The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 161

Chapter 161
Sword formations and silencing witnesses.

"My Little brother warned you with good and kind intentions. It's fine if you don't feel grateful. But how can you launch a sneak attack ne? That's just too much!"

Ling Xiao beams as he looks at the leader, Ye Dan, showing no signs of fear whatsoever even though he is outnumbered.

Seeing that 'Lin Xiao' finally makes an appearance, Ye Dan and company feel their blood run cold. Ling Xiao's appearance is really something they did not expect. They clearly saw no sign of him before. However, they are not so terrified that they immediately run away since their numbers are greater.

Furthermore, Ye Dan's cultivation is Star level one star, just one star lower than 'Lin Xiao'. If they get down to it, they might not lose.

But ------- Ye Dan glances alertly all around but fails to find any trace of anyone else. He can't help feeling a little surprised in his heart.

'Lin Xiao' is actually moving around all alone with a puny mage in the Paradise realm. Can it be that he has been entrusted with some task? In his mind, 'Lin Xiao' is the Grand disciple of TianXin sect. So he must definitely be entrusted with some important task. There should be a lot of brothers by his side.

Now, seeing the two of them by themselves with one magic beast, and no trace of any other disciples from TianXin sect, although he feels very shocked in his heart, he also secretly heaves a sigh of relief.

"Your mouth is still so sharp at the brink of death. I wonder what kind of expressions your Master and your fellow disciples would have when they find out that you died in the Paradise Realm. I'm really looking forward to making it a reality."

Ye Dan thinks maliciously, everyone says that 'Lin Xiao' is a prodigy but he never thought much about it. In his heart, he always felt that he is more outstanding than 'Lin Xiao'. And now is the perfect opportunity for him to prove this point.

"Then, that's too regrettable!"

Ling Xiao hears his unblushing big talk and looks at him with interest.

This word, regrettable, perhaps won't be understood by Ye Dan. However, You XiaoMo understands the meaning very clearly. If Ye Dan is able to kill Ling Xiao and him here, when it gets to the ears of Tang Fan and Kong Wen, they might even thank Ye Dan.

However, this is only one layer among the various meanings.

The real meaning Ling Xiao wants to convey is that it's regrettable that such an outstanding talent has such misfortune to come across him today. Soon, he would be dead. Isn't that quite a pity?

You XiaoMo feels that he is getting more and more perverse. Every time he guesses what Ling Xiao is thinking, his thoughts would always turn towards an abnormal direction.

At this moment, Ye Dan suddenly roars, "Fellow disciples, assume the formation!"

Although it doesn't seem as if there is anyone lying in ambush around them, in order to avoid anything unexpected happening, he wants to take advantage of the time when no one has yet to discover what is going on here, to finish off 'Lin Xiao' and You XiaoMo.

There is no need for him to elaborate. The other disciples clearly think the same way. One by one, they unsheathe their weapons and quickly surround Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo.

Qing Cheng sect has a famous signature move. That is the sword formation!

The sword formation depends on the cultivation levels of the disciples, resulting in sword formations of different strengths. Legend has it that if everyone is of Spiritual level, the resulting formation will be equal to an Emperor level practitioner.

When this information leaked out, it attracted the attention of countless practitioners. Even TianXin sect almost flinched. After that, those who don't fear death infiltrated Qing Cheng sect and attempted to steal the sword formation. However, they all failed. And one can well imagine what kind of fate awaited them after they failed.

However, more information leaked out after that.

No doubt the sword formation issued by Spiritual level practitioners is very fearsome. However, it comes with quite a bit of backlash.

For example, in order for the sword formation to take shape and amass power, it has to draw a huge amount of power from the people forming the formation. If too much power is taken, it would affect the cultivation of the people in the formation, causing their cultivation to decline. Therefore, this sword formation comes with significant risk, unless the people forming the formation are willing to sacrifice their own cultivation.

Hence, even though Qing Cheng sect has this sword formation, they won't bring out a formation of tremendous power lightly. Furthermore, the ultimate formation requires eight Spiritual level practitioners. Even Qing Cheng sect will not dare to rashly bring out that many strong fighters.

However, only sword formations by Spiritual level practitioners would bring about such strong side effects. Formations of slightly lesser strength wouldn't bring about such obvious side effects. However, the might of the smaller sword formations can't be underestimated.

It's precisely because of this that Ye Dan dares to let his fellow disciples assume the sword formation right away. After all, 'Lin Xiao's' strength is one star higher than him. One star difference is not trivial. In a situation without a hundred percent certainty, one must fight a quick battle to force a quick outcome.

Ling Xiao has heard of Qing Cheng sect's sword formation a long time ago. A few months ago, he even witnessed it in person. During the siege on the demons. That time when Luo ShuHe led his fellow disciples to put it to good use.

Truthfully, the power of the sword formation is not something to laugh at. Even the coarse skinned and sinewy demons were not able to withstand the onslaught of eight flying swords at eight strikes per second. If the one standing here today is not him but the real Lin Xiao, even if he doesn't get killed, he would be seriously injured.

The eight Qing Cheng sect disciples, including Ye Dan, are all zealously mobilizing the spiritual power in their bodies. Eight flying swords are spinning under their control, buzzing incessantly in everyone's ears.

Although the disciples in formation are of unequal strengths, this is the real power of the sword formation. It doesn't have strong or weak points just because the members of the formation are of unequal strengths.


Ye Dan roars once again.

It's all calm in the middle of the formation. The is not the slightest sign of fear coming of Ling Xiao causing him to feel an acute sense of uneasiness. In his heart, he resolves that he must definitely fight a quick battle to force a quick outcome.

With the fall of his voice, seven disciples immediately bring their flying swords to the highest frequency and launch their attacks on Ling Xiao.

Qing Cheng sect's sword formation is one that acts like nets above and snares below. Although there are only eight flying swords, these eight flying swords seems to cover every single corner of the sword formation. The eight flying swords will take turns attacking the people in the middle one after the other. If that person doesn't have great strength and defense, he wouldn't be able to withstand it.

The flying swords emit pulse after pulse of humming sounds but when they are about to pierce into Ling Xiao, a *ding* sound can be heard. The flying sword would pause in mid-air as if it has struck something very hard. All around Ling Xiao's body, a barely detectable ripple spreads outwards. Even though the flying sword very quickly returns to its original condition, everyone still notices it.

Ye Dan's face changes abruptly. As if thinking of something, it becomes even more unsightly. He quickly roars, "Increase the intensity of attack."

The seven fellow disciples immediately increase the amount of spiritual energy pouring into the flying swords without hesitation.

This battle, if it isn't you that dies, it will be me. Who would dare to take it easy!

The corner of Ling Xiao's lips rise subtly as he pushes You XiaoMo who is still in his arms to Da Piqiu for protection for the time being. All of a sudden his palm sends out a boom towards the one with the highest cultivation, Ye Dan. The energy from his palm hits Ye Dan squarely head on, as easily as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

Ye Dan spits out a mouthful of blood violently and flies backward ten over meters. Without him, the sword foundation that was centered on him collapses on itself. And so the seven disciples also suffer an unbearable backlash, their faces turning whiter and whiter. They must have all received varying degrees of internal injuries.

This is precisely the weakness of Qing Cheng sect's sword formation!

Although the sword formation is mighty, if its core, that is to say the strongest person, loses his position, the whole sword formation is basically useless. Most importantly, sword formations that are not dissolved normally will result in a backlash towards its members. If the difference in strength among the members is too great, the backlash would be more severe.

Although Ling Xiao has only witnessed the sword formation once, he very quickly figured out the weak point of the sword formation. That's why he only acted against the strongest one, Ye Dan.

Right at this moment, Ye Dan who was still lying on the ground suddenly flips over and leaps up. Then after seeming to take some sort of healing magic pill, he gets on his flying sword and flees in the face of his astonished fellow disciples.

Only after he flew a certain distance away can his voice be heard coming from afar, "My fellow disciples, I wish you the best. I must report this matter back to Master so that he can take revenge for all of you."

A look of utter disbelief immediately appears on the faces of the seven disciples. Never have they imagined that Senior brother Ye Dan would actually abandon them so readily and escape by himself.

"Ah ....... "

Ling Xiao looks towards the direction he flees and chuckles. He never intended to let Ye Dan go just like that. It's just that before chasing after him, he simply gave the seven abandoned people, one hit each. Only then does he chase after him.

You XiaoMo stares dumbfoundedly as seven people drop dead in front of him. He suddenly remembers what Ling Xiao said not too long ago.

My good fellow, it was only a short while ago ya. He is actually true to his words. He really killed a few people right in front of him. A moment ago, they were still full of life and right now, only seven lifeless corpses remain.

Once again he realizes just how little a life is worth in this world!

You XiaoMo feels very sad but he also understands the reason behind it.

If I don't kill you, you will kill me, a very simple equation. The road to immortality can't possibly be free of bloodshed. Isn't it also like this on TV? As a peace-loving modern man, he feels that his ability to adapt is quite strong.

You XiaoMo looks up to the sky and sighs. Then he shifts his gaze to the magic bags at the waists of the corpses. After all ....... if he doesn't take it, others will. Rather than benefitting others, wouldn't it be better to ....... benefit oneself?

And so, by the time Ling Xiao comes back with Ye Dan's magic bag, the magic bags from the seven corpses have already been gutted clean by You XiaoMo. All the things are laid out on the grass as if he is in the middle of categorizing them.

Ling Xiao can't help stopping in his tracks with a strange expression on his face.