expression is exactly the same as the one he had the next day after he neglected Ling Xiao and left him to the cold wind the whole night on the winged bird. He suddenly feels as if he has grown a pig's head, "Actually ....... just take it as if I didn't say anything ba."

Ling Xiao licks the corner of his lips evilly, "No no no, I feel that what you say has a lot of merit. It's just that, little brother, you're really making me look forward to it more and more!"

You XiaoMo blinks. Actually, you really don't have to look forward to it. Really!

As someone who has lived in two worlds, this is the first time You XiaoMo realizes his own attributes. It seems like he is actually ------- an idiot!

In the end, this idiot was bundled up in a confused state by Ling Xiao to go searching for Seven Star Grass.

Half an hour after they left, a group of peculiar people shrouded completely in black cloaks appear on the stone platform. The peculiar people are very tall and big. There are approximately fifteen of them. They quickly divide into three groups and disappear from the stone platform heading towards three different directions. East, west, and south.