The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 160

Chapter 160
Kill for treasure

The east of the Paradise realm is in spring. Just the place where ten thousand things come to life. Therefore, this is the place with the most magic herbs. Next in line is the West. The density and abundance of spiritual energy there is only second to the East.

With Ling Xiao bringing them there at top speed, they very quickly reach the first obstacle - Green Mountain Ravine.

Before the Green Mountain Ravine was formed, legend says that there was a very tall mountain peak. This peak was cleaved into two halves by some strong fighter in one blow forming the thousand meter deep mountain ravine. Because of the climate, the mountain ravine became covered in green plants. In the end, it became the habitat of the black crows.

Black crows are a kind of low level magic beasts with only level four strength. But they always come out in hordes. Furthermore, they are capable of producing sounds that make the hearts of men feel very agitated. Therefore, most people detest the black crows. When they catch sight of the Green Mountain Ravine, most will choose to go around it. Although black crows are low level magic beasts, the thing they guard is a level four magic herb called happy union.

Happy union is also called Closed at night tree. The crown of the tree is wide. The compound leaves shaped like feathers are open during the daytime but closed at night. That's why it is named happy union. Happy union is the opposite of black crows. It has a very strong calming effect. It can be used against anger and sadness caused by the seven human emotions. It is especially effective against anxiety. It can be used to refine a level four magic pill called happy union.

But the one You XiaoMo is interested in is not Happy union but the magic herb that grows by its side, Stinky grass.

Stinky grass, like its name, gives out a very stinky odor. It is the nemesis of Happy union. However, the only places that can support the Stinky grass is where more than a thousand stalks of Happy union grow. The magic herb shops outside rarely sell it.

You XiaoMo wants to refine a type of magic pill called Stinky magic pill. Stinky magic pill can produce a peculiar odor. When a practitioner puts the Stinky magic pill on his body, it can cause the magic beasts in his vicinity to lose their keen sense of smell. On top of that, there is a certain probability that it would cause the magic beast to lower its guard. When it comes to mages and martial artists, it can add to the probability of success for bonding.

Therefore, although the smell of the Stinky magic pill is unpleasant, it is still popular with practitioners.

An intention flashes in the mind of You XiaoMo, and a majestic magic beast immediately appears in front of him.

The silvery fur emits piercingly cold beautiful rays of light, as it ripples sleekly down. Its blood-red eyes seem like exceptionally dazzling rubies. However, there is also a few suppressed hints of bloodthirstiness and savagery. That is the true nature of the Blue-blooded wolf.

It has evolved from Xiao Piqiu to Da Piqiu. Although it is not yet an adult, the time is not far away. During this one plus month, You XiaoMo fed it four fifths of the six hundred jins of Miraculous Sheep meat. He doesn't dare to feed it the rest because that is Ling Xiao's share .......

Four fifths of the Miraculous sheep meat contains an incredible amount of energy. On top of that, You XiaoMo would feed it magic pills and magic water from time to time. The stunning result is a newly born Blue-blooded wolf was fed in just a few months into one that looks almost like an adult.

When the majestic Blue-blooded wolf catches sight of You XiaoMo, who it hadn't seen for a long time, it suddenly wails *ao wu* resentfully at him and then runs over with jolting buttocks. It's overpowering aura is shattered in an instant.

"Little brother, you want to let him go pick the Stinky grass?"

Ling Xiao sees You XiaoMo call out the Blue-blooded wolf and immediately guesses his intention. His expression turns a little odd.

You XiaoMo doesn't see his expression, "Yes ah. Da Piqiu's speed is very fast. It should be able to pick the Stinky grass before alarming the Black crows."

"The stench of the Stinky grass is so strong. You're not afraid that it's nose would lose its sense of smell?"

Ling Xiao asks him in return jokingly. He already heard You XiaoMo talk about the use of the Stinky grass. Standing here now, he can smell the stench from the Stinky grass. If one lets the Blue-blooded wolf go in there, chances are, it will pass out inside.


You XiaoMo is stunned for a moment before recovering his senses.

That's right. Although the Stinky grass is not yet in magic pill form, it can emit a foul odor by itself. Since Da Piqiu is not yet an adult, it would probably pass out from the stench before it can manage to pluck it.

Ling Xiao says impatiently, "Wait here for a bit with your Da Piqiu. I will be right back."

You XiaoMo rubs his nose awkwardly. He can only wait there obediently.

After Ling Xiao enters the mountain ravine, You XiaoMo wanted to keep Da Piqiu back into his dimension but Da Piqiu is not willing. It bites the hem of his clothes, refusing to let go while its ruby red eyes look at him pitifully. His heart softens and he lets it wait outside.

Although it is not yet an adult, it is in any case of Moon level cultivation. Furthermore, the wild nature of the Blue-blooded wolf is more suited to this place. Even if they are discovered by others, it can be explained away as a magic beast that was bonded in the Paradise realm. It's really killing two birds with one stone!

Just as he thinks this, the sound of wind whistling can suddenly be heard coming from behind.

You XiaoMo turns his head in surprise and sees a group of men and women floating down from the air. Their clothes are fluttering in the air, handsome men and beautiful women, extremely eye-catching.

Especially the man leading the group, a jade tree in the wind, handsome and charismatic, a person of outstanding looks. His cultivation ....... You XiaoMo can't tell. However, he actually knows who this group of people are.

TianXin sect's deadly enemy, disciples from Qing Cheng sect.

This man is definitely not Luo ShuHe, but his cultivation is only second to Luo ShuHe. It's Luo ShuHe's junior brother, Ye Dan.

This is not information he got from asking around. It was told to them before by those few independent practitioners when they entered. Most probably because they rarely meet people that are nice to them, a few independent practitioners told them quite a lot of things. Ye Dan is one of those things.

Speaking of this Ye Dan, his talent is also very outstanding. He is now a level one Star level practitioner. Only one star lower than Luo ShuHe. If there isn't a Luo ShuHe on top of his head, he would probably be Qing Cheng sect's most dazzling new star.

But because Luo ShuHe is his Elder brother, and since he also usually looks after him, their brotherly relationship is quite good. It's just that this Ye Dan's character is a little strange. He is not cool and detached like Luo ShuHe. Rather his character has faint hints of evilness, as if he delved too deeply in the dark arts.

You XiaoMo sees them. They see You XiaoMo. It's already too late to hide.

A group of people very quickly descend not far away in front of him.

The leader, Ye Dan immediately recognizes You XiaoMo. He had arrived rather late and was together with Ling Xiao so many people already took note of him outside the Paradise realm. Seeing him by himself here, he looks all around in interest until his gaze suddenly falls on the Blue-blooded wolf beside him, causing his pupils to contract abruptly.

Before he says anything, one of the Junior brothers next to him cries out in alarm, "Everyone, look. Isn't that a level eight magic beast Blue-blooded wolf? It looks like it will soon become an adult."

His words immediately draws everyone's attention. Pairs of amazed looks mixed with hints of greed fall on the Blue-blooded wolf. Although the level eight magic beast Blue-blooded wolf is a mid-level magic beast, to Qing Cheng sect, it can be of great help if they can get their hands on it. Furthermore, there are not many magic beasts that can be bonded. Being able to come across a level eight Blue-blooded wolf is already a huge stroke of luck.

So, after a few of the Qing Cheng sect people confirm that it is indeed a Blue-blooded wolf, they don't hide in the slightest, the greed in their eyes.

Ye Dan's sinister phoenix eyes rise up slightly, revealing a wicked intent as he looks at You XiaoMo and says, "Little brother of TianXin sect. It seems you are here by yourself. Looks like your luck isn't too good. Are you going to hand over the Blue-blooded wolf willingly or do I have to kill you?"

You XiaoMo stares at them with bulging eyes. Although he knows that killing people here is something that Gods won't know and ghosts won't realize, he didn't expect that at the first encounter, these people would actually be so utterly shameless.

Da Piqiu already jumped in front of You XiaoMo long ago, adopting a protective stance and baring its fangs and brandishing its claws towards Ye Dan and the others. Although he has not yet really hunted and killed any prey, he has been raised pretty well by You XiaoMo. With spiritual flesh, magic water, and magic pills. It has grown up to be bigger than the usual Blue-blooded wolves, with teeth that look extra sharp.

But because of this, Ye Dan and company are even more determined to get their hands on this Blue-blooded wolf. One look at its stance and it is clear that its fighting ability is not weak.

"Da Piqiu is mine. We are already bonded."

You XiaoMo hugs Da Piqiu's neck, while glaring alertly at them. Don't even think that he would hand over Da Piqiu to them!

Ye Dan does not get mad. Rather he seems pretty pleased, smiling wickedly while saying, "Da Piqiu? Such a tasteless name. Looks like it can't be helped. Since the magic beast is already bonded, killing you is the only way to release the bond."

Killing over treasures is a very common thing. Killing over bonded magic beasts is no exception.

Some practitioners covet the magic beasts of others. As long as the owner of the magic beast is killed off, that person's bond to the magic beast will be automatically cut off. The magic beast will be without a master and can be bonded at any time. However, there are also magic beasts that have developed strong bonds with their master. These magic beasts are very difficult to bond with.

But Ye Dan doesn't pay attention to all this. If the Blue-blooded wolf isn't willing to bond with him, he will just kill it. It would a pity but that's all it is. After all, a level eight Blue-blooded wolf is very hard to come by.

"Don't tell me you're not curious why I'm here by myself?"

You XiaoMo sees that he really intends to kill so his brain starts to churn furiously. While thinking why Ling Xiao is not back yet, he looks for a way to stall for time.

Da Piqiu's current strength is only at level five, not a match for Ye Dan. Although it can hold out until Ling Xiao gets back, it will surely sustain injuries. He can't stand the sight of the people around him getting hurt.

Ye Dan was indeed wondering that before. When they were outside, he saw his close relationship with Lin Xiao so he thought that they would be together. But he sees no sign of Lin Xiao in the vicinity. Hearing these words now, it confirms the suspicions in his heart.

"Boy, if you're thinking of stalling for time, let me tell you that it's no use. It doesn't matter if Lin Xiao is nearby. You will definitely die today. Be a good boy and hand over the Blue-blooded wolf. I may give you an easier death."

Ye Dan stares at him sinisterly.

You XiaoMo's eyes flicker. This fellow is really hard to trick.

He had just came up with these words and he already called his bluff so quickly.

Since it's like this, You XiaoMo calms himself down and speaks with composure, "I urge all of you to leave immediately. My Senior brother is indeed nearby. When he comes back, not a single one of you will be able to escape. I'm not trying to trick you."

Ye Dan sees that he is choosing to drink punishment wine rather than accept a toast, so he assumes that he is only making an empty show of strength. With a flick of his sleeves, several poisoned silver needles shoot towards You XiaoMo.

However, before the silver needles could make it within three meters of You XiaoMo, they abruptly fall to the ground.

From the distant Green Mountain Ravine, a figure flies at an unbelievable speed towards them. In an instant, the figure appears in front of everyone, that signature billboard smile beaming towards Ye Dan and company.

happy union - Acacia or silk tree, Albizia julibrissin - used to represent love in Chinese poetry and painting
seven human emotions - joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, hate, and desire
Xiao Piqiu to Da Piqiu - small rubber ball to big rubber ball
phoenix eyes - eyes that slant upwards on the outside