The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 180

Chapter 180
Palace Statue.

Just as they were charging into the palace, TianXin sect and the other forces were experiencing a thousand sufferings and ten thousand hardships, finally breaking through the Death Valley.

Because there is only one road to ascend Demon Peak, the few sects couldn't avoid coming across each other. Luckily everyone's goal is the palace on the peak of the mountain. Hence, there were no bloody incidents. Everyone seems to go their own way with very little interaction.

When they came, TianXin sect had forty to fifty people altogether. But now, all the disciples including the few Elders do not even add up to thirty people. Some of them even sustained very serious injuries. In order to not let them hold the others back, the heavily injured disciples do not set off with them to ascend the mountain. Therefore, the number of people going up the mountain is now about twenty.

Since it is already like this for TianXin sect, the other forces can't possibly be spared.

Among them, the one that lost the most people is Xing Luo group. They were already few in number. After Ling Xiao killed off close to ten of them, their number immediately dropped by half. However, Qing Cheng sect also lost quite a few disciples. Furthermore, one of their prominent members is dead, Ye Dan.

In the beginning, Luo ShuHe still thought that Ye Dan was held up by some matter so he didn't make it in time to meet up with them, just like Elder Li. Only later did he find out that Ye Dan is already dead, and the ones who killed him were the disciples of TianXin sect.

Even though he knows that the perpetrators are from TianXin sect, Luo ShuHe doesn't let Qing Cheng sect disciples engage in an endless battle with TianXin sect. That's because sooner or later, Qing Cheng sect will go looking for them to settle this debt of blood. It's only a question of time.

However, certain observant people discovered that when Qing Cheng sect disciples look towards TianXin sect, veiled but determined looks of killing intent are hidden in their eyes. These observant persons are none other than Fang ChenLe and Fu ZiLin.

They had planned on going up the mountain together with TianXin sect but unfortunately, because they lack combat ability, and because Tang YunQi went against time at every turn, after charging through Death Valley, they were left behind by TianXin sect at the foot of the mountain with the disciples who sustained injuries from the struggle in Death Valley.

The result is easily predicted. The soul beast couldn't find Fu ZiLin among that group of people ascending the mountain so he had no choice but to personally make his way down the mountain to look for him.

Luckily they didn't leave the boundary of Demon Peak. Otherwise, that soul beast, no matter how awesome he is, wouldn't be able to descend from Demon Peak to bond with Fu ZiLin.

He is most probably the most pitiful magic beast throughout all of history. Other magic beasts are found when martial artists and mages come up to their door. On the other hand, he actually has to go find a mage to bond with out of his own accord. Can there be any other magic beast more pitiful than him?

Back to You XiaoMo, it looks like the guard is going to poke a hole through his body, but no matter how strong those two guards are, they are no match for Ling Xiao.

But he still can't benefit those that come after, so Ling Xiao doesn't just turn them into a pile of scrap metal. Instead, he picks up You XiaoMo and charges right into the palace. The two guards fail to find their target so they stop their attacks and turn back into stone statues.

Just as the two men enter into the palace, the grand doors of the palace suddenly close with a *peng*.

The grand doors cut off the rays shining in from outside. However, the palace seems to be built of some special material. The surface emits bursts of light rays. Although it is not very bright, it is enough to see clearly.

The great hall is extremely capacious. In it, the thing that stands out the most is the pillars made out of a type of white colored stone because there is a candelabra next to each of these pillars. There are three green candles on each candelabra. Not five seconds after the doors closed, these candles light up with a *hong*.

In an instant the entire great hall is painted a dreary green. The bleak and shadowy great hall looks as if ghosts and goblins would come out at any time.

You XiaoMo feels like mocking the master of this palace for his exquisite taste. What's up with the green candles? This is the first time he has seen green candles. Turning such a nice palace into a veritable haunted house.

"Elder brother Ling, this place is so creepy. Do you think there are ghosts?"

You XiaoMo asks as he tries desperately to rub away his goosebumps while his teeth are chattering.

Ling Xiao lowers his head and looks at him in amusement, "Whether there are ghosts, I don't know. Whether there are people up to some tricks, that I do know."

Right! The one playing tricks must be the master of the palace, a practitioner that takes absolute delight in the perverse.

However, he can't say if there are ghosts in this world. If it was 21st century Earth, he would have to say they do exist rather than not. But he feels that in this dimension, even if there are ghosts, they would be the ones to fear humans.

The two of them walk further in, right until the end. Finally they catch sight of a humongous statue.

There are ten stone platforms lined up neatly in front of the statue. There seems to be something on each platform but there is an orb of light enveloping the objects, making it impossible to make out what is inside.

Ling Xiao says, "These things should be the treasures of the palace."

You XiaoMo's eyes light up, "Then ....... can we take it?"

Ling Xiao looks at him with eyes full of laughter, "You go try ah."

You XiaoMo's heart thumps, the foot he had just stretched forward is immediately withdrawn, "It's better if you go ba."

Ling Xiao mocks him, "Little coward."

You XiaoMo grumbles softly, "This is clearly called being cautious!"

One look and you can tell that there is a problem with those orbs of light. He is not stupid so why would he run over there foolishly?

His intuition is right. Those treasures look as if they can be obtained as easily as spitting on one's hand but it is actually a trap.

Just a few seconds after Ling Xiao walks over, the few ordinary looking red candles in front of the statue suddenly light up. The bright red light push the green rays of light from the green candles outside and envelops the two of them.

At the same moment, the eyes of the statue suddenly open, shining like two gems. The blood red rays make it seem extremely demonic, with glinting blood red.

An ancient sounding hoarse voice is heard. It seems to have lived through times long enough for blue seas to turn into mulberry fields. It is both ice cold yet indifferent, slowly ringing out in the grand hall.

"Since you have come up to here, it must mean you have the destiny. If you want the treasures you must pass my test."

As the voice speaks, the ten orbs of light on the stone platforms immediately float upwards, revealing the things inside. Ten altogether. If these were to leak out, it most probably would cause all of the big sects to fight over them. When that time comes, there will be rivers of blood.

Looking at just one of those things, You XiaoMo's saliva already covers the whole floor.

The first stone platform, the treasure inside the orb of light is a stalk of magic herb that is not low level. A preliminary estimate would place it above that of the Emperor's Blood herb.

The second stone platform holds a volume of martial art techniques. On top is written in gleaming letters ------- High Level Purple Cloud Wing martial art technique.

The third stone platform holds a magic pill. Its level must be not low for it to be displayed inside the palace.

The fourth stone platform holds an egg. It's not clear what kind of egg it is.

The fifth stone platform holds a bunch of seeds of every color. They seem to be a variety of seeds.

The sixth stone platform is also a volume of techniques. Not for martial artists but targeted at the soul force instead. A volume of high level soul force technique.


The tenth stone platform. You XiaoMo strains his eyes as wide as he can and finally makes out the words written on the scroll ------- High Level Magic Pill Recipe!

The two eyeballs almost fall out. There's actually a high level magic pill recipe in this place?

You XiaoMo immediately becomes excited. He tugs at Ling Xiao with saliva dripping right onto the floor, "Elder brother Ling, quick go take the test. The last one is a good treasure ah!"

Ling Xiao glances at him, "You only want the last one?"

You XiaoMo wipes the corner of his mouth, " ....... actually I want all of them."

Ling Xiao shows a 'I knew you were going to say that' expression, "The master of the palace won't be so kind."

You XiaoMo says, "It doesn't matter, we can just take them by force."

Ling Xiao laughs as he says, "You are clearly acting like a bandit."

You XiaoMo refutes indignantly, "Nonsense, I just don't want the treasures to lie here all by themselves in this ice cold palace, that's all."

Ling Xiao pushes him forward a step, "Then you go ah."

You XiaoMo immediately retreats back, "It's still better if you to go ba."

He still feels that there is something up with that statue.

At this time, the statue seems to have become impatient from waiting. It opens its mouth without waiting for them to choose. Again, the hoarse voice, "My test is for you to kill your companion. Then all the treasures here will be yours."

You XiaoMo, " ....... "

Ling Xiao laughs sinisterly, "Little brother, what should we do? He wants me to kill you."

You XiaoMo turns away, "We don't want it anymore."

Ling Xiao roars with laughter, "Just like this and you don't want it anymore? Really?"

You XiaoMo turns his head and looks at him with grief, "I can't kill you."

Just as he speaks those words, *dong* is heard. He was rapped on his forehead again.

You XiaoMo looks at him with tears whirling in his eyes. Why did this person hit him on the forehead again?"

Ling Xiao mocks him, "At least you know your limitations, but, are you not afraid that I would kill you?"

You XiaoMo's fierce manner evaporates, leaving him smacking his lips. He purses his lips as he says, "Your strength is higher than the palace master. And you're also not a mage. What the hell would you need these for?"

Ling Xiao can no longer stand his stupidity, saying, "Idiot, one look and you can see that it's a trap. And you actually think it is real. Look and see what is under our feet."

You XiaoMo looks down, isn't it just floorboards? Stealing a glance at Ling Xiao, he sees him smiling gently at him. His neck shrinks, alright ba, there seems to be some kind of formations drawn? "What is the meaning of this?"

Ling Xiao says darkly, "You think the treasures on the stone platforms are so easy to get? The palace master is only trying to use the greed of men. When this area is completely splashed with blood, the formations on the floor will activate. At that time, probably no one would be able to escape."

You XiaoMo swallows repeatedly. This time he really received a scare.