The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 163

Chapter 163
Rescue and bonding

"Leave this place!"

A commanding voice suddenly comes down from the heavens along with a tremendous pressure. Other than Elder Shi, everyone else's expression changes instantly.

This person is so blunt. He clearly doesn't know them so why did he take action to save them? Even Elder Shi can't make any sense of it.

Elder Shi faces switches between green and white. Although it is a fact that he saved them, but using that as a reason to chase them away is rather conceited. It can't be that he wants to take all the magic herbs and magic beasts at the Jade Spiritual Cave for himself?

Thinking about it, it's too improbable. Even a Star level Seven star fighter wouldn't be able to swallow something as large as the Jade Spiritual Cave. What more since there are quite a lot of mid-level magic beasts inside, with quite a few at Star level and above. Furthermore, even if that person is capable of gobbling it all up, there is not enough time.

No matter how hard he thinks, it doesn't cross Elder Shi's mind that this Elder he is calling is actually Ling Xiao who should be heading towards the North. But he doesn't think that deeply right now. He's just trying to sort out in his heart who would fit this person's identity.

Before he can figure it out, something unexpected happens.

From beneath their feet, the earth suddenly shakes violently. Swaying and shaking as if it's an earthquake. Quite a few disciples are caught unprepared, falling to the ground. A deafening sound comes from behind them.

Elder Shi turns around to take a look. Instantly all sense of bravery crumbles away and extreme horror is reflected on his face. He has no time to continue talking with that distant mysterious person. He roars in panic at all his disciples: "Everyone run!"

Enormous waves suddenly surge to the skies from the originally calm lake. All at once, the level of water rises ten over meters. A gigantic shadow appears before everyone's eyes. Along with the *hualala* sound of the water, a gigantic magic beast appears from the water.

This is an extremely gigantic magic beast. The body emerging from the water is over ten meters tall. No need to mention that this may be only half of its body. The entire magic beast is dark purple in color. A large pair of fiercely glowing round eyes sweep across.

Poisonous flood dragon. Its appearance is exactly like a dragon, the dark purple body covered in scales. The surface of the scales are glittering, emitting ice-cold rays of light. Clearly it's adopting a defensive stance. A complete set of conical fangs can be seen in its horrifying open mouth. Four sturdy limbs, each with five sharp claws hang over the edge of the lake. Its protruding, large and round eyes are bloodshot and staring fiercely right at them.

This is none other than a level eight poisonous flood dragon!

Based on Elder Shi's Star level cultivation, battling with a level eight poisonous flood dragon will only result in death. No wonder he was so terrified after seeing the poisonous flood dragon. The truth is, if no one saves them, there is no doubt that all these people will end up dead.

Right this instant, there is no need for Elder Shi to shout. They themselves know that they are facing an imminent catastrophe. All thoughts of the Jade Spiritual Cave flies from their minds as they start fleeing in all directions.

Under the threat of losing their lives, the two warrior division disciples are unable to take Fang ChenLe's safety into consideration. They each cast him aside and flee for their lives.

Luckily Fang ChenLe is not a naive person who doesn't understand the ways of the world. When he realized something unexpected was happening, he very quickly brought up his guard. Now, seeing a poisonous flood dragon appear suddenly from the bottom of the lake, his face turns pale but unlike the others, he is not as panicked.

It's just that his luck doesn't seem to be too good. The moment that poisonous flood dragon stepped onto dry land, it actually chased towards the direction he ran.

Elder Shi who was not far away also witnesses this scene. A look of uncertainty appears on his face. After a moment of hesitation he abruptly turns around and increases his speed as he flees from the spot, actually no longer caring about Fang ChenLe's fate.

If you think about it, no matter how important Fang ChenLe is, he is still not as important as one's own life. Who would willingly deliver themselves to the doorstep of certain death? Elder Shi is no fool. As for the TianXin sect disciples there at the time, he is not so righteous as to sacrifice these disciples just for a third generation disciple.

But, since Elder Shi is already like that, the other disciples who are weaker than him are even more unlikely to go help Fang ChenLe. They are unable to even fend for themselves. In an instant, not even their shadows can be seen. As for that poisonous flood dragon, for some unknown reason, it persists in chasing after Fang ChenLe.

Fang ChenLe is only a level four mage. No combat ability when combat ability is needed. Even his physical strength is not as strong as that of martial artists. Very quickly, the poisonous flood dragon catches up to him.

A gigantic shadow envelops him from above. The way forward is blocked by the poisonous flood dragon. Its twin perfectly round eyes are fixed on Fang ChenLe who appears very tiny in its eyes.

Rays of ruthlessness radiate from its ferocious face as if it would eat up Fang ChenLe in the next second.

There is not a drop of blood left on Fang ChenLe's pale face. Although he knows that it would be hard to escape death this time, his stubborn eyes still reflect his unwillingness. His life has just started. How could he be willing to let it end right here and right now?

Of course he saw how Elder Shi and the others didn't save him from the face of death. It can't be denied that he feels bitter in his heart but he feels no hate because in this struggle, if their positions were reversed, he may make the same decision as them.

However, he is after all only a normal man. He doesn't want to die. He feels hopelessness as well as unwillingness in his heart. However, he can only watch with eyes wide open, his own tragic death in the jaws of the poisonous flood dragon. This type of powerlessness is suddenly magnified. Right at this moment, he suddenly understands why ZiLin always wanted to be a martial artist.

If he can do it over, he would also want to be a martial artist who can summon the wind and rain!

Under the roars of the poisonous flood dragon, Fang ChenLe finally can't stand it any longer and falls to the ground sitting. A thread of regret rises in his heart. With death hanging over his head, he finally realizes how reluctant he is to leave his Master, reluctant to leave his fellow disciples, especially the one that grew up with him from when they were young, ZiLin. If he finds out that he has died, he would probably feel a deep sorrow. And there's also that Little brother who always makes him worried .......

Just as Fang ChenLe closes his eyes and surrenders to his fate, the roars of the poisonous flood dragon suddenly dies down.

After not hearing any sound of movement for some time, Fang ChenLe can't help but open his eyes, only to be shocked speechless by the scene in front of his eyes.

He sees the gigantic poisonous flood dragon cowering on the ground. Its bloodshot eyes have already regained their clarity, replaced instead with a look of terror, as if something a hundred percent terrifying to it has appeared. It lowers its gigantic head in fear and trepidation.

Fang ChenLe doesn't know what happened but he very quickly connects the dots to that mysterious person who helped them out earlier. Even though he isn't absolutely sure, it can only be him.

Fang ChenLe hastily scrambles up and backs away from the reach of the poisonous flood dragon. He cups his hands respectfully towards the emptiness in front of him and says with emotion: "Many thanks to Elder for lending a helping hand. This favor of saving my life, junior will never forget even after losing all my teeth!"

After some time, a rather unhappy voice suddenly rises from the emptiness, "Why are you just standing there? Use your soul force and try to see if you can bond with it."

Fang ChenLe is stunned. He feels that he must be hallucinating. That mysterious person wants to help him bond with the poisonous flood dragon? He most definitely must have heard it wrong. Furthermore, this voice seems to suggest that he's somewhat unwilling?

Of course Ling Xiao is not doing it willingly. In his eyes, Fang ChenLe is his imaginary love rival. Who would be willing to help someone they don't like? He is after all not a saint!

However, You XiaoMo at his side is not pleased!

Earlier, when he saw Fang ChenLe in danger, his whole face turned white in fright and he would have called out long ago if Ling Xiao wasn't in time to cover his mouth.

After that, Ling Xiao reluctantly and unwillingly rescued Fang ChenLe.

Although You XiaoMo heaves a sigh of relief, when he thinks about the actions of Elder Shi and the rest casting Elder brother aside, he is worried that the same thing will happen in the future. So he thinks that if Elder brother can bond with this magic beast, although its terrifying appearance is a little unsightly, if there is this magic beast guarding him, he probably won't be in any more danger.

However, when he voiced out his thoughts, he was flatly rejected by Ling Xiao. You XiaoMo has yet to be this concerned over him and now he is actually showing concern for his Elder brother in front of him?

Ever since he realized his own feelings, Ling Xiao is very unhappy about how he is always worried about his brothers. And now, wanting him to help Fang ChenLe bond with a magic beast, don't even think about it!

How could You XiaoMo know what he is thinking? He is only thinking naively that he wants the people who are good to him to get by well, that's it. So he simply promises Ling Xiao a few favors like before.

Who could have known that Ling Xiao would harden his heart this time as if he had just eaten measuring weights. Now matter how many extra magic pills he promises to give him each day, he refuses to budge.

You XiaoMo feels helpless and can only ask, "Then what do you want in exchange for your help?"

Ling Xiao didn't intend to relent but these words suddenly gave him an idea. The corner of his lips rise up to reveal a suspicious smile. He pauses for a bit before leaning in to his ear to say a sentence.

One second later, You XiaoMo is bright red. He simply did not think that Ling Xiao would propose this condition. Clearly their brains have never operated on the same track .......

You XiaoMo has the impulse to bite Ling Xiao. This fellow clearly has ulterior motives. He must have been waiting for this instant. But ....... seeing Elder brother's still colorless face, he concedes. After all, this is something that would happen sooner or later.

And so, You XiaoMo grits his teeth as he agrees to Ling Xiao's condition.

Ling Xiao is happy hearing him actually agree but when thinks about how You XiaoMo only agreed because of Fang ChenLe, he immediately feels unhappy.

That's how Fang ChenLe came to hear that hallucinatory voice.

Ling Xiao doesn't hear him answer so he says impatiently, "Hmph, if you're not willing, then forget about it."

Before You XiaoMo could get anxious, Fang ChenLe opens his mouth.

"Wait, Elder wait. Junior is wi ....... willing!"

Fang ChenLe is so agitated that his whole face is red. This kind of opportunity is not something you come across everyday. This mysterious Elder is actually willing to extend a helping hand. If he refuses, he would probably curse himself to death.

"Then just get with it ba." says Ling Xiao.

Fang ChenLe takes a few steps forward. This poisonous flood dragon is indeed a level eight magic beast. But right now, it is still only a level seven magic beast, still a while away from level eight. However, compared to a level eight magic beast, it is easier to bond with a level seven magic beast.

What is even more surprising is that the poisonous flood dragon doesn't resist. It simply accepts the soul force that Fang ChenLe sends into its chakra between its eyebrows.

If others don't understand what that pressure on him is, as a magic beast that has gained spiritual consciousness, it is very clear on how noble that person's bloodline is. Among the magic beasts, it definitely belongs to royalty. Just the pressure from the bloodline alone makes it unable to raise the slightest bit of resistance.

So, being able to make such a high level magic beast terrified, it can only be a genuine noble bloodline. Therefore, it can only submit. Otherwise, that person would instantly chop of its head.

The gentle soul force enters without any hindrance and contacts the soul of the poisonous flood dragon. Both sides establish a bond very quickly. The whole process seems so smooth that it seems unbelievable.

Although Fang ChenLe has never bonded a magic beast before, he has heard others talk about how hard it is to bond a high level magic beast. However, he definitely didn't feel any resistance at all. Rather than giving himself credit, he knows that the mysterious person must be helping him yet again.

Fang ChenLe doesn't know how to repay this mysterious person. There are many questions hidden in his heart but he doesn't think deeply over them. He only knows that this mysterious person won't harm him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have saved him and he also wouldn't have helped him bond the poisonous flood dragon.

It's just that before he could think up words of thanks, Ling Xiao's impatient voice is heard again, "You can go now."

Hearing the voice of the mysterious person, Fang ChenLe also doesn't dare to delay. He cups his hands respectfully, "Elder, today's favor, Junior will not forget it this entire life. Junior is TianXin sect's Fang ChenLe. In the future, if Elder has any use for me, please send orders."

With those words, he brings the poisonous flood dragon along with him and leaves.

After making sure that no one is left, Ling Xiao takes You XiaoMo out of hiding.

A level eight magic beast. Fang ChenLe's luck can no longer be described as ordinary. In a place like the Paradise Realm where danger lurks in every corner, Fang ChenLe's survival has a degree of guarantee.

After this dangerous period is over, Fang ChenLe would probably become even more famous. TianXin sect will also rise in prominence by promoting his prominence. It must be said that if the poisonous flood dragon succeeds in advancing to level eight, it would mean that TianXin sect would have an additional Spiritual level fighter. Furthermore, this level eight magic beast's combat ability is much more impressive than ordinary Spiritual level fighters.