The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 179

Chapter 179

The ice poison in the body of water demons looks very awesome, as if no one would be able to deal with it. But no matter how awesome a water demon, there are still things that it fears, such as fire.

Naturally normal fire is of not much use to anyone ah. But it's not the same with divine fire. The temperature of divine level flames seems like it would melt or evaporate anything, including the ice poison of water demons.

Many years ago, the first water demon died under a divine level flame.

And so water demons are extremely sensitive to fire, especially divine flames. It is enough to wipe out a whole clan of water demons. Therefore, a water demon would not dare to get close, even a level nine one wouldn't be able to do it.

The water demon can sense that if these flames were to wrap around its body, it would definitely die.

The water demon finally feels fear, all thoughts of resistance disappears. This time it really wants to escape but it already wanted to trick them. Ling Xiao would not let him off again. He is not a benevolent person and yet he gave it a chance. It's too bad it didn't appreciate it.

Very quickly the purple flames engulf the body of the water demon. The unique divine level flames emit a red hot temperature as it slowly roasts the screaming water demon. Not long after, the water demon turns into a ball of ashes and is no more.

Just like that, the most powerful half magic beast of the Shallow Shores is gone. The remaining water demons no longer have something to bind them. Once the leader is dead, they scatter like sand.

After the death of the water demon, Ling Xiao goes up to that huge piece of ice poison. He brings his hand down in one swing and that piece of ice poison splits open instantly, breaking into two halves right down the middle.

You XiaoMo is speechless as he looks at him. This fellow is simply not afraid of ice poison. Before he was only playing with that water demon. Obviously his despicable nature can never be changed. However, his attention is very quickly diverted to the split in the ice poison.

A burst of magical blue light radiates from the split surface of the ice poison.

The blue light shines at the bottom turning the water a deep blue. Magical and beautiful.

This burst of blue light is coming from a ball of blue liquid under the ice poison. Very quickly, You XiaoMo senses a concentrated burst of ultimate spiritual energy. Taking in a breath, his whole body feels lighter instantly, filled with energy.

"This is the magic crystal?"

You XiaoMo stretches his head out to look at the ice blue liquid covered by the ice poison. If examined closely, one would discover that under this ice blue liquid, the glimmering rays of the crystal is faintly visible.

Ling Xiao simply gets rid of the ice poison surrounding it and finally reveals the true face of the magic crystal.

Magic crystal is the epitome of crystals. Its value defies the heavens.

No matter if it's a martial artist or a mage, especially one of imperial level and above, as long as they hold a small piece of magic crystal in their hand as they cultivate, the results would be twice as good with half the effort. Rather than slowly taking in the spiritual energy from heaven and earth, it is many times more effective because a magic crystal the size of a small child's fist holds an incredible amount of spiritual power.

Right now, this piece of magic crystal in the depths of the Shallow Shores is the size of a soccer ball. Looks small but the amount of power is already considered not little. For a ten thousand year old abyss to have a magic crystal is already considered a good thing.

Ling Xiao fishes out a complete piece of magic crystal from the ice blue liquid.

Careful examination reveals that the liquid is actually milky white. It's just that the magic crystal appears blue so the light it shines on the liquid turns it ice blue.

You XiaoMo can't wait to pick up the magic crystal from Ling Xiao's hand.

Although the water demon depended on this piece of magic crystal to breakthrough to level nine successfully, because it didn't absorb the power of the magic crystal directly, this piece of magic crystal did not lose much of its power. Otherwise, that water demon would not be of only level nine cultivation.

After obtaining the magic crystal, the two of them leave the Shallow Shores.

Because of the death of their leader, the remaining water demons don't dare to stop them.

And so, the most precious treasure under the Shallow Shores was easily taken away by them just like that.

After coming out of the water, the Shallow Shore regains its clear and calm appearance once again. You XiaoMo lowers his head to take a look. There is no trace of that group. They probably realize how powerful Ling Xiao is so they dare not appear again.

After not catching sight of water demons, You XiaoMo can't help letting out a sigh of relief. If not, everytime he sees one, he would inevitably think of their former selves. The road of cultivation is really incomparably ruthless.


Right at this moment, the earth and heavens shake suddenly.

A few seconds later another angry roar rings out followed by another sudden roar. The roars are mixed with faint spiritual assaults. Wave after wave coming from deep inside the thick forest surrounding the Shallow Shores.

Before You XiaoMo can settle his nerves, another angry roar comes from deep inside the thick forest. Except this time, it is from a different magic beast.

Rays of glee shoot out from Ling Xiao's eyes as he says in utter delight, "There are actually two level nine magic beasts fighting. Looks like our luck is not too bad."

Just as Ling Xiao said, there really are two level nine magic beasts battling. By the time they get there, the two magic beasts have already fought until there are rivers of blood, their blood and also the blood of the small and weak animals that they affected. The scene is really too horrible to look at. If it continues, they would probably destroy the whole forest.

"Ng? It's a six-winged divine tiger and a dead soul beast. High level magic beasts."

Ling Xiao says rather thoughtfully.

Hearing these names, You XiaoMo feels they are very unfamiliar. Only after thinking it over for a while does he remember that these two types of magic beasts are magic beasts of ancient times of rather high strength and potential. Magic beasts from ancient times seem to have disappeared from Long Xiao continent. It's unclear if they are extinct or they just left. How unexpected for them to appear in the Paradise Realm.

It's unclear why these two magic beasts came to blows. Furthermore they seem to be determined to battle to the end.

But from the situation on the battlefield, it looks like the six-winged divine tiger is at a disadvantage. She received a very heavy injury especially in the abdomen. The blood seems to flowing non-stop. The spot where she is standing looks like it would soon turn into a pond of blood.

In front of her, that dead soul beast does not have as serious an injury. His pair of green eyes are fixed on the six-winged divine tiger, looking extremely greedy.

The six-winged divine tiger roars at him furiously. Her eyes are firm and tenacious as if it won't give up no matter the circumstances. She seems to be guarding something.

Very quickly, You XiaoMo catches sight of what the six-winged divine tiger is guarding. It's a newly born baby six-winged divine tiger. Even its eyes have yet to open. Looks like the dead soul beast is aiming for this baby divine tiger. No wonder the six-winged divine tiger is so furious. If someone targets his child, he also would not let the other party go.

However, the six-winged divine tiger is clearly not a match for the dead soul beast. Although both of them are level nine, the level is not the same. The six-winged divine tiger is level nine three stars. The dead soul beast is level nine five stars. A difference of almost two stars.

"That six-winged divine tiger won't be able to hold on much longer."

Ling Xiao says suddenly.

After his words, that dead soul beast launches another sneak attack. The soul beast is cunning. Even though he is stronger, he still won't engage in a just and honorable battle in the open. This is also the reason why he received less serious injuries.

Although the six-winged divine tiger has the heart, she is powerless. After the successful sneak attack, her body crashes to the ground. Although she is already out of energy, her eyes still carry a look of extreme unwillingness.

The greediness is apparent on the dead soul beast as he slowly walks towards the baby six-winged divine tiger. He then opens its wide bloody mouth. Just as he is about to eat up the baby six-winged divine tiger, a joking voice suddenly reaches it from above its head.

"Six-winged divine tigers are so delicious?"

The dead soul beast is stunned. This person could actually appear near him without warning. Furthermore, he did not detect him at all. There can only be one reason for this. This person must be stronger. Is it a high level magic beast?

Not caring if that's the case, the dead soul beast lifts up its legs and runs. It's not that he is a good for nothing coward. The other party is stronger and he also just fought with the six-winged divine tiger. If he has to continue fighting, the one to die would be himself.

"Running away?"

Ling Xiao snorts lightly and reaches his hand out and seizes. It looked as if an invisible hand very quickly grabbed hold of the dead soul beast and pulled it back.

When the dead soul beast falls to ground, he immediately adopts a defensive pose and looks warily at Ling Xiao, "Who are you?"

The dead soul beast stares at Ling Xiao in surprise and bewilderment, while calculating in his heart. He really hasn't seen this person before in Demon Peak. Could it be that he is not a magic beast from Demon Peak? Even if he isn't, it is impossible for someone as amazing as himself to not have heard of him.

Ling Xiao strokes his chin, pondering for a bit before saying, "Who I am is not important. What is important is that I will give you one chance to save your life. In a while, there should be group of people coming up the mountain. When that time comes, go find TianXin sect's Fu ZiLin. He is a mage. After bonding with him, I will leave you a horse, how about it?"

Since Fu ZiLin will soon breakthrough to level four, if this dead soul beast is willing to cooperate, his soul force should be enough to conclude the bond.

He originally wanted You XiaoMo to bond with this soul beast. But he is too ruthless, too deceitful. Ling Xiao feels that the soul beast does not suit You XiaoMo so he forced him to bond with Fu ZiLin. This way, they can avoid the danger of them getting found out.

"You want me to voluntarily bond with a mage?"

Says the stunned dead soul beast.

Ling Xiao's eyes narrow, "What is it? Are you not willing?"

When he speaks, an immense pressure stemming from the bloodline crushes on the body of soul beast like a huge mountain.

The expression of the soul beast changes abruptly as he says in terror, "An ....... an emperor magic beast?"

He finally understands why this man felt very dangerous right from the start. He is actually an emperor magic beast, and one that has matured for a very long time at that. His strength is probably higher than the master of the Paradise Realm. Someone this strong can't possibly be trapped inside the Paradise Realm.

Knowing that he is possibly an emperor magic beast, the soul beast gives up all hope of resistance. Someone this strong could very easily track him down, so even if he doesn't want to accept the condition, he can only accept it.

"Enough. Your answer ne?"

Ling Xiao doesn't give him time to think of East and West.

The soul beast smiles bitterly while saying, "Yes!"

How unexpected that one moment of greed would actually result in this kind of downfall. If he had known of this outcome earlier, he would not have, under any means, come to the territory of the six-winged divine tiger.

You XiaoMo looks at Ling Xiao in adoration, especially when he heard him let the soul beast go find Second brother of his own accord. He could even think of such a good method. This fellow is actually so shameless ya!

Only after the soul beast leaves, do they go down to check on that level nine six-winged divine tiger. Unfortunately the mother divine tiger is already dead.

Before leaving, Ling Xiao digs out the core of the mother divine tiger. He then puts that baby divine tiger who has yet to open its eyes into his dimension. Magic beast cores are valuable things, especially to those of the same clan. If absorbed by the baby divine tiger, it would very quickly skip over its immature phase and enter straight into its mature stage.

After finishing all that, the two of them finally set off towards their final goal.

Not long after, an immense towering palace full of majestic splendor appears in front of them.

The palace stands all alone at the apex of Demon peak. It's unclear what it is made of but the whole palace would emit bursts of piercingly cold silver rays from time to time. Even though the master is no longer here, the imposing presence of the palace can still be felt.

However, the strangest thing is that the palace gates are wide open with only two guards standing outside.

The guards are obviously not real guards. Instead they are made out of a silver-colored material. They look like puppets, seven meters tall with an iron lance in their hands, standing with awe-inspiring presence at the palace gate.

You XiaoMo stands in front of one of the guards and lets out a heartfelt sigh in his heart. If not for the guard's completely silver face, he would have thought that it is a real human, despite the extraordinary height.

Right at this moment, a red flash of light appears in the wooden eyes of the guard.

Before he could react, the iron lance in the hand of the guard points straight at the spot where he was just standing. You XiaoMo's jaws drop open as he stares speechlessly at the guard as it turns its enormous body. A mechanical voice rings in his ear.

"Palace trespasser, die!"

leave you a horse - let you off
think of East and West - think too much