The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 169

Chapter 169
Jiang Liu's probing.

And so, a new group of people is formed.

Many times You XiaoMo wanted to ask Ling Xiao why they had to join them. The map they have must absolutely not be discovered by Tang YunQi and company. But it's all for naught because Tang YunQi is forever stuck to Ling Xiao, asking this and that. He simply has no chance to bring it up.

But there is one thing for certain. Ling Xiao must have expected it already. That's why he accepted Tang YunQi's suggestion without talking it over with him first. So, even though his heart is bursting with curiosity, You XiaoMo still bears with it.

A lot of the magic herbs and magic beasts are at the Jade Spiritual Cave. Although You XiaoMo just left the Jade Spiritual Cave a few hours ago, he was planning to return again to the Jade Spiritual Cave to dig up some magic herbs. Therefore, he moves forward with them without protesting.

The whole way, the one with the most words is Tang YunQi. No one knows where all those words came from, from the North pole to the South pole. Although Ling Xiao doesn't say much in reply, she still carries on enthusiastically by herself.

You XiaoMo is rather bored, riding on top of Da Piqiu.

Although Da Piqiu has a wound on one of it's legs, the healing capability of the Blue-blooded wolf is very strong. Furthermore, You XiaoMo was not stingy with the Healing magic pill. Right now, that wound is already healing rapidly, not the least bit affecting it's strong and vigorous posture.

Just as he was feeling bored, Jiang Liu who was walking in front starts to slow down his pace. Very quickly, he is walking side by side with him.

Jiang Liu seems to have been looking for an opportunity to talk to him. A dazzling smile bursts forth from his bright and fresh face as he looks at You XiaoMo. He smiles while saying, "Big brother You, it's been a long time. I didn't expect us to actually meet in the Paradise Realm. Looks like we are quite fated, am I right?"

"Right ah!"

You XiaoMo laughs drily.

What fated? From his point of view, it's more like ill-fated. He knows that Jiang Liu certainly did not expect that he would actually make it to the Paradise Realm.

Nevertheless, he keeps the same expression on the surface. It's just that he is very curious. He and Jiang Liu are disciples from different peaks, with not much contact with each other. Although there is bad blood between Earth peak and Heaven peak, they are newly admitted disciples, still under a year. Even if he has assimilated himself into his peak, it's hard to imagine that the rivalry would rise to the extent of stabbing him in the back ba. But thinking back now, he feels that Jiang Liu probably hated him from the beginning.

But he can't figure out why Jiang Liu hates him so much. He doesn't remember ever offending Jiang Liu, but he can't be sure about the original You XiaoMo.

Jiang Liu doesn't seem to detect his wariness. He glances at the Blue-blooded wolf below him and says admiringly, "Big brother You's luck is very good. Just a few days after entering the Paradise Realm and you already have a level eight Blue-blooded wolf. I read in the scrolls that the combat ability of the Blue-blooded wolf is very strong, probably one of the best among the magic beasts of the same level. I also really want to have a Blue-blooded wolf."

You XiaoMo's brain churns quickly as he says, "There are still twenty over days. I believe you will have the chance."

Jiang Liu winks at him cheekily, "I also believe my luck can't be that bad. Oh right, Big brother You. This Blue-blooded wolf if very big. Can you let me get on as well? I also want to try and see how it feels to sit on a level eight magic beast. Can I?"

You XiaoMo is momentarily speechless when he hears those words. Normally, people wouldn't bring up this kind of request ba. However, he can't just say that so he can only say awkwardly, "I'm sorry Junior brother Jiang. Da Piqiu doesn't like strangers to get close to it. Also, his injury still hasn't healed so I'm afraid it is not possible."

"Is that so ah. Then it's fine. I was only asking, nothing more."

Jiang Liu frowns imperceptibly and then nods understandingly, as if his words just now were really something he just thought of.

You XiaoMo laughs awkwardly and doesn't say anything more.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Liu brings up another topic. He looks at him in a probing manner as he says, "Big brother You, there is something I want to say but you must not accuse me of being a busybody. I'm only curious, that's all."

"What is it?"

You XiaoMo frowns, not knowing what he wants to say.

Jiang Liu looks at him with shining eyes, his fingers linked behind his back, as he smiles seemingly harmlessly while saying, "I heard that only level three mages have the right to get a spot on the Paradise Realm list. Since Big brother You can appear hear, does it mean that you are already a level three mage?"

Hearing his words, a strange look immediately appears faintly on You XiaoMo's face.

This matter of him not being a level three mage seems to have spread from Earth peak. A lot of the disciples are also blabbermouths. Seems like Flying peak and Heaven peak must have received the news.

Actually, before he entered the Paradise Realm, it surprised him that Tang Fan and Kong Wen didn't just say, "You are not a level three mage." But thinking back now, it's probably because the Paradise Realm was about to open, and the two of them are people that don't like to lose face. Attacking their own disciple in front of the other sects would instead cause others to gossip.

At that time, his thinking was this: If Tang Fan and Kong Wen insist on pressing the point, he would just come out and tell them that he is already a level three mage. He'll say that he by chance broke through the day before setting out. Even if they suspect him, there is nothing they can do about it because he is genuinely a level three mage.

However, he didn't get the chance to say it, so right now, other people do not know what his actual level is.

Originally, others could generally figure out his cultivation by looking at his soul force. However, ever since he gained true mastery over his dimension, the dimension seems to be able to form a faint protective barrier around his body.

This matter was found out by Ling Xiao who then told him about it. Otherwise, he wouldn't have known. That protective barrier can actually conceal his level according to his will.

Therefore, in the eyes of Tang Fan and company, he still appears as a level two mage.

Since Jiang Liu is already a level three mage, he should have the ability to see through his level. That means, he should know what level he currently is. Yet he still asks this kind of question. Therefore, it is unlikely that he doesn't have an ulterior motive.

You XiaoMo doesn't like people to badmouth Ling Xiao behind his back so he puts on a happy voice and says, "Yes ah. Talking about that, my luck is really good ne. The night before we set out, by luck, I broke through while refining magic pills. However, because everyone was busy with the Paradise Realm, I didn't tell everyone."

Jiang Liu's expression freezes momentarily but he recovers very quickly. There is no trace of awkwardness on his face. Instead he appears very happy for him as he says, "Big brother You is really a level three mage? Didn't I say that your luck is not bad? Congratulations!"

"I still haven't congratulated you. I heard that you also became a level three mage not too long ago. Congratulations to you too!"

You XiaoMo says hurriedly. He suddenly feels as if he is saying his new year greetings.

Jiang Liu laughs *ha ha*, but his eyes are flashing as he glances sharply, "How can Junior brother compare with Big brother You's luck? If not for the old master's benevolence, there was no way I could have risen to a level three mage within three short months."

You XiaoMo laughs while saying, "Actually it is you who has better luck than me. At least you have a master that cares for you and supplies you generously with magic herbs. Unlike me, I have to buy everything myself. The magic herbs that I use for refining magic pills is bought with the money I got from selling magic pills. If not, I probably wouldn't have been able to rise to the next level."

Immediately the smile on Jiang Liu's face slips.

He feels that these words seem to be mocking him. He has a master who supplies him with magic herbs. Because of that, he is able to rise quickly. On the other hand, You XiaoMo's magic herbs were bought with the gold coins that he himself earned. And yet, the speed with which he advanced is about the same as his. These words seem to be saying that if he didn't have a master who supplied him with magic herbs, he can't compare to You XiaoMo.

Although You XiaoMo probably didn't have an ulterior motive when he said those words, he feels that each and every word is like a thorn, stabbing deeply into his heart, forming a dark mass that seems to be expanding.

"As expected of Big brother You, this matter, Junior brother cannot compare."

Jiang Liu puts on a fake smile.

You XiaoMo laughs *ha ha* while saying, "Junior brother Jiang's innate talent was already higher than mine. I can only rely on hard work to make up for the deficit in my innate talent."

Jiang Liu seems to choke momentarily, no longer saying anything more.

After that, the two of them concentrated on the journey and no longer spoke. It is unclear if Jiang Liu already got the answer he was looking for or if he was really rendered speechless by You XiaoMo's words. Whatever it is, he was no longer seen looking for You XiaoMo to talk to him.

As for You XiaoMo, at first he was endlessly depressed because he had to travel together with Tang YunQi and company. Now, it seems as if the depression from before has been swept away. His delicate and glowing face is sparkling with joy straight from his heart, even saying a few words to Da Piqiu from time to time.

At the front, Ling Xiao who never once looked back suddenly raises the corner of his mouth.

Tang YunQi just happens to turn her head and catch sight of the smile before it disappears. She can't help but ask curiously, "Brother Xiao, what are you smiling about?"

Ling Xiao shoots her a glance and then replies indifferently, "Nothing."

Tang YunQi doesn't really believe it and wants to keep asking but right at this moment, Lei Ju who was always at the front leading the way suddenly runs back and shouts excitedly and happily, "Everyone, quick, come and see. There is a level six magic beast in the cave ahead."