The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 168

Chapter 168

"There's the Blue-blooded wolf!"

Just after landing, one of them exclaims excitedly.

Everyone turns to look at the direction he points at. Sure enough, they see a Blue-blooded wolf bathed in blood. But, at the same time, the two people standing next to the Blue-blooded wolf can't be ignored as they enter their field of vision.

The one with the strongest reaction is Tang YunQi.

The moment she sees Ling Xiao, her whole face lights up. She quickly overlooks You XiaoMo at Ling Xiao's side and runs over excitedly while exclaiming, "Brother Xiao, how come you're here?"

Before entering the Paradise realm, Tang YunQi actually wanted to move around together with Ling Xiao. But for some reason, her father grouped her with Lei Ju and two other Elders. Later they didn't allow her to wait for Brother Xiao. She had thought that she wouldn't be able to see Brother Xiao for a while but unexpectedly, just a few days into the month, God let her meet up with Brother Xiao.

However, when she gets there, she discovers the horrid You XiaoMo is again standing next to Brother Xiao.

If it was before, Tang YunQi would definitely not hesitate to show her disgust but she has learned from experience. The moment she shows any disgust towards You XiaoMo, it will only make Brother Xiao go further and further from her.

"Junior brother You, I knew you would be together with Brother Xiao. I'm very happy to see the both of you."

She smiles happily as she gives You XiaoMo a glance.

You XiaoMo seems to find it hard to believe and blinks twice. This young lady saying she's happy to see them is that Tang YunQi who always stares at him with hatred? Furthermore, the one she's happy to see is not him but her Elder brother ba?

Although Tang YunQi's disgust towards him is not as blatant as before, this type of transformation only makes him more horrified. This fellow definitely has problems!

On the other hand, Lei Ju is not this 'happy' to see Ling Xiao.

With a face so dark, as if smeared with a layer of charcoal, glaring daggers at Ling Xiao time and again. Only after some time does he smile superficially while saying, "Lin Xiao, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be ....... "

"Be where?"

Ling Xiao asks in return.

Lei Ju seems to choke for a bit, no longer continuing what he was going to say.

He suddenly realizes that only a few people know that Ling Xiao would be sent to the North. He entered the Paradise Realm before Ling Xiao. Later, he didn't see him again and in the meantime he also didn't see any other disciples from TianXin sect. If he says it out, Ling Xiao would definitely be suspicious.

Thinking like this, he pauses for a while before saying, "Why is it just the two of you? Where are the other disciples?"

Ling Xiao looks at him expressionlessly and says calmly, "We got separated in a moment of inattentiveness ah. Midway, we came across a very strong magic beast. We couldn't defeat him so we could only run. Who would have guessed that we would become separated? Junior brother You and me also don't have a map of the Paradise Realm so we ended up running here in the end."

The East is next to the North so he is not worried that they would doubt him. Even if they do doubt him, there's nothing they can do about it.

"Is that so!"

The corner of Lei Ju's mouth twitches. He really wishes that the magic beast had killed Ling Xiao.

"Oh right, why are you all here? I remember you all were headed to the Southwest. Could it be that you all got lost just like us?"

Ling Xiao smiles as he asks in return, both eyes fixed on Lei Ju.

Lei Ju is flustered by his gaze and fails to answer his question in a timely manner.

At this time Elder Wang who was standing quietly at the side suddenly opens his mouth to explain, "Young Lin, we're here because we were chasing a magic beast. But that magic beast is too cunning, leading us all over the place. Unexpectedly we ran all the way here, but ....... "

After speaking for a while, Elder Wang suddenly comes to a turning point. His shrewd gaze falls on Da Piqiu that is in front of You XiaoMo. "If this magic beast didn't get in the way, we would have caught that magic beast a long time ago."

His words immediately catches everyone's attention.

Only then does everyone realize that the Blue-blooded wolf they were chasing is actually lying down quietly in front of You XiaoMo. Furthermore, it doesn't resist at all as You XiaoMo is cleaning its wound.

Tang YunQi glances at You XiaoMo and then looks at Ling Xiao. She suddenly says sweetly, "Brother Xiao, this Blue-blooded wolf is very beautiful. It has already acknowledged you as its master? Can you give it to Little Qi? Little Qi likes it very much."

Everyone immediately turns to look at Ling Xiao.

They had thought the Blue-blooded wolf did not have a master. It's possible that when they were chasing it, it was tamed by Ling Xiao. Although time was short, they believe it is definitely because they tired out the Blue-blooded wolf. It's because of that, that Ling Xiao was able to successfully subdue it. Therefore, it's only right that this Blue-blooded wolf belong to them. Giving it to Little Sister is not unreasonable.

"That won't do."

The corner of Ling Xiao's lips rise up slightly as he rejects it without the slightest hesitation.

Tang YunQi is stunned. She recovers quickly and forces herself to ask in a calm voice, "Why not? Brother Xiao, don't tell me you have already bonded this Blue-blooded wolf?"

Ling Xiao shakes his head. The corner of his lips curve up as he smiles while saying, "Your guess is right. But the one who bonded with the Blue-blooded wolf is not me."

With that, everyone shifts their gaze onto You XiaoMo. If it's not Ling Xiao, it can only be You XiaoMo. Among the group, there is one person struggling to control his envy, glaring at You XiaoMo surreptitiously from the corner of his eye.

Lei Ju is immediately displeased, cutting in before Tang YunQi to say, "Lin Xiao, you're too much. We found this Blue-blooded wolf first. What makes you think you can give it to You XiaoMo? If we didn't injure it seriously first, do you think you would have been able to capture it?"

Before, the Blue-blooded wolf was of level five strength. But that was before it came across Lei Ju and company. It succeeded rising to become a level six magic beast while fighting, a Star level cultivation.

Because Lin Xiao is also of Star level cultivation, the strength of the Blue-blooded wolf must be much lower than his in order for it to submit to bonding. Therefore, they feel that it must be due to their efforts.

As soon as Lei Ju finishes talking, the others chime in their agreement. The two Elders also nod their head while looking at Ling Xiao reproachfully.

Ling Xiao raises his hands as he says in a helpless tone, although he is clearly smirking in amusement while saying, "When did I say that Junior brother You bonded with the Blue-blooded wolf only after you all came across it?"

Lei Ju is stunned but then scoffs coldly while saying, "What are you trying to say? Are you actually trying to say that the both of you bonded this Blue-blooded wolf earlier? Don't joke. If you really bonded this Blue-blooded wolf, why would you let it go? Furthermore, do you have any proof that you bonded with it before we saw it?"

Ling Xiao had guessed that he would ask, so he wasn't anxious as he looks at them while speaking leisurely, "Why do I need proof? Anyone with a brain would know that it's impossible to bond a level six magic beast in such a short time, even if it is in a weak stage. Bonding takes time. But if you all still can't accept it, you can go ahead and ask the Blue-blooded wolf."

The faces of Lei Ju and Elder Wang who was mocked by Ling Xiao as being brainless are quite the sight.

Even though they know that he is right, they are still unwilling to give up a level eight Blue-blooded wolf. Furthermore, this Blue-blooded wolf is currently only at level six, making it even rarer.

But, as everyone's gaze moves to You XiaoMo and the Blue-blooded wolf, there is really no need to ask as they already know the answer. Looking at how the Blue-blooded wolf is interacting with You XiaoMo, no matter how you look at it, it doesn't seem as if they just formed a master-servant relationship.

Because the Blue-blooded wolf is injured, You XiaoMo is worried that it would get worse so he lets it lie on the ground.

The Blue-blooded wolf is very obedient. Not only does it lie down, it actually exposes its belly, while looking woefully at You XiaoMo. After being glared at, it even whimpers miserably, as if it is acting spoiled.

But You XiaoMo does not give in. If it isn't already injured, he really wants to give it a thorough beating. Even if it is good at fighting, it doesn't mean it has to end up in such a condition. Furthermore, out of all the people out there, it just had to run into these people of utmost quality, and bring them here on top of that. Really poor upbringing!

Luckily he has a healing magic pill. Otherwise, it really would be difficult to manage.

But there is no way he can take out the healing magic pill he refined because those are all high quality magic pills. Tang YunQi is a mage. One look and she would be able to tell what quality the magic pills are. He can only use the ones he got from the spoils of war before. Although the quality is not very good, at least it has some healing effect.

You XiaoMo pours out a handful of magic pills and stuffs them right into Da PiQiu's mouth. He then crumbles a few pills and sprinkles them on the wound. Although it takes a while to heal, at least it is no longer bleeding. Only then does he let out a sigh of relief.

If one were to say that their master and servant bond started less than fifteen minutes ago, there is no doubt that no one would believe it.

Where can you a pair of master and servant with such a rapidly developed tacit understanding? Where can you find a magic beast that would act spoiled towards a master it had just acknowledged less than fifteen minutes ago? All sorts of signs are pointing that the reality is very likely what Ling Xiao is saying. This Blue-blooded wolf is a magic beast that they bonded with a long time ago.

Lei Ju is still unwilling, an uncertain expression on his face.

At this moment, someone suddenly squeezes to the front. That person is Jiang Liu.

Jiang Liu is currently the favorite pupil of the Master of Heaven peak. In order to guarantee his safety, Tang Fan placed him in Lei Ju's group. Among the five people, he and Tang YunQi are mages. Their status is not low.

Furthermore, the other three martial artists all have strengths of Star level and above. For example, Lei Ju is Star level one star. Elder Wang and the other one, one is Star level seven stars, while the other is Star level four stars. This kind of group can be considered invincible in the Paradise Realm. Tang Fan's intention is plain to see.

Because Jiang Liu did not speak before this, and because he is standing near the back, You XiaoMo didn't really notice him. Now that he has stepped up, it seems as if everyone's attention is focused on him.

Jiang Liu looks a little bashful as if he is very uncomfortable with everyone's eyes on him. He looks at Ling Xiao and says, "I feel that since this Blue-blooded wolf has already bonded with Big brother You, then its master can only be Big brother You and no one else. No matter how we disagree, the result can't be changed. How about we each take a step backwards? We still have time. There are so many magic beasts in the Paradise Realm. We will have more chances. What do you say, Elder brother Lin?"

You XiaoMo ponders for a moment and suddenly feels that these words from Jiang Liu are actually quite skillful.

If it was before, he definitely wouldn't analyze his words. But ever since he decided to draw a clear line between them in his heart, he has become much more careful when it comes to Jiang Liu. For example, with his words now.

He intentionally doesn't mention that he had already bonded Da Piqiu before this, as if he is implying that he took advantage of the situation to bond with Da Piqiu, causing this whole situation. He seems to be silently accusing him of snatching their magic beast. How is it that he never realized how cunning this fellow villager of his is before this?

Fine ba, seems like he has been too kind-hearted!

Ling Xiao smiles but doesn't speak.

Tang YunQi who is standing at the side immediately agrees, "What Junior brother Jiang says is right. Now is the time for us to work together with one heart. It's just one magic beast. Everyone can look for another and that would do. Such a large Paradise Realm, it can't be that we're worried we won't be able to find others. What do you say Elder Wang?"

"What Young Miss says is right."

Elder Wang immediately nods.

Lei Ju sees that three out of the five have agreed, so even though he is unwilling, he can only come to terms with it.

"Since you all want to look for magic beasts, then, we shall go our separate ways ba."

Ling Xiao walks to You XiaoMo's side and then turns to speak to them. His words and manner clearly shows that he wants them to part ways right there.

Several people are stunned, especially Tang YunQi. Her pretty face suddenly reveals a trace of anxiousness as she quickly says "Brother Xiao, isn't it better if we go together? Furthermore, there are only two of you. What would happen if you meet with danger? A few more people mutually looking after each other is preferable is it not?"

"Junior brother You and I want to look for magic herbs. You all want to look for magic beasts. I'm afraid it won't be too convenient ....... "

Before Ling Xiao can finish speaking, Tang YunQi immediately interrupts.

"It won't be inconvenient. We can also follow Brother Xiao to look for magic herbs ah. Furthermore, there is usually magic beasts guarding the magic herbs. Just nice, we can catch magic beasts while the both of you dig up magic herbs. Two birds with one stone!"

"Alright then."

Ling Xiao considers for a moment and agrees.

You XiaoMo wants to say that he has yet to speak ne!