The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 165

Chapter 165
Silencing Witnesses

Hearing this, even if the rest of the words are not voiced out, everyone there already understands.

What can he be referring to by saying de...? If not demons, what else can it be? Furthermore, recently TianXin sect and the other major forces have been like fire and water with the demons. The appearance of the XingLuo group indeed looks a little strange.

As for that disciple from JiLe tower with his sneak attack, he's probably a spy for XingLuo group.

The reason why he beheaded Mu Sheng before he could finish his words is because Mu Sheng purposely spoke in a very loud voice. Therefore, he was afraid that there would be people nearby. If they overheard it and informed Qing Cheng sect and TianXin sect, XingLuo group would be in a very difficult position.

Therefore, in order to protect the grand scheme of XingLuo group, the disciples of XiaoYao group and JiLe tower have to die.

By the time the last XiaoYao group disciple falls to the ground, the surrounding area is already flooded with the overpowering stench of blood. Every single corpse is beyond recognition.

At this moment, five men in black robes appear next to those corpses.

The men in black robes are extremely tall. Over two meters, almost three meters tall. The towering Eleventh Star instantly appears very short and small in comparison.

The two sides exchange a few words. The five men in black robes suddenly squat down next to the corpses. One by one, dark hands stretch out from inside the black robes and latch on to one of the corpses before pulling them into their black robes, followed by *ka chi ka chi* sounds. The sound of bones being gnawed can suddenly be heard. Bright red blood flow out from beneath their feet. A newly severed arm suddenly falls out from inside one of the black robes .......


Someone throws up. This person is .......

"Who is it!"

Eleventh Star's face changes visibly. His sharp and piercing gaze is directed towards the direction of the sound of vomiting.

That direction is precisely where You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao are. And the person that is throwing up is of course You XiaoMo. The five men in black robes eating corpses made him unable to stop himself from throwing up. He just got used to bloody scenes 'after much difficulty'.

Eleventh Star is not the only one that heard the sound. There's also the five men in black robes. They immediately stop feeding, some of them simply tossing out half eaten corpses.

Some of the corpses have their top halves eaten, some have their bottom halves eaten, and some of them only have the four limbs remaining .......

All sorts of horrible sights. Extremely bloody, exceedingly nauseating. The gleaming white intestines, brain spatter and the like. Everything is flowing out, and so .......


You XiaoMo can't hold it in again. With an empty stomach, he throws up the acidic stomach juices.

The moment he made a sound, that Eleventh Star immediately figures out his exact position. Very quickly, he finds You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao. Seeing that they have been discovered, Ling Xiao also doesn't intend to hide any more. He carries You XiaoMo who is vomiting non-stop and places him on one of the towering great vines.

This face of Ling Xiao's, someone like Eleventh Star is definitely not unfamiliar with. One look and Eleventh Star's expression immediately changes, "TianXin sect's Lin Xiao?"

Saying that, his sharp eyes immediately lock onto their surroundings as if trying to see how many people are still hiding around them.

What surprises him is that other than the two of them, he doesn't discover anyone else. On the surface, it looks as if there is only the two of them. However, Eleventh Star doesn't immediately let down his guard, looking at Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo with a hundred percent vigilance mixed in with threads of ruthlessness.

Ling Xiao glances at them in amusement. XingLuo group teaming up with demons? Really something he never expected.

But considering the actions of XingLuo group these few years, indeed there have been visible trails of spider webs and horses' hooves. It's definitely possible that XingLuo group have been working together with demons. Originally, he planned to pretend that he didn't see anything. Unfortunately, man proposes but god disposes.

Ling Xiao lowers his head and looks at You XiaoMo who is vomiting non-stop. He pats his back gently, "Little brother, are you alright?"

You XiaoMo doesn't answer his question but a hand stretches out in front of him and tugs on his clothes. Does it look like he is alright? God in heaven, this is the first time he witnesses the monstrosity of people being eaten.

Of course this is not the first time he witnessed such a bloody scene. It happened before in on the green plains outside HunJi city, limbs covering the ground. That time, he felt the impact very strongly but it happened rather quickly and there were no man-eating monsters.

Although he watched quite a few horror films in his past life, some of them depicting man-eating zombies, those were all fiction, separated by a screen. In his heart, he knows that it is fake. When did he ever have the 'pleasure' of viewing it up close? Furthermore, it is a live version. The assault on his senses is not small. It's good enough that he didn't throw up his whole stomach.

Ling Xiao beams as he pats his back, "It's good that you're used to it."

Get used to your sister! You XiaoMo rolls his eyes at him. Again with those words.

"Tian Xin sect's prodigy Lin Xiao actually appearing here by himself? *ha ha ha* Take it that your luck is bad. Looks like there will be a great harvest today. After killing you, it would be as if TianXin sect has lost an arm. I believe Grand Master and Young Master will definitely be very pleased."

After observing for a long time, Eleventh Star is finally confident that other than the two of them, there are no other TianXin sect disciples around. Only then does he laugh out loud, with a savage and wicked look on his face.

He seems to be already picturing the reward the Grand Master will give him.

It must be known that although TianXin sect's Lin Xiao is only a Star level two star fighter, 'he' is only thirty years old, about the same as Qing Cheng sect's Luo ShuHe. Very few people can reach Star level at this age, such as their Young Master, Xing TianXie.

XingLuo group's Young Master is already forty one years old. His cultivation is two stars higher than Ling Xiao's and Luo ShuHe's.

However, when the Young Master was thirty years old, his cultivation was only Star level one star. Although it is only lower than these two people by one star, the arrogant Young Master views it as a humiliation. Therefore, he has always regarded them as enemies.

Their Grand Master also feels that if Lin Xiao and Luo ShuHe are allowed to mature, they will become XingLuo group's biggest obstacle one day in the future. Therefore, he had decreed long ago that during this opening of the Paradise Realm, if there is an opportunity, these two must be killed.

Eleventh Star never expected that before he could go looking for them, one of them would present himself to him. Furthermore, there is only one person by Lin Xiao's side. And it's only a puny mage riding on his coat tails. Isn't this God doing him a favor?

"Eleventh Star, I want Lin Xiao's body."

At this time, one of the men in black robes suddenly opens his mouth.

The demon's voice is rather hoarse. Like the sound of some rusty machinery that struggles to turn. A barely concealed excitement can be detected, as if Lin Xiao is already in his pocket.

Eleventh Star roars with laughter while saying, "No problem. But I have to bring his head back to our Young Master. He would definitely be very happy to learn that Lin Xiao is dead."

"Then, are you going to do it or shall I let my underling do it?"

The black-robed man sniggers wickedly.

"Let me do it. A mere Star level two stars. I can bring him down with just a finger."

Eleventh Stars speaks flippantly while his eyes are filled with intense bloodthirsty killing intention. He raises his right hand and waves the large sword in his hand, flinging away the drops of blood on his large sword.

Right at this moment, Ling Xiao who was comforting You XiaoMo starts to laugh.

A hint of suppressed self-satisfaction can be heard in Ling Xiao's laughter. Those who hear it get a rather strange feeling. Normally, wouldn't one run away a long time ago when faced with such a great disparity in strength? Not only did they not, they don't even show any signs of anxiousness.

Eleventh Star and company finally feel that something is not quite right, "What are you laughing at?"

Ling Xiao stops laughing abruptly and glances at Eleventh Star in amusement. He then lowers his head and looks at You XiaoMo who is just about done vomiting. He gently caresses his silky hair with one of his hands as he laughs while saying, "Little brother, although big brother me understands and sympathizes with you as this is your first time seeing such a gruesome scene, but you also have seen it. They have discovered our secret, so big brother me 'has no other choice' but to kill them right in front of you. You also have to show some understanding and sympathize with big brother me wo!"

You XiaoMo rolls his eyes at him. How could he not know that these people have already discovered whatever secret of theirs? Speaking so pompously, isn't it just him wanting to kill them? Still coming up with so many excuses.

These few days he encountered all sorts of bloody and cruel experiences one after another. Furthermore, today's scene is so bloody and gruesome. He feels that his ability to endure is quickly heading towards a very strong and abnormal direction. He now realizes one truth. There is no such thing as most gruesome in this world, there is only even more gruesome!

However, to Eleventh Star and company, hearing these words from Ling Xiao is like hearing the world's funniest joke.

Lin Xiao wants to kill all of them here by himself? Surely it's a joke. Furthermore, he must have misunderstood his position ba. Surely its them who will be silencing witnesses.

Since Ling Xiao came upon their scheme, discovering that XingLuo school is working with the demons, there is no way they can let him and the puny mage go no matter what happens.

Ling Xiao stands up and pats his melon seed head, saying in a considerate voice, "Little brother, go ahead and throw up. By the time you finish throwing up, I would have done away with the witnesses."

You XiaoMo is speechless. He can only continue rolling his eyes in answer. He realizes that this fellow really has no lower limit.

He then jumps down from the vine, his clothes fluttering in the wind, a slight smile on the corner of his lips. He seems to have a rather scholarly and noble air. Who would guess that he has killing on his mind at this time?

trails of spider webs and horses' hooves - clues