The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 173

Chapter 173
Life bond magic beast.

Da Piqiu, "Ao wu ....... "

Finally there is one more to be controlled by Master like me, a comrade, I'm very happy ah!

Black leopard, " ....... "

Da Piqiu, "Ao wu ....... " You don't have a name ma? Don't worry, Master will help you choose a name.

Black leopard, " ....... "

Like Da Piqiu? It would rather not.

Da Piqiu doesn't seem to receive the meaning from the expression from its eyes. It turns around and runs to the front of You XiaoMo, 'Ao wu', calling non-stop. 'Master, master, my comrade still doesn't have a name. Quick help choose a name. It's best if it is like mine.'

Black leopard, " ....... "

Black leopard thinks, really there are all sorts of bonded magic beasts, hence there will definitely be all sorts of Masters, of course, not including itself. So it can already imagine what kind of person its Master is.

In the end, although You XiaoMo doesn't grant Da Piqiu's request to give the black leopard a ridiculous name, it is still sufficiently cheesy and at the same time reflects the inability and laziness of the Master to pick names. Because it receives the name Xiao Hei, the reason behind it is because its name has the word Hei.

But the rejoicing leopard has no idea that it's not long before he can no longer escape from the clutches of fate!

Xiao Hei accepts this name very solemnly because it feels very lucky that the Master didn't acquiesce to Da Piqiu's request to name it Da Maoqiu. Such a stupid name is too disgraceful to its power and prestige as a golden black leopard. If it gets out, it will be laughed to death by those of the same kind.

You XiaoMo doesn't understand the language of beasts so he didn't hear Da Piqiu's suggestion. He is even more clueless about the derision his second bonded beast has for him and Da Piqiu.

After leaving the cave, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao set back on the road of looking for magic herbs and magic beasts.

At first, they could only slowly search around the Jade Spiritual Cave because even though they have a map, it is not possible to list in detail all the areas in the Jade Spiritual Cave. Most of the places are just roughly outlined.

But with the addition of Xiao Hei, they no longer have to search blindly.

Although Xiao Hei isn't the highest level magic beast in the Jade Spiritual Cave, before it discovered the Shapeshifting herb, it already explored all the corners. So it knows where the high level magic herbs are and where the strong magic beasts are.

Jade Spiritual Cave is known as the place where mid-level magic herbs and mid-level magic beasts are found. But that doesn't mean that high level magic herbs can't be found. The best example is the Shapeshifting herb.

Xiao Hei just happens to know a place where a stalk of level nine magic herb can be found. Although it hasn't seen it with its own eyes, it could smell it. From the rather nose-stabbing fragrance emitted by that stalk of magic herb, it must be a higher level magic herb than the Shapeshifting herb it guarded. But that place is guarded by a level nine magic beast. But it's still not the strongest high level magic beast in the Paradise Realm because that level nine magic beast can only be considered the fifth strongest in the Jade Spiritual Cave.

As everyone knows, the strengths of the magic beasts in the Jade Spiritual Cave correlates from outside to inside, from low to high. That is to say, the nearer it is to the center of the Jade Spiritual Cave, the higher the strengths of the magic beasts.

However, because of the restriction on cultivation level in the Paradise Realm, very rarely do martial artists dare to venture into the center. Hence, nobody knows that there are magic beasts of those levels in the center of the Jade Spiritual Cave.

"Elder brother Ling, the disciples of Qing Cheng sect also seem to be looking for a level nine magic herb ba. Do you think the level nine magic herb Xiao Hei told us about could be the same one Qing Cheng sect is looking for?"

While on the road, You XiaoMo suddenly remembers something. Up til now, they have come across quite a few teams in just a few days. But they didn't hear anything concerning Luo ShuHe. He is Luo ChengYuan's son so he must know about the level nine magic pill recipe. Therefore the pivotal task of looking for magic herbs very possibly is in his hands.

"There is a possibility."

Ling Xiao answers.

You XiaoMo exclaims 'oh', and then reacts suddenly, "How do you know?"

Ling Xiao glances at him and suddenly takes out a small scroll as if performing a magic trick, "On it, the fragrance of one of the magic herbs is similar to what Xiao Hei described."

You XiaoMo opens the scroll and takes a glance which leaves him dumbfounded. This is clearly a level nine magic pill recipe. Ling Xiao actually stole back the level nine magic pill recipe that was stolen by Qing Cheng sect? Then why is it that the people of Qing Cheng sect appear as if nothing has happened?

Ling Xiao knows that he is very puzzled, so he explains, "Don't worry, this is not stolen from Qing Cheng sect."

You XiaoMo asks, "Then how did you get this recipe?"

Ling Xiao laughs, "Such a valuable recipe, do you think TianXin sect would only have one copy?"

Regardless of the value, or probability of loss, any sect or force would take precautions against losing recipes, making more than one copy of the recipes. Especially for a level nine recipe, something that everyone wants. For insurance purposes, there is no way TianXin sect doesn't have backups. Otherwise, once the recipe was stolen, Tang Fan, that old fellow would have definitely exploded like thunder and cried bloody murder at Qing Cheng sect. How could he still be so calmly planning the matters of the Paradise Realm?

At first, Ling Xiao was planning to go steal the recipe from Qing Cheng sect but that would be more troublesome because he doesn't know where Luo ChengYuan hid it. Only by searching his soul would he know but this way, Luo ChengYuan's soul would be damaged. It's very possible that he would turn into a mentally broken, useless person from that point on. It would be like getting rid of a formidable opponent on behalf of TianXin sect. This kind of making a wedding dress for others kind of act, Ling Xiao would definitely not do it out of the kindness of his heart, especially when the wedding dress is for TianXin sect.

Thinking like this, Ling Xiao cancels his previous plan and then uses some sleight of hand to steal the other hidden copy of the magic pill recipe from TianXin sect.

TianXin sect is worried that the magic recipe will be stolen by other sects so they only prepared one more copy. Hence there is none left after he stole it. But Tang Fan is not aware because he stealthily switched it out with a fake. As long as Tang Fan doesn't go check, he wouldn't know.

"At first I wanted to give it to you much earlier but that time was rather busy so I forgot."

Ling Xiao explains.

You XiaoMo looks at him in amazement. This time he is very earnest, as if wanting to see what he is really made of. In the end he can only sigh in amazement. This old fellow is too awesome. If Tang Fan were to discover that the other copy of the magic pill recipe was spirited away, he would be unimaginably shocked and furious, probably never to calm down again.

You XiaoMo then finds the description of the magic herb whose fragrance matches that described by Xiao Hei. However, it is only the smell so there is still a big possibility that it isn't the same.

Under Xiao Hei's lead, they finally reach the place of that level nine magic beast after one and a half days. During that time, they gathered quite a few magic herbs and magic beasts. However, You XiaoMo did not bond with those magic beasts. Instead, the magic beasts were all placed into Ling Xiao's dimension. He ....... is definitely not holding their low level against them.

Ling He Canyon is one of the grand canyons in Jade Spiritual Cave. The one thousand meter circumference of the grand canyon all belongs under the domain of the level nine magic beast. A lot of the low and mid-level magic beasts are intimidated by its power and strength, not daring to go near Ling He Canyon. Hence, numerous magic herbs grow in the surroundings of Ling He Canyon, including low and mid level magic herbs.

At this moment, Xiao Hei who was walking in front suddenly stops.

You XiaoMo takes one look at Xiao Hei with its golden eyes surveying the surroundings vigilantly and can't help but ask, "Is something wrong?"

Xiao Hei turns his head ignoring his Master and growls softly to Ling Xiao.

You XiaoMo immediately looks towards Ling Xiao drily.

Ling Xiao holds back his laughter as he says, "It says that not long ago, there was a huge battle between something and the nine winged magic horn serpent.

The nine winged magic horn serpent is precisely that level nine magic beast. It's very strong so common sense dictates that martial artists can only think of running when coming across it. Therefore, the one that fought against it is most likely a magic beast of the same level.

Ling Xiao takes a step forward and takes a deep breath. The remnants of energy from the battle of the two magic beasts is still lingering in the air. He then says, "The one who fought against it was a level nine Heavenly Bird of Six Thunders. But it should have just broke through to level nine not too long ago. Therefore, it is no match for the Nine Winged Magic Horn Serpent who has been at level nine for a long time, so it lost and ran away.

You XiaoMo blinks his eyes repeatedly. Just one breath and he can tell what kind of magic beast it was. Too much of a cow! But then he seems to think of something else, causing him to swallow repeatedly. Two level nine magic beasts fighting .......

Ling Xiao strokes his chin and suddenly reveals a crafty smile, "Both of them are currently injured. Just nice for us to take them in."

You XiaoMo keenly picks up on the wording of his words. Level nine magic beasts definitely are able to shapeshift into humans. Therefore, their outer appearance is most likely that of a martial artist.

The situation is really like what Ling Xiao said. In order to defeat that Heavenly Bird of Six Thunders, that Nine Winged Magic Horn Serpent didn't hesitate to use moves that cause harm of a thousand to the enemy while reflecting harm of eight hundred onto oneself. The result is that both of them are heavily injured. Right now, it is recuperating in its lair.

The Nine Winged Magic Horn Serpent didn't even have time to resist before Ling Xiao stomped on its enormous head with one foot. Possibly because of too much strength, it fainted right away after being stepped on.

"Little brother, come over and bond with it."

Ling Xiao beams as he speaks to the dazed You XiaoMo standing to one side.

You XiaoMo frowns after coming back to his senses. He says, "Elder brother Ling, right now I'm only a level three mage so I can only bond with three magic beasts. If I bond with this serpent, does that mean I can't bond with anything else?"

Ling Xiao says, "You don't have to worry about this. The restriction on the number of magic beasts does not apply to mages with multi-colored souls. There is no restriction on number, just how much you can bear. But there can only be one life-bond magic beast."

"Life-bond magic beast?"

You XiaoMo raises his brows in surprise. This is the first time he is hearing this term.

"The life-bond is an extremely severe bond. Usually, unless the magic beast is willing, there is no way to forcibly form the bond. Furthermore, once the life-bond is formed, both parties can be regarded as sharing one life. If one dies, the other one could follow to their death. Although there are some rare occurrences where the other one doesn't die, it would still have to pay an extremely high price. Therefore, there are very few mages or martial artists that would simply form a life-bond with a magic beast."

Ling Xiao explains.

This is really some earth-shattering good news.

Life-bond magic beast, for now, You XiaoMo has no intention of forming that bond with whichever magic beast. However, being able to bond with an unlimited number of magic beasts is already a tremendous pleasant surprise.

And so, the Nine Winged Magic Horn Serpent that was stepped on by Ling Xiao was bonded by You XiaoMo while he was in a daze. Although he would probably explode like thunder when he awakens, the reality is they can just keep telling him that he just has to accept his fate.

Thus Da Piqiu and Xiao Hei express their deepest sympathies, brother, you are not alone!

Because there are magic herbs in You XiaoMo's dimension, Ling Xiao places the Nine-Winged Magic Horn Serpent into his dimension. Only then do the two of them advance deeper into the canyon to find that level nine magic herb.

Standing at the top of the cliff, swaying in the wind is the Emperor's blood herb. The Emperor's blood herb is precisely one of the pivotal herbs needed in the level nine Green Clouds magic pill recipe that You XiaoMo has in his hands. It is the most important one and is also the one that is hardest to find.

This time, You XiaoMo spent a whole two hours to finish digging up the Emperor's blood herb.

In order to dig up this magic herb, he even drank a mouthful of magic water to replenish his almost depleted soul force. Goes to show how out or reach a level nine magic herb is to a mage of this level.

This way, he already has one out of the five level nine magic herbs that are needed for the Green Cloud magic pill. He only needs to find the remaining four level nine magic herbs and he would be able to refine one Green Cloud magic pill in the future.

Speaking of that, You XiaoMo realizes that Green Clouds magic pill cannot really be considered a genuine level nine magic pill.

The reason why it is classified as a level nine is because its effect comes from five types of level nine magic herbs.

This kind of situation reflects the level. Because the requirement for these few magic herbs is like defying heaven, so it barely makes the cut to be classified as a level nine magic pill. However, it is still merely a mid to low level low quality magic pill. It has no use whatsoever to Emperor level fighters.

After retrieving the Emperor's blood herb, the two men and two beasts are ready to leave Ling He Canyon and head towards the nest of the Heavenly Bird of Six Thunders. But just as they are about to walk out of the mouth of the Ling He Canyon, a faint yet excited voice can be heard coming from in front of them.

"Elder brother, that heavily injured Nine-Winged Magic Horn Serpent is really inside the canyon?"

"That's what the Heavenly Bird of Six Thunders told me. Furthermore, it also said that the level nine magic herb that the Nine-Winged Magic Horn Serpent is guarding is a stalk of Emperor's Blood herb. Precisely one of the pivotal magic herbs needed for the Green Cloud magic pill.

Xiao Hei - Little Black
making a wedding dress for others - doing things for the benefit others
too much of a cow - too awesome
yup, the nine-winged magic horn serpent changed from 'it' to 'he' for some reason