The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 170

Chapter 170

The black leopard is a mid-level magic beast. However, the black leopard is unlike regular mid-level magic beasts because there are three different types. They are the Stone Flame black leopard, the Blue-eyed black leopard, and the Golden black leopard.

Among them, the one with the most potential is the Golden black leopard. According to legend, the Golden black leopard is the one that is most likely able to break free from the restrictions of their bloodline to become a level nine magic beast. That's because they are the same as the Blue-blooded wolf, both are level eight magic beasts. Unless a special method is used, most of the level eight magic beasts can rise no further than this.

Lei Ju says that the level six magic beast is none other than a Golden black leopard, with exceptionally beautiful golden eyes. The eyes are like jewels, radiating dazzling rays of light. And there's also the jet-black fur that appears to be gleaming, exceptionally beautiful.

The worth of a Golden black leopard is higher than that of a Blue-blooded wolf. No wonder Lei Ju is so excited. If he can bond with this black leopard, when he returns to TianXin sect, he would be favorably regarded by the Grand Master. He would also have a lot of face.

However, the problematic thing is, this Golden black leopard's cultivation is at the pinnacle of Star level seven stars. Looking at the fluctuation in its magic energy, it seems as if it will soon breakthrough.

If it manages to breakthrough successfully, even if it is newly risen level seven magic beast, which hasn't stabilized its power, it would still be very dangerous for them. No matter how you look at it, a Star level fighter is no match for a level seven magic beast.

The Golden black leopard isn't aware of their arrival. Lei Ju also doesn't dare to alarm it, so he quickly ran back after discovering it and prepares to discuss with everyone how to deal with it.

Elder Wang ponders for a moment before speaking, "Looks like we can only send someone to lure that Golden black leopard out. Then the rest of us will lie in ambush outside and launch a sneak attack when it isn't aware."

Speaking of sending someone over to lure the magic beast out, Elder Wang's gaze stealthily glances over everyone, remaining on Ling Xiao for a moment.

Although it was only a moment, it was still noticed by Ling Xiao, causing him to raise the corner of his mouth for a moment.

Lei Ju also looks veiledly at Ling Xiao, "Then, according to Elder Wang, who should we send?"

Elder Wang looks at everyone and hesitates for a moment before speaking, "Actually, it would be the best if I go. But I and the black leopard are almost of the same strength. As long as everyone gives me enough time, I am confident that I'm capable of wounding it seriously. This way, we would be able to pay the smallest prize and still catch it. Hence, the person to lure out the black leopard can only be chosen from among the three of you. Which of you are confident that you would able to escape from the claws of a level six black leopard?"

Elder Wang's words are not wrong. The defense of a black leopard is definitely not weak. All of their power together may not succeed in wounding the black leopard seriously. Therefore, it is best if they let him make the move.

However, if they were to go this way, the person luring the black leopard will be in extreme danger.

Without waiting for Ling Xiao to speak, Lei Ju looks at him and says, "Elder brother Lin, the Golden black leopard is guarding that cave so there should be a stalk of level six magic herb inside. What the both of you want is the magic herb. What we want is the magic beast. Regardless, you still have to do your share. How about we hand over the task of luring out the magic beast to you?"

With those words, multiple pairs of eyes look over to him.

Tang YunQi speaks up unhappily, "The one who wants the magic herbs is not Brother Xiao. Why should he be the one to take the risk?"

After saying that, she purposely glances at You XiaoMo as if saying, 'You are the one that wants the magic herb. Why must Ling Xiao go get it for you? Why don't you go get it yourself?'

You XiaoMo rubs his nose, too lazy to entertain her.

Ling Xiao glances over everyone expressionlessly and then says helplessly, "Junior brother Lei has a point. So, just leave the task of luring the magic beast to me."

Hearing these words, a veiled look of delight escapes from Lei Ju's eyes, along with rays of evil intent. He very much wishes that Ling Xiao would die under the claws of the black leopard.

Tang YunQi didn't expect Brother Xiao to agree. She stamps her feet in anger and takes advantage of the time when no one is looking to glare at You XiaoMo with hatred. It's all because of this guy!

As for the one being overlooked by everyone, Jiang Liu, his expression is neither happy nor sad. It's just that when he looks at You XiaoMo, there would be a hint of envy. He knows there is no use for him to get excited. It is extremely clear in his heart that the black leopard will definitely not be his.

After getting everyone to their respective positions, Elder Wang sends Ling Xiao the signal with his eyes.

Ling Xiao finds it very amusing. He then enters the cave. It is said that obedient people are suspicious.

The ones with suspicions are of course not Elder Wang and company. Instead it is the one that understands Ling Xiao the best, You XiaoMo.

Earlier, when he heard Ling Xiao agree to lure the black leopard, he already became suspicious. How could this master listen to others? Can he really let Lei Ju push such a dangerous task onto him? Although his strength is way stronger than the black leopard, Ling Xiao is someone that would never agree to something disadvantageous.

So, You XiaoMo feels that something is bound to happen inside the cave.

Just as You XiaoMo was popping his head in and out towards the cave, a deafening roar of fury rings out. The sound seems to shake even the ninth heaven, quite simply, a sonic boom. It almost damages his ear drums but luckily he manages to use his soul force to protect his ears in time.

A few seconds later, Ling Xiao flashes out of the cave followed immediately by a black magic beast with a pair of golden eyes, flying out of the cave. The black fur seems to be standing on end, its golden eyes filled with murderous intent, fixed on Ling Xiao, as if it would at any moment rush over and rip him to shreds.

Ling Xiao doesn't delay and immediately leads it to where Elder Wang and the other two are lying in ambush.

According to their plan, after Ling Xiao lures the black leopard out, Elder Wang will immediately use his most powerful killing move. And then, in case the unexpected happens, Lei Ju and the other Elder will start their attack, to try and bring down the black leopard as quickly as possible.

However, it's not clear whether it's because the black leopard is too cunning or if it's because Elder Wang and company are too simple-minded.

Elder Wang condenses a third of his spiritual energy into his killing move but it was actually detected by the black leopard. The body of the black leopard that is about the same size as that of a Blue-blooded wolf dodges nimbly in mid-air. The killing move that lost it's target immediately hits the mountain side, causing the whole mountain side to explode revealing a huge gash.

The other Elder is stunned, releasing attacks rapidly. However, the one who should be attacking with him at the same time, Lei Ju, is motionless. He immediately yells furiously, "Lei Ju, what are you doing?! Why are you not attacking?!"

Only then does Lei Ju seem to regain his senses. In an uncoordinated mess, they attack the black leopard but in haste, how can they match up their moves? Twice in a row, their attacks miss their target.

The black leopard acts as if it has eaten a supernatural magic pill. Facing three Star level fighters and yet it doesn't seem to be at a disadvantage at all. Its extremely agile body dodges the attacks from the three of them, even launching counterattacks from time to time.

Probably because the attacks from the three people are taking up his attention, as a result Ling Xiao is overlooked at the side. From time to time, it growls furiously while attacking Lei Ju and company.

Lei Ju is so frustrated that his eyes are red with anger. Why is it not attacking Ling Xiao instead of constantly attacking them?

He can't figure out no matter how hard he thinks. It's too bad that his strength is six stars, below that of the black leopard. His attacks against the black leopard doesn't even scratch the surface. Instead he is left dodging himself into a tight corner.

Therefore, over one half of the pressure falls onto Elder Wang. Because of insufficient cultivation, the other Elder can only share a little bit of the responsibility.

As for Ling Xiao, after luring out the black leopard, he would wander around the edge, pretending to launch attacks from time to time to avoid being the target of wagging tongues, showing that he is putting in his best efforts.

The men are losing strength as the fight goes on whereas the black leopard seems to be getting bolder and bolder. Elder Wang finally realizes that the situation is not good. If it continues like this, they will all die under the claws of the black leopard.

"Lin Xiao, you and the rest keep it occupied and let me prepare for a bit. When I shout, all of you retreat to the South at the same time."

A flash of bodily pain flashes across Elder Wang's old face but he still makes the decision in the end.

The corner of Lei Ju's eyes twitches fiercely. He knows what Elder Wang means. Looks like he is planning on giving up on the black leopard. Although he is unwilling, right now, it is the only choice. Otherwise, not a single one of them will be able to escape. Thinking like this, he glares heatedly at Ling Xiao. It's all because of this guy!

Although they are unwilling to let go of the golden black leopard, every one of them still acts according to Elder Wang's wishes. Even though this magic beast is very attractive, one must still have life to be able to enjoy it.


Half an hour later, somewhere in the Jade Spiritual Cave, a few desperate figures appear. They are none other than Lei Ju and company, chased by the black leopard and fleeing in all directions. This time, it can be considered giving away the bride only to lose one's army on top of it. Not only do they not get the magic beast, each one of them have some sort of injury.

"Damn it!"

Lei Ju's eyes are red with fury. The more he thinks about it, the more frustrated he feels. In the end, he just slams his fist into the ground.

Elder Wang looks at him venting and shakes his head helplessly. In his heart he admits that they were too conceited. No wonder it's a golden black leopard. Such great potential and even greater force. Even four of them joining forces were unable to bring it down. On top of that, they almost lost their lives.

The look on Tang YunQi's face is unsightly. Although the outer appearance is not as beautiful as the blue-blooded wolf, that black leopard's strength is still ranked up there. If she can bond with it, she wouldn't have to rely on anyone else in the future. Never did she expect that it would end in failure.

"Lin Xiao, aren't you the number one of TianXin sect? Just now when it was time to act, why is it that you seem to not have used all your strength? Did you do it on purpose?"

Lei Ju gets more and more frustrated the more he thinks about it. With all this resentment, when he looks at the person next to him, Ling Xiao who acts as if nothing happened, it only drives him to his utmost limit, causing him to lash out sarcastically at him.

His words immediately focuses everyone's attention on Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao glances at him indifferently, "I should be the one to ask you these words. I risked my life to lure out the black leopard. And when it came time to act, why was it that when the two Elders were attacking, you were only standing there like a statue?"

The moment he brings it up, everyone remembers it. Lei Ju at that time was really very strange. Everyone already discussed it clearly. Why did he not react at all, wasting the opportunity?

Especially the other Elder. His impression of that moment is the strongest of all because he was the one that shouted at Lei Ju to attack. Thinking of that, his face becomes more and more unsightly.

Lei Ju's face turns green and then white. He didn't expect that Ling Xiao would actually turn the arrow back at him. But how can he tell them the truth? He can't possibly say that at that time, he was actually hoping that Ling Xiao would be killed by the black leopard, so that's why he purposely didn't do anything.

He can guarantee that if he says the truth, even if Ling Xiao doesn't do anything, Elder Wang would probably hate him to death. In the Paradise Realm where danger lurks from every side, it is better to have one more comrade than one more enemy.

"Elder Wang's killing move missed the black leopard. I was too shocked so I didn't react for a while."

Lei Ju doesn't dare to appear too guilty so he puts on a face of chagrin.

Elder Wang doesn't doubt his words. After all, he feels that Lei Ju has no reason to risk his life for some trickery, unless he doesn't want to live. Thinking like this, he helps to round out the bumps.

"Now is not the time to argue over who is to blame. Next, we should think about the journey ahead. Oh right, was that level six magic herb dug out successfully?"

Hearing these words, everyone turns to look at Ling Xiao.

At that time, he was the one who lured the black leopard out. Later, when they were facing off with the black leopard, Ling Xiao should have gone to pick it. It makes sense that the stalk of magic herb should be in Ling Xiao's possession.

Furthermore the magic herbs in the Paradise Realm are mostly medium quality and above. If it turns out to be a high quality magic herb, that would mean a high price. Therefore, there is no one that is not interested. If they managed to catch the magic beast, naturally they wouldn't pay any heed to the magic herb. But since they failed, naturally .......

How can Ling Xiao not know what they are thinking. The corner of his lips rises up as he says, "At that time, I thought your plan would work. On top of that, the scene was in total chaos, so I didn't go dig up the magic herb. I'm afraid I have disappointed all of you."

Lei Ju laughs coldly as he says, "I see, you want to keep that magic herb to yourself ba!"

Elder Wang frowns but doesn't speak, seeming to agree with Lei Ju's words.

Ling Xiao sneers *chi*, and stares at him while saying, "I am a martial artist. Do you think I'm able to dig out that stalk of magic herb? If you all are going to start counting, I'm not afraid of counting with you. Speaking about that, we already discussed it clearly beforehand. You want magic beasts. We want magic herbs. Therefore, I went to lure that black leopard out. The result ne, your lack of reaction caused everyone's effort to be in vain. Now you want to accuse me of taking that stalk of magic herb for myself, are you in any position to say that?"

Lei Ju's face turns purplish black hearing those words. A thread of hate flashes across his glinting eyes.

Seeing Ling Xiao looking so earnest and speaking with such righteousness, a certain person who is only too clear about the real situation is having a hard time holding himself back. No one could have known that Ling Xiao actually has the potential to win an Oscar!

Give away the bride only to lose one's army on top of it - suffer a double loss