The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 177

Chapter 177
Water Demon.

Ling Xiao says, "I didn't expect that Fang ChenLe would be so shrewd."

Really like what they say, treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime. Although they are brothers and elders from the same sect, they may still harm you because of jealousy. Furthermore, this is the Paradise Realm. Anything can happen. Even if some people were to do it, they can easily push the blame off of themselves. Therefore the best way is to keep the matter of having a bonded magic beast to oneself.

This is why Ling Xiao says that he is shrewd.

Fang ChenLe is much smarter that those two who are currently flaunting their level seven and level six magic beasts. At the least, he understands the principle that one shouldn't let others see one's own wealth.

"Elder brother has always been rather smart."

You XiaoMo says while feeling extremely pleased with himself.

Ling Xiao glances at him, "Then who do you think is smarter? Your Elder brother or me?"

You XiaoMo curls his lips. He knows that if he says that Elder brother is smarter, Ling Xiao would definitely kill him. So he has no choice but to say hollowly, "Of course you are smarter."

If Piqiu and the rest were here, they would definitely despise You XiaoMo for bullying the weak while fearing the strong.

Ling Xiao adds, "But your Elder brother and Second brother don't seem to be in a favorable position ah."

You XiaoMo freezes, then asks hastily, "What happened?"

At that time, the distance was far so he didn't get a clear look.

Ling Xiao says, "All of Earth peak, including you is not even ten people. On top of that, Earth peak does not get along well with Heaven peak. Recently, Tang YunQi and Lei Ju bonded with a mid-level magic beast each. Although the strength is not high, it can still be considered as adding to the combat strength of TianXin sect. This way, Earth peak wouldn't be able to overcome it. Being pushed aside is something that can be foreseen."

You XiaoMo feels that this matter can't be helped.

Choosing to keep a low profile guarantees that you will be pushed aside. Unless Elder brother chooses to act like Tang YunQi and brings out his own bonded Poisonous Flood Dragon. However, that would be akin to putting himself in danger. If Lei Ju knows that Elder brother's bonded magic beast is even more powerful than his, who knows if he would do some underhanded thing.

So, with regards to this point, even though it results in getting pushed aside, You XiaoMo is still very much in agreement with Elder brother's actions.

After that, the two of them no longer talk about this issue.

Although there are many ways to get to the Demon Peak*, there is only one road up the Demon Peak. It's through the Death Valley beneath the Demon Peak.

Death Valley is the first dangerous obstacle for Demon Peak. Inside is actually a snake nest. Furthermore, it is said that the snakes inside this nest is the same kind of snake as those found in the Ten Thousand Python Demon Plain.

Therefore some people have already guessed that the Evil Heavenly Pythons of the Ten Thousand Python Demon Plain most probably came from the Paradise Realm.

No matter what the reality is, Death Valley is definitely not some place to charge into. At least for forces of TianXin sect's strength.

Luckily they already experienced it before so they know how to charge through this obstacle while paying the lowest price. However, these things are not important when it comes to You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao.

Just as they step into the Death Valley, Ling Xiao summons Sheqiu.

Sheqiu looks at Ling Xiao questioningly, "Is something the matter, great leader?"

Ling Xiao beams as he points to the entrance of the Death Valley, and pats him on the shoulder, "Go have a chat with your brothers. Remember not to talk for hours and forget to come back."

Sheqiu's face falls, "Great leader, those low level creatures are not my brothers."

Ling Xiao nods, "Of course I know. But they are after all your kind. Go quickly. Stop dawdling."

Sheqiu can only swallow the bitterness and go find his 'brothers' to have a heart to heart talk. Mother! He is after all a level nine magic beast. Talking with a group of low level magic beasts, and most of them have not even achieved enlightenment. What the hell can they talk about? But it's the great leader's orders. He has to go even if he doesn't want to.

Sheqiu disappears quickly inside the Death Valley. Not long after, the faintly agitated Death Valley suddenly quiets down. That noxious unnatural odor also dissipates.

Clearly it's the work of Sheqiu. However, as a high level magic beast, if he couldn't suppress a group of low level magic beasts, his life would be too much of a failure.

At this point, Luo ShuHe's group has no idea that the one hour that they had calculated in their hearts to charge through Death Valley would turn into three hours under Sheqiu's provocation. So, by the time they climb to the top of Magic Beast peak, the treasures on the mountain top seems to have been wiped clean by certain people.

Speaking of certain people, after easily stepping over the the first obstacle, Death Valley, they simply set out for the mountain peak.

The Demon Peak has a barrier. It is said that the palace opens once a month. What actually opens is the barrier of Demon Peak.

Actually, other people can still go up when the barrier isn't open because the barrier is actually targeted against magic beasts. But because the top of Demon Peak is flooded with a layer of poisonous gas, only the magic beasts that have grown up in the midst of the poisonous gas do not fear it.

Therefore, when the barrier is not open, the top of Demon Peak is filled with a layer of concentrated poisonous gas. Taking in one breath would endanger the bodies of martial artists and mages. When the barrier is open, the poisonous gas on top of Demon Peak would dissipate considerably. If one goes up at this time, although the poisonous gas is still there, as long as one comes back down within the stipulated time, there wouldn't be a problem.

The second distinguishing feature of Demon Peak is the Shallow Shores. It is the most dangerous place in Demon Peak, not just one of the most dangerous.

The Shallow Shores is also called flowers in the mirror or moon in the water. The meaning is to not let appearances mislead you. More often than not, what your eyes see is not what the reality is.

Furthermore, although it is called Shallow Shores, it is not the least bit shallow. It's only a name, nothing more, because of a group of transparent Water Demons under the surface. Water Demons are mid-level magic beasts. Although their strengths are not very high, the underwater is their world.

Water Demons are not a type of kind and gentle magic beasts. They would willfully attack humans, no matter if they are in the water, or up in the air.

Usually, those flying on top of Shallow Shores, if they carelessly fly too low, without paying attention to what is happening under the Shallow Shores, they would most probably be dragged into the water by the Water Demons.

If no one saves you in time, of if you are incapable of saving yourself, you would most probably be divvied up and eaten by the Water Demons under the Shallow Shores.

However, the most horrific place in Shallow Shores is actually not here.

It is said the surroundings of Shallow Shores is inhabited by a lot of level seven and above magic beasts. It's the place in the Paradise Realm with the strongest magic beasts, more than at the Jade Spiritual Cave.

Therefore, if there is too much movement, it would most probably attract those very powerful magic beasts.

You XiaoMo was carried by Ling Xiao, flying over the Shallow Shores.

However, perhaps because Ling Xiao is being mischievous, You XiaoMo keeps feeling that they are flying a little too close to the surface of the Shallow Shores, so low that he could almost see the bottom of the crystal clear water. However, the surface of the water is extremely still making it seem as if it is impossible for the bottom of this crystal clear and calm water surface to have savage and cruel Water Demons.

Thinking of how a Water Demon can suddenly jump out of the water and grab them, You XiaoMo feels a cold chill and quickly pats Ling Xiao on the shoulder, "Elder brother Ling, how about we fly a little higher?"

When Ling Xiao hears these words, he knows that he is afraid. He turns his head towards him and smiles. Just when he is about to speak, there is movement on the surface of the water. A ripple spreads out from the water surface, as if it is a sign of something. Next, wave after wave starts to spread out violently, faster and faster.

Right at this moment, the water surface breaks open suddenly and a shrieking transparent Water Demon rushes out from under the water.

This voice stuns You XiaoMo and terrifies him such that he almost lets go of Ling Xiao's arm. Fortunately Ling Xiao reacts in time, hugging him tight and immediately speeding up while flying higher. The Water Demon comes up empty.

You XiaoMo turns to look. The transparent body of the Water Demon is rather clearly visible above the water. It looks like a human body made out of water. What's different is it seems to be a different species. Its ears are long and pointed with very sharp teeth. It can't speak but its mouth can issue a voice that is extremely aggravating to humans.

Because it came up empty, the Water Demon falls back into the water, splashing *pu tong*, but it doesn't dive back to the bottom of the water. Instead it floats on the water surface and glares at them viciously.

You XiaoMo looks at it in horror, "Elder brother Ling, why does this Water Demon look like a human?"

Ling Xiao stops in mid-air while holding onto his waist. He looks down from up high at the Water Demon that is glowering at them. He laughs, "Do you know how the Water Demon magic beast came about?"

You XiaoMo shakes his head immediately. He didn't see any detailed records of the Water Demon on the magic beast scrolls. He only knows that it is a type of mid-level magic beast that is usually level four to level five in strength.

Although it isn't very strong, the Water Demon lives its whole life in the water. Furthermore, they are large in number. Therefore, even if a Star level fighter falls inside, he may not be able to free himself.

"To be exact, the Water Demon is a semi-magic beast because its former body is that of a human." Ling Xiao says.

"Human?" You XiaoMo jumps in shock. No wonder it looks human.

"A very long time ago, before this world had this kind of magic beast, water demon, legend says the first water demon came about from the transformation of a martial artist who mistakenly took ice poison. That kind of ice poison can only be found at the bottom of a ten thousand year old abyss. That martial artist mistakenly entered the ten thousand year old abyss. As a result, he mistook the ice poison for a magic crystal and consumed it. After that, the ice poison spread very quickly throughout his whole body. Although he didn't die, he changed into a half man half demon water demon. Furthermore, he could only survive in the water."

Water demons may not be very well known but ice poison is something everyone knows. As long as the abyss is more than ten thousand years old, it can definitely be found.

"So all the water demons are people that transformed from mistakenly taking ice poison?"

You XiaoMo asks in surprise. If it really is so, the ice poison at the bottom of the abyss is rather too incredible.

Ling Xiao glances at him in amusement, refuting his statement, "Of course not. You think there are so many ten thousand year old abysses?"

You XiaoMo rubs his nose, "Then how did the other water demons come about?"

Ling Xiao speaks, "It's infection. After that martial artist turned into a water demon, his whole body, top to bottom seemed to have turned into ice poison. On top of that, after he turned into a water demon, his strength became stronger than it was when he was human. Most importantly, he had a very high IQ. He spread a rumor to deceive the martial artists of that time saying that there are magic crystals at the bottom of the ten thousand year old abyss. Of course those idiots took the bait. And so an unending stream of martial artists headed for the abyss. The result was as expected, it seemed over half of the idiots turned into his kind."

You XiaoMo takes in a sharp breath. That water demon was really too much.

The most brilliant part was yet to come.

Although later on a few mighty martial artists did organize men to eliminate that water demon, it was already too late.

Among the previously infected martial artists, some of them that were stronger didn't turn into water demons immediately. But the result is still the same. The bad thing is they brought back their whole body's worth of ice poison to the human population.

At that time, a lot of people didn't know that the ice poison is extremely contagious. Not only does it spread by touch, it can also spread through the air.

And so it simply lead to a disaster. It is said that the whole population of a town of over ten thousand people were infected by ice poison and turned into water demons. At that time, the news shocked a lot of people. They finally understood how dangerous ice poison can be.

After that, although there was a great alliance of practitioners to eradicate the water demons, because the problem was too extensive, there would always be a fish that slipped from the net. Therefore, they couldn't get rid of the water demons completely. Fortunately the water demons can only survive in water. So, as long as humans don't go near bodies of water that may have water demons, it will be fine.

So, before now, the water demons seemed to have been half magic beasts that have been stamped out of existence for many years. No one expected that the master of the Paradise Realm would actually raise a group of water demons in captivity, something that would make make practitioners quake in terror at the mention of the name.

You XiaoMo swallows repeatedly, "Elder brother Ling, do you think this Shallow Shores is a ten thousand year old abyss?"

Although a ten thousand year old abyss will have water demons, there is a saying that with risk comes reward. Before, Ling Xiao said that ice poison can only be found in a ten thousand year old abyss. It's the same for magic crystals, but it is not for certain. However, it is very likely.

Ling Xiao suddenly gives him a strange smile, "I forgot to tell you. An abyss that has over a thousand water demons would definitely be a ten thousand year old abyss."

You XiaoMo feels very strongly that if this fellow can say that, there must be a thousand water demons below .......

Under You XiaoMo's terrified look, Ling Xiao pulls his arm while smiling slightly, "Little brother wants to know if they are down there? We'll just have to go straight in and we'll know."

Before You XiaoMo could let out a scream, he was already diving in head first into the Shallow Shores with Ling Xiao .......

*magic beast peak was changed to demon peak because it sounds better
Treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime - get in trouble because of one's riches
Flowers in the mirror or moon in the water - illusion