The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 162

Chapter 162
Take action.

You XiaoMo doesn't notice that Ling Xiao is back.

He is squatting on the ground with a look of pity on his face.

The seven disciples don't seem to have high positions in Qing Cheng sect. There are not many useful things in the seven magic bags.

Furthermore, because they are martial artists, the things in their magic bags are all fighting techniques, weapons, and low level magic pills for their own use. As for magic herbs, he doesn't even see one. The only consolation is that the seven magic bags each have one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand gold coins.

You XiaoMo makes a rough count. Altogether, his haul is about 1.02 million.

Ling Xiao looks at the scene of him piling up the fighting techniques and the other things that are of no use to him to one side. He then picks up a magic bag while smilingly happily. Ling Xiao had thought that he would be frightened so he had rushed back as quickly as he could after killing Ye Dan.

Looking at this now, he was simply worried for nothing. You XiaoMo's ability to adapt to dead bodies is even stronger than he imagined.

You XiaoMo turns around to see Ling Xiao standing behind him looking at him with a teasing expression. His gaze seems to be on the magic bag in his hand. He hastily shoves the things behind him and awkwardly changes the subject, "Elder brother Ling. Has that Ye Dan been taken care of?"

"All taken care of. I also brought back his magic bag."

Ling Xiao beams as he speaks. How could he not know what he is thinking? He casually tosses the magic bag in his hand pretending not to see the covetous look in his eyes that are almost glowing green with greed.

You XiaoMo's eyes follows the magic bag as it is tossed up and down. Saliva is almost flowing out of his mouth.

Ye Dan's position in Qing Cheng sect is higher than the seven disciples. He is also Luo ChengYuan's direct disciple. There's definitely good stuff in his magic bag. However, looking at Ling Xiao's demeanor, it will be a little problematic to get his hands on this magic bag.

You XiaoMo considers for a bit and then gathers together the magic pills from the seven magic bags. There are not many mid-level magic pills. Only twelve, and they are all level four and level five. No level six magic pills. There are three bottles of low level magic pills. However, each bottle has less then fifty pills. Clearly the seven people had quite a pitiful time in Qing Cheng sect.

He then fishes out a few bottles of magic pills from his own magic bag and brings them ingratiatingly to Ling Xiao, "Elder brother Ling, these are the magic pills you like to eat. I'll give them all to you oh."

Ling Xiao raises his eyebrows but he doesn't take all of the magic pills. Very quickly he picks out a few of the bottles and tosses them aside as You XiaoMo looks on in shock. Those few bottles are precisely the ones You XiaoMo picked up from the seven corpses.

You XiaoMo: "......."

What the hell. You can't just throw them if you don't like it ah. There are twelve mid-level magic pills in there. It's all money. Money! Money ah!. You can sell them for one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand.

You XiaoMo quickly runs over to pick up the magic pills.

Ling Xiao ignores his accusing eyes and says fussily: "I only eat the magic pills you refine."

You XiaoMo glares at him but his anger soon dissipates. He already guessed it would be like this.

Ling Xiao stops teasing him and tosses the magic bag to him while smiling: "The Stinky grass and seeds are also in there ....... "

Because it's too smelly, he also stuffed the magic herbs and seeds inside.

"Ou ....... "

Before he could finish speaking, You XiaoMo already vomited.

Ling Xiao is speechless .......

After vomiting, the feeble You XiaoMo looks resentfully at him. Can't you say it earlier? Causing him to be suffocated by the Stinky grass. Because he has never come across Stinky grass before, he doesn't know how smelly it is. So, after having that much right in his face all at once, it really makes him want to throw up.

Ling Xiao looks at him innocently. He already warned him. Who knew that his actions would be so quick?

Actually, now is not the time to divide the spoils. Although he doesn't mind being discovered by others, at the worst, he'll just kill them, but he knows that You XiaoMo won't be happy about it.

Actually, You XiaoMo also doesn't want to examine the contents of Ye Dan's magic bag right here. This is the scene of the crime. If they are discovered by others, he has no doubts that Ling Xiao would silence them by killing them off.

So after hastily clearing everything away, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao leave the Green Mountain Ravine. Da Piqiu is unwilling to return to the dimension so it lags far behind them.

Half an hour after they leave, a few people reach the Green Mountain Ravine. As expected, they find seven dead bodies. These people also discover Ye Dan who was killed by Ling Xiao.

"This is?"

One of them wonders out loud.

"The disciple of Qing Cheng sect's Luo ChengYuan, Ye Dan. His cultivation is Star level, one star."

One of the others gives him the answer right away.

"Haha. So quickly and a Star level fighter is dead. Can you make out who did it? I wonder what is his strength?"

That person suddenly lets out a strange laugh, seemingly very interested in the person that killed Ye Dan.

"I can't."

The other person answers decisively.

Hearing this answer, that person's lips open wide revealing horrifyingly white teeth, "Since it's like that, leave behind the things we got from the TianXin sect people we killed. Put the blame on TianXin sect."


With those words, these few people disappear once again. What was originally just seven dead bodies of the Qing Cheng sect disciples, now there's also the corpse of Ye Dan. In his hand is a magic bag. Inside the magic bag the word 'Xin' is embroidered - precisely the mark that is only used by TianXin sect.

It looks like a very poor attempt to plant stolen goods but it is actually effective in the Paradise realm.

At the same time, bloody massacres are taking place in quite a few places in the Paradise realm. In here, everyone will be tested. Hostility between sects, camaraderie within sects, lack of humanity or loss of humanity, people are dying one after another, while some are more fortunate. This kind of situation will continue for a month.

Back to Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo. The destination they are heading for is the Jade Spiritual Cave marked on the map.

Jade Spiritual Cave is rather famous in the Paradise Realm because that place is covered with mid-level magic herbs. It's also one of the places with the most mid-level magic beasts. If they have no other destination, most people would also choose to go to the Jade Spiritual Cave.

However, the road to the Jade Spiritual Cave is rugged and dangerous. One would easily come across all sorts of magic beasts that travel in packs, such as the black crows they came across before. Although their strengths are weak, they are hard to deal with because of their numbers. Therefore, it seems to be impossible to reach the Jade Spiritual Cave without encountering some difficulty.

But it's not the same with a map. Relying on the map, one can effectively avoid the lairs of the magic beasts and find the fastest and most convenient way to reach the Jade Spiritual Cave.

However, because their map is incomplete, they would occasionally come across the habitats of magic beasts that live in packs. It's just that it's much less frequent than what others come across. They also don't have to face too much danger.

The one in charge of gathering the magic herbs and seeds is Ling Xiao. They are able to leave the place before alarming the magic beasts.

Of course all this is just what You XiaoMo thinks. Ling Xiao doesn't bring him in so he doesn't see it with his own eyes. If he were to see it, he probably wouldn't think like this anymore because judging by Ling Xiao's character, he is simply not someone that would move around stealthily and cautiously.

Furthermore, he is not a mage so he has no way of using his soul force like You XiaoMo to dig up the magic herbs. Therefore, he would simply dig up a small patch including the soil around the magic herbs, and then put it into his dimension. However, if the magic herb were to drop seeds, he would simply pick up the seeds.

Such obvious movements would obviously alarm the magic beasts. However, every time Ling Xiao walks in, he would simply release an intimidating pressure, frightening the magic beasts, causing them all to fall to the ground and shiver in fear. No need to talk about resisting.

But on the way, Da Piqiu attracts some trouble.

The nature of the blue-blooded wolf is to kill. Da Piqiu is no exception.

As a result, because he was over-excited, he accidentally provoked a swarm of ghost-faced bees. At that time, Ling Xiao happened to be away picking magic herbs for You XiaoMo. Luckily he made it back in time. Otherwise, he would have definitely been stung by the ghost-faced bees.

Ghost-faced bees are a type of low-level magic beasts. Just one is not strong but if ten thousand come all at once, even a Moon level fighter would be sucked dry of blood. On top of that, the stinger is coated with an extremely effective numbing anesthetic. One would lose all ability to move if stung. For a specific demonstration, one can refer to the one that was stung, Da Piqiu.

If Ling Xiao did not come back in time, Da Piqiu would have turned into a deflated ball.

After that, Da Piqiu that had lost all ability to move, was temporarily put back into the dimension by You XiaoMo.

Walking and stopping along the way, Ling Xiao dug up quite a lot of rare magic herbs for You XiaoMo. However, most of them were low-level. Very few were mid-level. By the time they reached the Jade Spiritual Cave, two days have already passed.

The moment they land, the sound of clashing swords catch their attention.

The sound is coming from somewhere in front. A huge lake lies across the road to the Jade Spiritual Cave. The only way to reach the Jade Spiritual Cave is to fly across the lake. Right now, there seems to be a group of people before the lake.

Looking into the distance, there are two factions exchanging blows below.

As luck would have it, Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo recognize these two groups.

The group on the left is dressed in green robes. On the back of the robes, the mark that is unique to TianXin sect is imprinted. The grave-faced leader is Elder Shi. The people on the other side are from Qing Cheng sect but it's not Luo ShuHe but a Second generation Elder from Qing Cheng sect with a Star level Seven star cultivation.

However, the combined strength of the people from Qing Cheng sect is a little higher than the people from TianXin sect because they have another Star level Three star Second generation Elder. That is to say, if they fight it out, TianXin sect only has Elder Shi, one Star level fighter. If he is unable to stop the attacks from the two Star level fighters, TianXin sect's disciples will not make it out alive.

That's why Elder Shi's face is so unsightly. Out of all the people to come across, they just have to run into Qing Cheng sect's strongest group.

Ling Xiao has no intention of caring about the life and death of Elder Shi and the rest but You XiaoMo won't allow it because Fang ChenLe is also down there.

Fang ChenLe has no combat ability. If Elder Shi falls, he will definitely be the first to get killed because his talent is high, among the top five in the Mage Division. Even the people from Qing Cheng sect have heard of him. They just have to kill him and TianXin sect would lose a future high-level mage.

Elder Shi also clearly knows this so he sends two disciples of considerable strength to protect him.

"Elder brother Ling, what are we going to do ya?"

You XiaoMo pulls Ling Xiao's arm urgently.

Although he doesn't understand combat strategy, he can see that TianXin sect is somewhat at a disadvantage. Seeing Elder Shi retreat step by step, a few Qing Cheng sect disciples inch closer and closer towards Elder brother.


Ling Xiao motions for him to stop panicking and picks up a pebble from the ground.

The pebble is roughly half the size of a thumb. Ling Xiao puts it in between two fingers and twists it lightly into two small pieces. Exerting force from his fingertips, the two tiny fragments fly swiftly, shooting off in two different directions.

One of the pieces hits the Qing Cheng sect disciple that is going to kill Fang ChenLe while the other piece shoots towards that Qing Cheng sect Elder with the highest cultivation.

The sneak attack that appears out of nowhere causes that Elder to turn pale with fright. He wards off Elder Shi's attack but is unable to stop the small pebble. After being hit, the spiritual energy in his meridians surge in chaos causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood violently. By the time he inspects the condition in his body, he discovers that he has already sustained internal injuries leaving him extremely shocked.

Although Elder Shi isn't clear about what actually happened, his reaction is very fast. He immediately seizes the opportunity and concentrates all his firepower on the other Elder whose strength is much inferior to his. Because the difference in strength is too great, that Elder was very quickly pierced through the heart by Elder Shi's sword.

That Elder with the upper hand discovers that someone is secretly helping TianXin sect and on top of that that person's strength doesn't seem to be weak. In extreme shock, he hastily orders his junior disciples to withdraw.

Elder Shi doesn't pursue them to press for victory. Fighting off two Elders one after another, the spiritual energy in his body is almost depleted. Furthermore, he also realizes that there is someone secretly helping them. He doesn't know what is that person's intention so he can't rashly take off.

"Thank you Elder for your help. Would Elder care to show yourself to allow my humble self to thank you?"

Elder Shi is certain that the person that acted is not from TianXin sect. Otherwise, he would have already shown himself. Furthermore, that person's strength seems to be not weak. Able to use a pebble to inflict internal injuries on Qing Cheng sect's Elder, clearly that person's strength is equivalent to theirs. If they can befriend him, the following journey will definitely go much more smoothly.

Because there is a restriction on cultivation level in the Paradise Realm, they don't suspect that it could a fighter of even higher cultivation.

Ling Xiao pays him no heed as he is currently holding his hand over You XiaoMo's mouth.