The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 164

Chapter 164
Jade Spiritual Cave

"Are you satisfied now?"

Ling Xiao tilts his head and glances at You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo's eyes are beaming as he nods his head. Of course he's satisfied. He knows that if he dares to say that he is not satisfied, Ling Xiao would definitely give it to him so he quickly changes the topic, "Elder brother Ling, who would expect that a no less than level eight magic beast would appear here? Then wouldn't it be even more awesome inside the Jade Spiritual Cave?"

You XiaoMo is extremely curious. There is one thing he has always found to be very peculiar.

Since Elder Shi chose to lead his people to this road, it can't be that he didn't know that there would be a poisonous flood dragon in the lake.

But seeing how he acted just now, it's as if he didn't know about it at all.

Although this is You XiaoMo's first time in the Paradise Realm, he knew that he would need to prepare beforehand. Therefore it is even more impossible that TianXin sect didn't make the necessary preparations. After all, they already came here fifty years ago so they should have collected quite a lot of information.

"The poisonous flood dragon doesn't hide in the lake to cultivate all the time. Since Elder Shi didn't receive information on this matter, clearly the poisonous flood dragon wasn't in the lake fifty years ago."

Ling Xiao voices his guess. He already discovered the existence of the poisonous flood dragon earlier. If not for his consideration for You XiaoMo's feelings, he would not have bothered to warn them to leave. Especially since they weren't the least bit grateful.

"But ....... "

Ling Xiao continues on, "This lake isn't really that great of a place for cultivation. Since the poisonous flood dragon chose this place, there may be magic herbs down below."


You XiaoMo's expression immediately livens up. His shining eyes are fixed on the surface of the lake that has already calmed down.

The poisonous flood dragon is currently of level seven strength. That means the magic herb at the bottom of the lake is at least a level seven magic herb. Right now, he doesn't even have a single stalk of level seven magic herb.

"Do you want to hide in the dimension first? I'll go down to take a look and call you when I'm back."

As soon as Ling Xiao says those words, his arm is grabbed by You XiaoMo.

"No, I want to go down with you. You won't be able to recognize a level seven magic herb. Furthermore, there may be other magic herbs inside the lake."

You XiaoMo says determinedly.

Ling Xiao considers for a moment and agrees. It would be very troublesome to dig out the whole bottom of the lake under water. After all, they still want to go look for other magic herbs so they shouldn't waste too much time on this. So, he takes You XiaoMo with him and dives to the bottom of the lake .......

The lake water is very clear, about a hundred meters deep. The bottom of the lake is covered with small pebbles and such. It really doesn't look like a place where magic herbs would grow. But it's unlikely that the poisonous flood dragon would guard a lake for no real reason.

Finally they found a stalk of level seven magic herb in a corner of the lake bottom. However, this stalk of magic herb is a while away from maturity. As luck would have it, You XiaoMo has seen it before.

There was a time when You XiaoMo was called over to see Kong Wen a few times.

At that time there was a small patch in Kong Wen's courtyard that was planted with high level magic herbs. This stalk of magic herb is precisely one of them.

Level seven magic herb, Lease of Life magic herb, is the most important magic herb to refine the level seven Regain Life magic pill. As long as the soul is still present, it doesn't matter how heavy the injuries received, the person will recover. But there is a side effect.

That is, after you use the Regain Life magic pill to get back your life, your cultivation will plummet. But there are still a lot of people fighting for it. After all, having a Regain Life magic pill is equivalent to having two lives. Exchanging level of cultivation for one's life is worth it!

You XiaoMo's luck is not bad. This stalk of Lease of Life herb is medium quality. With this as the foundation, he only needs to give it lots of magic water in the following days and it would definitely become a stalk of high quality magic herb.

After transplanting the Lease of Life magic herb into his dimension, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao hurry to the Jade Spiritual Cave.

There is not just one road to the Jade Spiritual Cave. On top of that, they delayed on the way for quite a while. So by the time they reached, a few groups of people have already barged into the Jade Spiritual Cave.

The Jade Spiritual Cave is the place where mid-level magic herbs and mid-level magic beasts abound. Before they came near, they can already hear the angry roars of the magic beasts. The floor of the humongous cave is covered with green vines of unknown name. Ancient trees soar to the skies blocking the sunlight. They continuously discover traces of magic beasts along the way.

It's too bad that the magic herbs they are guarding are those that You XiaoMo already has. Other than that, there are also a few magic beast lairs that have been cleaned out. The ground is still covered in fresh blood that hasn't dried, indicating that a fierce fight just occurred not too long ago.

You XiaoMo wants to find the Seven Star Grass. Seven Star Grass is a level six magic herb. According to the map, Seven Star Grass is located at the Southern part of the Jade Spiritual Cave. However, it isn't clear where exactly it is. The South part is so vast. If they have to look for it, it would be like fishing for a needle in the ocean.

"Little brother, bring out those two Seven Star Hidden Fragrance insects."

Ling Xiao who was standing on the green vines and evaluating the surroundings, suddenly says to You XiaoMo.

The Seven Star Hidden Fragrance insects feed on Seven Star Grass, so their sensitivity to the Seven Star Grass should be very high. There is nothing better to lead them to it.

You XiaoMo clearly understands this point. As soon as Ling Xiao finishes speaking, he disappears, and reappears a moment later holding a jade box in his hands. The two insects are lying inside, the Seven Star Hidden Fragrance insects that Ling Xiao gave him that time.

Because they haven't eaten for too long, the two Seven Star Hidden Fragrance insects are breathing rather weakly. Luckily, it's not too much of a hindrance. After You XiaoMo lets them out, one male and one female instantly come back to life with blood pumping as they suddenly start to fly, flying rather crookedly towards one direction.

This time, You XiaoMo doesn't let Ling Xiao carry him over because he also let Da Piqiu out. Da Piqiu is now at level five. Over here, his strength is probably not high but it's more than enough to bring along a You XiaoMo.

Although Ling Xiao is not too happy, Da Piqiu really should be strengthened.

Blue blooded wolves are the type that grow up by battling. If they are left too long in the dimension, not only will the nature of the Blue blooded wolf wear away, the power to kill will also definitely weaken. This is not something he wants to see.

If the Blue blooded wolf is unable to protect You XiaoMo, what is the use of having it around?

Da Piqiu that was let out, lets out a howl. Luckily the sound of beasts howling is a normal occurrence in the Jade Spiritual Cave. Therefore, no one takes notice of this howl. Soon after, Da Piqiu's whole body leaps up and flies forward at top speed.

Although it is only at level five now, unable to fly through the air, its running speed on level ground is not slow. In just a few seconds, it speeds through several thousand meters, closely tailing behind the pair of seven star hidden fragrance insects.

Ling Xiao doesn't run to take the lead. Instead, he follows close by You XiaoMo, surveying the surroundings from time to time.

Half an hour later, the seven star hidden fragrance insects finally start to slow down.

In front of their eyes is a luxuriantly green mountain range. Everywhere is covered with abundant growth and filled with an extraordinary amount of spiritual energy.

As You XiaoMo gets down from Da Piqiu, he hears the angry roar of a magic beast. Not far ahead, he can faintly see what seems to be several flashes of light.

The two seven star hidden fragrance insects are no longer flying forward. Instead, they are circling around You XiaoMo, as if urging him. They are so aware because You XiaoMo has already bonded with them. The seven star hidden fragrance insects that have acknowledged their master naturally want You XiaoMo to lead. Furthermore, they can sense the danger ahead.

"Elder brother Ling, it seems that someone else beat us here." says You XiaoMo.

Ling Xiao wraps his arm around his waist and says: "We'll go over and take a look. Don't let Da Piqiu follow. Let him wander around by himself. As a blue-blooded wolf, how can it not fight? We'll regroup two hours later."

"Wei ....... "

Before You XiaoMo could protest, he was brought away by Ling Xiao.

Da Piqiu stays on the spot. Its silvery white tail wags faster and faster. The two ruby eyes glow eerily giving off red flashes of light, especially after Ling Xiao said those words. The strong red flashes get stronger and stronger, a sign that it is excited and charged up. He looks at the direction they left for a bit and then turns around and bounds away into the thick growth of grass.

It never crossed You XiaoMo's mind that his Da Piqiu, when it returns back here two hours later, its silvery fur would be completely dyed red with blood, its whole body reeking of blood. The fresh blood would still be dripping *di di da da* down its fur. Its cultivation would also have increased a huge chunk. But ....... there would also be a long string of troubles following behind.

After a moment, that group of people appear in the field of vision of Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo.

Dressed uniformly in gray robes, a few of them complete with gray hoods. Clearly they are from XingLuo group.

On the other side of the people from XingLuo group are XiaoYao group and JiLe tower. The two forces make up twelve people, mostly of Sun and Moon level. The strongest ones are two Star level three star and four star elders. Not anyone that You XiaoMo nor Ling Xiao would recognize.

At this moment, these twelve people are surrounded by the people from XingLuo group, looking like they have their backs up against the wall.

Overall, the combined strength of the people from the XingLuo group is clearly much higher than that of the people from XiaoYao group and JiLe tower. Among them is a Star level seven star middle aged man whose hood has been lifted off his face, revealing a rather wicked face covered in a thin layer of black mist. He stares at the twelve people with a look of blatant savagery.

"Eleventh Star, what is the meaning of this? Isn't it up to one's own ability to get magic herbs and magic beasts? It can't be that you're thinking of killing us?"

XiaoYao group's Mu Sheng speaks harshly while looking extremely imposing.

"So what if I kill all of you. If want to blame something, blame it on your bad luck. You just had to run into us and interrupt our plan."

The middle aged man laughs out loud. The large sword in his hand is stained with a lot of blood, dripping to the ground as he laughs. A little while later, he stops laughing. He says in a grave voice with a murderous look in his eyes, "Kill them all. Leave no one alive."

Mu Sheng cries out in terror, "Eleventh Star, if TianXin sect and Qing Cheng sect find out that you all are colluding with the de ....... "

Before he could say demons, his head was chopped off by someone who snuck up behind him. The one who snuck up behind him was one of the JiLe tower disciples.