The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 172

Chapter 172
Shapeshifting herb.

When Ling Xiao leans over, he takes advantage of when he has yet to react to eat a piece of tofu on his lips.

A certain someone is caught in a whirlwind for a moment and then his whole face turns red. His first reaction is to look in all four directions. Only after making sure that there is no one around does he let out a sigh of relief.

Ling Xiao puts his hand on his forehead and drawls, "Little brother, your face is very red. It can't be that you've caught a fever ba. Do you want Elder brother me to help you lower your temperature?"

You XiaoMo's face is bright red. He immediately flings away his hand. You're the one with the fever, your whole family have fevers!

He has no idea that in some way, it can be said that he is also a member of Ling Xiao's whole family.

Although Ling Xiao very much wants to eat tofu a few more times, he knows that now is not the time. Tofu ma, naturally it's best to eat to ones heart's content. But of course, stealing a few pieces here and there is also not bad.

It takes half a day before You XiaoMo realizes that he has been fooled again by Ling Xiao. Luckily he has long ago tempered his heart into that of copper skin and steel bones. Therefore ....... this time he doesn't make a fuss. But what should be made clear should still be made clear.

So, You XiaoMo nudges Ling Xiao, "In the end, what is that ability of yours?"

Ling Xiao strokes his chin, not answering his question immediately, as if he is having some difficulty.

You XiaoMo asks with uncertainty, "You can't say?"

Ling Xiao glances at him, his expression full of amusement, "It's not that I can't say. It's just that I'm not sure if I want to tell you now or continue whetting your appetite ah!"

You XiaoMo is speechless. This guy is purposely saying these words to irk him right?

Definitely, certainly, absolutely!

He can't go one day without playing with him ba? The more he thinks, the angrier he gets. You XiaoMo simply throws down these words, "Do whatever you want."

He then turns around and walks off, as if saying 'I'm going to give you the silent treatment.'

Ling Xiao deftly pulls him back and secures him in his arms, "Ok ba, Ok ba. Since you are asking me so pitifully, I'll let you know ok."

Hearing these words, You XiaoMo's ears perk up instantly.

Ling Xiao lowers his head and bites his ear. Before saying anything, You XiaoMo already yells out.

"If you want to speak, just speak ma. Why bite my ear?"

You XiaoMo holds his ear. He can still feel the dampness and wonders if the ear is one of his sensitive points?

Of course he knows. Ling Xiao laughs *ha ha* as he looks at him, "Alright, I won't tease you anymore. Time to get serious."

You XiaoMo pushes him an arm length away, "You stand there and say."

Ling Xiao spreads his hands out helplessly. Looks like he can't eat him anymore since he is so on guard against him. He continues speaking after a pause, "The reality is, I'm not eating their corpses. To put it correctly, it should be sucking up their soul. Then I recover their memories from their souls. That's all it is."

"Then why does the body disappear?"

This is the point he is most concerned about.

Ling Xiao says, "It doesn't disappear. I just threw it away."

You XiaoMo is stunned for a moment, quickly asking, "Throw where?"

Ling Xiao says, "Rubbish heap."

You XiaoMo, " ....... "

You think my eyes are just for display?

Ling Xiao shakes his finger, "Not the rubbish heap you are thinking of. The one I'm speaking of is the rubbish heap that's a spatial black hole."

You XiaoMo asks, "What is this spatial black hole?"

At that time, he saw it with his own eyes. That thing was really a black hole but it seem to come from his hand. Since it is an ability of his, does that mean the black hole exists in his hand?

Ling Xiao pulls him along and speaks as they walk, "The spatial black hole is a peculiar dimension. Inside are immeasurable spatial forces. Even an Emperor level fighter would be torn into pieces in a second. Anyway, you will soon understand."

Bluntly speaking, it is a place to get rid of incriminating evidence.

You XiaoMo subconsciously ponders this point. If this thing was placed on 21st century Earth, it would be an unbeatable killing cheat. Of course, in Long Xiang continent, the land of killing people and silencing witnesses, it is the essential medicine for daily life and travel. If you put the person you want to kill inside it, it would no longer exist in this world. Even if some interested party wants to investigate, they probably won't be able to find any web of the spider or trace of horses' hooves.

But, what level does one have to be to be able to open the black hole whenever they want?

Until now, You XiaoMo still hasn't discovered that Ling Xiao is actually not human. Or one can say that he has actually figured out long ago that Ling Xiao is not human. It's just that his level of understanding is not the same, that's all.

"What I should have said, I have already told you. There are no other questions ba. Next I'll bring you to a good place."

Ling Xiao pulls his hand and walks off, looking very mysterious.

You XiaoMo opens his mouth wanting to ask but thinking that he will soon see it anyway, he bears with it.

As for Da Piqiu, he has long been neglected into a dark corner by the two people. However, it is still very happy, bounding to its feet, following after them, his tail wagging cheerfully.

After a while, You XiaoMo realizes that the road they are on is very familiar. So familiar that he recalls certain stones that still have Da Piqiu's bloody paw prints, like a cluster of flowers. Da Piqiu also purposefully runs over to admire his own paw prints making him unable to bear it any longer, kicking it until it flies away.

This number two, what's there to be in awe of in ones own paw prints? If you want to admire, you should admire him ah!!

*Ke ke*, You XiaoMo follows Ling Xiao into the cave of the golden black leopard they discovered earlier. After just a few steps, that black leopard runs out. Its eyes are turning round and round while flashing brightly as it prostates extremely piously before Ling Xiao as if it is submitting itself to the stronger one or maybe for some other reason.

Witnessing this scene, You XiaoMo can already guess what happened.

No wonder this black leopard didn't really attack Ling Xiao before. No wonder it could accurately dodge Elder Wang's attack. On top of that, it seemed to be so familiar with their plan. Looks like it was all due to Ling Xiao's devious plan.

Looks like he had already colluded with the black leopard when he first entered.

Walking in a few steps further, You XiaoMo discovers a stalk of fiery red magic herb.

The magic herb is standing still in a small corner of the cave, giving off a thick fragrance. The whole cave seems to be filled with this fragrance.

You XiaoMo can't help taking in a deep breath, his eyes open wide.

This stalk of magic herb is simply not a level six magic herb. He can feel the waves from the magic herb. It is higher than a level six magic herb by one level. Although he can't name this stalk of magic herb, it is clearly a level seven magic herb.

This is the first time he sees a level six magic beast guarding a stalk of level seven magic herb!

However, what surprises him is that Ling Xiao didn't dig out this stalk of magic herb. He thought that Ling Xiao was bluffing Elder Wang and the rest when he said he didn't get to dig out the magic herb. Looks like he really didn't dig it out.

Ling Xiao glances at his expression. The corner of his lips rises slightly, "Little brother, do you know what is this stalk of level seven magic herb?"

You XiaoMo gulps, "What is it?"

Saying something like this, it must be something big.

A brilliant smile appears on Ling Xiao's face as he lifts up the hair by his ear, "Shapeshifting herb, have you heard of it?"

You XiaoMo's jaw drops open in shock. Although he isn't very familiar with level seven magic herbs, it's impossible that he hasn't heard of the much celebrated shapeshifting herb, because to magic beasts, the shapeshifting herb is the thing they dream about. With this magic herb, they can assume human form.

No matter if it's low level or mid-level or even high level magic beasts, the first aim they have from the moment of birth is to cultivate to achieve the ability to shapeshift. Most of the time, the ability to shapeshift is their number one priority.

That's because the cultivation speed of a magic beast that can shapeshift is faster than that of one that can't.

As everyone knows, the ability of a magic beast to assume human form early on signifies that its level is high. As with the Blue-blooded wolf, there is a restriction of level eight and above. If it's not fated, they can't even dream of shapeshifting to cultivate to a higher level their whole life. Therefore, for them, the shapeshifting herb is something they must have even if it means risking their lives.

Of course there are certain magic beasts with noble bloodlines. They can assume human form from birth. To put it in human terms, these type of magic beasts are equivalent to an emperor's existence.

However, this type of noble magic beasts are extremely rare. Even in Long Xiao continent, an emperor class magic beast has never appeared before.

Some say that when the emperor appears, ten thousand beasts will fall silent!

If this class of emperor magic beast really exists, probably all the magic beasts in Long Xiao continent will have to obey them.

Going back to the point, the shapeshifting herb is able to break through the bloodline restriction of magic beasts. It's another way for them to have the chance to break free from the restraints of their bloodline, to achieve an even higher level.

No wonder this golden black leopard is guarding this stalk of shapeshifting herb to the death, guarding it no matter what the cost. The allure of the shapeshifting herb is just too great for them.

"Elder brother Ling, this shapeshifting herb doesn't seem to be mature."

You XiaoMo gulps strongly, an immature magic herb means there is still a chance it may drop seeds.

This stalk of shapeshifting herb, although completely fiery red, is certainly not an ultimate red. He has seen the record of the shapeshifting herb on the magic beast scroll. The deeper the color means that the shapeshifting herb is slowly getting more mature. Only when it turns the deepest red will it be really mature. Clearly the shapeshifting herb is still a ways away from maturity right now.

"First, let's dig it out."

Ling Xiao says.

You XiaoMo was waiting for those words. Without further ado, You XiaoMo takes out a little spade from his dimension.

The golden eyes of the black leopard lying submissively on the ground suddenly reveals a very human-like extremely begrudging look.

At that time, when it inadvertently discovered this stalk of shapeshifting herb, the wild joy that sprang up in his heart cannot be described. And then, in order to protect the shapeshifting herb, he endlessly defeated those magic beasts that were drawn to the shapeshifting herb. A few times he was even teetering on the brink of death but survived by holding on to a singular thought, successfully defending the shapeshifting herb. And yet, it will soon have to hand it over on a silver platter.

The black leopard is extremely unwilling but faced with the tremendous pressure emanating from the bloodline of this man in front of him, he has no choice but to submit. This kind of helpless feeling suddenly leaves it feeling miserable.

Discovering his state of mind, Ling Xiao's lips lift up, "The shapeshifting herb won't be your contribution in vain. Of course you will receive the benefits later on."

Hearing these words, the golden eyes of the black leopard light up instantly.

Although the man doesn't say the exact benefits, noble magic beasts loathe to lie, especially this man in front of him. His level is possibly higher than it ever imagined.

Such a grand person is promising him good things. Of course he won't go back on his words, so it immediately feels relieved.

Because the shapeshifting herb is a level seven herb, You XiaoMo digs with utmost care to ensure that it remains intact. He takes almost half an hour before he is successful in digging up the shapeshifting herb completely, including the roots buried below. He then quickly transplants the shapeshifting herb into his dimension.

Seeing that he is done, Ling Xiao calls him over. He gestures to the black leopard next to him and says, "Little brother, bond with it."

You XiaoMo's eyes light up immediately, but as if having thought of something, he says rather awkwardly, "Elder brother Ling, I want to bond this black leopard to Second brother or Fifth brother. Can I?"

Ling Xiao has long understood how his heart works, but he still shakes his head, "You can't. Lei Ju and the others have seen this black leopard. It's hard to guarantee that they won't recognize it. If you want to find magic beasts for them, we'll look for others."

You XiaoMo feels that it's very reasonable so he agrees. Only then does he walk over to bond with the black leopard.

Because of Ling Xiao, the black leopard doesn't resist, forming a bond with You XiaoMo very quickly, becoming You XiaoMo's second bonded magic beast. And so Da Piqiu finally gets a companion. It has a look of enthusiastic welcome as it very quickly runs over cheerfully to engage it in lively conversation .......

Eat tofu - take advantage/flirt
Number two - stupid fella
*ke ke* - *ahem*