The Legendary Master's Wife Chapter 181

Chapter 181

Ling Xiao says it all very clearly in front of the statue.

If the one here today is not him, but Luo ShuHe and those people, there would probably be a massacre over those treasures. It's too bad the statue finds itself with the wrong people this time around.

The statue that doesn't receive an answer after a long time orders one word, "Kill!"

Then the glinting blood red eyes of the statue suddenly shoot forth two rays of red light. The red light shoots right at where they were standing before but it doesn't pierce through the floor. It seems like the statue can't wait for them to kill each other so it decided to act.

Ling Xiao hugs You XiaoMo and dodges the statue's attack. He laughs coldly, "Finally can't wait any longer?"

The statue's reaction is to continue attacking. At the same time, sounds can be heard coming from deep in the palace *ka da ka da*. In the midst of the ghastly green light, a group of puppets that look exactly like the guards outside slowly emerge. If there's a difference, it would be the aura.

The strength of these puppets are higher than the two guards outside by quite a bit. The weakest one is actually Moon level. And it looks like it's not just a few, emerging continuously from deep in the palace. At least a hundred.

You XiaoMo jumps in fright, "This seems a little too showy."

He finally understands the traps Ling Xiao mentioned. There are actually so many puppets hidden in the palace. If it was TianXin sect and the other forces, they would probably be unable to cope and suffer a terrible beating, akin to losing one's army even after giving away the bride.

It's just that there is something he doesn't understand. Since it is a trap, why do they still come up, fully aware of the dangers? It can't be that the stone platforms are that enticing to them, making them willing to forfeit their lives?

Ling Xiao thrusts his palm forward and the wind immediately crushes ten of the puppets into bits and pieces.

But the puppets are after all without intelligence and without life. They don't know tiredness. They don't know pain. They only know how to attack blindly, only stopping when they can no longer move an inch.

Because Ling Xiao knows this, he doesn't hold back. Right away he turns them to powder. The floor is very quickly covered with layer upon layer of fine powder, really crushed to the extreme.

The 'eyes' see that the puppets are being crushed to pieces, making the statue furious.

After getting infuriated, it stands up. In an instant it is standing from its original crosslegged position.

Its huge hand swipes down forcefully at their heads, with a force that wants to flatten them. But it comes up empty again, leaving the floor shaking but not split open.

Ling Xiao's brow twitches. He sees the intact formation on the floor from the corner of his eye and his lips curve up suddenly. He thrusts out his palm and burning hot flames condense into a fiery ball and slams onto the floor causing it to rumble *hong long long*. The intact floor is finally completely ruined, exposing a huge hole in the floor.

Naturally the explosive sound does not escape the sects that have come up one third of the way. They can even feel the ground beneath their feet vibrating. Everyone's expressions change instantly.

Luo ShuHe exclaims in shock, "What is the meaning of this? Did someone actually beat us there?"

It's not just Luo ShuHe. The people from the other forces also have the same stunned expression. While guessing in their hearts who beat them to it, they quicken their steps, lest the treasures are all wiped clean by the first to arrive.

It's too bad that no matter how quickly they move, it won't be of any use. They haven't even passed the Shallow Shores. If the water demons want to stop them, even if they were given speedy wings, it would be of no use.

"A guy that only knows how to use brute force won't have a peaceful reincarnation!"

Ling Xiao dodges the statue's fist as it comes down on his head. He then delivers You XiaoMo to a safe spot and brings out Xiao Hei from the dimension to guard him at his side.

You XiaoMo hugs Xiao Hei that is in his original form and pops his head out from behind the pillar before lowering his head to whisper to Xiao Hei.

"Xiao Hei, do you think Elder brother Ling will be able to swipe all ten treasures?"

Xiao Hei rolls his eyes at him. How can a mere soul remnant be the great leader's match?

You XiaoMo pretends he doesn't see it. Suddenly the corner of his eye catches sight that the ten treasures have fallen onto the stone platforms. Those orbs of light have also vanished. He can't help but suggest, "Xiao Hei, how about we go over there while they are fighting ....... "

Before he could finish saying, with a *hong*, Ling Xiao's fist smashes the entire statue. Stone chips fly in every direction. A red soul flies out from the pieces of the statue. Before it could escape, it is engulfed by a ball of flames, turning into ashes.

A ghostlike voice suddenly cries out. The sound is so deafening that it hurts the eardrums. It seems to come from the depths of the palace. It is followed by an infuriated voice that is different from the hoarse one before, "You actually dare to destroy my spirit double. You deserve to die. I will make you pay the price!"

The voice howls in crazed anger, shaking the whole palace .......

Ling Xiao ignores the owner of that voice and moves to the stone platforms in a flash, using the time to put the treasures directly into his dimension.

The owner of the soul remnant does not plan on letting him go just like that. After a few piercing screams, all the green candles go out with a *xiu*.

A gust of spine-chilling cold wind envelops the whole palace in an instant.

"Xiao Hei, don't touch me."

You XiaoMo suddenly feels a rush of cold air rising from his feet. He then feels something touch his arm. He thinks it's Xiao Hei who is standing by his side so he says that without turning his head.

Xiao Hei rolls his eyes at him, "When did I touch you?"

"Just now ah. If not you ....... " You XiaoMo turns his head, before he can say "who", a faintly glowing pale green face suddenly appears in front of him. At the moment, the face is looking at him expressionlessly, "Ghost ah!!!"

You XiaoMo screams out wildly.

This fellow feints to the east and attacks from the west. Because Xiao Hei's strength is not a match for the other party, and the other party also seems to practice some deviant combat techniques, by the time Xiao Hei reacts, You XiaoMo already disappeared, taken away by that lingering soul fragment right in front of his face.

When You XiaoMo's smell disappeared from the grand hall, Ling Xiao seems to have sensed it immediately. He appears a second later where they were hiding behind the pillar and sees that only a certain magic beast remains. Ling Xiao glances at Xiao Hei wordlessly.

Xiao Hei hangs his head in shame. He knows he is wrong. If he had known, he would have dragged Master into his dimension at all costs.

Speaking of You XiaoMo who was taken away by the soul remnant, one man and one ghost very quickly appear in a certain corner of the palace.

This is a stone room that is not much smaller than the great hall. An enormous pool of blood is placed right in front. A human figure is soaking in the middle of the pool of blood. The face of the human figure resembles that of the lingering soul remnant.

The soul remnant lifts up You XiaoMo and walks up to the pool of blood. He raises his arms and without a moment of hesitation, tosses You XiaoMo into the pool of blood .......

You XiaoMo is terrified leaving his whole body in cold sweat. Just when he is about to fall into the pool of blood, the person disappears in an instant.

The pale green pupils of the soul remnant contracts as its extremely hoarse voice is heard once more, mixed with a trace of incredulity, "Dimension?"

The green pupils move about determinedly, rapidly scanning all four corners of the blood pool. It's too bad since he wasn't able to refine a genuine dimension while he was alive, how can he possibly discover You XiaoMo's high level dimension now that he is dead?

When he was searching, You XiaoMo already manipulated his dimension to leave the stone room.

The stone room made him feel too oppressed, as if it was some sort of sacrificial chamber. Especially that pool of blood. The stench of blood is unbelievably strong. Furthermore, it seems as if its not just the blood of human practitioners, it looks like even a good many different magic beasts were thrown in there.

However, in order to leave the stone room, You XiaoMo depleted his soul force in an instant. He is now a level four mage but the most he can manipulate his dimension is about two hundred meters. Anymore and he would overuse his soul force.

Because the speed of the soul remnant was too fast before, You XiaoMo has no idea where he is in the palace. He has no choice but to drink magic water while looking for a way out.

Just as he is wandering around in confusion, Ling Xiao already reached with stone room with Xiao Hei. Although he doesn't see You XiaoMo, he knows that You XiaoMo is already out of danger.

Naturally the soul remnant didn't expect that his lair would be so easily found by the other party.

The two sides go all out. This time, Ling Xiao no longer stays his hand. He simply smashes the pool of blood which is also the real embodiment of the soul remnant into bits. The pool of blood that has been nurtured for over a thousand years is no more just like that.

Negative emotions pour out from the body of the soul remnant, like an enormous black hole. At this time, all the other spirit doubles distributed throughout the palace are called back to replenish the soul remnant. Not long after, an almost complete soul appears in front of Ling Xiao .......

You XiaoMo, who is completely unaware of the showdown happening in the stone room is controlling his dimension to take a few halting steps at a time, moving forward in small spurts. He really wants to leave his dimension but he is afraid that that ghost soul would suddenly appear in front of him and cause him to piss in his pants.

When it's quiet all around, with not a sound to be heard, You XiaoMo finally comes out of his dimension.

This is a very long and wide corridor. At one glance, it seems that the end of the corridor is not visible. On both sides are loft-like stone rooms. Some of them have no doors at all, making it possible to walk right in. Others have doors that are tightly closed.