The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 166

Chapter 166

Ling Xiao walks to the front of Eleventh Star and company. If there was a fan in his hand, and if he opens it with a *shua*, he would probably look like a handsome and refined elegant prince. Too bad he doesn't have one. What he does have, is a heart that is ready to 'silence witnesses'.

"Consider yourselves lucky!"

Ling Xiao beams as he looks at them.

These words are not looney talk. When he kills, he usually likes to use all sorts of different methods. The people killed by him sometimes end up without arms or with missing legs. Sometimes, half of the head is gone, just like what happened the last time at the green plains. However, that is actually one of the few times he was so violent.

But, there is no such thing as most violent, there's only even more violent!

He still has yet to cause a truly bloody scene. However, this time, he really empathizes with You XiaoMo. Therefore, he definitely doesn't intend to make it really bloody. He'll force himself to leave their bodies intact.

"We are indeed lucky. You however, are out of luck because you will soon be dead."

Eleventh Star swings his large sword and stares at him squarely. However, he faintly feels a thread of uneasiness in his heart.

He has never felt this feeling before. To think that he would actually feel this kind of misgivings facing a Star level two star fighter. Eleventh Star feels that it must be because he is overly excited, causing him to have these feelings. As long as he kills Lin Xiao, everything will be alright.

"Eleventh Star, why are you still standing there? Hurry up and do it!"

At this moment, the black-robed man behind Eleventh Star suddenly shouts in a deep voice. His tone is tinged with anxiousness.

Eleventh Star's brow twitches. His whole body starts to spin at a high speed. Suddenly his body disappears and a second later, he appears again in front of Ling Xiao. The large sword in his hand is still stained with blood. With a momentum that causes one's heart to race, he swings it down towards Ling Xiao's crown.

His strength is Star level seven stars, above 'Lin Xiao' by a whole five ranks. With such a disparity, he believes that 'Lin Xiao' would simply be unable to react. So he intends to take 'Lin Xiao's' life.

But when the large sword connects with 'Lin Xiao's' body, just when a tiny bit of glee can be seen on Eleventh Star's face, 'Lin Xiao's' body disappears. It's actually an afterimage?

Eleventh Star's expression changes abruptly. Before he could change his stance, a palm attaches to his abdomen. Flames seem to flicker for a second on that palm and then quickly disappears. Eleventh Star's eyes are open wide in horror. He appears to be frozen in time, with no further reaction.

Ling Xiao's body materializes as he takes back his hand that was stuck on his abdomen. He pokes his forehead with a finger and Eleventh Star's towering body immediately falls backwards.

Everyone doesn't know what happened but Eleventh Star seems to have lost.

Naturally, the people with low cultivation can't tell but the five black-robed men know that Eleventh Star is dead.

His vigor was very strong at the beginning. But, 'Lin Xiao' seems to have done something and it weakened in a flash. His soul force also dried up in an instant.

The covered face of the leader in black robes is shocked to the extreme.

The intelligence on 'Lin Xiao's' level does not add up. The report clearly said that 'Lin Xiao' is a Star level two star fighter. But how can a Star level two star fighter instakill a Star level seven star fighter at the first meeting. It's very clear that 'Lin Xiao' is simply not a Star level two star fighter. Everyone has been fooled.

The black-robed man suddenly remembers what he just said about a secret, a secret that was exposed? Can it be that he is referring to his cultivation?

However, that's also not right. Before, 'Lin Xiao' didn't make any moves. They basically knew nothing about his true strength. Or could it be that he is here for some other reason so he's afraid that they will expose him so he wants to silence witnesses?

No matter what he does, the black-robed man can't figure out what Ling Xiao is thinking.

Of course he has no idea that everything he's thinking is all wrong except for the last part, 'silence witnesses', these two words are correct.

However, what he really can't make sense of is that since the Paradise Realm has a limitation on cultivation level, and based on how he killed off Eleventh Star, he definitely can't be Star level and below. This kind of level, how could he enter the Paradise Realm?

Because he can't figure it out, they can only run away because his cultivation is the same as Eleventh Star's. He's also Star level seven stars. Even Eleventh Star is dead, how else would he end up?


The black-robed man quickly barks out a word and is the first to retreat.

The other four black-robed men also think like him. Since there is no way for them to beat 'Lin Xiao' now, they should first retreat and then find an opportunity in the future to deal with 'Lin Xiao'.

As for XingLuo group's disciples, after witnessing the killing of Eleventh Star, each and every one of them were in a daze. Only when they hear the black-robed man's order 'leave', do they finally react, immediately rushing to escape.

Ling Xiao sees that they have some sense to spread out. But he doesn't immediately chase after them. Instead, he stands on the spot with a cunning smile. If he didn't already make the preparations, why would he just show up so brazenly? Too naive!

A moment later, the naive black-robed men and disciples of XingLuo group return back to the same spot. When they see each other, the shock is evident on all their faces. After escaping for so long, how could they end up coming back to the same spot?

The black-robed man raises his head sharply and sees Ling Xiao standing not far from them, beaming while looking at them.

The other side seems to have known that they would come back, standing at the same spot, simply not even taking a single step.

This kind of phenomenon, it must be an illusion. Only an illusion can create such a huge effect. Clearly this 'Lin Xiao' already set up an illusion earlier in this place. How could he have done it?

Too many questions. The black-robed man suddenly thinks of something. His eyes widen suddenly as he says harshly 'You are basically not Lin Xiao!"

Turns out this is the secret he spoke of.

Ling Xiao shrugs as if it can't be helped. He laughs as he says, "Since I've been found out, it can't be helped. Now I can't pretend that I didn't see you all."

No matter how gifted, an ordinary person really can't become such an outrageously powerful fighter in only thirty years. On top of that, his behavior is inconsistent with previous reports. It's enough to confirm that he is not the real Lin Xiao.

Thinking of this, the black-robed man feels his body grow cold.

Someone able to overcome the restriction of the Paradise Realm. Either he has a special method or his strength is even higher than the owner of the Paradise Realm.

"You all have really bad luck. Since you already know my secret, you all have to die right here today!"

Ling Xiao declares nonchalantly. A second later he is again all smiles, "But you all don't have to worry. I won't tell anyone about the collaboration between XingLuo group and the demons. So ....... you can all go to your deaths at peace ba!"

With consideration for You XiaoMo, Ling Xiao leaves their bodies in one piece. However, looking at the whole place covered in bodies, it really affects ones appetite. But You XiaoMo already has nothing left to throw up.

You XiaoMo looks away gloomily, not wanting to look at Ling Xiao who is smiling dazzlingly while standing in the middle of the corpses.

He discovers that Ling Xiao might have been right. There will be a day when he will be very used to this thing with dead people. That is if Ling Xiao continues to kill people this way in front of him.

"Little brother, how is it? Are you used to it yet?"

Ling Xiao walks over and takes him down from the vines. He happily uses his sleeve to wipe the corners of You XiaoMo's mouth. He is really not used to it. For goodness sake, don't you think it's too extreme?

You XiaoMo is still tight-faced. Then he glances at him gloomily and helplessly. The reality is, he would rather be pure and innocent, for real!

Because You XiaoMo feels that all the bodies covering the floor is too gruesome, he refuses to go down there. Ling Xiao has no choice but to take off the magic bags of the black-robed men and XingLuo group disciples with his own hands.

However, he accidentally broke two of the magic bags when he killed them. The things inside fell out and are mostly stained with blood. Luckily they were nothing much so Ling Xiao doesn't pick them up. In the end, he harvested fifteen magic bags, five of them from the black-robed men.

Speaking of coincidences, the reason why the XingLuo group and the black-robed men appeared here is also because of the Seven Star grass. However, their motive is different. They are actually aiming for the Seven Star Hidden Fragrance insects that are found near the Seven Star grass.

You would only have to have read the magic beast scrolls to know that where there is Seven Star grass, there will be Seven Star Hidden Fragrance insects. However, where there are Seven Star Hidden Fragrance insects, there may not necessarily have Seven Star Grass.

By the time they find the Seven Star grass, You XiaoMo's two Seven Star Hidden Fragrance insects have already dived straight into a pile of Seven Star grass, happily eating their meal. In just a short while, they stuffed their bellies until their are completely round.

However, it's not just his pair of Seven Star Hidden Fragrance insects buried in the pile of Seven Star grass. There are still quite a lot of others nearby. It's just that not all of them would show themselves. Because You XiaoMo already bonded with them, that's why the moment he got there he knew exactly which ones were his.

After putting the pair of Seven Star Hidden Fragrance insects back into his dimension, You XiaoMo starts to dig up the Seven Star grass.

Because he has a pair of Seven Star Hidden Fragrance insects, the Seven Star Hidden Fragrance insects guarding the Seven Star grass doesn't attack him while he is digging up the Seven Star grass.

Those of the same kind are very sensitive to each other. What more since level six magic beasts are mostly those that have already awakened.

The Seven Star grass have already grown here for many years. Furthermore, most of them are already mature. Most people would definitely pick the mature ones. But You XiaoMo doesn't do that. He only digs up ten stalks of Seven Star grass that are close to maturity. He also picks up a hundred or so seeds that have fallen to the ground. His luck is very good. These seeds dropped not too long ago so a lot of them are good seeds.

In the future, these Seven Star grass or the fallen seeds will sprout and grow. In the end, they will replace the patch of Seven Star grass that have been completely eaten.

You XiaoMo is not a selfish person so he only picks up a hundred or so.

"Elder brother Ling, why are the XingLuo group and demons targeting the Seven Star Hidden Fragrance insects?"

You XiaoMo asks curiously.

Ling Xiao is leaning on the vines. He says casually, "Most people who target Seven Star Hidden Fragrance insects are surely aiming for the Golden Winged insects that have evolved three times. That is the true value of the Seven Star Hidden Fragrance insects."

You XiaoMo ponders for a moment, "But in order for the Seven Star Hidden Fragrance insects to evolve three times, it requires a lot of Seven Star grass. On top of that, success is not guaranteed. Are they not afraid of failure?"

"Who knows what they are planning!"

Ling Xiao says uncaringly, "Have you finished choosing? Let's leave right away. The bloody stench here will soon attract other cultivators and magic beasts."

"I'm done."

You XiaoMo nods as he sends the last seeds into his dimension.

Ling Xiao walks over and picks him up. You XiaoMo is very accepting. He is already very used to being picked up. This is the biggest disadvantage of being a mage. If there is no magic beast by their side, it is very inconvenient to get around.

Not long after the two of them left, just as Ling Xiao said, a group of magic beasts arrives, drawn by the thick stench of blood. There are low level and mid-level magic beasts. Those that have not awakened start to instinctively chew on the bodies on the ground. By the time a group of cultivators are attracted over, the faces of the bodies have already been chewed beyond recognition. It can only be vaguely made out that they were from the XingLuo group.

Only half the time agreed upon with Da Piqiu has passed but Ling Xiao carries You XiaoMo directly to the appointed place. They then find a secluded place to hide.

While other people are snatching magic herbs and magic beasts, You XiaoMo is snatching other people's magic bags. He and Ling Xiao are in the midst of dividing the spoils while hiding.

Because the magic bags of XingLuo group and Qing Cheng sect are marked, You XiaoMo first takes everything out and then throws away the magic bags. After all, he has a dimension to put the things in.

As for the magic bags from the five demons, after Ling Xiao makes sure that they are not marked and there is nothing special about them, they can be put to use without worry, but .......

You XiaoMo doesn't like it. The magic bags of those man-eating demons, he doesn't have the slightest interest.

There were twelve XingLuo group disciples but they only got ten magic bags because the other two were ruined by Ling Xiao. Luckily they were all martial artists. However, the things inside the magic bags of the five black-robed men surprised him. It seems as if there is nothing of use. Not only that, they are also quite paltry.

Ling Xiao hears him complain and says noncommittally, "The cultivation methods of demons and martial artists are not quite the same. Their flesh are rather sturdy. That's why they concentrate on the body when cultivating.

You XiaoMo exclaims 'oh'. Suddenly he catches sight of something in the pile of stolen goods out of the corner of his eye. He picks it up and says, "What is this thing?"