The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 171

Chapter 171

Ling Xiao is naturally deserving of the Oscar with his deviousness. He doesn't say 'my efforts'. Instead he says 'everyone's efforts'. If you just look at one spot and miss the big picture, it's absolutely devious. This way, everyone's attention will naturally go to the direction of 'Because of Lei Ju's error, the plan failed'.

Lei Ju realizes that the look Elder Wang and a few others are giving him are turning strange so he immediately yells out agitatedly, "I see that you are clearly trying to use this as an excuse to change the topic so you can keep that level six magic herb to yourself."

"Didn't I say that I didn't dig out that stalk of magic herb? Even if I did dig it out, doesn't that mean that it belongs to me?"

Ling Xiao asks indifferently in reply.

"You're finally showing your true face ba. Sure enough, that stalk of magic herb was stolen by you."

Lei Ju accuses him angrily.

You XiaoMo finally can't take it any longer, "Big brother Lei, your words are rather too much. At that time we already discussed it clearly. You want the magic beast. We want the magic herb. But because of your mistake, not only was the black leopard not caught, there wasn't even enough time to dig up the magic herb. And now you are actually accusing Elder brother Ling of keeping the magic herb for himself. Can it be that you think the fault doesn't lie with you? Or are you trying to shift everyone's attention so that no one will question you about your actions?"

Why does he have the feeling that Lei Ju's brain is nothing but mush?

He himself let the magic beast escape and now he wants to snatch their magic herb. Unbelievably shameless. He doesn't believe that after saying it so clearly, the others would still side with him.

Lei Ju is shamed to anger, yelling furiously at him, "Is this a place for you to talk? Merely a puny mage and yet you dare to interrupt our discussion?"

You XiaoMo shrugs his shoulders innocently, "Who asked Big brother Lei to keep harping on the magic herb? Even an idiot can see that you are trying to divert attention, simply not daring to accept the blame for the plan's failure bei."

He looks at him as if to say that he is the one that is a coward!

Lei Ju glares at him furiously and spits out the words ferociously, "Shut up!"

However, his manner instead confirms You XiaoMo's accusations. Lei Ju was so anxious to point the blame at Ling Xiao because he really had that in mind. Not even having the courage to accept responsibility, this kind of person is undoubtedly a coward!

Although no one says anything, it is clear that they already agree with You XiaoMo's words.

"Alright, let's not fight over a little thing. No matter who is to blame, this matter is already over so let's not bring it up again. Next, we still want to continue looking for magic herbs and magic beasts."

In the end, Elder Wang is again the one that becomes the peacemaker. Although his words seems to for the benefit of everyone, it can also be taken as absolving Lei Ju of any blame. The shrewd ones can tell with one glance that he is partial to Lei Ju.

"That's right ah. We are all brothers of the same sect."

The other Elder immediately chimes in.

Ling Xiao's eyes is full of amusement as he glances at the two of them, "No need. Let's go our separate ways ba. I don't want to have the same thing happen again, not getting the magic herb and still having to pay with our lives."

Lei Ju flares up instantly, "What are you trying to say?"

Ling Xiao laughs and says, "What I'm trying to say, you should already understand. I have no interest in working with someone who can turn around at anytime and slander someone. I have no confidence in your character."

"Young Lin, you're going overboard. Before, Lei Ju was careless, that's all. There is no need to haggle over every ounce."

Elder Wang says with a frown.

Ling Xiao shrugs. He fixes his gaze on him that is full of amusement, "Elder Wang, the next time you want to favor Lei Ju, remember to not be too obvious, lest the other disciples suspect that you don't have the integrity to be impartial."

But I doubt you can have a next time .......

Elder Wang's face darkens, "Young Lin, is this how you talk to your Elders?"

He is an Elder of Star level seven stars actually getting accused by a Star level two star little devil. Do you really think we are still in TianXin sect? The Paradise Realm is a place where strength is king.

Ling Xiao doesn't bother with him and walks to You XiaoMo's side, "Little brother, let's go ba."

You XiaoMo wanted to leave long ago. He feels that he would probably start to have difficulty breathing if he has to stay with them a second longer. Now that Ling Xiao is finally thinking like this, he is even more eager to leave.

"Wait for me, Brother Xiao. I also want to go with you."

Tang YunQi rushes up suddenly from behind, grabbing Ling Xiao's arm with one hand while looking anxiously and expectantly at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao pulls his arm away and is just about to speak when Lei Ju's voice is heard, dripping with sarcasm.

"Junior sister Tang, I advise you to not follow him. With his Star level two star strength, he won't make it in the Paradise Realm. I'm afraid he would be dead before he can even find a stalk of magic herb. It's better to follow Elder Wang. At the least, he can guarantee that you will live. Furthermore, there is already a dragging oil pot by his side. If there is any danger, he would definitely choose to save the dragging oil pot."

Ling Xiao gives him a meaningful look before speaking to Tang YunQi, "Junior sister Tang, what Lei Ju says is not wrong. Elder brother me, my strength is definitely not high. If you follow me, I won't be able to save you from danger. Therefore, you should follow them ba. After all, if you were to die in the Paradise Realm, they still have to face the wrath of your father when they go back. So, they definitely won't dare to let anything happen to you. You should not worry and follow them ba. Just be like Lei Ju and hide behind Elder Wang and that would do."

Of course that would only be valid if they are still alive.

Tang YunQi is very close to him so she can see his expression clearly when he says those words. His indifference when talking about her life, especially when he talks about her 'death', the smile on his lips seems to be very sincere.

Tang YunQi lets go of his hand in shock and stares dumbly as he leaves with You XiaoMo. How can Brother Xiao become so terrifying? That expression is really that of Brother Xiao?

Lei Ju was originally very pleased with himself, but when he hears the last sentence, his whole face becomes distorted.

Damn Ling Xiao, still so defiant when death is at hand. I can't wait to see if you are able to leave the Paradise Realm one month from now.

You XiaoMo couldn't understand all along why Ling Xiao wanted to go with them.

And later when he decided to just go along with the flow, Ling Xiao instead wants to separate from them. On top of that, it is in such a lay down one's cards fashion, as if he is making sure of something. This makes him even more confused.

"Elder brother Ling, what is it that you're planning?"

Now that it's finally just the two of them, You XiaoMo can't suppress it any longer and just blurts it out.

Ling Xiao turns his head around. The smile on his handsome face turns into his usual devilish expression from before, "Little brother, are you very curious over why I did what I did?"

You XiaoMo casts a sidelong glance at him. Do you have to ask?!

Ling Xiao laughs while saying, "Actually it's nothing. I just wanted to verify something, that's all."

You XiaoMo asks, "Verify what?"

Ling Xiao says, "The time the palace will open, and also if they really knew about the palace."

You XiaoMo continues asking, "And the result ne? Do you have the answer?"

Ling Xiao says, "Yes."

You XiaoMo, " ....... and the answer is?"

Does he want me to ask each and every question?

Ling Xiao beams as he says, "They don't look the least bit hurried, so I surmise that the opening of the palace would be in the latter half of the month. The exact timing, we would have to look for another opportunity to figure it out. As for whether they know about the palace, there is no need for me to answer ba."

There really is no need for him to answer. It is clear from the behavior of Elder Wang, Lei Ju, and the others. When Ling Xiao wanted to leave, no one urged him to stay. Obviously they wanted Ling Xiao to leave early on. The reason most probably has to do with the palace. Since Tang Fan actually didn't tell Ling Xiao about the palace, he definitely doesn't want him to find out about it.

If Ling Xiao and him were to stick with them, Elder Wang would have to finally find an opportunity to shake them off. Rather than wait for that time to come, it would be better to lose them early on to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

So, with both sides wanting to get rid the other, it was bound to happen. Where water flows, a canal is formed.

"Then what are we going to do from now on?"

You XiaoMo asks.

"Next, we are of course going to find that place on the map. Oh, if we had known earlier, we should have sucked up Eleventh Star's and Ye Dan's memory before. Maybe we could have learned something useful."

Ling Xiao says rather regretfully.

Urgh! You XiaoMo subconsciously recalls what happened in the ice cave, the scene where the demon Elder Jiang was sucked dry. On top of that, all the bloody scenes that took place these two days. Can't do it, I can't think about it anymore. Otherwise, I won't be able to take it anymore!

However, You XiaoMo is now very curious. At that time, did Ling Xiao really eat up Elder Jiang? Although the scene wasn't very bloody, it was extremely strange.

"Elder brother Ling, you can't be like those demons right, eating up those people ba?"

You XiaoMo feels that this kind of thing would probably happen again in the near future so he wants to make sure.

Ling Xiao's answer is to knock him on the forehead, "Such disgusting people, you think I will eat them? If I want to eat ....... "

Saying those words, he suddenly looks him up and down and smiles while saying, "it would be someone like you, white and tender, the taste would definitely be not bad."

You XiaoMo is silent for a while before rubbing his arms vigorously. Goosebumps are forming all over his arms.

Ling Xiao licks his lips deliberately as if he can't wait to taste it.

You XiaoMo, " ....... "

Why does he suddenly feel that he is looking at something very obscene? His eyes seem to be glued to Ling Xiao's tongue. He then sees the corner of Ling Xiao's lips rise upwards as he moves closer towards him .......

dragging oil pot = hindrance, step-child